Forced Enlightenment

Prompt: weekly One-Shot Challenge, theme – Life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid
Spoilers: Set after Book 9 ‘Dead and Gone’
Summary: Jason’s treatment of Sookie hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other men in her life, they decide to stage an intervention of sorts. Jason’s POV.
Disclaimer: All characters owned by C Harris
Rating: M/16+

Forced Enlightenment

I woke up feeling like pond scum on a summer’s day. I hadn’t been drinking that I could remember; in fact the last thing I did remember was getting out of my truck and feeling a sharp pinch in my neck. I opened my eyes and saw blurred figures. Blinking I tried to bring up my hands so I could rub my eyes but they weren’t following orders. The realisation dawned that I was tied to s chair and the blurred figures were Sam, Calvin, Hoyt and that big blonde vamp that spent some time at Sookie’s place a while back. What was his name again? Ernie, nah that wasn’t it. It was somethin’ warrior like, maybe Conan? I’m sure it began with an E.

“Jason” Calvin was used to giving me commands as my packmaster, I was only a bitten were-panther, but he’d made me welcome and I enjoyed the new life I had, despite the fact it was forced on me “I think you know everyone here. Sam, Hoyt, Eric and me”

Eric! That was it!

“Well, we feel you’ve been less than brotherly towards Sookie lately. We decided to take action, make you see what you’re missing by being… well an asshole basically.”

“Gee thanks Calvin, I like that you’re up front all the time but I’m kinda in shock from the whole bein’ tied up shit. Did one o’ you fuckers drug me?”

Eric stepped forward and bent down resting his hands on his knees and staring me in the eyes.

“That would have been me. I gave you a mild sedative to ensure you would not be avoiding talking to us” I could never work out where his accent was from. I nodded to him, to be honest if a six foot plus vamp wants to subdue me without me losin’ blood I’m all for it.

“Well, you got me here now” I looked around and found I was in the back office at Merlotte’s bar “There’s four o’ you against one o’ me so I don’t think I’ll be tryin’ to go anywhere. Is this one o’ those interval things?”

“Intervention Jason” Hoyt shook his head smiling; he was a good guy “it’s called an intervention. I’m gonna be honest Jase, I love you like a brother but seein’ the way you treat Sookie, I’d never want to be related to you. She’s a sweet girl and you only ever talk to her or act nice to her when you want somethin’ and it’s a damn shame!”

“What? I know we don’t keep in touch as much since Gran died but…”

“Jason, who do you blame for your Grans death?” Sam was starin’ with narrowed eyes “You blame Sookie don’t you?” I nodded, it wasn’t fair to blame her, I knew that but a part of me couldn’t help it “You blame Sookie for a lot of things but it wasn’t her choice to get mixed up with the supernatural world”

“Well she chose to date vampire Bill” Eric hissed, I tried to keep my shorts as clean as possible.

“She chose to date him but his appearance in her life was no accident. He was sent here because of her talents. Hadley told… Bill’s boss, who was my boss too, about Sookie’s telepathy and she wanted to use Sookie. So she sent Bill to seduce her”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Yes, his maker was a bitch but Sookie staked her so we don’t need to worry about that. The bottom line is that she was dragged into our world; it wasn’t a conscious decision on her part. She’s been through so much and helped so many but you just don’t see her worth.”

Calvin untied my hands and went on to explain how special Sookie was and how he had gone and asked her to consider marryin’ him on account of her special gift and how sweet she was. I never knew that, but I could see why Calvin would want her but I’m glad Sookie said ‘no’. Hotshot ain’t the place for her; she got so upset about breakin’ Calvin’s hand when Crystal and I got divorced.

Hoyt told me about all the shifts she swaps with Holly so they can spend time together and that Sookie don’t ask for anythin’ in return because that’s just the type o’ girl she is – she’s a giver, not a taker and I’m the opposite, I just take from Sookie all the damn time and never give her anythin’ back but heartache. He was right but Sookie never complained, so I figured she didn’t mind.

Sam got mighty fired up about how I wasn’t good enough to be her brother and while I was whorin’ it up she was out findin’ clues about who was killin’ women in Bon Temps. She helped find the evidence to clear Andy Bellfleur of Lafayette’s murder. She went to Jackson and saved vampire Bill from torture, staking his maker. She helped defeat the witches that cursed Eric and killed a member of the Longtooth Pack. She found out who was shooting all the were’s around the area. She tried to save the Vampire Queen of Louisiana when her Vampire husband wanted to kill her and take over the state. She saved hundreds of humans and vampires when a hotel was bombed. She prevented the Longtooth Pack from destroyin’ each other and had a group of vampires finish a hostile takeover on her lawn and as if that wasn’t enough she got kidnapped, tortured and God knows what else done to her by those fairies just because of who her Great-grandfather was.

They were right. She had done all of those things and I still treated her like an ATM that could cook Sunday brunch. I knew she had done a lot of stuff helpin’ people, but when you hear it all at the one time you realise the magnitude of what she’s done for the Supe world. They were offerin’ her official protection and special status and I didn’t even take the time to ask how her day was.

I looked at Eric with tears in my eyes, I don’t think I even wanted to know what he would say to me but I was gonna find out anyway

“Jason” his voice was so cold, detached “Sookie done all that on her own, but now she’s damaged, she needs your support. Since the Fae went back to their realm, you are the only family she knows of nearby. Life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid. Grow a brain and help your sister become whole again; it will make both your lives easier.”

I nodded, bawlin’ my eyes out like the pussy I am. I was patted on the shoulders a few times and Hoyt helped me get back home. I invited him in for a few beers but he could only stay for one, he wanted to get back to Holly and Cody.

“So what are you gonna do Jase?”

“I’ll go see her tomorrow. Say sorry for bein’ fucked up and selfish and hope she forgives me.”

“After all” Hoyt flutters his eyelashes and put on some cheesy southern belle accent “Tomorrow is another day!”

“Wrong Hoyt. Tomorrow is a new beginning, a new Jason Stackhouse. I’m just sorry it took being drugged, kidnapped and verbally whaled on by four big guys to see what was in front of me all along.”


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