Chapter 2

Ashwood Court Care Home, Ruston, Wednesday 5th April

“Grandpa.” Eric hissed down the phone. “Do you know what you’ve created?”

“I do Eric, I knew all along what I wanted to create but Compton … failed to see the benefits of my genius, he attempted to thwart me at every turn so he could turn my creation into a gutter level plaything!”

“Is that why you retired so young? He wouldn’t let you finish what you started?”

“That’s about the size if things, yes. The deal we made was that Compton Robotics applied for the patent for the technology and programming and in return I was paid off to the tune of $30 billion as long as I destroyed the prototype, I also signed a gagging order.”

“But you …”

“I know, I presented them with a heap of spares I had kept around the house so they could incinerate it. After all the work I put in, I couldn’t bear to destroy her.”

“Her? You’re talking about a robot Grandpa but it sounds like you … cared about it.”

“Sookie was at the forefront of artificial intelligence, she was special because the AI was designed to nurture, as far as I know Compton Robotics have twisted it for their defence contracts and war machines but the point is … Sookie had … has the ability to emulate love. It was a necessity if the device was to be used in child care, children need to feel loved.”

“So they used the software for their war machines and the hardware for pleasure machines, making them tens of trillions of dollars all for the bargain basement price of thirty billion?”

“Yes, you cannot let anyone see Sookie, she’s fairly realistic at first sight but any effort to communicate before she has learned human behaviour from yourself and Pamela will be the undoing of the whole idea. If anyone from Compton Robotics has the slightest hint that Sookie is active … they won’t just ask you nicely to hand her over and they won’t hesitate to get their fat lawyers involved and they will endeavour to … silence you at any cost.”

“Got it. Fire her up, train her, keep her in the house, don’t let visitors see her … anything else?”

“You may have to do some … reprogramming. I’m sure Compton attempted to reformat her just before I left. If she is able to take care of Pam’s basic needs and entertain her … well I could die a happy old man, if she can take care of your basic needs as well as that … then my life’s work will be complete.”

“Basic needs?”

“Food, shelter, warmth, companionship.”

“Oh! Right … I thought you meant …”

“She has the capability for full sexual intercourse but that wasn’t my reason for designing her. Now go and boot up the evidence of my genius junge!”

Northman Homestead, Bon Temps Thursday 6th April

After spending the rest of Wednesday searching, Eric finally managed to assemble a basic ‘operation manual’ for s00k-E, or Sookie, but he also wanted to go and see Pam and he also needed to get some work done. He should have gone to the hospital yesterday, but got caught up, and now he felt immensely guilty. He hid all of the paperwork in various places around the house, just in case, and got himself ready to see his girl. The work could wait a couple more days. The more he thought of Pam, the wider he smiled; all of a sudden that smile turned to a frown.

How the hell am I supposed to bring her home when I don’t have any baby stuff? I don’t even know where to start … except the internet … yeah, the net will tell me everything I need for a baby. She’ll need a nursery, bottles, toys … wait – do really little babies play with toys? Holy shit, I know absolutely nothing!

Once again he spent a good chunk of his time with Pam topless, it felt good, natural, to feel his baby girl against his skin. Dr. Allan gave him an update on Pam’s progress and a list of recommended reading for new parents. Eric briefly wondered if the Doctor was a telepath but dismissed the ridiculous notion almost as soon as it presented itself. When he got home he walked through the house, deciding which room would be Pam’s, checking to see if he should throw away some furniture to make more space. Although the house was clean, Eric was no slob, it seemed fairly overcrowded with objects and was probably very far away from child friendly.

He looked at the list Dr. Allan gave him and ordered every book on it from Amazon, with a sizable discount for their 75th Birthday. He also checked out a number of websites, printing the pages that he thought he might need so he could make a shopping list of sorts.

Clothes, girls love clothes. How the hell am I gonna pick out clothes for a girl? I have no interest in fashion whatsoever … wait what is she wearing now? Oh fuck! My Pam is naked! She doesn’t have anything to wear!

He wrote a note and taped it to his coffee maker reminding him to go to Wal-Mart on his way to the hospital the next day and pick up some of those little suits babies wore that had the feet attached. Now that his baby panic had subsided, slightly, he turned his attention to his would-be babysitter. In less than an hour he had the ops manual spread across the floor of his living room and the robot was sitting on his couch. He chewed a little on his bottom lip as he opened the control panel at the back of the robot’s head and pressed the button to power up. It made no sound as a series of patterns flashed on the touch screen, the technology was fairly old but obviously still effective. A series of options appeared before Eric heard a strong, southern female voice.

“Please select on option.”

He jumped from the sofa and landed in front of the robot – which was looking at him with clear sapphire eyes and smiling warmly. Sookie blinked and spoke again.

“Would you like to run a system diagnostic?”

“Uh … yes.”

Sookie started blinking rapidly. “Scanning for viruses – all clear.” Standing up, bending, and stretching. “Mechanical function test – complete.” The robot stood and walked around the house, checking every room until it found the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. “Semen repository – empty.” Eric followed the machine until it sat back down on the sofa. “Internal lubricant levels low – warning.” Eyes blinking again. “System diagnostic complete.”

Eric went back to the control panel and looked at the touch screen, pressing the flashing square that said ‘Okay’ and going back to the ops manual to find out how to top up the internal lubricant levels and more importantly – what on earth they were.

“Internal lubricants are used to aid the movement of s00k-E’s body and are also excreted in small amounts into the oral and vaginal cavities to ensure comfort during physical activities.” Eww! Okay where do I find spare oil for this chick? I don’t need the arms seizing when she’s holding Pam. Liquid lanolin derivative? Was that what was in the big bottle in the trunk with her?

Eric retrieved the bottle from the attic and checked the ops manual to see where he poured the liquid. Once the optimum operating level had been achieved, he carefully screwed the cap back on and put the bottle somewhere safe. He flipped through the pages in front of him and set about the task of programming himself as Sookie’s administrator so he could check that all the programmes his Grandpa put on were actually there and that no-one but him could go in to change things around again.

Monroe General Hospital, Infant ICU, Friday 7th April

“Hey Pammy. Look what Daddy brought you today. They’re pink, do you like pink? I’m sorry I didn’t think of it before, I’m new at all this but soon you’ll be coming home with me and I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry I’ve got help, just in case the books don’t tell me everything.”

Dr. Allan watched as Eric talked to his daughter and smiled as he showed her the onesies he’d bought for her. She knew that Pam already had him wrapped around his finger – just like little girls should with their Daddies, she was also glad he had help, someone would have to step in to stop him spoiling that girl rotten.

“Mr. Northman?”

“Hi Dr. Allan! Look! I bought her clothes! I realised last night that … well she’s pretty much naked and I can’t believe I’ve been such a tool that I didn’t think to dress my little Pam.”

“I can see you’re still learning Mr. Northman, don’t worry the temperature in here doesn’t really warrant the little ones needing clothes and sometimes they just get in the way of the wires. Now, would you like to sit with her for some skin to skin contact again?”

“Yes! Please … I mean.”

The Doctor laughed. “Have you tried putting your pinkie in her mouth?”

“Uh … no. Should I?”

“It’s a good way to test if her sucking reflex is working, try it and let us know if you feel her starting to suck on your finger, she may be ready to go on to bottle feeding.”

Eric brushed his pinkie finger across Pam’s tiny mouth, her lips parted and allowed his access but she didn’t suckle. He was disappointed and the Doctor noticed.

“She’s still got a way to go Mr. Northman, the nurses have been doing that with her every feeding time, I just thought you’d feel like you were helping if you did it too.”

“Yes.” Eric nodded. “Thank you for all your help.”

Father and Daughter stayed that way for their usual hour or so, then it was time for Eric to go. It was getting harder and harder to leave his angel in the hospital, Eric did something he had never done before as he was driving back home – he prayed. He prayed to whoever was out there that his Pam would be home with him soon. Instead of going into the farmhouse, Eric went straight to his work shed and slogged on his projects until he had to eat something. When he entered the house, the scent of something wonderful filled his nostrils; Eric closed his eyes and breathed deeply as he walked through the back door into the kitchen. When he opened them, he found Sookie standing by the kitchen table smiling.

“Good evening Eric how was your day?”

“Uh …” Eric looked at the plates of food on the table and sat in his usual chair, wondering how on earth he was going to eat all of it.

“I made several choices for your meal tonight, I do not know what style of cooking or foods are your favourite yet but I will learn this as time goes on.”

“O … kay. Have you been cooking all day Sookie?” Eric closed his eyes in bliss as the forkful of casserole melted in his mouth.

“Affirmative Eric. You neglected to inform me of which tasks required to be completed. A human needs to be fed. I supplied the means for you to nourish yourself.”

“Umm … thank you Sookie.”

Her eyes blinked a couple of times. “You are very welcome Eric. Will you be working on my programming tonight?”

“I was hoping to, yes. There’s a stainless steel case in the attic that has all of the programmes you’re supposed to have on discs, I wanna have a look at them and cross-reference what you have installed.”

“I will retrieve the case while you eat.” She walked over, bent down and placed a soft kiss on Eric’s forehead.

After trying a little of everything and finishing nothing, Eric tasked himself with finding enough Tupperware to store the leftovers. Sookie came in, placed the case on the table and started helping him look through the cupboards.

“What is it you require Eric?”

“I’m looking for Tupperware, y’know the plastic dishes with lids for storing leftovers.”

“I catalogued the contents of the kitchen storage units. Plastic bowls with lids can be found in receptacles A, D and G.”

“That’s … great but which ones are A, D and G?”

Sookie looked at the kitchen cabinets and flipped one of her fingernails back revealing a small laser. “Would you like me to mark which receptacles are which Eric?”

“Uh … no, just telling me will be fine.”

Sookie smiled and opened the cupboards for him, helping him pile the Tupperware up. “Would you like me to create adequate room for storage in your refrigerator?”

“Yes Sookie, that would be good thanks.”

Is this what having a wife is like? Working together on boring stuff and making it a team effort? It’s nice … I can see why Grandpa created her to be like she is.

They worked in silence, Eric scraping the plates into the dishes and Sookie putting the lids on and finding a place for them in the fridge. Sookie was smiling and Eric wondered if she was programmed to smile all the time or whether her AI was recognising this as a pleasurable activity. After all of the food was cleared away, they done the dishes together, which Eric also thought was nice. When everything was back in its assigned cupboard, Eric and the robot sat together at the table.

“Okay!” Eric rubbed his hands together and opened the case. “So I think the best way to do this would be if I read out the names of the programmes and you tell me if it’s installed.”

“I can scan the case contents and list any missing programmes, that would be more expedient.”

“Oh? Well knock yourself out!”

Sookie blinked a few times. “Command not recognised, please repeat.”

“Sorry. Please go ahead and scan the case contents Sookie.”

Sookie smiled and flicked through the discs in the case as fast as an expert in filing. After seemingly cataloguing the contents, the robot sat blinking for a few minutes before looking at Eric.

“Cross reference complete. Titles from case which have not been installed are: Advanced Housekeeping, First-Aid, Movie Trivia, Toddler Entertainment and Financial Record Maintenance.”

Eric searched through the case and fished out the necessary discs to install later; he piled them next to him on the table and huffed out a breath thinking about their next task.

“That’s great Sookie. Now I need you to cross reference again and list the programmes you have installed which aren’t in the case.”

Sookie nodded and started blinking again, this time the process took more than ten minutes and that made Eric very worried. He got up and made a coffee while the robot was doing its thing, sipping nervously at the hot liquid.

“Cross reference complete. Programmes installed which are not in case are: Dirty Talk, Pole Dancing, Sensual Massage, Advanced Oral techniques, Role Play, Advanced Lap Dancing and Submissive Behaviour.”

Yep, Compton definitely got hold of Sookie before Grandpa made the deal. It’s pretty obvious that the programmes like First-Aid were uninstalled to make room for Lap Dancing. Although Lap Dancing would be good … Fuck! Shut up Eric, it’s a fucking robot! Besides, where Pam is concerned, First-Aid will come in very useful.

“Okay Sookie. Can you tell me if there’s enough drive space left to install the five missing programmes from the case?”

“Negative Eric. Missing programmes require 70GB of drive space. I have 40GB of drive space remaining.”

“Wow. So … that means that there wasn’t any need to remove all of those programmes.” Eric wondered what else Compton had planned to install to take up the remaining 40GB. “So, let’s remove … Submissive Behaviour and Pole Dancing.”

Not like I’ve got a pole round here anyway … well not the pole she was programmed to dance around anyway.

Eric snickered to himself at his juvenile thinking while Sookie blinked again.

“Programmes uninstalled. Remaining drive space 60GB.”

“Cool. Well, I won’t be needing help with my financial records; I can do that on my own. So how much space do the other four need?”

“65GB Eric.”

“Hmm … okay you’ve got Advanced Lap Dancing installed, is that a different programme to Standard Lap Dancing.” Standard Lap Dancing wasn’t mentioned in the ‘not in the case’ list so if it’s on her drive it must be because Grandpa wanted it to be there … eww.

“Affirmative Eric. Advanced Lap Dancing is an expansion of my Standard Lap Dancing programme.”

“Okay, lets’ uninstall Advanced Lap Dancing then.”

Sookie blinked a few times. “Programme uninstalled. Is your computer enabled for wireless information transfer?”

“Uh … yes, they all are these days. I’ll just put these discs in and we’ll get your programming finished.”

He left Sookie blinking in the kitchen and went to his computer, when he looked at the screen his system had already detected the s00k-E hardware and had the menu up so he could put the missing programmes back where they were supposed to go. At some point he was going to have to go through that case and find out exactly what programmes Sookie had, the revelation that a lap dancing programme was there made him see his Grandpa in a new light or maybe it was something that Compton had negotiated? The only way for Eric to find out was to ask Grandpa himself. He checked the time, 10pm, not too late, Grandpa was a night owl anyway.

“Hello Eric. How are you getting on?”

“Hi Grandpa, it’s going … fine. Umm … I wanted to ask you about some of Sookie’s programmes. I uninstalled a few of the more … MiPet-like additions that Compton had obviously put in. Did he have much to do with the standard programmes you had in the steel case?”

“No, those were all my ideas why?”

“Oh geez! Lap dancing Grandpa? What are you trying to do? Give me nightmares?”

Johan laughed long and hard as Eric pinched the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb. “Back before I was born, in the 20th Century, there was a famous … well I’m not sure what she was but she was married to a very famous rock star. Her name was Jerry Hall and she had a quote that went along the lines of ‘A good woman should be a cook in the kitchen, a mother in the nursery and a whore in the bedroom’. I’m probably misquoting but it was something like that.”

“I see. I just have one more question. Did you ever … have sex with Sookie?”

“No, she’s pristine, a virgin if you like. We never got round to testing the more physical aspects … is it something that interests you Eric? She’s the image of a beautiful woman and it must get lonely for you, it’ll be even lonelier once Pam comes along …”

“Not. Talking. About. This. With. You.”

Johan laughed and they said their goodbyes. Eric ended the call and saw that Sookie was now standing next to him.

“Installations complete Eric. All programmes fully functional.” Sookie bent down to kiss his forehead again, Eric thought her lips were delightfully soft.

“Why do you keep doing that? Kissing my forehead?”

Sookie blinked a couple of times. “Short, soft kisses are a gesture of affection often bestowed on a husband by his wife.”

“Okaaaaay. So, I should let you know that I didn’t really activate you so you could be my wife. I have a baby girl, she’s in hospital right now, but when she comes home I’ll need help looking after her so I can work.”

“Understood. I am capable of all aspects of infant care with the exception of breastfeeding.”

“Uh … yeah, it’s kind of a given you wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Northman Homestead, Bon Temps, Monday 10th April

Eric’s new routine was something he fell into without any problems. He would wake and Sookie would cook him breakfast while he showered. Once he’d eaten, he’d go to the hospital for a few hours then return to his work shed until dinnertime. The pieces he’d been commissioned to make were behind schedule, but he’d contacted the buyer and explained his change in circumstances. They were very understanding and had even suggested making the sculptures less complicated to make it easier for Eric to finish them on time.

Thank fuck! My chances of getting any more work would have been knocked on their ass if I hadn’t completed these on time.

Eric was still under pressure, despite the corrections to the design, and stomped into the kitchen to find his dinner waiting for him on the table and Sookie wearing a sweet smile next to his chair.

“Thank you Sookie.”

The robot blinked as Eric took his seat and started shovelling food into his mouth. “You are tense Eric.”

“Uh … I’m under some pressure, yeah. How did you know?”

“Vocal strain recognition. Since activation I have been learning your normal vocal range so I can best recognise moods and react appropriately.”

“Huh! Damn you’re special! I know I was told and I’ve read what you’re capable of but … damn!”

Sookie looked at him blankly. “Would you like me to initiate a shoulder massage to aid with your tension?”

“Umm … actually, yeah that would be good. After dinner though huh?”

“Command understood.”

Eric finished his dinner, still amazed that a robot could cook better than any restaurant he’d ever been in, then they had their nightly dishwashing ritual. Most nights were the same, dinner, dishes, sometimes if Eric had the energy he’d go back to the work shed for a while, other times they would watch a movie or a TV show. After that, Sookie would open a flap on her wrist and connect herself to his computer to recharge and Eric would go to bed. Eric sat back to front on one of the dining chairs; a little worried due to the fact that he wasn’t sure if a robot would know how much pressure to exert … what if Sookie crushed his collarbone? Another concern is that he hadn’t been touched by a woman in months, from the little experience he’d had with Sookie, she felt as real as any woman would and his body’s reactions might border on the embarrassing.

“You are required to remove your clothing for a professional massage Eric.”

“Uh … yeah … sure.” Fuck! “There ya go.”

Eric turned around again and prepared for Sookie’s hands to begin working the kinks out of his neck, what he wasn’t prepared for was the feeling of being … licked?

“S … Sookie, what are you doing? Are you licking me?”

“The liquid lanolin derivative used to prevent mechanical seizure is an ideal lubricant for massage.”

“Do you have to lick me?”

“I apologise Eric. Would you prefer I excreted lubricant from my vag …”

“NO!!! No … perhaps if I told you where the bottle of lubricant is you would be better pouring some into your hands?”

“Affirmative. Please identify location of lubricant.”

“It’s in the cupboard under the sink in my bathroom.”

Sookie blinked rapidly. “Soap is also an ideal lubricant for massage. Would you like for me to draw a bath and massage you there?”

If she was in the bath with me she’d be naked … stop that thought man. Geez I need to get laid!

“That won’t be necessary Sookie, here is just fine.”

“I am fully submersible.”

“Yeah … yeah, I read that but no bath, just a shoulder massage.”

Monroe General Hospital, Infant ICU, Tuesday 18th April

“Dr. Allan! Dr. Allan! She’s doing it! She’s suckling!”

“Well isn’t that something? One of the nurses tried her this morning and she had no reaction, you just sit there Mr. Northman and I’ll get some milk.”

The Doctor came back less than a minute later and Eric swapped his pinkie with the teat from the bottle. Pam locked her lips around it and drank greedily for a just under a minute before falling fast asleep.

“Now she’ll start to gain some real weight. I reckon when she gets up to six pounds you’ll be able to take her home.”

“But that’s over a pound to gain … how long do you think it will take?”

“With a baby it doesn’t take long, another week at the most if her feeding increases. We’ll check her weight every day, don’t you worry Mr. Northman, you’ll be the first to know when she’s ready.”

Eric was excited to call his Grandpa and tell him of Pam’s progress, before Pam came into their lives he only called Johan a couple of times a week but now he updated Grandpa every day after finishing at the hospital.

“Hey Eric, how’s our little girl today?”

“She suckled Grandpa! I gave her her first bottle feed today!”

“Well that’s a real improvement junge! I’m proud of the way you are with Pam; I know you’ll be a good Father to her.”

“I want to be a good Father, Grandpa. I know I have Sookie to help me but I don’t want to leave all of the childcare to her.”

“Her?” Johan chuckled. “I guess that answers my question about how you’re getting on with Sookie.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you still saw her as a robot, you would say ‘it’. It’s alright, I had the same problem. She’s very … easy company. It’s impossible to think of her as a machine if you spend a lot of time with her.”

“Yeah, she’s good to be around. I don’t have to leave a list of chores for her now, she just does everything and she’s becoming more adept at casual conversation, I think she’s picked that up from the movies and TV we watch.”

“You watch TV together?”

“Uh … yeah. Well at first I would watch TV and she’d just kinda be there but now she watches with me and comments on what she sees.”

“Amazing. How is she at emulating emotion? Do you feel loved at all?”

“Actually, I do a little. I hadn’t realised it until you mentioned it. Apart from the sex, it’s like having an honest to god wife.”

“The sex is bad? That can’t be right.”

“No I haven’t … gone there at all.”

“Are you gay?”

“WHAT? No! I’m just … she’s a robot Grandpa! I know I need to get laid, and as soon as I finish the work I have I’ll head to Merlotte’s and hit up Arlene or Holly.”

“You’d prefer some skank who drops her panties for anyone to a decent girl who takes care of you and, for all intents and purposes, loves you?”

“I … uh … look Grandpa, I hate to say this but this conversation has officially become too uncomfortable for me to take part in. I’ll call you tomorrow okay?”

“Fine.” Johan sighed. “Be stubborn. I’ll speak to you tomorrow.”

Shit! Fuck! BADGERS! Where the fuck did the badgers come from? Get it together Eric! Grandpa talked about Sookie like she’s actually my wife and that chasing tail at the local redneck bar is like cheating – AND YOU FELT LIKE IT WOULD BE!

Eric was worried that he was heading for some kind of psychotic break; was he crazy for feeling that taking Arlene or Holly to bed would be cheating on Sookie? Or was it a natural progression of the amount of time he was spending in the robot’s company? Maybe he should take a detour by Merlotte’s on the way home, the back of his car had proven big enough in the past, maybe he was forming an attachment to Sookie because the machine was the only feminine influence within his reach at that point in time. But that wasn’t true, he was in contact with many women at the hospital, he wasn’t isolated from the fairer sex at all – it was just that Sookie was so good to him, he was denying any attraction to the robot simply for the fact she was a robot.

What the fuck man? It’s what the machine was made for, caring, cooking, cleaning and copulation. When we talk it’s like I forget Sookie is a robot, those little kisses on my forehead feel like the kisses a real woman would give. Millions of guys around the country are fucking those ridiculous MiPet’s with no attachment and boasting about it but I can’t handle getting physical with a robot so human-like I have to remind myself that she runs on electricity when we say goodnight. Fuck!

Eric drove home and threw himself into his work, completing his projects a few days before schedule in his attempt to drive away his feelings for Sookie. Even when he was done, he sat in the work shed until long past dinnertime, unable to face the machine he had developed affection for. It was 9pm before his stomach told him he had to go into the house. Steeling himself, he strode towards the back door, opening it wide before entering the kitchen.

“You are later than usual Eric. I kept your dinner warm for you.”

“I’m … sorry Sookie. I had a lot of thinking to do. I finished my work though; I’ll put them in the trailer tomorrow and drive them into Shreveport before I go to see Pam.”

“How is our daughter today?” Eric was surprised that Sookie referred to Pam as ‘our’ instead of ‘your’, it made him soften towards her even more.

“She’s great … I fed her her first bottle. All she needs to do is gain some weight and I can bring her home.”

“That is wonderful dear, I am anticipating her arrival greatly, I have made many preparations.”

Eric was aware of how Sookie had been ‘nesting’. The nursery was complete and Sookie had done all of the hard work, all Eric did was order furniture online and buy paint from Home Depot.

“Are you excited to be a family?”

“Yeah Sookie, I am.”

Sookie smiled and put his food on the table at his chair. “Which movie would you like to watch tonight Eric?”

“I’m not sure if we’ll watch anything Sookie, it’s late and I have an early day tomorrow.”

“Would you like a massage to relax you before your busy day?” Eric groaned at the thought of Sookie’s hands on his body. “You must be enjoying your meal; it is unusual for you to make express your pleasure vocally while eating.”

“It’s …” Bite the fucking bullet man! “The meal is great, it’s always great, it’s just I have some … needs right now that I’m not sure about meeting.”

“I have several unused programmes Eric. Would you like me list them so you can ascertain whether one of them would help meet your needs?”

“That won’t be necessary Sookie. I haven’t had sex in …” Geez, when was the last time I had sex? “A long time and I’m feeling a little tense because of it.”

“Command understood.”

Eric watched in confusion as Sookie walked out of the kitchen and he heard her going upstairs, he finished his meal and did the dishes alone while he listened to the bumping sounds from the upper floor.

Maybe she’s gone up there to give me some ‘alone’ time. Not that it would make a difference, every shower I’ve had in the last week has been chock full of ‘alone’ time and I still can’t shake the feeling.

It was at that moment that Eric realised that when he stroked himself under the hot water every day – he was thinking of Sookie while he did it.

I’ll jerk off thinking about her but I won’t fuck her. That’s some screwed up shit. If she was a real woman she’d have left me by now.

Eric walked into the living room and sat on the sofa with his head in his hands. When he heard Sookie coming back downstairs he turned his head towards the door and fell off the sofa when he saw she was wearing a see-through red negligee with matching garters, panties and stockings.

“I am ready for you Eric.”

He could only gasp as she strode towards him, the body that had been previously hidden by the sundress was better than his imagination had supplied his fantasies with. Sookie’s usually neat, pinned back hair was flowing freely over her shoulders and her normally smiling mouth was shaped into a slight pout.

“Geez … uh … Sookie, the thing is … I don’t know if I’m ready for you.”

Sookie blinked three times and moved her gaze to Eric’s crotch, which he quickly tried to cover up.

“You are aroused Eric, I can take care of that for you.” Sookie knelt on the floor between Eric’s knees and gently moved his hands away from the bulge in his jeans, keeping her eyes on his the whole time. “I can take care of everything Lover.”

Jesus Fuck! How can she be so sexy? Lover? Fuck! Great! Now I’m paranoid about disappointing a robot by blowing my wad too soon!

Sookie unfastened Eric’s jeans and ran her hands up and across his chest underneath his shirt before lifting his body like it weighed nothing and removing the top for him. She pushed him gently to make him lay back down and turned around on the floor to work on taking off his boots and socks. Watching Sookie’s rear end wiggle as she removed his footwear made Eric thankful that she’d already loosened his pants or he’d be in a lot of pain right now. Sookie turned back to face him and smiled as she helped him out of his jeans and boxers.

As Sookie bent down to kiss him, he marvelled at how ‘real’ she was, her lips felt amazing and when her tongue touched against his, it was warm and wet. Eric thought she tasted like she’d just been eating fries, a little oily and salty but that was infinitely better than garlic or whiskey and man could she kiss. Eric’s arms went around her and he stroked the soft skin through the chiffon, Sookie let out a soft moan and shifted to straddle Eric’s legs, pressing her scantily covered centre against his erection.

She’s so fucking sexy and soft.

Their hands moved to explore one another’s bodies, pinching, pulling, stroking, licking. Eric removed Sookie’s lingerie to gain access to her naked form. Her ‘skin’ was a little cooler than a human woman but the texture was prefect against his fingers. When he got to her slit, it was wet but not as warm as he was used to but the noises Sookie was making distracted him from that. Eric briefly wondered if she could actually feel when he rubbed his fingers against her and was reacting to it but when Sookie lowered herself onto him, he forgot all about it. She felt so good around him and all Eric could do was hold on and let himself drift away on the pleasure Sookie was giving him. Eric’s arms tightened around Sookie and his pants turned to grunts.

“Are you close Lover?”

“God yes! Fuck! Sookie you feel so good!”

Her eyelids fluttered and she let out a long, sexy moan and Eric felt her contract around him, setting off his orgasm, milking him for every drop he produced as he groaned his completion into her shoulder. Eric clung to her tightly until his breathing regulated, his body stopped shaking and the feeling came back to his legs. He flopped back onto the floor with one arm over his eyes and Sookie lay down to put her head on his chest.

“Did you enjoy that Eric?”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Sookie, that was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“Are you tired?”

“Yeah … yeah. Sleep sounds good.”

“You should go to bed; I will clean up a little and join you momentarily.”

“Y … you’re coming to bed with me? Don’t you need to recharge?”

“Yes, however, I only require 3 hours to regain a full charge. I will lie with you in bed and cuddle until you fall asleep.”

Eric stood and gathered his discarded clothing. “Is that part of your programming too?”

“It is part of my AI development; I am learning how tactile you like me to be. You like to be touched and held, the subtle changes in the tension of your facial muscles tell me what evokes a positive or negative emotion from you.”

Eric nodded and padded through to his bedroom, slipping on a pair of sleep pants before crawling into bed. Five minutes later Sookie joined him and curled up in front of him so he was spooning her; Eric thought it odd that he couldn’t feel her breathe or the soft bump, bump of a heartbeat against his hand as he rested it on her ribs.


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