Chapter 13 – The Boy in the Iceberg

Electric Limbo

Chapter 13 – The Boy in the Iceberg

Short Epilogue

Eric checked his outfit in the mirror one last time, still marvelling at the changes in his life. He would never have guessed when he first met Sookie, that a mere two years later he would be taking such a huge step. Bill smacked his shoulder and grinned at him.

“It’s time.”

Eric nodded and blew a long, cleansing breath from his nose before stepping from behind the curtain that separated him from those who had gathered to witness this special day.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Eric Northman dressed as Lion-o to the stage! This is Eric’s first time entering Louisiana Comicon’s cosplay competition!”

Lion-o strode to the middle of the stage of Bossier Civic Centre and held the Sword of Omens out in front of him, the spotlight obscuring his vision as he spun around using the special effect button on the sword.

“Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats – Hoooooooooo!”

The applause was deafening as his prop extend to its full length and the eye of Thundera glowed red above his head. He turned when he heard his name being called and one of the organisers beckoned him off stage and behind the curtain on the opposite side of the stage that he had emerged from. He walked down the stairs to find his friends ready to congratulate his performance.

Until he met Sookie, he had been static, alone in his interests. As he gazed at her, in full Water Tribe dress, he realised that she was his Katara – bringing him out of the ice he had encased himself in and believing he was capable of being so much more.

“Oh my God! Your costume is soooooo amazing!” Eric turned to see a small red haired woman waving a camera at Sookie. “I gotta have a picture with this guy!”

Sookie smiled and took the photo, handing the camera back to the woman with a nod before wrapping her arms around her Lion-o. “You were great up there and the sword worked perfectly!”

“Of course it did.” Eric said bluntly before moving his lips close to Sookie’s ear and lowering his voice. “My sword always works perfectly.”

He grinned at the slight blush that bloomed on Sookie’s cheeks and the naughty twinkle in her eyes as she smiled and replied. “Shiny!”

Buy Everything – Shreveport

Andre threw a hateful look at Felipe as he turned off the lights, for the last time. It had been a tough battle but the best store won. SB Electrical had the prices, talent and customer service to, not only compete with Buy Everything, but to completely wipe them off the face of the map. Of course, if Felipe hadn’t pushed all the Buy Everything staff into some weird pissing contest with Sookie Stackhouse then the November Blue Flu wouldn’t have happened.

“I should have fired you that day you closed the store to go running around in the park with a plastic sword. Not that it would have made any difference; we’d still be closing down, decreased footfall, no one taking advantage of the manager’s specials … anyway, what do you have lined up now?”

Felipe’s face sagged and he dropped his head in shame. “Sookie offered me a job at SB; they’re starting up a home visit service for tech support.”

“So no more pranking?”

“No. What about you?”

“I’m heading down to New Orleans; the flagship store is in some trouble … apparently they can’t keep a female member of staff working there for more than a month.” Andre scratched his chin in thought. “Except the assistant manager, Hadley, she’s been there a while. Either way, Sophie-Anne wants to keep me around as a trouble shooter, going from store to store … fixing staff-type stuff.”

“Good for you, Andre. I’m … I’m really glad that all my fuck-ups didn’t ruin your chances to progress.”

Andre locked the doors and lowered the shutters, blinking back tears at the shoddily painted ‘closing down sale!’ on the corrugated metal. “Y’know, Felipe, the answer to all your problems is simple. Stop fucking up. Keep your head down, do the best you can and, for the love of God, don’t pick any more fights.”

Bon Temps Baptist Church

Adele wept quiet, dignified, tears of joy as the handsome groom kissed his beautiful bride. Since Caroline had passed away, Andy had become like a son to her and Halleigh was perfect for him. Sookie sniffed next to her and Adele squeezed her hand.

The new Mr and Mrs Bellefleur turned to rapturous applause and rushed out of the church, followed by the crowd throwing rice and confetti as Halleigh, smiling widely, turned away tossed her bouquet into the air. Sookie and Pam stood their ground at the doorway as the other women stampeded, hands aloft, to catch the flowers.

“Aren’t you coming?” Lorena squeaked excitedly.

Sookie and Pam slowly shook their heads from side to side, wide eyed at the trajectory of the bouquet and both wincing as it hit Lorena on the side of the face, covering her in pollen. Quick as a wink, Lorena recovered and turned her yellow and orange powdered complexion towards Bill.

“I got it, sweetie! I got it!”

Bill paled. “Seven Hells!”

The Stackhouse Homestead

“Nnngggghhh!” Eric was often without coherent verbalisations when he was visiting Sookie; she popped her head out from under the comforter, grinning as she crawled back up his body. “What are you doing to me, woman?”

“I can bend all the elements.” She winked.

“Your Gran will be back soon, I should get dressed.”

“One day you won’t need to.” Sookie smiled and pecked him on the cheek before jumping out of bed and righting her clothes.

“Gran will be around for a long time yet – she’s not going anywhere.”

“Nope, but we are.” Sookie tossed a pile of papers on the bed.

Eric flicked through them with one hand while pushing his feet into his jeans. “What is this?”

“It’s our house, silly!”

Our house?” Eric quirked an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I don’t think you realise how much land we Stackhouses own – at the bottom of the hill I’m having a house built … for us … to live in.”

“Well, look at you Miss High Handed!”

“I learned from the best, Eric.”

They laughed and tumbled on the bed, kissing for the joy of it and this is how it would always be.



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