First Runner Up

Prompt: weekly One-Shot Challenge, Theme – If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen
Spoilers: Set after book 9 ‘Dead and Gone’
Summary: Sam rheuminates about his place in Sookie’s life and is interrupted by some good news, Sam POV
Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris owns all characters (Except Gloria Duvall)
Rating: T/13+

First Runner Up

The nice guy. A shoulder to cry on. A trusted friend. Mister Dependable. Please, go ahead, pick any name you like to gloss over the fact that I own a bar full of women and never get laid. Not that I want to be intimate with all the women I work with, just one, but it’ll never happen and damned if I just can’t get my head around that.

My Name is Sam Merlotte, I own Merlotte’s Bar & Grille in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Before Bill Compton strolled into my bar, I had it all planned out. I did, honestly. It was just taking a while for me to get the courage to ask Sookie out. Then Bill comes in, feeding her his blood and taking her to exciting vampire bars but when I step up my game all I get is hassle about not showing an interest until another male (I refuse to call him a man – I might turn into a collie every full moon but at least I’ve got a heartbeat!) makes a play for her.

I wonder why I bother. I try to put her out of my head, I work hard and that helps. I’m a part of a community and we support each other in hard times and that helps. I play the lotto and hope I’ll win big enough that I can refurbish this place and maybe build a small home out back rather than live in a trailer and those dreams help too. Drying glasses at the bar and watching Jane Bodehouse slobber into her Wild Turkey does not help. Seeing how miserable Jane is reminds me of how Sookie was the last time I saw her. Those damn fairies had done so much damage. Sookie is broken.

It pains me to admit that Eric Northman seems to do right by her, I trust him to protect her and from what I’ve seen of their relationship since the Fae war, I trust him to take care of her heart too. They might not say it to each other but you can see it in the way they look at each other, they love each other. If I’m honest, I saw it back when Eric was cursed, as far back as that I knew my chance with Sookie was gone. However, being the masochistic fuck that I am, I still pine for her.

My depressing inner-monologue is interrupted by Holly bitching about the way Portia Bellefleur talks to her. She’s got a point; Portia never has had any respect for those in the service industry.

“Uh-huh Holly, she’s a bitch alright”

“Sam? You seem … uh … distant. Is everything okay?”

“Just spendin’ too much time on my own in this place Hol, I’m thinkin’ about going closin’ early this Sunday and goin’ out. Maybe try and meet a girl.”

“Well good for you Sam! Any girl would be lucky to have a man like you!”

I smile, ever since the two-natured came out I’ve been surprised at the amount of people who have accepted us. Me in particular. Accepting, yes. Wanting to jump my bones, no. So I wasn’t going to find a partner locally and I didn’t want to go to a shifter bar. Unfortunately, the shifters have their own version of fangbangers; let’s just say the popularity of bestiality is at an all time high. I don’t think I’d ever share my shifter status with any woman I wasn’t intending to be in a long relationship with, but lots of were’s were hip deep in girls wanting it doggy style – literally.

I surveyed my little slice of the world with pride, yeah it was a little run down and we could use better kitchen equipment, but it was mine and I worked almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep it that way. Hmph! Time to call Jane’s son, when she misses her mouth three times in a row I know it’s time to call him. I could just toss her out front or call a cab, but I don’t like to think of her not having someone she knows to take her home. There I am the nice guy!

I finish my call and notice a very beautiful lady walk in, she must be lost, she’s dressed way too nice to be in here. Holly has stopped her and is pointing towards me, as this goddess walks towards me I smell the air – shifter and a true one at that! So that’s why she’s here. I’d had a few true shifters check me out since we went public, there aren’t a lot of us and we’re too spread out to organise a pack or anything but we keep in touch through forums and chat rooms.

“Sam Merlotte?” she extends a shapely, well manicured hand “My name is Gloria Duvall”

“How do you do Ms. Duvall and what can I help you with?”

“Actually, I can help you. I understand you play Lotto online.”

“Uh… yeah. Actually I haven’t checked my e-mails on that account for a while is there a problem? Has my account been hacked?”

“No, the account hasn’t been hacked” she had a slight giggle to her voice that made my jeans a little uncomfortable “we would usually wait for you to contact us but … umm … is there somewhere more private we can speak?”

“Sure, let’s just go back to my office, follow me.”

Curiouser and curiouser. I hold open the door of my untidy office and clear a pile of clean uniforms off a chair for her to sit down. I’m mesmerised, Supes aren’t known for being ugly but this lady got the good looking gene in spades.

“Mr. Merlotte…”

“Oh! Call me Sam, please!”

“Okay, Sam” was that a little blush I saw on her pretty cheeks? “Basically you’ve won the lotto.”

“Cool, how much? A couple of thousand?”

“$1.8 million”

“Excuse me? That’s … a lot … are you sure it’s all mine?”

“Oh it’s all yours. But first I’d like you to confirm these details we have here from your account and I’ll also need a few forms of I.D to make sure you’re you.”

Wow. This is major. We spend the next two hours looking over my details and checking to see that I really am who I am, I may have spent much of it flirting but in all fairness there was definitely reciprocation on Ms. Duvall’s end, she’s got dimples. I’ve got drool.

“Well, Sam, I’ve got your cheque here there’s just one more condition to you being rich beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Sure what would that be? I don’t have to walk a tightrope over a pit of cobra’s or anything?”

“No” Mmmm … there’s that giggle again “You have to come on a date with me, tomorrow night” she hands me a card “pick me up at this address at 8pm, wear a suit.”

She winked and brushed her lips against my cheek and while I was trying to make sense of what just happened she left my bar. I picked up the phone and with shaking hands I dialled a familiar number

“Hey Sookie. How are ya? Good, good. The most amazing thing just happened to me…”


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