Alternate Universe SVM/TB

An Unlikely Advisor
Set between Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead. Lorena has no power over Bill, a little TB touch, and so won’t be calling him to her. I just wondered what might have happened if their relationship had been left to run its course.

Be My Downfall
An ‘I Write the Songs’ contest entry. Set immediately after book 4. Eric is tormented by thoughts of Sookie and although he may regret taking action, he would regret not taking action even more.

First Runner Up
Sam ruminates about his place in Sookie’s life and is interrupted by some good news, Sam POV

Forced Enlightenment
Jason’s treatment of Sookie hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other men in her life, they decide to stage an intervention of sorts. Jason’s POV.

If the Shoe Fits
Sookie decides she’s had enough of being nice and it resulting in being taken advantage of, she asks Amelia to use her magic mojo to help.

Miss Supernatural
Can Sookie pull off the role of a beauty queen to find out who is threatening Felipe De Castro’s attempt to unite the supernatural races with a beauty contest? Finalist in the Dead Pan contest on

Portal of Panties
They melt, they get wet, they get ripped but more often than not, when Eric is around, they go *poof*. Just where do those poofed panties go? Sookie finds out…

The Cleansing
Kicks off where S3 ended and explores what might happen to Sookie in the Fae realm and how it affects the vampires she left back in Louisiana. The ‘renfield’ theory was shamelessly used from a discussion on the Sookieverseblog forum.

The Strength Found Within
Prompt: What if Sookie had more help with her telepathy as a child? Summary: Thanks to Fintan’s intervention Sookie grows up with a gift rather than a disability. Spoilers: Spoilers up to and including book 8 ‘From Dead to Worse’. Disclaimer: All characters belong to C. Harris Rating: MA/18+

Ring of Roses
Summary: Post S2 True Blood. Anyone else notice Sookie’s attitude change when she put Bill’s ring on? Here’s my take on what might happen in S3. Multiple POV’s. SVM/TB Disclaimer: All characters owned by C. Harris/A. Ball. Spoilers: No show spoilers if you’ve watched S2, book spoilers to ‘Definitely Dead’ Rating: M/16+


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