All of Me #4

I’ve been tinkering, trying to get the quality of the drawings I transfer from paper and ink to digital but it’s tough. Scanners used to be super cheap – I remember picking a decent one up for £20 (okay that was 11 years ago but, still) and now the cheapest decent ones are over £50.So you’ll have to put up with me blu-tacking my drawings to the brightest lit wall I can find and photographing them on my phone.

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All of me.

I’m struggling to write at the moment – but it hasn’t dampened my creativity. I’ve started a series of cartoons to try and work through some mental health issues I’m having at the moment.

Here’s the first. I’m unsure as to whether they might be funny sometimes or whether they’ll all be as serious as this one – I guess it just depends on my state of mind when I come up with them *shrugs*

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