Chapter 11

Sookie POV
“You better be kidding me mister!” Road head? Seriously? He turned to me and grinned before throwing his head back and laughing. Son of a bitch!

“I was sort of joking, if you are amenable …”

“Just stop Eric!” I tried to sound serious but by the time I got to saying his name I was giggling. It was refreshing, having fun talking about sex type stuff. Did I ever do this with Bill? I can’t remember, that probably means ‘no’. “So the crap with the Queen is done for the night, do you still wanna talk about the dream stuff?”

“Oh you want to be serious again? Okay” he sighed for effect “I know you aren’t totally human, do you remember what you did to Lorena?”

“The flashy hand action? Yeah, that’s the third time it’s happened, do really think I’m not all human?”

“Hmm … when was the first time?”

“Uh … when we got back from … Dallas.”

“It never happened before you had my blood?”

“No, I’ve been that scared and P.O’d before with Rene, the maenad when she cut me, in the fellowship and it never happened.”

“Interesting. You’ve definitely got a little something … other in you.”

“Yeah that’s becoming more and more apparent.” If I sounded grouchy then it is what it is as Laffy would say. “So how do you think you’re able to see my dreams?”

“The only explanation is that when you ingested my blood a two way connection was forged. Usually all of the power is with the vampire – we feel you, you feel more for us, you dream of us. This is the first time I’ve heard of the vampire being affected. I’ll have to do some reading on it to make sure but it seems you’re able to project your dreams to me when my mind is open to the tie.”

“So” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, just waiting for the disappointment “It’s not really you. It’s a dream you that doesn’t exist.” He looked at me, slightly pained “Your silence speaks volumes Eric.”

“It is not an aspect of my personality that I have encountered before.”

I had nothing to say to that. All of the gentle touches and almost tip-toeing around the attraction we have for each other was nothing more than Eric trying to bed me. The hopes I first had when he spoke about knowing my dreams, that maybe he was showing me a hidden part of himself. There was no hidden part to him – it really all was a dream. A fantasy Eric. An Eric borne of his blood and my need for connection, respect and unconditional love.

Eric POV
Fuck! It was going so well. She was coming round and it all just went to shit. I grip the steering wheel and wonder what the hell I can say to her that will make any of what we just said different. I can change? I find that I enjoy being the vampire you dream of? There was no way to phrase how I felt on the subject without sounding like a fake or a complete pussy. I’ll stay the course, I started showing her in little ways how I wanted her, before the dreams were even mentioned, I just need to carry on with that – if she’ll let me. Fuck!

“I have … upset you Sookie.”

She laughs, it’s bitter and cold, and shakes her head “No, I’ve got no-one to blame but myself for this. When I started dreaming of you, I took them at face value, but when you talked about a connection, a tiny part of me hoped there was a deeper meaning to them. More fool me.”

“The sexual aspect of what I saw was very familiar to me; however the … intimacy and emotional aspects were not. I found them … comforting and not in the least abhorrent.”

“Oh thank you so much Eric” sarcasm spat like venom from her sweet lips “I’m so glad my subconscious self spilling my deepest secrets and hopes and dreams didn’t disgust you!”

“Perhaps we should take some time before speaking of this again. I will research the situation …”

“You know what Eric? Just don’t bother okay. Let’s just never speak of any of this ever again. Your blood will wear off and I can go back to my life and forget any of this ever happened!”

I winced; the sharpness of her words cut me deeper than many swords had in my 1,000 years. I remained silent for the rest of the journey, knowing that any sounds I made could make the situation worse. I wanted to tell her how foolish she was. Did she really think she could go back to the life she had before Bill walked into it? Did she think that now Sophie-Ann had taken an interest in her she would let her fade into the bayou? That I would give up on the one woman who had awakened feelings in me I didn’t know I had? No Sookie, life will never be the same for you.

Yvetta POV
How many more times do I have to do this? This is ridiculous! I’ve been chanting the same damn phrase for the last 4 hours, I don’t know what language it’s in, I don’t know what it is I’m saying and I have no idea why I need to be able to say it!

“May vestri fantasies planto vos suum mancipium.” I sigh deeply at the end of the phrase “Why do I need to know this?”

“Because Yvetta, after my initial negotiation, the love spell will not work without it. You want the Northman do you not?”

“Ye … yes I do.” I hesitate because I have the distinct feeling she isn’t telling me everything.

“Well that’s all you need to know. When I need you to take part, I will send you a message. Then you will get Northman’s attention somehow, here rub this cloth on you before you speak to him – it will help, and say these words. The … spell will be complete and he will fall into your arms – I assure you!”

I nod, this is such a long shot but it’s my only hope of making Eric realise we are meant to be together forever. We will make love every night and when the time is right he will turn me and we will be together for eternity.

Jessica POV
Once Sookie had left I was able to join in the fun at last! I wasn’t happy about Andre driving me home, he creeped me out, but I was over the moon at getting one more chance to live the way vampires are supposed to before assuming my role as mainstreaming girlfriend and buddy to human telepaths.

I wondered what my Father would have to say if he saw me now. He’d probably have a heart attack! I suddenly thought – what if something happened to someone in my family now? If Daddy died would they try to get in touch with me? What if he put Eden in the hospital would I be told? I was glad I’d finished feeding and fucking before I thought about those things. My libido just died a death at the memory of my human life.

I retired to the lavishly furnished suite I had been using at the palace and waited for death to take me. I am at war with my nature as a vampire, I so want to continue with mundane human things but the longer I think about it, the more impossible that seems.

Sookie POV
I managed to stay tear free all the way back to Bon Temps, Eric had opened my door for me and set my bag on the porch and looked at me, as if waiting for me to say something. When I didn’t he nodded and stood at my door watching him drive away. Only after I couldn’t see the tail lights of his sports car did I break down, right there on the porch. How could I have been so stupid? On the trip to New Orleans I had been so optimistic that maybe I could have some kind of relationship with Eric, but it was just the hopes of a lonely desperate woman who wanted to cling on to any attention she was given.

I went to bed in a mess and woke up exactly the same way. I called Sam and told him I could come in early as we didn’t have to spend the night in New Orleans after all. I had a bath, mentally slapped myself a few times and made my way to Merlotte’s – 4 hours before I had arranged to be there and I had no intention of leaving until Sam was locking the door. If I didn’t keep myself busy and around people, I would just end up in the same state I had been before I went to bed.

As the only place to go in Bon Temps on a Saturday night, Merlotte’s was swinging. I had managed to avoid any conversation about my little trip and any questions about vampires; avoidance was good, for now it was the only thing keeping me together. I didn’t want to think about the evidence that pointed to Bill being sent to Bon Temps to seduce me and take me to the Queen for my telepathy, he had been my first everything and he attacked me, drained me and accused me of cheating on him when he had been doing that very thing with his maker. I desperately didn’t want to think about the dream I’d had last night where Eric didn’t want to let me go or the fact somehow he could see what I wanted most in a partner and probably thought I was pathetic for it. Dammit! I said I didn’t want to think about those things!

Eric POV
Sookie’s heartache was like a hole in my chest as I drove away from her back to Shreveport. I opened my mind to our connection as soon as I was in bed and felt the familiar contentment I had when I saw what she was dreaming. It was different this time, not only because I now knew that she was actually dreaming of me on my knees promising never to leave her, but also because she would always feel sadness and emotional pain upon waking from them.

When I arose the next evening I was concerned for her but knew that calling or visiting wouldn’t be looked upon kindly. I tried to put her to the back of my mind as I knew I’d have to be on the top of my game for the meeting where I’d kill the witch tonight. There was no doubt I would kill her, no-one, no-one, demands a meeting with me and threatens my business. Witches can be nasty and spiteful; too few are in Fenella’s caste, its best practice to break their jaw before they start to chant if at all possible.

I’m hungry, as always, and not only for blood but the thought of being so close to Sookie being mine and it slipping out of my grasp makes me even more revolted at the thought of an insipid fangbanger. In my lair there is a mini-fridge I keep stocked with Trueblood in case of emergencies; I never thought I’d have to use it, least of all for this reason. I almost gag at the taste, then swallow the whole bottle in a few gulps to get it over with. I think of Sookie while I shower and satiate my other need, strangely thinking of her and touching myself is more satisfying than fucking any of the women who I’ve been with physically in the last week or so.

I arrive at Fangtasia to find Pam and Chow waiting in my office. I check the time and realise that my obsessing over Sookie has put me 45 minutes behind schedule.

“Tonight the witch, Hallow, will be coming. She comes into the club alone – no friends or partners. When she comes into the office, you two will station yourselves either side of the door and stay on alert for any signals from me.”

“Yes Master.”

They spoke in unison and we entered the bar area to entertain the public until this bitch arrived. Yvetta was being distant for a welcome change; maybe she eventually got the message. 9.55pm Hallow sauntered in smiling, flanked by two male Were’s, they were promptly removed from the premises while Hallow was ‘escorted’ to my office. Excellent, everything was going to plan. When I got to the office Hallow was on a chair opposite the desk with Pam and Chow on either side of her. She glared at me.

“Did you really think this would go any other way witch?”

“I should have guessed, your flunkies may leave – they have no need to be here.” Pam and Chow hissed and I was in front of her in a flash

“You requested a one to one meeting and I fully intend to grant that request, no need to be rude.” I nodded to them both and they reluctantly made their way from the room “So … Hallow. What on earth do you think you can do for me? What business proposition from you would I possibly be interested in?”

“You know what I could do to your business here.” She laughed – that would be the last time if I had my way “I want 50% of your profits or things start to go very wrong at Fangtasia.”

“Oh dear! You’re actually … serious? Hmm … no.”


“That is what I said, if you have nothing further then I ask you to leave.”

“You really don’t know who you’re dealing with but since you’re … special I’ll propose an alternative.” I raised an eyebrow, mostly in boredom “20% of your profits if you spend 7 days … entertaining me.”

“That offer is worse than the first, if you actually think I’d lay a finger on your flea ridden body wolf-witch you’re quite mad.”

She stood, shaking with anger. She only managed to utter two words, turbatio confusio, before I was around the desk and … standing in the spot she had occupied. I wrenched the door open to find Pam and Chow leaning in the corridor

“Where the fuck is she?” Chow blanched but Pam had the balls to put her hand on her hips and look at me decidedly confused

“The witch?” I nodded “She left about 5 minutes ago; you didn’t call for us so we assumed you’d managed to put her in her place and sent her on her way.”

“Well obviously I didn’t! She must have cast a quick spell to ensure she escaped before I could kill her. Chow! I want every vampire in the area on the lookout for her.” He bowed and went off to inform the members of my retinue of my request. “Pam I am not happy about what just happened.”

“What did she want Master?”

“First she offered to leave us problem free for 50% of the profits, then she offered 20% with 7 days of the Northman treatment.”

“Well I don’t blame you for knocking that back, we’ll find her and you can kill her and all will be well again in Area 5!”

Before I can answer her there’s a light tapping on the door and Yvetta enters. That scent! How in the hell does Yvetta smell like fairy? I glance at Pam and her eyes are glazed over, she smells so good but I promised myself I’d never go down that road again, luckily I’m old enough to resist. In my haze over her scent I totally miss that she’s chanting – fuck!

Sookie POV
Despite my thoughts drifting to unwanted places more frequently than I would have liked, I managed to get through the shift with very little upset. I was, mostly, in a good mood until it was time to close up and go home.

“So Sook, now that the vamps can’t use you for your … uh … ability, will your life go back to normal?”

“I sure hope so Sam. I swear I’ve been beat up and hurt more in the last couple of months than I’ve been my entire life – I’m not interested in going back to that.”

“Chere, I’d book you a one way ticket to the nut house if you were!”

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow I suppose! G’Night Sam!”

“G’Night Sooks.”

I smile one last time and climb into my car, sitting for a moment thinking about how I’d be going back to an empty house. Maybe I should ask Tara if she’s ready to move back in. As I got to the top of the driveway, I thought I saw movement on my porch; I pulled up at the back of the house and sat in the car for a moment, hoping that if indeed there was anyone there that they’d show themselves. What good the little tin can I was depending on for protection would do if it was a vampire or Werewolf, I’m not sure of but I knew that I was safer waiting rather than trying to make a run for it.

I saw a blur out of the corner of my eye and turned to try and see what or who it was, but there was nothing. I turned back and looked out of the windscreen and screamed before becoming overcome with rage. I almost tore the door off the hinges getting out of the car

“Eric! What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?”

“Sookie!” He gathered me up in his arms and tried to kiss me; I wedged my arms against his chest and pushed

“What are you doing? Get out of here! I don’t want to see you!”

The look on his face damn near broke my heart, when he dropped to his knees and begged me not to send him away it did.

“Let me love you Sookie. Please?”


Roll Credits … that’s a wrap …End of how I would like Season 3 to play out


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  1. Excellent Season Three…
    I really enjoyed this!
    Hopefully one day you will write Season 4 !
    Thanks for everything

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