Catching the Tooth Fairy

Catching the tooth fairy

Summary: Carita is the tooth fairy; she is older than recorded history and is very different from the modern child friendly character parents tell their children about. Thousands of years ago a prophecy was spoken; that one day a fairy catcher would be born to rid the world of her evil. Hard times have come upon Carita and things are about to get worse for her when she enters the home of a young boy, Felix, and his Father Brendan.

6,000 years ago

Carita knelt at the foot of the largest stone, her black hair hanging in waves like a curtain around her small, pale body. She didn’t know why the elders had called her to their sacred place. As with all employees, she feared that she had made a mistake somewhere, forgotten some minor detail and she would be punished … or worse. She was one of seven, seven agents to entice the world into darkness.

“Bring in the Seer.”

The booming voice of Veseri, the chief Elder, made Carita want to raise her eyes and see what was happening nearby. But she didn’t dare. She heard heavy footsteps … then nothing but the breathing of the gathered crowd. Even the animals were silent and the wind halted its movement of the trees around them.

“Carita, look at me.” The fairy raised her eyes to look upon Veseri. “You have done very good work for us. You have become our finest agent, you are pride. You inspire vanity. But Gheriah has had a vision.”

She turned her head to the old crone and listened as the woman’s breath rattled in her withered chest. “Carita! You are the bane of the humans! You trigger their pride in losing their teeth with promises in payment for their souls. For as sure as day turns to night, when you return those teeth to us – we take their souls. But there will be a light to your darkness! I see your enemy, he will be born to catch you and strip you of your magic!”

“When?” Carita stood and grabbed at the Crone’s cloak, anger flashing in her green eyes. “Tell me when!”

Carita’s arms were held by Gheriah’s attendants and she snarled at them as the Crone laughed. “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you now. You foolish, demanding girl!”

“Enough!” Veseri roared. “Gheriah, surely you can excuse Carita’s behaviour given she has just learned of her demise. Tell her what you know.”

Gheriah’s attendants dropped Carita to the ground and the Crone loomed over the fairy’s curled form. “I do not know much. Your enemy will be male and when he catches you, you will turn to dust as the sun rises. Not another day will dawn with your darkness tainting it.”

“He can try to catch me but my magic is mine alone, it is no-one’s to take!” Carita sneered.

“You will not be able to resist him, child! This is not your choice, you cannot fight it – it is destined.”

“I will fight it until my last breath!”

Gheriah cackled. “What part of ‘you will not be able to resist him’ did you fail to hear?”


Present Day

Carita sat outside the boy’s window. Her clothes were tattered remnants that the humans had thrown away. She was destitute, starving, scraping the bottom of the barrel for scraps. Her mythology had been twisted so much. A thousand years ago she had to stop tricking the children into handing their teeth over; instead she had resort to bribery, leaving trinkets in return for the keys to their soul. Now she was a ghost. The humans were too clever for her these days. First it was metal tools, then it was machines with moving parts and now she had electronic security systems to deal with. Every now and again, there was one. One parent who told their youngster the tooth fairy didn’t exist, only for the child to put their tooth under their pillow anyway. A part of them, freely given, replaced with money to ease their vanity. Carita’s last great success had been a young boy in Austria in 1899. He had done great things, murderous things, until he killed himself in 1945. He was so prideful and so destructive. The Elders had many congratulations for Carita after that.

Some of the agents had fallen upon hard times, like Carita, but others were enjoying success. Greed was having a ball in the North Pole. Sloth was still receiving plaudits for introducing marijuana to the humans. Gluttony was holed up somewhere in St.Lucia, devastated that his plans to have the children follow trails of chocolate eggs failed lead them into his arms. Pride, Carita herself, was struggling most. It seemed that the humans had enough pride and vanity without her helping them along. Evolution had turned the pupil into the teacher.

The fairy used her magic to open the window and creep in. Stepping around the bed experimentally to ensure the boy truly was asleep. Carita knew this house was her best bet for a pay off. Only two resided in its walls. The boy, Felix, had lost his tooth that morning. Carita didn’t know how she had the ability to know when these things happened; she just did, so she used it to her advantage. The only other person who lived in the house was the Father, Brendan. Fewer people meant fewer memories to erase. Despite Gheriah’s prophecy – Carita had never come across the fairy catcher and thanks to her own pig-headedness; Carita was never given any clues as to how she would recognise him. The fear was always with her. Would this be the night that she was caught? Would this child be the one to take away her magic? Carita lifted the pillow and smiled. There it was, waiting for her. She silently thanked the child by placing a kiss on his forehead and dropped the tooth into a drawstring bag.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Carita stiffened and closed her eyes, inhaling deeply before she turned her magic onto the man who interrupted her. She felt the power emit from her body in waves as she turned to see the boy’s Father. When she gazed upon him, she felt something strange. Carita knew of love and desire but had never experienced either; it was not prudent for her to enter relations with her prey.
Brendan was staring at her, clearly enraged at her presence – that wasn’t supposed to happen. He was supposed to be in a daze and under her control. But, if anything, she was under his control. He was the most handsome man she had even seen. He stood at least six inches taller than the fairy; his light brown hair was cropped short at the sides and longer at the front. What captivated Carita the most was his eyes, they were the brightest blue she had ever seen, almost electric with energy. Her attraction was slightly muted by his resistance to her.

“I can see you’re obviously nuts, but just tell me what the fuck you were doing to my son.”

“I … wasn’t doing anything to him. I will leave now and you will not remember me.”

Carita increased the energy she put into her magic but it made no difference. Brendan could feel the power washing over him, it made him feel giddy and strong at the same time. He had the urge to say this woman’s name; it was on the tip of his tongue even though he had never come into contact with her before. He was sure that he would have remembered seeing a woman like this. In another situation, he would have desired her greatly. But she was in his son’s room, not in a bar. And she had done something to Felix; but he couldn’t shake the feeling that this … woman was meant for him.

“I know you.” He said and Carita’s eyes widened. “I’ve never met you, or seen you, but I know you.”

While Brendan was confused, Carita saw her chance and drew a knife from her belt. Prophecy or not, she wasn’t going down without a fight. Brendan stepped towards her, his hands palm up and facing away from his body. Carita snarled and poised to lunge at him, the knife practically vibrating in her hand.

“You don’t want to do that.” Brendan spoke slowly in a calm voice that sounded like his own but didn’t feel like his own.


Carita and Brendan both looked towards the boy. Carita knew that she could not let the child witness this; some memories would not be manipulated. She turned her magic on him, forcing him to lie down and close his eyes.

“You are having a bad dream. You will wake tomorrow with no memory of what you have seen.”

Felix nodded vaguely before his breathing regulated and he fell into a deep sleep. Brendan’s eyes were full of fear and Carita attempted to use it to her advantage. But she couldn’t. The blade felt heavy in her hand and as Brendan stepped closer towards her, her intentions of killing him fell by the wayside. Brendan wanted this … thing out of his house, or in his bed, he wasn’t sure which he wanted more. But he also wanted answers. Why did she affect him so? Who was she? Why was she there?

Carita grunted as Brendan grabbed her arm and dragged her from the room. Carita struggled as she was pulled along and Brendan grunted in exertion. When he reached his own bedroom, he pushed Carita away from him and closed the door behind them. Carita tried to use her magic on him again, but it was useless.

“Who are you? And what were you doing in Felix’ room?” Brendan demanded and Carita felt compelled to answer. All these millennia, she had expected a child to be her undoing. At that moment Carita knew that Gheriah was right – she was a foolish girl.

“Would you believe I’m the tooth fairy?” Carita smiled at Brendan.

“For some reason I do believe that.” He walked slowly across the room; he knew that if he said her name, everything would change. It was what he was meant to do. Brendan thought it sounded absurd, but then, so was standing in the same room as the tooth fairy. “What’s your name?”

Carita’s eyes widened and she pressed her lips together. Every fairy knew that was the key. If a human said your name out loud, it was game over. She had never given another human her name but her power to ignore or evade Brendan’s question was non-existent. Her cheeks reddened and her eyes welled as she resisted. Brendan stepped closer still, closer, until he could smell the rain from her hair. He knew the fairy was determined to stay quiet, but he also knew that he had to have her name. As if someone else was telling him what to do, Brendan leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. He knew it would work, he wanted to kiss her, and he also knew she wanted him to kiss her. Carita gasped in shock and Brendan took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Carita mewled as his tongue entered her mouth but as she lifted her hands to grasp at Brendan’s shoulders he was thrown away from her. He looked up at the fairy from the floor.


The fairy screamed and crumpled as thunder rolled outside. Brendan rushed to her side and pulled Carita into his arms. She shook for what seemed like hours and Brendan was awash with remorse from hurting such a beautiful creature. When she finally looked at him, a single tear fell from each eye.

“It is done. I am done. You have fulfilled the prophecy. Gheriah was right; I was unable to resist you … completely and I don’t even know your name.”

“Brendan, I’m Brendan. I was supposed to hurt you like this?” He frowned.

“You were born to stop me. For thousands of years, I have beguiled, bribed and tricked children into handing me the keys to their souls. It was foretold that one male would be born to catch me and take my magic; one that would put a stop to my dark tasks. That one is you.”

“What will you do now?”

“I will die. When the sun lights the horizon, my body will turn to ashes and be carried on the wind.” She gripped his hand tightly. “Let me go with dignity, whole, not scattered like dust. End me now.”

“No.” Brendan shook his head. “I … I can’t kill you.”

While many would assume that Brendan couldn’t kill Carita for moral reasons, both of them knew it was more than that. Whatever this attraction was that made it possible for Brendan to steal Carita’s magic hadn’t faded. The tension between the two was heavy in the air and Carita was all too aware of the fiery heat rolling from her body.

“If you won’t kill me, then let my last moments be filled with sweetness.” Carita cupped Brendan’s face with her hand and gently swept her thumb across his bottom lip. “I liked it when you kissed me. I had never been kissed before then, but now I want more.”

Brendan allowed Carita to pull him towards her and revelled in softness of her lips as they met his. He heard Carita moan and felt her arms encircle his body. He was consumed by her taste, her scent and the feel of her firm flesh through her ragged clothing.

“Carita, I have to know that you want this, you want me.”

“More than anything, Brendan. You may have taken my magic, but I give you my body … freely and without condition.”

He scooped her up and set her back down on his bed, their mouths remaining attached to each other while he did so. They locked eyes as they touched each other, learning each other’s body and all of the sweet delights that could be gleaned; the heat radiating from them had covered them both in a sheen of sweat that made their bodies glisten in the moonlight. Brendan watched as Carita threw her head back and gasped.

“Ah! More!” Carita cried as she felt her belly tighten and her legs shake. She whimpered as her channel stretched around him and he stopped when he saw her eyes welling up.

“Is this? Are you? You haven’t done this before?”

She shook her head. “Is that … bad?”

“No.” Brendan sighed and stroked her hair. “It’s not a bad thing at all. Are you okay? I’ll stop, if you want me to.”

“Don’t stop, not now. I want you, I need you.”

He nodded and moved slowly as he felt his end coming close; it had been so long since he’d been with a woman. Carita moaned and pulled him closer, grabbing at his buttocks and digging her nails into his flesh. It was almost his undoing. Suddenly, Carita’s eyes snapped open and a long, drawn out ‘ohh’ emitted from her mouth as Brendan felt her walls clench in orgasm. He thrust once more before falling over that edge himself, collapsing on top of Carita in a breathless heap.


Gheriah watched with Adrina as the fairy’s undoing was completed. She patted the girl’s shoulder and turned away from the cauldron.

“You have done well, Adrina. Veseri never had enough faith in lust, but tonight has proven him wrong.”

“Won’t Veseri be angered? I have destroyed his favoured agent.”

Gheriah smiled at her daughter. “Veseri knew this day would come. Pride was his sin, pride in his seven agents of darkness!” Gheriah spat distastefully. “Now, you have five more agents to neutralise. Then the world will belong to us.”

“Yes Mother.”


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