Incomplete Fanfics

This is a list of all of the fanfics that I started but might not ever continue. Read at your own risk of not getting closure.

Electric Limbo
Rivalry between two of Bon Temps oldest families ends when they team up to keep their businesses alive. But when appliance salespeople, geeks and young people who had their dreams snatched away are in the same territory, all hell breaks loose. Slow to start but if you’ve read my previous stories you’ll know that’s an MO of mine 🙂

Jumping the Void
Set after DITF. Claude, desperate to stay connected to the Fae Realm, messes with the portal in Sookie’s back yard – with catastrophic effects on himself and Sookie. They are sucked into a parallel universe but what changes will they find and how will they get home?

No More Heroes
The new Millennium brings a new phenomenon that newscasters fall over themselves to cover. The headlines also give Sookie hope that her disability is something else entirely. It’s unfortunate, for her, that Superheroes don’t hand out application forms for sidekicks. AU, OOC.

The Music Machine
Go Team were one of the most successful teen pop sensations of the late 90s. When a TV producer asks them to reunite for a reality show a decade after their split – will history repeat itself and old wounds reopen?


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