Breaking Down the Walls

Summary: Eric Northman was plagued by illness as a child and as such, his life is sheltered to the point where he only, truly, trusts one person. When he takes an interest in disgraced former child star Sookie Stackhouse as she attempts to resurrect her career, will it encourage both of them to break down the walls they created to protect themselves? All human.

Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris owns all, it’s her lawnmower – I’ll bring it back once the grass is cut. Also please note that this fic is 70% lemon-free, if you’re looking for smut/PWP – sorry, it’s not here.

1. Building Brick by Brick.
2. Bars on the Windows.
3. Barbed Wire Fence.
4. Cracks in the Plaster.
5. Opening Doors.
6. Climbing the Wall.
7. Finding the Way.
8. Crossing the Bridge.
9. Facing the Issues.
10. Plotting a Path.


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