Pizza, Date and the Future

The Guilded Cage – Chapter 3 – Pizza, Date & The Future

We walked out to the parking lot and Eric stopped next to a red corvette, as I was wondering how the hell I was going to get in and out, Sam pulled up and asked us if we needed help. Eric said there wasn’t a problem and waved him off, I blew him a kiss and thanked him for all the help he’d given me while Eric rooted around the passenger side for the lever to move the seat further back.

“Uh … that should be okay.” He put an arm around me and laid my crutches on the ground, turning me carefully and setting me down on the low seat before helping me swing my legs into the car and handing me my crutches to hold. “Is that okay? Are you comfortable?”

“It’s fine Eric, let’s get going I’m starved!”

He grinned and ran round to get behind the wheel and started the car. On the way to Bon Temps we chatted lightly, keeping it to funny stories about working in bars, what we were like in high school etc. We stopped in Ruston to pick up pizza and snacks, the smell of melted cheese tortured me all the way back to my home. Eric helped me out of the car before grabbing the food and waiting for an invite before he came inside.

“I know you’re toon is a vamp but you don’t need to stand on the doorstep!” I chided him but inside I was impressed with how polite it was. Like my Gran, I was a stickler for manners.

He smiled showing all of his teeth, it made me heart skip a beat to see him smile like that and know it was just for me. I made myself comfortable on the couch and it warmed me to see him do that same, we watched some lame chat show and laughed at it while we ate. When we were done Eric grabbed my legs and laid them across his lap, lightly stroking the skin over my newly healed shins.

“It took guts to even plan what you did today, let alone actually do it Sook.”

“I could say no but I know you’re right. I mean how many women have stories similar to mine and just wallow, letting it get them down and make them feel worse. I’ve got closure now; I really feel like I can put the whole mess behind me and move on.”

“Moving on is good, especially seeing as your legs are healing well and you’re making plans with Sam for the bar, you’ll have lots to keep you busy.”

“I’ll still have plenty of time to see you. I don’t think I’d have come out my shell as much if you hadn’t invited me to the guild and made me feel a part of something.”

“The guild has really come together, we never even talked about meeting up in person until you joined, it’s worked out better for me than anyone else.” He smiled and leaned over, grabbing my hand and kissing the knuckles.

“Before my accident, I had to work so hard and so long to pay my bills I never had time to make new friends, they say everything happens for a reason. Maybe that lift broke just so I could meet you.”

“Like fate?” He laughed and I shrugged.

He was still holding my hand near his mouth, I brushed my thumb over his lips and he closed his eyes. I wanted to kiss him, not just a chaste peck like we’d previously swapped but a deep soul touching kiss. Moving my hand to the back of his neck, I pulled him closer while using my weak muscles to shift my legs from his lap so he wasn’t bending them awkwardly. His eyes flickered open at the movement and he wrapped his arms around me, lifting me and setting me down on his lap sideways before brushing his lips against mine. It was all the invitation I needed.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and sucked lightly on his bottom lip, willing him to part them so I could feel his tongue against my own. When he did it was as if the floodgates hadn’t just been opened – they were destroyed, completely, I lost myself for a second in the wet warmth of his mouth before I reciprocated and our tentative probing became passionate, yet unhurried. Lord, Eric could kiss, I haven’t been kissed a lot but I knew a great kiss when I felt it! My body was humming a tune I wasn’t aware that it knew, I never felt like this with Bill – even if I’d spent the day thinking about Jensen Ackles to warm the fires if you know what I mean!

I wound my fingers into his hair and felt my skin prickle as one of his hands stroked down my side over my hip and squeezed my thigh gently. Our tongues danced together as if they had found the perfect partner in each other. My body twisted towards him, seeking more contact and he wrapped an arm around my waist, lifting me while helping me reposition my legs either side of him. My nipples pebbled as they brushed against his firm chest and made me moan into his mouth.

His hot open-mouthed kisses moved to my neck as he turned and laid us down on the couch, Eric was lying on top of me, my barely useful legs either side of his narrow hips. I could feel the rigid evidence of his enjoyment pressing against my mound; I moaned and gasped as he rocked against me, digging my finger nails into his shoulders. I could feel with every movement how large he was, it was almost intimidating, almost. One of my hands went back to his hair, tugging at his blonde locks and my other went to the buckle of his belt, pulling it closer to me as I circled my pelvis, desperate for friction. Eric groaned out my name as he nipped at my shoulder and smoothed a hand over my breast, rubbing his thumb over the hardened bud beneath my sundress.

“Ah … Eric!”

He continued to circle my nipple as he settled his mouth back onto mine; his hand moved away from my breast and firmly gripped my waist. I whimpered at the loss of contact and almost cried when he stopped kissing me and rested his forehead on mine, his ragged breaths felt hot against my face.

“Sookie, I didn’t … I don’t want you to think I brought you home so we could …”

“Shh … I don’t think that at all.”

“I don’t want to hurt you; I know you’re still healing. I really want this but you have to tell me if you want me to stop.”

“Don’t stop Eric.” I moved my hand from his belt buckle to caress his … oh wow! That’s not just an average dick … that’s a gracious plenty! “I’ve never wanted anything this much.”

Eric returned to kissing me with fervour, his hands were everywhere as if he couldn’t decide which part of me to feel. I yanked at his shirt, running my hands up and down the strong muscles of his back and chest; he broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head and tossed it across the room. Kneeling on the couch between my legs, Eric looked down at my splayed body, lifting one of my legs and planting small soft kisses from my ankle, past my calf, behind my knee and as far up the inside of my thigh as he could without changing position.

I moaned at the attention he was paying to my body as his eyes followed his hands as they stroked further up my thighs, bunching my dress around the top of my legs before going higher, past my waist and over my ribcage before resting on my breasts. I arched into his touch as much as I could and whispered his name. Suddenly his arms were wrapped around me again and I was sitting up, Eric was devouring my shoulder as he tugged at the zipper of my dress.

The top half of my dress joined the skirt bundled around my middle as he moved his mouth down to lick and suck my nipple through my lacy bra, I used what little strength I had in my legs to grind my centre against the erection straining in his jeans. Just as he was reaching for the hooks to remove the obstruction between him and my naked chest I heard my phone ring. Eric looked up at me; I had no fucking intention of answering that.

“If it’s really important they’ll phone back!”

He grinned at me and flicked open the catch, with a dramatic flourish my bra was gone and thrown across the room; sitting back he looked at my bare torso and licked his lips.

“Beautiful Sookie, every last bit of you.”

His mouth latched on and he suckled at the taut peak, eliciting an involuntary moan from somewhere deep in my throat. I pressed myself harder against him and hissed at the burning sensation that meant my legs wouldn’t hold out much longer.

“Eric I need to lay back … my legs.” He ran his teeth over the area he’d been ravishing “Fuck!”

I was spun round to lie on the couch, my legs dangling over the edge and my ass as far forward on the cushion as it could be without me falling off. Eric was kneeling on the floor between my thighs, wiggling my dress over my hips and pulling my panties off with it. He hooked my knees over his shoulders and took a long lick up my slit from bottom to top, stopping to circle my clit with his tongue.

My hands slapped against the cushion next to me and I nearly flew off the couch with the sensation, I thought my brain had exploded when I heard the squealing noise but realised it was tyres on the road outside. I tried to think about what could have caused the noise but I felt Eric slipping a finger into my folds and teasing my drenched opening, then pushing inside me.

“Oh!” That sounds like someone pounding at my door “Ugh!”

“Fuck! Sookie, you taste so good!”

He curled his finger inside me and my scalp prickled in anticipation. Eric sucked harder on my nub; it felt like every nerve ending in my body was being stimulated from that one tiny spot. Whether it was the excitement of a guy going down on me for the first time or that Eric was just that good, I was climbing higher, quicker than I ever had before. My entire body was quivering in pleasure, my breath coming out in short pants punctuated with moans and grunts. I started seeing spots then there was a loud bang and … boots in my hallway? What the fuck? My dress was thrown on top of me and I looked at Eric, he was standing holding the empty pizza box over his crotch.

“Sookie are you … oh my god! My eyes!” I turned towards the voice to find Jason with one hand over his eyes and the other pointing towards us. “Put some damn clothes on!”

“Jase, what the fuck!” I shimmied into my dress as best I could as Eric went to retrieve his shirt from the top of the TV. “Why are you here?”

“Well you didn’t call me to let me know you were okay after the whole Bill thing, so I tried calling you and you didn’t answer. I got worried that maybe you’d fallen, or got hurt, so I came round and heard noises from inside. I thought you were hurt!”

“Oh Lord! I’m sorry Jase, I forgot to call you and I feel real bad about that. I didn’t pick up your call because …”

“You were busy? Look.” He sat down on the couch next to me “I’ve been there myself, maybe I should have just tried to call a couple more times.”

“No, you did the right thing.” Eric stepped forward and offered his hand to Jason “It’s good that you worry about her. I’m Eric, Sookie’s … boyfriend?” He looked at me as if to say ‘help a brother out here’.

“That’s right! Eric’s my boyfriend!” I’ve got a boyfriend!

“Well I’d fucking hope so after I found him between your legs!” He leaned back and smirked. “So seeing as I’ve totally ruined the mood, how did things go with Bill?”

“Well Captain Cockblock, it went just fine. No hitches at all amazingly and he wasn’t as confrontational as I thought he would be.”

“Can I see it?”

I asked Eric to roll my chair over and booted up my PC. I logged into the A5 forum and clicked the link we’d put there. Jason watched with his mouth gaping like a codfish, smiling from time to time. His demeanour changed dramatically when my ‘scene’ came up. I’d told him that Bill had cheated on me while he was away but didn’t give too many details in case Jase decided to hunt him down. Not that Jason was an angel, he was a total man-whore, but he never left a girl with false impressions of what their relationship was.

I could see Jason was working up to a monologue; Eric was sitting on the couch watching us both like it was a special edition on the National Geographic channel. The video finished and Jason turned to me, then Eric but just as he opened his mouth his phone rang.

“Huh! What the hell does Terry want?” He answered the call and went out to the hallway to talk.

Terry and his wife Arlene had bought the farmhouse from us, we were more than happy to sell it to them, seeing as they were local. Arlene had worked with me in Merlotte’s and I’d watched her two kids sometimes before she and Terry fell in love and had the biggest wedding the town had ever seen. I rolled across the room and lifted myself out of my wheelchair back onto the couch next to Eric. I moulded myself into his side, a perfect fit, two pieces of a puzzle. Jason came back into the room with a weird smile on his face.

“You’re never gonna believe this Sook.”

“What’s up? It’s too late for them to report faults with the property.”

“Well you know how you said that Bill hadn’t been as confrontational as you thought?”


“Bud just arrested him. He showed up at the house thinking you still lived there and started throwing rocks at all the windows. Terry came out and put him right while Arlene filmed him from the doorway. Apparently he was screamin’ all kinds of nasty stuff about you and about all the nasty stuff he was gonna do to you when he found you.”

“What a crackpot! What’s Bud charging him with?”

“Destruction of private property, threatening behaviour, trespass and I think he’s gonna be seeing you to advise on a restraining order to boot.”

“Well I’d be happy to sign one, the less chance I have of seeing that fuckpig again the better.”

“He’s one unlucky asshole.” We both looked at Eric, wondering what he meant. “What are the chances that you show your bad side twice in one day and both times cameras are there to record it?”

The three of us laughed, Jason made his excuses and left, it was just me and Eric again but now we were back to the awkward ‘don’t really know what to say’ silence. I didn’t think there was any chance we could pick up where we left off before Jason interrupted us, I didn’t want to talk about Bill that’s for sure.

“So … uh … do you wanna go on a … date with me?”

Why did he sound so unsure? The last time we were alone he had his mouth on my most private, sensitive places, yet asking me out on a date makes him nervous?

“I’d love to go on a date with you Eric! I’m kinda free anytime so …”

“Great!” He grinned widely and his eyes sparkled, I sighed. “The bar is closed tomorrow night, I’ll pick you up at 6 and we’ll go for something to eat?”

“Sure. Should I dress up?”

“Yes! I’d love to see you all dressed up. Not that you aren’t gorgeous in a sundress, but …” I put a finger on his mouth

“I get it. I’d like to see you all dressed up too.”

He leaned down and placed the softest of kisses on my lips before telling me he should go, I looked at the clock and was surprised to see how late it was and Eric had to drive all the way back to Shreveport! I saw him to the door, between kisses, and watched from the window as he drove away.


Sunday morning I was rolling back and forth in my room, grabbing clothes from my wardrobe with one hand while the phone was clamped to my ear with the other.

“Tara! Tara! I need help!”

“Oh god Sookie! Are you okay? I’ll be right round!”

“What? I’m fine … I just need help with an outfit. I’ve got a date tonight.” I really should consider my words and actions more carefully, that’s twice in 24 hours that people have been ready to come to my rescue when I didn’t really need it.

“Oh thank the Lord! I thought you’d hurt yourself girl! Wait … you got a date? With that guy you met from that game?”

“His name is Eric and yes, I have a date with him. He’s picking me up at 6 and I need to dress up for it.”

“I don’t remember seeing much date-wear in your closet, you’ve lost some weight, I’ll bring over a couple of outfits and we’ll see if you can fit in my stuff.”

We said our goodbyes and I went to the kitchen for some breakfast, an hour later Tara showed up at the door with an arm full of garment bags.

“I thought you said a couple of outfits Tara!”

“Well, I wanted you to have more choice. Plus the more outfits you have to try on, the more I can hear about this Eric dude.”

Much of the day was spent in my underwear, not only did Tara bring outfits for me to try on but she also brought her professional waxing kit, heated rollers and possibly the biggest make-up case I’ve ever seen. I decided on red empire waisted dress with spaghetti straps and managed to find a pair of black sequin ballet slipper shoes at the bottom of my closet that would go quite well. Tara tried to suggest a pair of heels but I swung one of my crutches in her direction and she got the point.

After what could be considered by some as total over share about the night I’d had before, Tara’s reply was ‘hot damn girl!’ and ‘Oh no he didn’t!’ Finally at 5.30 she packed up all of her things and left me to wait. I was nervous, this was pretty much the first date I’d been on, Bill took me to the movies a couple of times but spent the whole feature trying to feel me up and afterwards it would be straight back to his or my house for his idea of a night of pleasure. If I could have paced across the living room I would have.

When I heard the light rapping at my front door my heart leapt into my throat and I had to shake myself before wheeling down the hall to answer it. When I opened the door I was speechless, he was magnificent. His suit was black with silver grey pin stripes and his crisp white shirt was open at the neck revealing a modest amount of his neck and chest. I wanted to lick him.

Once again he helped me into his flashy car and we made polite conversation as he drove towards Shreveport. When he pulled up outside a very fancy restaurant I all of a sudden felt very small-town and even more nervous but once we were inside and seated I only had eyes for Eric, watching every forkful of food slide between those talented lips. I was entranced for the entirety of the meal and had to ask Eric to repeat himself a few times.

“Are you okay Sookie? You seem … quiet.”

“I’m fine, more than fine! The food here is amazing; I’m just a little distracted.” He raised an eyebrow in my direction and then seemed to realise I was talking about him.

“I admit it’s a little … hard … for me to stay focussed when you look so good. What would you like to do after this?”

“Well we can rule out dancing.” I want to be dragged into your bedroom and shown just how good you can make me feel. “Movie?”

“Um … I was hoping you would like to come to my home to see a movie, more comfortable for you than a theatre.”

“It certainly would be.” I don’t plan on actually watching anything except my clothes being removed from my body by you. “That sounds like a great idea!”

Eric asked for the bill and we got out of there as quick as my crutches would take us. We’d only been driving for 20 minutes when Eric pulled into the driveway of a simple two-storey home. He helped me out of the car and up the few steps of his front porch. One of the things that made me feel more for Eric was the way he seemed to know when I would need help and when I wouldn’t and he didn’t mind helping me, a lot of guys would have written me off as a date because of my injuries but he didn’t. He led me through to a very masculine living room and took my crutches from me when I’d sat down.

“Would you like a drink? I bought some gin this morning for you, I remembered you saying last week that you were off your pain meds so …”

“That would be great Eric, but just the one; I haven’t drunk anything for months so lord knows what effect it’ll have on me!”

“I’ll make it weak, just in case.”

Aww, so many other guys would make it as strong as possible for maximum ‘cop a feel’ potential, although I’m pretty sure Eric knew he was onto a sure thing after last night. He handed me my drink and sat down next to me with a beer, tapping his fingers against the bottle as if trying to work how to say something.

“Sook, I want to apologise for last night. I was actually relieved when Jason came in, I don’t want it to be like that with you.” What the fuck?

“How do you want it to be with me?”

“I don’t want it to be rounding bases on a couch.” Okay I’m listening. “You’re better … you deserve more than that but I’m not sure what to do next.” Take me to your bed and round bases there?

“What aren’t you sure of?”

“I’ve never met a girl online, it’s usually in a bar or club where you talk face to face and then … well I think you can work that out. With you it’s different, because I know more about you than I ever did about those other girls and I … feel more for you, even though I’d never even touched you or knew what you looked like.”

“I know what you mean; it’s a little … odd.”

“Yes and I want to … touch you … a lot … all over but it seems rushed even though we know each other so well.”

“Yeah. Okay why don’t we look at things from a different angle?”

“Different angle?”

“Yeah, all those missions we did together where we talked about our families and what we liked and didn’t like, that was about 3 dates worth right there.”

“Probably more. So what you’re getting at is that this is probably our 4th or 5th date? In ‘getting to know you’ terms?”

“Exactly, so in face to face world we should be having smurf sex by this point. Does that change your opinion on things?”

“Yeah … wait, smurf sex?”

“Y’know, when you do it ‘til you’re blue in the face.”

“I love the way you think!”

He took the glass from my hand and set in on the coffee table next to his beer then cupped my face in his hands, stroking his thumbs across my cheekbones and looking directly into my eyes. Eric had beautiful eyes, the clearest blue I’d ever seen, framed by thick dark blonde lashes, I think I may have sighed while we were gazing into each other but before I could work out whether I had or not his mouth met mine. When he flicked his tongue over my lips, I parted them and this time I really did sigh. We kissed for the most deliciously long time until I was disturbed by a sharp pain in my side.


“Sookie? Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“No, it’s … I’m kinda twisted round a funny way and I got cramp in my hip.”

“Well let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”

I was about to say ‘hell yes!’ but before the words could come out I was scooped up bridal style and carried upstairs into a large bedroom. The only thing I noticed at the time was the bed, when Eric set me on top of the soft sheets, I noticed how big it was but then Eric is a big guy so it would be dumb of him to buy a small bed. I kicked off my shoes and watched as he stood by the bed removing his suit jacket and shirt. When that white cotton was peeled back I was in awe, last night his chest had felt great against my hands but I didn’t really take the time to look at him, he was possibly the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

I scooted back to rest my head on the pillows and had to bite the inside of my mouth as Eric came crawling up the bed towards me. I threaded my fingers through his hair and brought his mouth to mine as he knelt between my thighs, one hand either side of my shoulders on the bed. He wrapped his arms around my back and lay on top of me before rolling us over; I rested my weight on my elbows as Eric tugged at the zipper on my dress.

“Oh there’s a hook too.” I raised myself a little and reached around to undo the hook when I heard a hiss from Eric.

“Sookie, you’re leaning on my hair!”

“Shit sorry!”

I frantically looked for somewhere to put my arms while Eric pushed my dress off my shoulders, deciding that having me under him was probably safer and less painful, we rolled over again and I shimmied out of my dress, pushing it off the bed with my foot. Eric leaned back on his heels and ran his hands up the entire length of my body until he once again reached my face. I stared as he kissed his way from the waistband of my panties to my neck, licking and sucking just below my ear then blowing a warm breath over the area.

I gasped as goosebumps covered every inch of my body and stroked down Eric’s body, resting my hands on what was probably the best ass in the world. His kissing and nipping moved south to the swell of my breasts and I felt his hand rooting around for the fastening at the back, I brought my arm in between us and flicked the catch at the front before he started getting frustrated at not finding it. My bra fell open and his mouth and hands descended upon the rosy buds that had been uncovered, I ran my fingers through his hair and leaned my head back, I had no idea breast play could be so fucking amazing. He swapped which nipple he was sucking on and moved his hand to stroke my hip and thigh, I loved how he was taking his time and hated it in the same moment, I wanted to feel his touch somewhere more intimate, I was throbbing, whimpering, desperate.

“Ugh! Eric! I need you to touch me!” He smiled against my damp skin

“I am touching you.” I huffed and moved his hand, placing it right on my mound, undulating my hips just to feel the pressure against my centre. “Mmmmm … I love a girl who knows what she wants.”

His fingers slipped inside the elastic of my panties and I shuddered when he ran them up and down my slit, I could tell how wet I was for him, how easily his digits moved against me. I wanted to touch him, feel if he was as excited as I was, moving my hand to search out his manhood I found it was hard as rock. Eric groaned as I palmed his erection and brought his mouth back up to mine, I had to use both hands to remove his belt and unfasten his pants, trying not to get distracted by him lightly stroking my clit.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them over his arousal and pushed them down as far as I could, Eric moved away from me, off the bed, taking my panties with him and kicking his pants and underwear off to the side. One of his hands went back to pinching and pulling at my nipples, and he covered my abdomen with soft kisses, I wondered what his other hand was doing but a sock landed on the bed next to me before I heard him rooting around in the nightstand. I watched him place the little foil square next to the pillow and he muttered an apology and threw the sock somewhere.

As soon as he was close enough I wrapped my hand around his shaft at the same time as he plunged a finger inside me and nuzzled his face into my neck, we both groaned and I started moving my hand up and down in the same rhythm he was moving in and out of me. His thumb found my pearl and pressed against it as he added another finger and curled them inside me, it felt like I’d had a static shock and I yelped in pleasure, jerking my hand that was gripping his gracious plenty eliciting a deep groan from Eric.

He kissed his way down my body, looking me in the eyes the whole time, his lips brushed against my bundle of nerves and he flicked out his tongue, teasing me before he tasted me in one agonisingly long lick. Two fingers slid back inside me easily as he sucked and licked until my hips were struggling to remain on the mattress, he curled them and hit my sweet spot once, twice and the third time was the charm as I felt my muscles contract around him and my orgasm wash over me, every one of my senses was pushed aside as I writhed in ecstasy moaning and chanting his name.

Eric slowed his movements as I came out of my haze, watching me return to earth. I grabbed the packet and tore it open, he rocked back on his heels as I leaned forward as far as I could to roll the condom over his length. He inhaled sharply at my touch and pressed his mouth against mine so firmly I was on my back again, I placed him at my entrance and he pushed forwards slowly, letting my walls adjust to his girth. He kept pulling out a little, then pushing back in deeper until he was fully sheathed inside me.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting a little, it had been a long time since I’d had the real thing and Eric was larger than my vibrator and most certainly larger than Bill. I waited for him to move for what seemed like an age, I noticed his arms shaking slightly and asked if he was okay.

“I’m … good.” He pulled out and thrust deeply, making me dig my nails into his shoulders and groan loudly, his own vocalisations almost matched mine in volume. “It’s just … you’re really tight and it’s been a while since …”

I silenced him with a kiss and he started moving his hips slowly at first, his lips left mine and he rested his forehead against my own, panting through gritted teeth he went faster bringing his hand down to circle my clit with his thumb. I bucked against him and grabbed at his backside as I felt another climax build deep inside. His pants turned to grunts and my moans turned to throaty groans, I screwed my eyes shut in anticipation.

“No Sookie, look at me. I need to see you.”

I opened my eyes again to see his blue orbs full of desire staring right back at me, his brows furrowed in exertion, Eric pressed more firmly on my nub and his intense gaze was the only thing that stopped me from throwing my head back in rapture.

“Sook … close … can’t … ugh!”

His thrusting became hard and erratic, I used the remaining strength in my legs to tilt my pelvis so he could go deeper, the next buck of his hips hit that elusive bump inside, propelling me into the most powerful spasms of pleasure I’ve ever experienced. I let out a carnal roar a second after Eric shook and let out his own exquisite groan of satisfaction before rolling to the side and gathering me in his arms, both of us gasping for breath and dewy with sweat.

“That was fuckawesome!” I panted. Eric looked at me and started laughing

“Yes it was!” he grew serious and traced my eyebrows and cheeks with the tips of his fingers. “I’ll last longer next time.”

“Eric! This has been amazing! How can you feel bad about that performance really? I know I’m very, extremely, absolutely happy!”

“Oh I’m happy, very, you’re amazing. In fact you’re so amazing and being inside you felt so fucking good it was a disappointment to come. I could stay in there forever!”

He rolled me onto my back again and gave me a heated kiss before going to dispose of the condom. I felt good, I felt fucking fabulous, I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be.


*Six Months later*

I closed down the computer in me and Sam’s office and went out to join the others in the bar. Like every other Sunday, we were packed and every customer had a laptop with them to plug into our network and play. FaWN night had been Eric’s idea and it was easy to advertise as well as being a lot of fun. Overheads weren’t an issue as the cabling and network points had been part of the refurb and the broadband was paid for monthly no matter how many people used it.

The only problems we had were that the locals didn’t come in so much on Sundays and sometimes the lag caused by straining the network made playing harder but the FaWN players spent more on drinks than the locals would and if the connection made it difficult they just drank more! I got to have a night off from the community bus as the FaWN player’s car pooled with designated drivers; it was pretty much a perfect set up for the good of Merlotte’s. It had even gotten some of the other townsfolk playing the game – including my brother!

We figured there was no point in coming up with a new name for the bar, whatever we came up with everyone would just call it Merlotte’s anyway. I walked – yes walked! Not rolled, hopped or hobbled! Back out to the bar area but before I could get there I was swept up and spun round by two strong arms covered in dark blonde fuzz.

“Eric! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry lover.” He said it but he didn’t mean it, his laughter told me so.

I settled at the table with him and looked around at everyone. The Area 5 guildies waved and I was also greeted by all our other regulars. Since the great humiliation I’d become somewhat of a star in the FaWN world and CivilWarrior’s status as missing was rumoured to be due to my actions. It wasn’t, Bill couldn’t play in jail, but it didn’t seem right to tell everyone about his behaviour at the old farmhouse.

Eric squeezed my hand as we logged on. I was amazed that we were still so affectionate and in love after al the time we’d been together. We saw each other every day at some point and slept over at each other’s homes as often as we could, we practically lived together. I had another 5 months on the lease of my apartment but I was nervous about talking to Eric about perhaps renting a place together between Bon Temps and Shreveport.

All the characters taking part in tonight’s raid had been PM’d to meet in the Metropicus plaza before moving out to the pyramid of Giza for the action. I sipped my drink as SouthernBelle rode her Palomino to the city for the meeting, when I got to the plaza there had to be around 50 toons crowded round. Even if people weren’t in Merlotte’s they still liked to take part. Eric’s vampire was standing on top of the fountain in the middle of the plaza.

[VikingGod69 says: Is everyone here?]
[OrleansQueen says: royal rebels all present and correct.]
[LuvMahCape says: Vegas crew’s all here.]
[VikingGod69 says: All right let’s go!]
[RedTerror says: Fuck yeah! Let’s kick ass ppl!]

The raid was a bust. Lag was a huge problem and most of the people in the bar spent the time drinking and trading PvP tales. When everyone managed to drag their toons to the exit of the pyramid, damages were astronomical, and many players had chosen to resurrect at the nearest graveyard and just meet up outside the raid location.

[LuvMahCape says: man that sucked ass. Try again next week?]
[OrleansQueen says: nah we’re teaming with a bigger guild to do it Tuesday.]
[EvilMilkMaid says: Could we ask GeekVamp’s guild? Dallas Nerdboys?]
[VikingGod69 says: good idea. There’s still a chance this night can end on a good note.]

I peeked over my laptop screen to look at Eric but he ducked his head down and typed furiously. I looked around the bar but they seemed as clueless as me. I shrugged and went back to the scene in front of me.

[VikingGod69 shouts: Sookie will you marry me?]

Jaw meet floor. I looked over my lappy at Eric but he was at the side of my chair on bended knee holding a simple but beautiful diamond solitaire and sporting a nervous smile and a sweaty brow.

“Uh … so will you?”

I jumped out of my chair and knocked him to the floor, covering his face in kisses.

“Yes! Yes Eric Northman I will marry you!”

The bar erupted in cheers and whoops as Eric slid the ring onto my finger and held me tight as he smothered my mouth with his. There were some catcalls and a few people cleared their throats but it was Jason who broke us out of our embrace.

“Dude, congratulations an’ all but that’s my sister! I don’t need to see that shit!”

“Hey” I turned to Pam. “The players not in the bar are still in the dark about whether you answered him.”

[SouthernBelle shouts: OMFG! YES! ILYSFM!!!!]



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