Electric Limbo

Electric Limbo

Summary: Reworked version. Rivalry between two of Bon Temps oldest families ends when they team up to keep their businesses alive … but the rivalry with others in the same business just begins. Geek-centric fluff with a large side order of comedy. Warnings for Star Trek quotes, WoW references and Eric being a huge Thundercats fan. :o) AH/OOC.

A/N: There will be some references to Geek pop culture throughout this story – some of you might get the humour that comes with them, some might not. I’m happy to answer any queries about them. This fic was inspired by BEGreen – who, after reading The Guilded Cage, informed me that there was a distinct lack of geek fics :o)

1. Dreams Unaccomplished and Dreams Shattered
2. Four to the (Shop) Floor
3. Encounter at Greeting Point
4. All War is Deception
5. Discovery and Loss
6. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
7. With Ferengis Like These
8. I’m not done Baking …
9. The Worms that Turned
10. The Hadley Collider
11. The ‘I’ in Team
12. Smoke Me a Kipper, I’ll be Back for Breakfast
13. The Boy in the Iceberg


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