Original Fiction

All characters are my own and belong to me, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

One Night at McGinlay’s
A very short story inspired by Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’. T/13+

Catching the Tooth Fairy
Carita is the tooth fairy; she is older than recorded history and is very different from the modern child friendly character parents tell their children about. Thousands of years ago a prophecy was spoken; that one day a fairy catcher would be born to rid the world of her evil. Hard times have come upon Carita and things are about to get worse for her when she enters the home of a young boy, Felix, and his Father Brendan. MA/18+ Sexual Content.

Power Play
Mandy Newton has snagged a new job at the Carlisle Evening Times after ruling the back page at her local paper with her football reporting skills – the only hitch is that her new boss doesn’t want her reporting on football. Thrown unwillingly into the world of ice-hockey, Mandy finds she has more than a lack of knowledge for the sport to contend with – there’s the speed of play, puck bunnies and her attraction to the the Falwaite Falcons captain, Tony Robertson, to navigate around. MA/18+ Sexual Content, Strong Language, Non-Consensual Sex.


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