Accidents and Revelations

The Guilded Cage – Chapter 1 – Accidents & Revelations

If it wasn’t for Bill I wouldn’t be in a wheelchair. That’s not strictly true, he didn’t physically put me in the wheelchair, but if I hadn’t been thinking about our latest argument I would have been paying more attention.

I loved working at Merlotte’s; I was the best waitress that Sam (the owner) had. Customers loved me, colleagues loved me and Sam could never find enough good things to say about my job performance … but that was when I was a waitress at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. About a year after I started, Sam was feeling the pinch financially, the bar just didn’t make enough money to justify it staying open and he caved to the pressure of turning his bar and grill into another corporate franchise.

We were all kept on, including Sam, but were overseen by a new Manager. His name was Andre and he was the laziest man I’ve ever had the misfortune to work with but he got away with it as long as his sister Sophie-Ann ran the company. After a four week renovation I was no longer ‘Sookie Stackhouse – Merlotte’s waitress’, I was now ‘Blandiferous Server number 5’ and the local community drinking hang-out had become over-run with nice families taking advantage of coupons found in the newspaper. The atmosphere was gone and the one who felt it most was Sam.

The Bon Temps branch of Blandiferous hadn’t even been open for six months before the cracks started to show. None of the locals came in anymore, we got passing traffic from the highway exit due to a billboard but it wasn’t enough to keep all of the waitresses on. Andre found weak excuses for letting both Maudette and Dawn go, firing them for making personal calls, taking too long for breaks. I was working my fingers to the bone trying to pitch in and make sure every hour we were open was covered. Do you know what happens when you work your fingers to the bone? You get bony fingers – that’s what! Nothing more.

Andre’s money saving attempts continued. Swapping out good quality brand name booze with cheap nasty stuff, buying meat from very suspect vendors but the worst was the repairs. Only two out of the four cubicles in the ladies restroom were working, the pool table was unusable because he refused to replace the gouged surface, one of the beer taps was blocked … but the most pertinent was the lift we used to bring kegs from the cellar to the bar.

It had been reported numerous times that it wasn’t in perfect working order and needed an engineer to check it over. Sam had ensured that he wrote in the staff communication book every time he spoke to Andre about it, and kept copies of all the fault report template forms he left in Andre’s office. That fateful day, Sam and I were asked to use the lift and Sam refused, stating that it wasn’t safe but Andre told us to do our jobs or lose them. We grudgingly went to the cellar, promising to look for new jobs as soon as we had the chance.

While Sam loaded the kegs onto the lift, I was taking inventory and thinking about the phone call I’d had the night before from Bill. He had been complaining about how close me and Sam were – again and refused to accept my explanation that we were just friends – again and pointed out that I could be up to goodness knows what while he was working in New Orleans – again.

I was seething at his accusations, we had been together since our senior year in high school 3 years ago, I had given him my virginity and been as faithful as the day was long. When he first started questioning my fidelity, Tara the barmaid had told me a lot of guys thought attack was the best form of defence. He had been in New Orleans for a solid 2 months, not even coming home at the weekends, she pointed out that maybe if he came back to Bon Temps regularly he’d see for himself that I was loyal but obviously something more important made him stay there.

I didn’t want to think that Bill was pinning the ‘cheating girlfriend’ badge on me because he, himself was screwing around and he would rather I drowned in imagined guilt than he be subject to actual guilt. I had been stabbing at the clipboard with my pen, trying to count the barrels of ‘Parched Parrot’ ale and was so busy being angry at Bill for making me feel like shit all the time that I was oblivious to Sam’s warnings for me to move out of the way.

I was brought out of my rage by a horrendous screeching noise and turned to watch as the lift groaned and tipped to one side. Frozen in place by shock, I was hypnotised by the barrels rolling from the lift and falling towards me only being woken by arms pulling at my waist but it wasn’t enough. The kegs would have landed on my head and upper torso if Sam hadn’t tried to pull me away; instead they landed on my lower regions shattering my left femur and the tibia and fibula on both legs. My kneecaps got broken as did my right femur, but those were clean breaks, small mercies and everything.

I had been in hospital for a week before Bill came to see me, but I hadn’t been without visitors. My brother Jason came every chance he could; Sam came every day as he’d been suspended pending investigation into the accident. I’d also had lawyers visit me too, seemed that Sam’s collection of the fault reports had been a good idea and that Andre (and by extension Blandiferous) could be facing hefty fines for health and safety failures. The news that I was to be awarded an out of court settlement of $500,000 for loss of earnings and emotional trauma plus the company would be paying for all my medical expenses didn’t really register until Bill suggested that I put a whole bunch of it in his bank accounts ‘for safe keeping’.

“Bill, do you think I’m too dense to invest my own money?”

“It’s not that sweetheart, it’s a lot of money and you don’t want to fritter it away on hair doo-dads and make-up.”

“Are you serious? When have you ever known me to squander money on things like that? You know things have been tight since Gran died and I took over the farmhouse, do you even know me? At all?”

He sat on the edge of the bed and trailed his fingers down my bare arm “Oh, I know you well enough Sookie.” Was he for real? I’m lying in a hospital bed after surgery to try and pin my bones back together and he’s coming on to me. I set my jaw and ground my teeth to see exactly how far he’d take this. When his hand reached the top of my thigh they hit plaster, the bastard actually tried to nudge my legs apart even though they were raised on slings to keep the pressure off. He sighed in disappointment when he figured out it wasn’t happening.

“When will you get these … things off?”

“When my fucking legs aren’t broken anymore Bill Compton! You’ve got some nerve, I don’t see you for weeks, you accuse me of cheating on you whenever you call me and now, when I’m recovering from a possibly life changing accident all you can think about is the amount of money I’ll be getting and if you can get laid?”

“Obviously you’re very tense this evening. I’ll go back to New Orleans and when you feel up to being my girlfriend again you can give me a call.” He turned to leave the room and I grabbed the first thing I could get my hand on, which happened to be an empty water pitcher, and volleyed it at his head as well as I could in my injured state.

“Fuck you Bill Compton! I will not be calling you because I am not your girlfriend!” The pitcher hit the back of his head, not doing a great deal of damage seeing as it was empty.

“Sookie, I was your first everything and now you want to just throw that away? If you decide to grow up, I’ll forgive you for what you’ve said tonight and take you back despite your disrespect.”

I was wide eyed and incredulous at that statement. How fucking dare he! I needed to decide to grow up? He’d forgive me? I disrespected him? He was fucking lucky my legs were broken or I’d have been kicking his ass up and down that sweet private room the company put me in!


Jason and Sam were so supportive during my month long hospital stay, Sam had plenty of time seeing as the Bon Temps branch of Blandiferous had been closed down, he invested the money he made from selling Merlotte’s in property and was living off other people’s rent! After long conversations weighing up the pros and cons, we decided to sell the farmhouse. The renovations it would require to accommodate my wheelchair were just too expensive, if it had been a case of a few ramps then it wouldn’t be an issue but every doorway would have to be widened and the bathroom would have to be enlarged and replaced.

Sam done a lot of legwork for me (har-har) and found an apartment complex in downtown Bon Temps, which was perfect for my current condition. My injuries were so severe that the doctors didn’t want to put a time on my recovery, but I had been assured that I wouldn’t be in a wheelchair forever, so I decided to rent a ground floor apartment. It’s not like I couldn’t afford to buy something new when I got better.

Two months later, I sat in Jason’s truck, tears pouring from my eyes as my belongings were emptied from my childhood home and loaded up for the trip to my new residence. My brother and I spent the journey in silence, only speaking when he was lifting me from the truck into my chair.

“Sookie, will you be okay here? You know I’m just a call away right?”

“I know Jase, if I need to go anywhere or maybe just want some company; I’ll be phoning you without a second thought.”

“Okay, just … I’m here for you sis. I hate that this happened and I don’t know how many times Sam has had to talk me out of beating that fucker Andre senseless but I know that wouldn’t help you.”

I patted the hand he’d put on my shoulder and smiled at him, always the protector, that’s my Jase. I wheeled myself into the spacious apartment and started telling people what should go where. My computer desk and the hardware that accompanied it would be the ticket to making this easier on me. I wasn’t wild about computers like Bill was, but I knew that I could order my groceries and a whole stack of other stuff and have it brought right to my door. As soon as everything was set up, I wouldn’t really have to leave the apartment unless I wanted to see people, after always being known as the perky, active waitress everyone loved, I wasn’t sure how to face my fellow townspeople in my new form.


Over the weeks we got into a comfortable routine. Thursday’s I’d get my groceries delivered, Monday’s and Friday’s Jason would take me to my hospital check-ups and physio, Sunday night’s Sam would bring over a movie and Tara came over a couple of times a week to help me wash my hair … but aside from those times I was bored shitless. The pain was being managed by drugs, if only the fact that I had absolutely nothing else to do with my time could be dealt with so easily.

I had joined forums for my favourite TV shows, but that didn’t take up much of my day. I decided to splurge a little and update my wardrobe, but that didn’t even take up a morning. My eyes had started to go a little funny from staring at the little cards on the computer screen, so I closed the game of Solitaire and noticed the icon on the desktop.

Fabled World of Night.

It had been Bill’s big thing about 2 years ago, a fantasy land filled with amazing creatures to befriend or kill. I didn’t see him for two whole weeks after he installed it, and even then I had to go to his house to see him and he spent the entire time playing and explaining what made the game so awesome. I tried to get interested, buying a copy of the game myself and letting Bill help me create a character and guide me through the first five missions but I didn’t like to spend too much time sitting down – that’s not much of a problem now though is it?

I clicked and waited – patches required. Okay so I just download the patches right? The next day (yes it took that long to download the patches) I settled at my desk with a packet of cookies and a pitcher of sweet tea and went over my options. The character creation was fun, Bill had helped me create a female vampire called ‘CrazySookie’ but I didn’t actually like the name or the fact he wanted me to be a vampire – a scantily clad one at that. I looked at the options; I could be a vampire, a witch, a fairy or two-natured. I picked fairy, just because, and went to messing around with facial features and outfits. When I was done, she looked a teeny bit like me, and I dub thee ‘SouthernBelle’.

Once I got into the game zone without Bill hovering and blabbering in my ear, I found it very interesting. Unlike some games you didn’t collect experience points to move up through the levels, you completed missions and collected powers, how strong the power was depended on how quick you were at completing the mission and how you went about it. Each mission had an easy way and a hard way – if you took the easy way, innocent people got hurt and it negatively affected your karmic aura and the opposite rang true when you took the hard way.

Bill had always done his missions the easy way so he could collect more powers, but I always went for quality over quantity. It took me 14 hours of game play (excluding bathroom and snack breaks) to complete those same 5 missions I had done with Bill but I hoisted myself into bed that night full of happiness that I’d collected the formidable powers of teleportation, healing, advanced intuition, light shields and summoning.


The next day I was logging on, planning which missions to accept before the moon had stopped spinning on the screen, when there was a knock at the door. Jason walked in seconds later, both he and Sam had spare keys to save me from rolling to the door every time they came round.

“Hey Sook, whatcha doin’?”

“Playing Fabled World of Night.”

“Oh. Wasn’t that the game Bill was obsessed with a good while back?”


“Have you heard from him?”

“Nope and I don’t expect to, I broke up with him when he came to see me at the hospital. He tried to get me to hand over my compensation to him then attempted to feel me up.”

“Cool.” I turned and glared at him “I mean, cool that you broke up with him. I was wondering if I’d have to talk to you about kicking his douche ass to the curb seeing as he’s abandoned you.”

“I waited so long and put up with so much from him just because I was scared of being alone, sometimes he made it seem like no-one else would love me, but I’ve got you, Tara and Sam and the people I’ve met on the GK discussion group, I don’t miss him at all.”

“Well shit Sookie! You didn’t see him from one month to the next because of his job; he was never here for you anyway.”

“I realise that now. So what brings you over here this morning?”

“Catfish had a doctor’s appointment so we don’t need to start until 11; I thought I’d see how you were.”

“Y’know, despite not having the use of my legs, I’m fine. I was bored but I spent yesterday playing this and it’s really sparked my interest. Don’t get me wrong, I think people who spend all day everyday playing this when they’re able to go out and work and live full lives are sad people, but in my situation I feel glad Bill introduced me to it.”

“So let me see what you can do then lil’ sis.”

I smiled and explained what my character was, what weapons she used, what powers she had, then picked up my next mission. The easy option for retrieving the Queen’s bracelet would be to go through the less guarded side door, killing the peasants to prevent them from notifying the guards. The hard way was to go through the heavily guarded front entrance.

“Why don’t you go for the path with less guards?”

“Because the unarmed peasants will alert more guards – you have to kill them to prevent it.”

“So killing unarmed peasants is … bad?”

“Yep. If you kill someone who’s unarmed or has a lot less power than you, your karmic aura darkens.” I pointed out another player whose aura was almost black “Like him, but if you’re noble and fight with honour your karmic aura lightens.”

“So what difference does that make?”

“Well it affects the kind of powers you earn, someone with a dark aura will have lots of different powers but they’ll need to use a combination of most of them to win a fight. Someone with a light aura will only have a small selection of powers but they could probably win a fight by just combining two of them.”

“That sounds real complicated Sook, no wonder it’s keeping you busy!” He looked at his watch “Shit! I need to get going. Enjoy your game and remember we’re going to see Doctor Ludwig tomorrow.”

“I will Jase, have a great day at work and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He kissed the top of my head and grumbled about getting himself injured so he could sit at home all day and play games. I snorted, momentarily offended, but I knew he didn’t say it to hurt me and he would never actually do anything like that. I went back to working out my best chance of completing the mission quickly and with as little negative karma as possible when I heard the drum roll that signified a duel was taking place nearby.

[CivilWarrior has challenged VikingGod69 to a duel.]

‘CivilWarrior’ was Bill’s character. I (well ‘SouthernBelle’) ran around and spotted the two vampire players ready to duke it out. VikingGod69’s aura was almost blindingly white, while CivilWarrior’s was a mid blue/purple, it was obvious that this Viking Vampire would kick Bill’s ass just looking at how much more powerful his aura was. Why the hell would he pick a fight with someone who could beat him hands down?

[VikingGod69 says: Really? Are you that bitter?]
[CivilWarrior says: You think you’re such hot shit but I’ll beat you down]

Then they went at it, swords clashing, powers being thrown. It took … oh about 30 seconds before the message flashed

[VikingGod69 has decimated CivilWarrior]

It made me happy, so sue me. I quickly typed /clap into the communication box and watched as SouthernBelle applauded the defeat of CivilWarrior. VikingGod69 bowed towards me

[CivilWarrior says: who the hell are you?]
[SouthernBelle says: LOL NOYB asshat]

VikingGod69 jumped in the air and ran off towards the city of Metropicus. I turned back to the tower where I’d be going for the bracelet activated my light shield and drew my swords ready to kill the guards.

[CivilWarrior whispers: don’t recognise your toon. Alt or n00b?]

Hmm … how to respond. Should I play along and not reveal who I really was? Hell yeah!

[SouthernBelle whispers: n00b why?]
[CivilWarrior whispers: you’d be quicker going in the side.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: but then I wouldn’t get the mind blast power]
[CivilWarrior whispers: no but you’d get basic flame and poison attack.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: don’t want 2 weak powers when I can get 1 strong one plus positive karma]
[CivilWarrior whispers: fine. But when you need to res 5 times maybe you’ll change your mind.]

I turned back to the guards and made my attack, taking on 2 at a time and teleporting back and forth across the courtyard of the tower. I had to heal myself quite a few times and ran out of magic energy just as I finished the last one with my enchanted katana in my main hand. I sat and renewed my energy and magic meters, only then noticing I had an audience. CivilWarrior was still there but he’d been joined by his apparent arch nemesis VikingGod69.

Once my meters had been replenished I went into the tower and fought the other guards that tried to prevent me from reaching the bracelet. It was tough considering most of my powers were defensive at this point, but I couldn’t imagine trying to do this solo with the weak offensive powers that going the easy way would have provided me with. I left the tower to find both vampires still there, having a dance off of all things.

[VikingGod69 says: give up?]
[SouthernBelle says: no I got it.]
[VikingGod69 says: seriously? I didn’t see your ghost pass once!]
[VikingGod69 whispers: impressive. Are you guilded yet?]
[SouthernBelle whispers: No I’m not guilded; don’t I have to complete a group mission to join?]
[CivilWarrior says: good for a n00b.]
[SouthernBelle shrugs]
[CivilWarrior has added SouthernBelle as a friend.]
[VikingGod69 whispers: If you can do that solo with your powers we’ll take you in Area Five whether you’ve done one or not.]
[VikingGod69 has added SouthernBelle as a friend.]
[CivilWarrior whispers: I’m Bill by the way, that was good playing. Where do you live in RL?]

Really Bill? Asking a n00b where they live? What are you playing at?

[SouthernBelle has added VikingGod69 as a friend.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: I’m Frannie, I’m in N.LA.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: I’m game, how do I get into Area Five?]
[CivilWarrior whispers: I’m there too, Monroe!]


[VikingGod69 whispers: I’ll set you up as soon as I talk to the co-GM.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: Cool. Can u send me a PM with any info I might need?]
[VikingGod69 whispers: Sure can. I’m logging off now but I’ll ‘see’ you soon.]
[SouthernBelle waves to VikingGod69]
[VikingGod69 has logged off.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: How long have you lived in Monroe?]
[CivilWarrior whispers: about 6 months.]

6 Months? The douchiness level’s of my ex just flooded over my douche dam and drowned me in abject douchery. The whole time he said he was too far away to make quick visits, he was really only a 30 minute drive from me?

[SouthernBelle whispers: I’m pretty close to Monroe.]
[CivilWarrior whispers: Are you single?]
[SouthernBelle whispers: maybe. Do you try to pick up dates online often?]
[CivilWarrior whispers: Ever since I started playing this. The game is a good ice-breaker.]

If I could have reached into the screen and grabbed Bill’s character and crushed him under the wheels of my chair I would have. I teleported back to the LeClerq fortress to hand in the bracelet mission, thinking about how to reply to the bombshell he just dropped on me.

[SouthernBelle whispers: I guess it would be. I have to log off. Bye.]
[SouthernBelle has logged off.]

I was angry and the worst part was that I couldn’t throw myself into work, or have a drink, or head to a bar and dance my cares away. Instead a rolled through to the kitchen and pulled a pint of Caramel Chew Chew from the freezer. He’d been in Monroe all this time, not New Orleans. He’d been meeting up with girls through FaWN the whole time he’d been playing and accusing me of cheating on him. His attitude needed serious re-adjusting, always acting superior to me while trashing everything we had. Well if he wanted to arrange dates online he would. Yes, Frannie was going to get very friendly with Bill.


I was still seething and plotting as I was lying on the x-ray table. I should have been sighing in relief at having my legs straight and able to feel the air on them but Bill’s betrayals had clouded any joy I could take from my appointment with Dr. Ludwig.

“Well Sookie, things are going great guns with your right leg. Your femur is healed and the pins in the tibia and fibula are settling nicely. We should be able to put a light cast on the lower right leg, it fastens with Velcro and you can remove it for bathing which will be a treat for you.”

Boy would it ever be! My legs were itching like crazy being cooped up in plaster, in my past visits to replace them the best part had been the warm cloth cleaning my suffocated skin.

“Your left leg isn’t looking so hot, but the kneecap is all better so we could put two light casts on that one as a trial for a few days, but at the first sign that the integrity of the pins is weakening we’ll be putting you back in a full leg cast.”

I nodded enthusiastically; I’d be able to bend my legs! I had previously perfected the upper body only happy dance and this was definitely a time to break it out. When I had been kitted out in my Velcro, nylon and metal rod leg wear I tentatively flexed my leg muscles, barely able to lift or bend my legs.

“Your physio, Lorena, will help with that. You’re not doing too much now are you? Remember to only do the exercises she gives you and only do them as many times as she recommends.”

“I remember Dr. Ludwig; I don’t want to set myself back any by being too ambitious.”

“Good girl. I’ll see you Monday Sookie.”

Jason helped me into the truck and the first thing I did was get him to go to Shreveport so I could buy a seat for my shower, once I had that I begged Tara to come over to help me in and out as soon as she could. For the first time in 3 months I was going to have a full shower!


Bliss. I never thought I’d ever take having a shower for granted but until tonight that’s exactly what I’d been doing my whole life. I thanked Tara profusely and swore to myself I’d order her a huge box of chocolates to show my appreciation. After my usual light meal (major cooking projects were still beyond me) I logged on to FaWN to find a flashing envelope next to my character info in the top left corner of the screen, remembering that the Viking vampire was supposed to send me a message. I immediately teleported to Metropicus to find a mailbox but the first message I saw was from Bill.

To: SouthernBelle
From: CivilWarrior
Hi Frannie, it’s a shame you had to log off when you did. I was hoping to get to know you better, I added you as a friend but you didn’t add me so you won’t know when I come online.

That was purposeful, douche.

I look forward to chatting with you again; maybe we can even do a mission together? Bill x

Oh you’ll be chatting with me Bill and the next time you actually see me I’ll have plenty to say! I deleted the message and added him as a friend to keep up appearances. I clicked on the next message

To: SouthernBelle
From: VikingGod69
Hey, the co-GM will be online to talk to you. Her toon is EvilMilkMaid, it’s nothing big, just to say ‘hi’ and invite you to Area Five officially. We have a guild website, there’s a forum there you can introduce yourself get to know everyone else in the guild. Just so you know, my name is Eric and I’m looking forward to playing with you – you’ll be an asset to the group!

I added EvilMilkMaid as a friend so I would see when she came online and went to pick up my next mission. This one was specifically for fairies; I had to use my advanced intuition to find out who stole money from the Inn-keeper, if I completed it on the first go I’d get another enchanted weapon for my off-hand, the dagger of many cuts.

[EvilMilkMaid has logged on.]

Oh cool. I wondered if I should say hi to her or wait for her to contact…

[EvilMilkMaid whispers: Hey, did you get the message from Eric?]
[SouthernBelle whispers: Yes. Hi! I’m so happy that he asked me to join the guild!]
[EvilMilkMaid whispers: Did you really do the bracelet mission solo with only offensive powers?]
[SouthernBelle whispers: Yes. It was hard but I did it. My Katana of wailing pain helped.]
[EvilMilkMaid whispers: That’s good enough for me.]
[SouthernBelle is now a member of guild: Area Five.]
[EvilMilkMaid whispers: Welcome to the guild n00b! I’m Pam, but you’ll get to know everyone through the guild website and forum.]
[SouthernBelle whispers: thanks!]

I was interested in this website that Area Five had, I rushed to the inn so I could do the mission and check it out. Finding the thief was easy when you took a step back and looked at it properly, I was happy with my expanded light shield and shiny new knife – the fact I was excited about getting a virtual dagger made me wonder how deeply this game would draw me in.

The guild website was very well made and easy to navigate round although you had to register before being able to see all of it. The introduction page explained that the guild had been started by a group of friends in Shreveport; I was pretty surprised that all of the people I’d ‘met’ through the game were local to me. The GM’s were Eric and Pam, twins who never grew out of liking the same things, entry to the guild was invitation only, it seemed pretty exclusive seeing as they didn’t want their member number to ever go over 10.

I went to the forum and noticed a few threads that weren’t to do with the game or guild business. There was an introduce yourself thread so I figured I’d read it to see what kind of thing everyone else wrote before I jumped in. It was basic stuff, a few members left their first name, town of residence, how you heard about FaWN, how long you’d been playing. I posted my details on the thread without revealing my first name or the exact town I lived in, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for things to be that personal yet. I noticed there was a chat room and decided to see if anyone was there, turned out most of the guild were in there.

SouthernBelle has joined chat.
VikingGod69: Hey SB welcome to the guild!
EvilMilkMaid: Hi SB, glad you found your way here!
RedTerror: Is this the fairy supern00b?
SouthernBelle: LOLZ. Tnx 4 the welcome guys. A lot of people in here!
ImTooSexy: A new Fairy? Thank fuck!
VikingGod69: We’re just planning for the group mission we’re doing tomorrow night, you ready for that yet?
Wiccanical: OOH! Hardly anyone picks fairy since those sparkly vamps got famous! We so need another healer on the team!
SouthernBelle: I’m not sure if I’m ready but I can heal and I got the expanded light shield earlier today…
Longtooth: Awesome sauce! Fairies can cover 4 toons with an expanded shield, we can go in as 10 and all be protected!
EvilMilkMaid: Great idea Alc!
ConjouralVisit: I take it SB is filling CW-Bill’s spot?
RedTerror: Yeah Ames, still can’t believe he broke guild CoC again after all those warnings.
SouthernBelle: CW-Bill? CivilWarrior?
VikingGod69: That’s the one – he challenged me to a duel cos I kicked him from A5 for ganking a n00b – again. We don’t do that kind of thing here.
BabeMagnet: Good fucking riddance!
ImTooSexy: He was a dick anyway, boasting about keeping his first fuck on a leash while he was doing any girl he could get his hands on!
SouthernBelle: Can he see this?
EvilMilkMaid: No, his account with the site was revoked and seeing as you’ve joined new members won’t be accepted unless we expand the guild. Why?
SouthernBelle: I was the first fuck.
VikingGod69: WTF?!!!!!!
EvilMilkMaid: WTF?!!
ConjouralVisit: Are you kidding?
Longtooth: Seriously?
ImTooSexy: Oh Shit!
Wiccanical: you poor thing!
BabeMagnet: Huh?
RedTerror: Oh snap!
BeerDude: Sookie?!!!

And that was how everyone in the guild found out my first name, how I found out that Sam had been playing FaWN since Blandiferous shut down and how completely disrespectful Bill had been for a majority of our relationship. Sam, bless his little cotton socks, had been too scared to say anything about Bill to me because he put two and two together a couple of weeks after my accident. He did say that if he found out Bill had called or come to see me he would have told me everything but seeing as Bill was keeping his head down he didn’t see the point in hurting me.

I clued the guild into my plan of posing as ‘Frannie’ and seeing if he would arrange to meet me so I could tell him that I knew everything face to face and they all agreed to support me. Pam suggested that I insist on meeting him in the bar that she owned with Eric – Ragnarock, he knew they owned it but probably wouldn’t expect them to be there. After the revelations on my true identity and the conspiracy to cut Bill down to size we got to the serious business (har-har) of planning the group mission for the next night.


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