Well, hey there!


<TV presenter voice>Hi, I’m Jan of Arc. You may know me from Fanfiction.net and Live Journal</TV presenter voice>

I like fanfiction, it’s fun to take your favourite characters and play with them or right the wrongs that we feel the authors or screenwriters have foisted on them. The majority of fanfic that I’ve written is for Southern Vampire Mysteries with some True Blood thrown in there for luck, but there’s also some Big Bang Theory and a couple of crossovers involving Chuck, Supernatural, Buffy and Friends.

As well as using other people’s characters, I also make up my own. The original fiction I’ve written is also listed under the tab at the top of the page. I hope people enjoy my own creations as much as they enjoy what I’ve done with other people’s creations.

<Airline hostess voice>I hope you enjoy reading here at Jan of Arc’s wordpress. Buh-bye and ya’ll have a great day!</Airline hostess voice>

All of Me #4

I’ve been tinkering, trying to get the quality of the drawings I transfer from paper and ink to digital but it’s tough. Scanners used to be super cheap – I remember picking a decent one up for £20 (okay that was 11 years ago but, still) and now the cheapest decent ones are over £50.So you’ll have to put up with me blu-tacking my drawings to the brightest lit wall I can find and photographing them on my phone.

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All of me.

I’m struggling to write at the moment – but it hasn’t dampened my creativity. I’ve started a series of cartoons to try and work through some mental health issues I’m having at the moment.

Here’s the first. I’m unsure as to whether they might be funny sometimes or whether they’ll all be as serious as this one – I guess it just depends on my state of mind when I come up with them *shrugs*

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Electric Limbo now complete!

It’s taken a very long time (almost 3 years), but not only is this fic reworked to my satisfaction – it’s also complete! Now if I could find the inspiration to complete the other in-progress fics I have then I’ll be ecstatic!

Electric Limbo is an All Human comedy romp, featuring all your favourite SVM characters working in electrical retail.

Summary: Rivalry between two of Bon Temps oldest families ends when they team up to keep their businesses alive … but the rivalry with others in the same business just begins. Geek-centric fluff with a large side order of comedy. Warnings for Star Trek quotes, WoW references and Eric being a huge Thundercats fan. :o) AH/OOC.


I’ve noticed some new traffic to this little blog in the last few days – I hope my visitors are enjoying my stories. I’ve fiddled with the pages and separated my fics into 4 sections under the SVM/TB fanfic section – All Human, Canon/AU, Deid series and SI series with my incomplete fics having a header all of their own.

I don’t write much fanfic these days, anything new posted is probably something I missed out when reposting everything here or something that I found in a folder that just needed a bit of polishing before it was fit for human consumption. I’m continuing to work on Electric Limbo – yes, I know, I said that 2 years ago – my mojo has been … obstinate (to be complimentary about it) but, hopefully, I’ll have something soon.