If the Shoe Fits

Prompt: Fanfiction.net weekly O/S Challenge, theme – Avoid clichés such as “fashion faux pas.” Instead, say “ugly as hell.”
Set after book 5 ‘Definitely Dead’
Summary: Sookie decides she’s had enough of being nice and it resulting in being taken advantage of, she asks Amelia to use her magic mojo to help.
Disclaimer: All characters owned by C Harris

Rating: M/16+

If The Shoe Fits

Amelia had settled down nicely in Bon Temps, and it was great not being alone in that big farmhouse. Having someone to come home to made coming home all the sweeter, of course it was sweetest when I was coming home to a 6 ft 5 amnesiac Viking vampire but I shouldn’t think about that stuff right now – it just upsets me.

I walked in the back door into my new kitchen, stupid Charles Twining! If he hadn’t set fire to the old one everything would be better. My old kitchen was steeped in memories of Grans Pie, gossipy phone calls, family dinners and vampire sex. Of course it was also tainted with memories of dead Gran, dead Tina (My cat) and dead Debbie Pelt, but the good stuff outweighed the bad by tons. Something smelled good and as I walked through the ground floor I noticed how clean and tidy everything was. One great thing about Amelia was we had so much in common, we both liked to cook and we both couldn’t stand a mess, well maybe Ames was a little more OCD about mess than I was but I was not going to complain, no siree.

“Honey, I’m home!” I called out as I dropped my keys in the dish next to the door and hung my light jacket up.

“Hey Sooks” Amelia came downstairs and gave me a quick hug “I’ve had a busy day! How was Merlotte’s?”

I shrugged “Full of people who drip poison from their minds and honey from their lips – the usual!”

“Wow Sooks” she clapped me on the shoulder “telling it like it is for once huh?”

“I have no idea what you mean”

“Well you’re usually so diplomatic about stuff.” I raised my eyebrows hoping she’d elaborate “Like out loud you’ll say that Jason has commitment issues but inside I know you mean he’s a big man whore”

I wrinkled my brow; Amelia was pretty observant and studied body language closely. Was I really like that? Saying something clichéd rather than the honest truth? I asked her and she nodded vehemently

“Oh Yeah Sooks, you do it all the time!” she was smiling like this was a good thing “it’s not your fault, I guess you’ve just spent so much time with people bein’ nice when they’re thinkin’ nasty stuff. You can’t help that you would want to be gentler with your own criticism of people. You want people to know what you think but can’t bring yourself to be brutal about it.”

She was right. I couldn’t lie to people about what I thought of them but I had a habit of holding back and being nicer than I should be. Which invariably led people to think I was such a nice person I’d put myself out to do them favours for nothing in return – oh wait! I did put myself out to do favours for other people all the time without asking for anything in return, mostly leading to me being staked, beaten, almost raped, drained, actually raped or being made to feel like a complete freak! Maybe if I was more brutal about my thoughts and opinions that wouldn’t happen so often.

“Y’know Amelia, you’ve given me an idea! From now on I’m going to throw diplomacy out of the window and say exactly what’s on my mind!”

Amelia looked a little scared “I was just sayin’ Sooks; you don’t have to change your life. The sorts you hang around with might not like your new … uh … outlook.”

“Pfft! You just woke me up is all. It’s been at the back of my mind I guess but I didn’t want to admit it.”

I went to my room and changed into some sweatpants and a T-shirt for comfort, then went to sit down for dinner. During our meal I had another idea.

“Amelia, is there a spell of potion you could hit me with to get me in the swing of this new ‘brutal honesty’ kick I’m embarking on?”

“Hmm … should be, I’ll check but don’t you want to y’know… do this on your own?”

“NO! I mean, I’ll chicken out, I know I will and I’ll be stuck as a doormat my whole life!” I shook my head “I need to do this Ames. My life sucks more than anyone thinks.” I looked down at my empty plate and sniffed back the tears.

“What? Sookie your life is fine! You’ve got a great gift, you’ve got a nice house, you’ve got a great boyfriend and you’ll never be bored hanging with vamps, hell you’ve got one next door!”

“My gift has brought me into a world I don’t want to really be in. My house costs me more than I earn with my regular shifts and I have to work every available hour to make ends meet. My boyfriend has never taken me on a nice date without us being attacked and calls me in-between jobs; I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks. My vamp neighbour seduced me as a mission and now brings his skank girlfriend into my workplace every night so she can think nasty shit at me! What do I do? Nothing! I smile and say everything’s fine but things are not fine Amelia.”

“Good point, you wash up while I check my books.”

I cleaned all the dishes and put them away, then settled in front of the TV. There was some big event on and the stars were strutting up the red carpet, the commentator was talking about some actresses outfit, calling it a fashion faux pas. I snorted; it was ugly as hell, that’s what it was! I think I could get used to this new attitude, it was freeing, but I knew I wouldn’t be as uninhibited outside my living room. Just as I thought that Amelia came back downstairs with a bowl and a candle and instructed me to kneel opposite the coffee table from her. She placed the candle between us and lit it

“Okay, last chance Sookie. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure” the spell was explained to me, some Latin would get spouted then Amelia would blow some dust in my face and I had to blow the candle out. I nodded and smiled, this was kind of fun!

Amelia grabbed a handful of whatever was in her bowl then muttered “verum mos sicco insquequo totus verum es ostendo sum” and puffed a cloud of bluish dust into my face. I coughed a little then remembered I had to blow out the candle and quickly extinguished it, hoping I hadn’t messed up the spell with my hesitation.

“So when should it start to work and how long does it last for?”

“It should work right away and will wear off when you’ve said everything you need to say.”

“Is there any way to… y’know… test it?”

“Sure, do you like working at Merlotte’s?”

“Not really, I only stay there because I would feel guilty for leaving Sam” I clapped my hand over my mouth. I’d never said that out loud before, to anyone, but I felt better after saying it “I’m going to have to be careful about which questions I answer aren’t I?”

“Oh yeah, but this is gonna be hella fun girl! I dare ya to call Quinn!”

“NO! I’m not calling anyone, not until I’m a little more in control of this.”

“Well I need to go to the Grabbit Kwik for some tampons; you better hope the phone doesn’t ring!” I glared at her, that was basically telling fate to have everyone I have an opinion on to call in the 20 minutes she’ll be out of the house! Fortunately, fate wasn’t listening.

When she came back we practised a little, with her asking me awkward questions and me resisting answering them. It worked quite well, the first few times I blurted out the answers but when I got the hang of it I mastered a constipated smile in preference to yelling “Andy Bellefleur is as useful as a chocolate coffee pot.” I’ll reserve proper judgement until tomorrow; I was on the dinner shift and had the whole day ahead of me as well as the evening at Merlotte’s.


I woke late the next day, well late for me when I’m not hanging out with vampires, 10am felt like most of the day was gone considering I started work at 2pm. I showered, had breakfast then went to swap my books over at the library. I was taking back two mysteries and three romances, I decided that the romances were probably a bad idea given my current confusion over my relationship with Quinn and picked out a book about modern feminism instead. Some empowerment would help me right? Mrs. Beck smiled at me when I took my books to the counter

“No romances this time Sookie?”

“They give me false hope of what a relationship should be like” my eyes opened wider when I said it but she just laughed

“They do that! The men in those books don’t exist!”

I smiled back at her but I knew one man like that did exist, except he wasn’t a man, he was a vampire but he couldn’t remember how sweet he was when he stayed with me. Great! Now, as well as being terrified the wrong person would ask me something, I had my abandonment issues to deal with!

Fortunately Merlotte’s was fairly quiet, the lunch rush had been and gone and it was a Wednesday so tonight would probably be quite subdued too. I crossed my fingers, just in case. Stalking in the employee entrance and dumping my purse in the drawer, I grabbed my apron and tied it while moving to check on my section. Danielle filled me in on the state of my tables and I went to looking after my customers. Sam caught my eye and nodded, I went to the bar and gave him a drink order

“How are you today Sook? You look a little worn out.”

“That because I work more hours here than I should to pay my bills even though I could get a better paid job somewhere else” I bit my lip “Sorry Sam, I’m doing a whole ‘truth’ thing, I’m kinda tired of not steppin’ on people’s feelin’s even though they don’t care about steppin’ on mine.”

“That’s okay Chere, you’re right, you could get a better paid job somewhere else, especially with your talents, and it’s about time you stood up for yourself. If people think you’ll forgive ‘em when they do wrong then they’ll keep doin’ wrong by you.”

“Thanks for understanding Sam” I hugged him “Amelia cast a little mojo to make sure I didn’t go back on my resolution!”

The next few hours went by fairly fast, I didn’t offend too many people and most folks walked off muttering about PMS. Then it happened, Bill and Selah walked in and sat right in my section. Shit. I put on my hundred watt smile and walked towards their table, Selah stared daggers at me Low rent whore, don’t know what Bill ever saw in her, she’ll never get him back now he knows what a woman with class feels like.

“Bill, Selah, what can I get you this evening?” I sneered out from between my gritted teeth, Selah snorted; Bill looked concerned and stretched out his hand, touching my arm lightly

“Don’t touch me Bill Compton, you don’t ever get to touch me again, not after you abandoned me for your maker, not after you drained me and raped me in a trunk and not after I discovered the only reason you were in my town was to seduce me for your Queen!”

I stormed off before I could say anything else but not far enough that I would miss the murmurs about my revelations. I felt a presence behind me and turned to find Selah glaring at me

“How dare you lie about how he treated you!” then the bitch slapped me, that was it, I lost my shit right there and dragged her kicking and screaming by the hair out of the front door

“Selah do you know why Bill was ordered to get to know me?” She shook her head “I’m a telepath, bitch! Every nasty, insulting, derogatory thought you’ve had about me wasn’t a secret – I heard it all. For your information I was a virgin when I met Bill and if you had so much goddamn class then you wouldn’t drop your panties on a first date! I hope your next shit is a hedgehog!”

I threw her to the ground and turned to find the whole bar, including a very shocked Bill and a very amused Sam, outside watching me give Monroe’s Favourite Real Estate agent a verbal beat down. I walked back towards the door and everyone moved except Bill

“Sukeh I…”

“Cram it Compton! You didn’t have any respect for my wants and needs when we were a couple and you certainly haven’t changed. If you bring that bitch into my workplace again you will be responsible for my actions, I’ve put up with enough of your crap to last a lifetime!”

I stomped back to Sam’s office; Sam himself was right behind me, laughing his ass off. He told me it was the best thing he’s seen in years and that I could go home seeing as I only had an hour until my shift finished anyways. I nodded and threw my apron on the dirty pile and drove home feeling lighter than I had in months.

I was actually singing a tune when I walked in the house, Amelia was bumping around upstairs, so I went to my room to change out of my grease and beer scented uniform. I discovered a rather sassy looking outfit lying on my bed and knew that Ames wanted to have a girl’s night out. I showered and made sure everywhere that I liked to be smooth was taken care of, that my hair was washed conditioned and smelling sweet, then I spread my favourite lotion all over before wrapping myself in a towel to find out if the outfit picked out for me was indeed suitable. Amelia was still upstairs so I padded up and stopped outside her door, watching her tease her pixie-like hairstyle into a new level of cuteness

“So where are we going Ames? More importantly do you think it’s a good idea seeing as I just bitch-slapped Selah Pumphrey and gave Bill Compton a piece of my mind?”

“I know! Sam Called me right after you left, I wish I’d been there! He said you were totally awesome!” She was acting like I’d delivered an Oscar winning acting performance rather than almost starting a bar brawl “and we’re going to Fangtasia! I want to see how your vampire friends cut loose.”

“They don’t ‘cut loose’ there Ames – they just work there” I was about to veto her plan due to me really not wanting to be anywhere near Eric in my condition. Even though I told him everything that went on when he stayed with me, he thought there was something I was missing out and was determined to get to the truth. Then my phone rang – urgh!

“Hello Sookie Stackhouse speaking”

Hey Babe, how are you?

“Quinn” I said flatly and tried to prevent what came out of my mouth next, I failed “What the fuck? Do I actually mean anything to you?”

What do you mean? Of course you mean something! I’m just busy with work, that’s all.

“Uh-Huh and when are you not going to be too busy to spend time with me? The only date we’ve been on we got attacked and I’ve only seen you two or three times. What’s going on between us?”

Where did this come from Babe? I thought you were okay with the situation?

“Well I recently discovered that I’m NOT okay with the situation. I don’t like sitting on my ass waiting until my boyfriend decides he’s got time to see me.”

Well if it bothers you that much then maybe we should cool things off until I get the time to sort things through with you. I’ll be coming to see you before we go to Rhodes; we’ll talk more then okay?

“That sounds fair. I hope you understand that I had a bombshell dropped on me in New Orleans and now I feel like I need to be in charge of my relationships, I’m sick of guys calling the shots where my emotions are involved.”

That’s understandable Sookie. Let’s call it a break for the moment and we’ll get together before Rhodes and thrash some shit out huh?

“Thanks for understanding Quinn, call me and let me know when you’ll be coming around. Bye.”

I will, see ya Babe.

Urgh, at least I managed to hold back my feelings on being called ‘Babe’. He didn’t take that too badly. In fact I’d say that went extremely well! Maybe Fangtasia wasn’t such a bad idea after all! With a renewed sense of fun, I went back into my bedroom and perused the outfit Amelia had laid out, noticing immediately that the clothes did not come from my wardrobe. A shiny silver halter top that would barely cover my girls paired with black hotpants and knee high stiletto boots? Not. A. Chance.

“AMELIA!!” the offending witch barrelled downstairs and ran into my room looking like we were under attack

“What! What! What’s wrong?”

“I’m not wearin’ that hoochie mama outfit to a vampire bar Ames!” I shook the garments in front of her like they were diseased.

“Okay, okay Sooks. The top would look great on you with your boobs, I admit maybe the hotpants were a bit much, what about swapping them with a pair of skinny jeans?”

She took the shorts gently and pulled a pair of indigo jeans out of my closet handing them to me and wincing at the reaction she might get. I took the top and jeans and went into the bathroom to dress. Checking myself in the mirror, I remembered what all the magazines said about making the most of your assets and ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, well this top certainly made my assets most noticeable and I did have them so why not flaunt them? The jeans were a good swap, and when I put the boots on, tucking the jeans inside, I had to admit I looked hot.

“Thanks Ames” we smiled at each other “I might not know a lot about looking good, but I’m glad you’re here to see me right.”

We done our make-up together in my room and Amelia styled my hair. She said it was the JBF style, I read from her mind what that stood for and expected to be shocked but found that I wasn’t. Maybe that spell had more of an effect on my personality than I thought? Or maybe this part of my personality was always here but I’d kept it dormant and smothered with my southern belle values and Christian morals. Whatever! Tonight was about my empowerment, I wasn’t going to question myself anymore and I wasn’t going to let anyone beat me down! I had been at my lowest in New Orleans but no more! Like a phoenix I will rise from the ashes and be born anew! I was going to go after the things that I wanted in life!

“Sooks, I don’t know what world you’re in, but can we get the hell out of here and go have some fun?”

“Huh? Oh yeah sure, I was doing my whole Sookie empowerment inner monologue in the mirror” I smiled at her and grabbed her car keys “We’ll take the mustang; my Malibu is a crappy car.”

Amelia was laughing and shaking her head muttering. I think she might have said something about creating monsters but I couldn’t be sure. We managed to find a space in Fangtasia’s lot and Amelia followed while I marched to the front of the line, Clancy was on the door and there was a long line of fangbangers giving me stink eye. One of them actually said “Who does she think she is?” It was too tempting

“It’s not who I think I am sugar, it’s who I know I am that counts. I know that I’m more important than you, that is why I cut the line.”

She looked indignant, and thought that I was talkin’ nonsense, after she must be pretty important since Eric had fed from her and done … other things… a few months ago. Urgh I didn’t want to see her memories of that for many reasons but the fact that I felt jealousy rise up inside me made me a little perturbed. I shook it off and smiled at Clancy, he leered back

“Lookin’ good Sookie. Care to join me for a bite later?”

“Clancy you creep me out something awful and if your fangs ever come anywhere near me I’ll rip them out with a pair of rusty pliers.”

He was staring at the finger I was waving in his face then focused on Amelia snorting with laughter behind me. He grunted and moved the velvet rope out of the way so we could get in. As usual the bar was full of fangbangers with their dog collars and pasty white faces, sneering at the tourists who came around for a good scare and adoring the vampires who put themselves on display. The thoughts were much the same as they are every time I’ve been here, sex, sex, sex, kinky sex, violent sex, it was quite sad. Amelia and I went to the bar and got a couple of drinks, we were then spotted by Pam, who immediately made a beeline for us

“Hello my Telepathic friend! How are you tonight?”

“Urgh Pam. I’m good but Quinn and I decided to have a break and I had a catfight with Bill Compton’s squeeze and I’m feeling a little envious of the fangbangers that Eric has had sex with because he actually remembers them!”

I downed my drink and laid my head on the bar in embarrassment while I heard Pam and Amelia laugh at my unfortunate confession.

“Oh Sookie you’re too much!” Pam laid a cool hand on my arm “believe me, if Eric could swap all those fangbanger memories for the time he spent in your home he would!”

I grunted and waved my glass at Amelia signifying I wanted another drink. She took it and rubbed my shoulder sympathetically.

“Maybe you were right Sooks, maybe we shouldn’t have come here tonight.” Something caught her eye across the dance floor “but I have to say, you’ve been feeling better the more honest you are, maybe you should take this opportunity to clear the air with Eric?”

“NO! He doesn’t remember how much I loved him and talking to him tonight isn’t going to make the pain go away.” Pam rubbed my other shoulder and lifted my head up by my chin

“You loved him? Past tense?” she was looking into my eyes daring me to lie to her when Amelia stepped in

“Pam, Sookie and me, well, we did a spell so she has to tell the truth. I don’t know if she’s ready to talk about this yet.”

I pushed Pam’s hand away and downed my other drink.

“I guess I’m driving home tonight if you’re going to keep up this momentum Sooks” Amelia shook her head slowly from side to side “you should treat this like a scrape on your knee, just rip of the band-aid and let that sucker heal!” she grinned

“Ames this isn’t a little scrape on my knee, it’s a giant gaping wound on my heart that spits pus and gore over me whenever I try to forget that he ever stayed with me!”

I heard Pam hiss and looked up to see her standing in front of Eric, he was obviously heading over here but she decided to head him off at the pass and buy me a little time. This was a disaster, any hopes of having a good time were dead and gone, I felt terrible. I’d ruined Amelia’s night and made myself miserable into the bargain, could things get any worse? Apparently they could as I watched Pam come back towards us with Eric staying in place staring at me with his arms folded and a stern expression on his face.

“Sookie, Eric would like you to join him in his office. I could keep Amelia company.”

“No Pam, I don’t want to be alone with him.”
Both women (well one woman and one vampiress) looked at me and said  “Why?”

I put on my constipated smile, desperately trying not to answer them but Amelia sighed and told me to give up because it was better out than in.

“I’m scared I’ll throw myself at him like a cheap whore and he’ll reject me – again!” my voice got very small “I couldn’t stand it, not again”

My friends, and quite the motley crew we were, led me past Eric and to a booth across the dance floor. Amelia looked at Eric with awe and I heard her think that if I didn’t want to be alone with him she’d volunteer, I stopped and glared at her

“Don’t even go there Ames!”

“Hey it’s my head, you stay out!”

We sat down and a waitress brought over more drinks. Pam asked me what my sudden need to be brutally honest was brought on by and I explained about how sucky my life had been lately, but she already knew all about it, mostly. I told her how much better I’d been feeling all day after I had divulged my opinions without their usual diplomatic flair and she decided to have some fun with me

“So” she practically giggled “what is it about Spellbound Eric that made you fall in love with him?”

I sighed and looked at her, then looked around. Eric was across the bar talking to Maxwell Lee and sneering at a couple of tourists with a camera. He’d probably hear everything I said, but I lowered my voice to a mumble anyway

“He was sweet and fun, he wanted to know all about me. Being a telepath wasn’t even interesting to him, he wanted to be around me because of me. He asked about my day and listened when I told him what I’d done while he was dead, he made me feel like the only woman on earth and I know that to him I was. He needed me. I had a modicum of control over things.” I shrugged and looked up to see Pam and Eric having a stare out “He heard all of that didn’t he?”

Pam nodded and took my hand “Spellbound Eric and Sherriff Eric are the same man Sookie, maybe you should just pull your
finger out of your ass and spend some time with him to find that out!”

I was enraged! “Don’t you dare try to put the blame on me! He has avoided me like the plague since he got his Area 5 badge back – it works both ways! I’ve kept distance from him because I’m scared of rejection Pam but what the fuck is his excuse? He’s got my phone number too y’know!”

Pam squeezed my hand and softened her expression. “Eric is very unsure of himself, since he spent time with you he has changed. He is angry, frustrated and would very much like to have his memories of the time you were together. He also knows that he was different when he stayed with you; perhaps he is as concerned about rejection as you are. He is not a ignorant man, he is aware you have feelings, perhaps if you told him how you felt he would know how to act around you and may offend you less?”

I put my head in my hands and groaned. She was right, I was pissed off at how Eric was treating me but whenever he asked about our time together I made it so impersonal, I was cold towards him to try and protect myself. I sighed and looked around for Eric; he was back in his usual booth, surrounded by fangbangers. I bit the bullet and walked over to him, ignoring the death stares and nasty thoughts, stopping in front of him. He took his sweet time noticing me; I knew he was doing it on purpose so I cleared my throat

“I’m very sorry for my behaviour earlier tonight, I wasn’t ready to talk with you but I am now, if you’re still willing to talk to me that is” he eyed me coolly and stood up

“Come” he took my hand and led me back to his office. I didn’t want to do this back here but didn’t want to disrespect him in front of his staff so I waited until he had closed the door before I let rip.

“Eric, I know you want to talk but I don’t feel comfortable talking about … us… in a room where you’ve been … intimate … with goodness knows how many other women.”

“You are jealous?”

“Yes” I gritted my teeth, damn truth spell. He nodded and brought out his cell phone obviously texting furiously, then he took my hand again and led me out of the employee entrance and into his red corvette. He looked over at me, which made me nervous because he was driving at quite a speed

“Pam told me you have partaken in some kind of truth spell” he was smirking

“Yes” I wasn’t going to have any more teeth left by the end of the night the way I was grinding them together

“And how are you coping with telling it like it is?”

“It’s had its moments, Bill and Selah won’t be coming back into Merlotte’s anytime soon and my phone call with Quinn was interesting.”

“You are with the Tiger now?”

“Not really, we’re on a break. He wanted to be exclusive but he’s never there, I haven’t seen him in weeks. Maybe when he has more time for me we’ll try again.”

“I see. You need a man who is in close contact with you? Someone you can physically be with on a regular basis?”

“Definitely! If a guy doesn’t see you at least a few times a week then it’s obvious he doesn’t need you. You heard everything, back in the bar when I was talking to Pam?”

“Yes. You like to feel that someone needs you?”

I sighed “Yes, it’s nice to be wanted but having someone say they need you is a different story. For example Quinn wants me, but is okay with being away from me for weeks at a time and is okay with us cooling things until he has more time, if he needed me he wouldn’t be okay with not seeing me and he would not suggest having a break” then the word vomit started “after the way you treated me when you stayed with me, I’m finding it hard to get someone to live up to my expectations. It wasn’t just sex between us and I’d probably cut off my own arm to get that back.”

“I see” his fingers tightened on the steering wheel “you think I’m a different person now?”

“Yes. No. Maybe. You’re the same Eric; you’re just bogged down with politics and a thousand years of survival of the fittest. I told you that you offered to give up your position as Sherriff, but you also said that you could love me and then when I said it sounded like a marriage you agreed with me and then … you forgot. I can’t imagine you, as you are now, saying those things, especially to me, especially since now, I guess, it’s all just because of the fairy blood.”

He seemed very thoughtful as he pulled into my drive off Hummingbird Road. Turning the engine off he looked at me intently “It’s not the fairy blood and I’ll explain why when we are inside.” Fair enough.

I rooted around in my purse for my keys and opened the back door, I invited him in and he followed me through the kitchen.
“I don’t like this new kitchen, it doesn’t smell right.”

Suddenly I had an idea. I moved a chair a little and started filling a bowl with hot water “Eric sit down here please” he looked at me like I was a crazy person but did it anyway. I took off his boots and socks and washed his feet the same way I did when I brought him home that fateful New Year.

“How do you feel?”

“This feels very familiar. Much the same as when we danced at Fangtasia, like remembering something is about to happen but doesn’t.”

“Okay, experiment one over.” I led him through to the living room and lit a fire, sitting in front of it with Gran’s ugly afghan and motioned for him to join me on the floor.

“Tell me why your interest in me isn’t because of my fairy blood”

“Fairies have to be in close proximity to vampires to affect them, I think about you and … feel … for you even when you aren’t near me.” He grinned like he’d just answered the $60,000 question “I want you to tell me what I was like, other than ‘sweet’ and that we ‘gossiped like buddies’, there has to be more for me to have had this effect on you and you on me.”

“You trusted me and valued my thoughts and opinions. You would ask me about my day and listen to all the stories I told you in front of the fire. You made me feel important, that I mattered, that we were equals, I wasn’t an asset, I was just Sookie and you paid attention to all the parts of my personality that no-one else has. When you touched me … I felt like the most beautiful woman on earth. We didn’t just have sex; we made love, a lot and in many places around my property and every single time was better than the last.” By this point I was crying and Eric had leaned over to stroke my hair.

“I can still do these things Sookie. I find that I would very much like to do these things with you. I just wish I could remember.”

The dancing, foot washing and fireside chat didn’t shake his brain into action, what was the most memorable thing about his time at my house? I sighed, other than dragging a shifter into my kitchen and blowing her head off the only other thing of note that Eric and I did was screw each other’s brains out, not that I’m complaining about that, in fact if we hadn’t gone to Pam’s that night and just stayed at home screwing, things might have worked out better! What did I remember most about his time here? Truthfully, if there was one thing I would always think back to and do again without hesitation?

“Eric? Would you like to have a shower?”


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