Chapter 2

Bill POV

I should have heard them coming. If I hadn’t been so consumed with Sookie’s need to think. She wasn’t supposed to think, she was supposed to get caught up in the whirlwind romance. When the Queen demanded I asked her to marry me to make it more difficult for her to leave I was shocked. Sookie couldn’t be a wife; I had already had a wife. A good wife who didn’t question me, talk back to me or run off to care for other men. Sookie was not my idea of a wife. I can’t deny my mission has been pleasurable, and I do have feelings for Sookie but pleasure is really all that it was.

It was supposed to pan out very differently. I was supposed to intercept her, give her my blood to make her attracted to me and once I had her trust, take her to New Orleans. Once there and under the Queens control I was to remain as a constant for her and take my own pleasures but could live as I wanted. I was to covertly tie her to me and show enough respect to her to ensure she came to court as willingly as possible. Unfortunately her loyalty to her family and friends made for too many delays.

Once I had taken her virginity and tasted her blood I became addicted to her. She thought that our sexual encounters were what led to my feeding but it was the other way around – she only let me feed during sex so I initiated whenever I was hungry. She saw my possessiveness as the actions of a man in love. Many humans are shared in our world, but I would be damned if anyone tried to take her from me. When the Northman gave her his blood I was livid, that was when the Queen decided to intercede with the enchanted ring. I couldn’t wait until the time was right to present her, she would go whether she was ready or not. We would live at court and she would learn her place as the Queens telepath. Away from her family and friends she would learn her place as my pet, no respect required but I would never treat her too badly.

When they tied me to a chair and I smelled my maker in the room, I knew this was it. This would be where I would meet my final death. When the knives started cutting at my flesh and I could hear Lorena’s dark laughter, I felt a little relief. Perhaps I had dodged a bullet with my capture. If we married Sookie would expect me to act even more human, as a wife she would expect to live with me and then she would know that I cannot survive on her blood and Trueblood alone. It would be fine for a short time, the few months it would take to bring her to court but I couldn’t do that for much longer, one or two months tops.

If I hadn’t had to make that annoying child it would be easier. But I had to force her to mainstream to maintain the image I had projected. It’s not right for a newborn to be stuck on that synthetic crap; they need real blood, human blood. Without me being there to check, I’m sure Jessica will realise this and take matters into her own hands. She is probably better off without me, or without the ‘Sookie friendly’ me anyway.

Lorena is still talking. I haven’t listened to a word she’s said but I can assume it’s the usual ‘Your human can never replace me’ speech. She’s right, Sookie could never replace her. To be honest if Eric hadn’t called her, when my mission was over I would have. Eighty years of Lorena’s darkness was too much but I found myself attracted to it again after denying myself so many vampiric pleasures with Sookie. I couldn’t even enjoy sex properly; I had to continually hold back. So many times after leaving Sookie’s warmth I considered finding a vampiress I could let go with but knew it could compromise this project and went to the back of the woods to tear up a couple of trees instead. If only Sophie-Ann would recognise the lengths I had gone to complete the job she gave me, instead she taunted me about my monogamy in front of her pets!

“BILL! I asked you a question!”

“Lorena” can’t she just kill me and get this over with? “What do you want from me?”

“Oh Bill. You really haven’t been listening to me at all have you? You’ve fallen by the wayside child, taking up with a human woman and acting like the good boyfriend.”

“You have no idea.” I ground out the words through my teeth “I have reasons.”

“I’m sure you do William.” Shit. She was using my full name, she only done that when she wanted me to do something “I feel you have wandered too far from me, once we re-bond I’m sure you’ll see that too.”

The blindfold is removed and my bloodstained clothes are ripped from me. Lorena is naked and remembering what being with her is like my arousal shows itself despite my mental protests that I do not want this to happen. She jerks my head to the side violently and lowers herself until I’m fully inside her. It’s so cold, not warm like Sookie but it feels so good. My hands and ankles are still bound with fabric wrapped silver, it doesn’t burn but it weakens me enough that I can’t struggle. Her fangs rip into my neck and the ride of my life begins.

Lost in the speed and animalistic passion, the blood lust of our coupling I don’t hesitate when Lorena’s neck is offered to me. I drink deep and we reach our completion at the same time. I feel shame; Lorena always knew how to bring that out in me. I wonder if I’ll ever be released from Lorena again, will Sookie still be alive. I would give anything to lie with her again just so I can taste her sweet blood while she is in the throes of passion. At that moment it occurred to me that I had given my blood to Sookie to ensure she would think of me and need me, if I had known her blood would be as dangerous to me as mine was to her I would have dragged her to court, seduced or not, and passed her to whatever other vampire the Queen had in mind.

I guess it didn’t matter now. I’m sure Eric would see his chance to take her with me being kidnapped. He really doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for. Schmuck.

Sookie POV
Bill has been missing for 3 nights now. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. I had my doubts, who doesn’t? Even the most dedicated couples question things once in a while; I can see everyone’s secrets. That ring changed everything for me. It could be seen as sweet if you take the point of view that Bill wanted to remove my doubts. I didn’t take that point of view. His control of me and possessiveness was one of the many things I wanted to straighten out with him before we took any more steps in our commitment to each other. I guess I didn’t need to straighten anything out now, he’d made it clear he wanted to control and possess my very mind and that was something I wasn’t willing to put up with. We’d be having a very necessary discussion about it when he got back. If he got back.

I haven’t been sleeping well, not only because of the Bill thing but I wasn’t even in my own home. I was surrounded by Bill staying at his house. Almost as if he knew what I was thinking I came home from work last night to find a note from Eric taped to the front door. He asked me to come to Fangtasia to speak with him about the situation and enclosed the business card for a contractor who was ‘better equipped to deal with the aftermath of supernatural activity’. He also left me his cell number so I could tell him which night would be coming. With Sam being out of town, the running of the bar was shared between all of us but I took the lion’s share. I’d have to do a lot of begging to get off at a decent time, I made a round of calls to ensure I’d finish at 5 the next night; I wanted to get any business with Eric over with as soon as possible.

I checked the time, only 9pm; any contractor would probably either be available or have voicemail so I picked up the card and dialled. Just when I thought no-one was going to answer a gruff voice greeted me

Herveaux and Son construction how can I help you?

“Uh … hi. I was given this number by a … colleague. I need some work done to my house. I was told you deal with … unusual circumstances.”

What kind of work do you need?

“All of it. You see my house was trashed by a non-human and it’s now uninhabitable. I’d like to get things moving so I can be back there as soon as possible.”

Is this Miss Stackhouse?

“Why yes it is, may I ask your name and how you come to know of me?”

Sure, my name is Alcide Herveaux. Mr. Northman told me he’d given you my number and explained a little about what happened. A maenad huh?

“Yes. Well Mr. Herveaux, would it be possible for you to come and see my house, maybe give me a quote for everything.”

Sure, I was told to prioritise this. Is tomorrow morning too soon?

“That would be wonderful! It would have to be early I start work at 10am.”

I already have the address, I’ll be there around 8 and we’ll get this ball rolling.

“Thank you so much! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

No problem, tomorrow it is.

I have no idea why Eric would ask them to prioritise me, other than to try and get on my good side for whatever devious plan he had for my telepathy. I had dreamt about him last night – again. It was confusing; in my dreams he was always on my good side. The dreams were sexual, isn’t everything where Eric is concerned? But they were more than that too. We would talk, share thoughts and ideas. It would have to happen in my dreams, if Bill was anything to go by Vampires didn’t believe in small talk. Bill and I only seemed to talk when there was something specific to talk about. He never asked about my hopes and dreams. I snorted, just as well he didn’t ask about my dreams!

I had dreamed of Eric before I had his blood, but not in the same way, he would just be … there, in the background. After I had Bill’s blood I dreamed of him too, they were always romantic dreams with just an undertone of sexual tension. Maybe that’s because I was a virgin? Urgh! Thinking about it gave me a headache, I made myself some warm milk in the hope it would help me sleep deeply enough the dreams didn’t disturb my rest. I was at the top of the stairs when I heard the door open and Jessica strutted in, covered in blood. I ran to Bill’s room (it wasn’t where he slept but it where we .. y’know…) and peeked through a crack in the door, watching her open her room door and pick up a piece of paper. I’d left that there the night Bill went missing, to ask her to call Eric and explain that Bill was gone. She hadn’t been home in 3 nights and she was covered in blood? This was not good.

She was calling someone she called ‘sweetie’, I hope to God its Hoyt. I’ll stake her myself if she hurts that man. I heard her say his name and breathed a silent sigh of relief. She came back out with a new clean dress and left the house again. There’s no way I could deal with this on my own, I needed a vampire to help me. I cringed, how much help was I going to have to ask this lying a-hole for?

Eric POV
I heard my cell ringing in my pants pocket and crossed the hotel room to answer, glancing at the unconscious dancer on the bed. Yvetta, very nice, very satisfactory and very tasty but unfortunately also very easy. I smirked when I saw it was Sookie calling me and got hard at the thrill of the chase I was enjoying with her. I didn’t even get my name out of my mouth when she bombarded me with words

Eric! It’s Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse. We’ve got a problem.

“And what might that be darling Sookie?”

Jessica came home, the first time she’s been here in 3 nights apparently and she was covered in blood. Fucking newborns! I knew there was an uncontrolled vampire out there somewhere; truckers’ showing up with their throats ripped out doesn’t indicate much else.

“Do you know where she is now?”

Yeah I heard her make arrangements to meet up with her boyfriend Hoyt. They’ll probably be either at my brother’s house or Merlotte’s.

“Good, tell me your brothers address and I’ll send Pam to check out both places. She’ll be brought back here and we’ll keep an eye on her … antics.” I memorise the address she gives me.

Will you hurt her? She’s done something bad hasn’t she?

“I will have to teach her a lesson Sookie and yes, she has done something very bad.”

Oh God! I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

“Calm down. She is a vampire and I am her Sherriff, it’s out of your hands now. Try not to worry.” Try not to worry? What the hell am I saying?

Thank you Eric, I called that contractor. I’m meeting him tomorrow.

“Good but I’d like to change the subject, will you be coming to Fangtasia as I requested?”

Yes, tomorrow night.

“Wear something nice, I’ll be out on the floor and we can talk while I entertain the masses.”

I’ll wear whatever I want Eric!

“Have you told anyone of Bill’s proposal?”

No and I don’t plan to until I talk to him about it.

“What are you wearing right now?”

You’re such a pig!

Oh, she hung up. I called Pam and told her to pick up the brat, hopefully they’d be back in the basement at Fangtasia well before dawn and I could find out whose blood she was covered in. Other than Bill being taken by his maker, Lorena, and knowing that the Queen and Andre had been present when the ring was enchanted made me wonder exactly how interested the Queen was in Bill’s private affairs. She had mocked his relationship with Sookie at the palace, why accompany him on a task that would ensure she stayed tied to him? I had to be careful where I stepped with this. I hit my speed-dial and waited


“Your majesty”

What do you want Northman?

“I stopped by to speak to Bill Compton but it seems he’s gone out of town without letting me know.”

Yes, he’s in Vermont with his human. Getting married I believe – pathetic

“Hmm … that is strange. I saw Miss Stackhouse just the other night to give her payment for the Dallas job.”

WHAT!? I want to know where he is Northman. He’s working on a couple of projects for me, find him.

As I listen to the dial tone, I can’t help but think one of those projects involves Sookie. His insistence she be protected was suspicious but Sophie-Ann’s interest in his relationship with Sookie is the last piece of the puzzle. The Queen always liked to have unusual humans around and a telepath would be quite the feather in her cap. Thinking of Sookie in the royal court, her will would be beaten out of her, her blood and body would be taken and used, she would be ruined, a shell, devoid of the very parts of her that have piqued my curiosity.

I couldn’t go against my Queen but I could ensure Compton doesn’t achieve his goal of tying Sookie to him for the rest of her natural life. Before I wanted Sookie for her gift, then her body and blood but now I find I want to protect her from this fate. I want her as more than an asset or a casual bed mate. That is … new.

I try calling Lorena but she’s obviously gone into hiding. What is the connection? She was humiliated in Dallas by Bill’s clear choice of Sookie over her but that’s not enough to kidnap him over surely. If she didn’t take him due to his preferral of Sookie what if one Bill’s other projects is the reason? What the hell does the Queen have you working on Billy boy?

Alcide POV
Geez what a mess. This place would be better razed to the ground and built back up but the lady wants quick so a patch job will have to do. Maybe I can change her mind. I hear some movement behind me and turn to see a young blonde woman walking towards me from the woods. Big friendly smile, nice figure, her eyes were tired but still had a sparkle to them, very nice. I’d have to take jobs from Northman more often. I held out my hand and she shook it gently

“Hi Mr. Herveaux. I’m glad you could meet with me on such short notice.”

Polite too. Debbie’s opposite in every way. How is a girl as sweet as this mixed up with vampires? She’s not a skank like the girls I’ve heard Northman goes for, no fresh bites on her neck. What is it that’s so special he would call in my Dad’s debt to take care of her? She does smell fantastic.

“Miss Stackhouse. Will we get started; you can tell me what you’re looking for.”

She nods and bounces up the steps and I watch her delightful rump the whole way. Oh shit! She caught me checking out her ass. Still she doesn’t seem too pissed about it. I clear my throat and follow her inside. What the hell is that smell? It raises my hackles something fierce. Even after some remodelling and painting she’s gonna need a few tonnes of febreze in here. I walk through the house with her and point out where some non-load bearing walls could be removed to make more space but she seems to just want a cleanup job.

“This shouldn’t be too difficult Miss Stackhouse…”

“Please, call me Sookie.”

“Okay … Sookie.” Strange name for a strange girl, strange in a good way. “You’ll need new drywall all over, new doors, flooring, kitchen units and a damn good paint job. I can get new appliances for you too at knockdown price.”

“How long will it take? I mean I’ve never had to do anything like this before.”

“I should hope not! I’ve seen a lot of Supe world carnage but never a whole house in this state. I’ve got some catalogues in the truck, I’ll leave them with you and you can pick out your own styles. As soon as you tell me what you want I’ll have a quote for you.”

“Well it’s usually quiet in the bar today so I could have a look at them and get back to you tonight. How will I get the catalogues to you?”

“Call me when you’re done, I’ll come and pick them up wherever you are and get a price for you.”

“That would be great Mr. Herveaux!”

“Alcide, please.” Ooh a blush, niiiice.

“Well I’ll see you soon … Alcide.”

We shake hands again and I give her the brochures. Up close I can’t smell any vampire on her. I think it will definitely be a pleasure doing business with this lady, if only for the fact I get to look at her.

Sookie POV
As predicted it was a quiet day at Merlotte’s, Lafayette and Tara were more than happy to help me flip through the brochures Alcide gave me and I had picked out my affordable but stylish options. I had been pleasantly surprised by Alcide’s appearance; I had pictured a middle aged man with saggy jeans showing his hairy butt crack and a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. When I saw him checking out my butt I realised the feeling was mutual, that kind of excited me, it’s something I never noticed Bill doing. In fact the only time Bill seemed to pay attention to my physical appearance was when he wanted to make love, another topic to add to the ‘make or break time’ list.

I called Alcide and let him know I had made my choices and he said he’d be right over to take notes and draw up a quote for me. The cheque Eric gave me would clear in a day or so and I’d be able to pay a deposit for the work, if that’s even how these things worked. Luckily Alcide seemed nice enough that he wouldn’t make fun of my inexperience in this situation. Not even an hour later Alcide walked into the bar, I smiled and waved and got a wide grin in return. Tara stopped cleaning a glass and stared, Laffy dropped his spatula, Arlene stood open mouthed and Terry stared at her.

“Hey Alcide, take a pew and I’ll bring those brochures over.” He nodded and sat in a booth, setting a notepad and pen on the table. I pointed out my selection and he scribbled furiously.

“I should have a quote together in 30 minutes or so, could I have some ice water please?”

“Sure thing, I’ll bring it right over.” He was tapping away at a calculator but looked up and smiled when I brought his drink. I had a sneaky peek in his brain and was met with snarly mist, it was predominantly red but had some purple and blue in there, a little like Sam but wilder, untamed. I wondered if it would be rude of me to ask what he was but I realised if I did that then I’d have to reveal what I was too.

When he was done he brought his empty glass to the bar and handed me a sheet of paper with some details and a figure at the bottom. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, he’d even added in appliances for the kitchen (you don’t want to know what some filthy a-hole done in my oven). Out of the money I earned in Dallas I could pay for this no problem, I might even have enough left to get my driveway done as long as I didn’t drop any hours or have to take time off. There and then we shook hands and he said he’d have a crew over first thing tomorrow; the work should take around 5 or 6 days barring any interruptions. I was happy, despite me loving Grans home it was nice to be putting my own mark on it, even if my hand had been forced. Tara smiled at me and I knew she was thinking about how things were looking up for me and hoped that, after everything with Eggs and Maryanne, things would brighten for her too.

“Hey Sookie, I ain’t seen Bill around. I guess seein’ as your shackin’ up with him for a while he don’t feel the need to come in here and pretend to socialise huh?”

“He’s … out of town right now, it’s complicated, he’ll be back real soon though!”

I tried to ignore her comment but it was true that Bill didn’t really speak to anyone else in town except me and Sam. Happiness gone, with the mention of Bill I’m reminded that I have to see Eric tonight. What the hell was I going to wear? He had the gall to ask me to dress nice but my wardrobe was pretty decimated, most of my sundresses that hadn’t gone to Dallas were now making a fluffy lining for the huge ass nest on my bed. The things I had at Bill’s would make me stand out like a sore thumb at Fangtasia.

“Tara? Do you have a dark coloured dress I could borrow?”

“Why? I know the cat’s away but goin’ to town rockin’ an LBD is a little outta character for you dontcha think?”

“I have to go to Fangtasia to meet Eric.”

“You ain’t goin’ down that road sugah, don’t you do it!”

“No! God no Tara! It’s a business thing. Oh my god, I would never! NEVER with that … I mean how desperate do you think I am?”

“Hookah” oh great now Lafayette wants to chime in “Desperate is the last thing you’d be if you wanted a piece o’ that fine ass.”

He had a point, if I didn’t know how devious, manipulative and violent Eric was then his attention would probably we very welcome. Tara didn’t have any nice clothes to loan me but Arlene offered to let me dig through her wardrobe. With the absence of free time I resigned myself to her offer, taking her trailer keys and promising to drop them back off to her on the way to Shreveport. I shuddered at the thought of what my choices would be from her collection, the only time Arlene dressed up was to go trawling for a new husband.

I managed to find a fairly modest black dress, it looked like it was painted on and it was a little on the short side but it had a high neckline and long sleeves; fortunately I had some nice shoes to go with it. A light dinner, a shower, a good impression of a contortionist and some make-up later I was as ready as I was ever going to be to meet with the Sherriff of area 5.

Eric POV
I sensed her as soon as she was within Shreveport. In preparation I dismissed Yvetta who had been dancing seductively in front of my throne and she stomped off in a mood. Before the night was over she’d come round from it and be in our usual hotel room, she had the audacity to ask why I never took her to my home last night. If I ever take a human woman into my own bed it will be to turn her and make her mine forever, needless to say Yvetta was not that woman, Sookie might be though. I found it … disconcerting that I wanted her to think I was available, I knew that seeing me with another woman would disperse any positive thoughts she had about me and it bothered me that I was bothered by that knowledge.

When Sookie walked in I spotted her immediately. Her hair was flowing freely and to say the dress she wore was figure hugging would be a gross underestimation, it was also very short making a show of a pair of long, strong, tanned legs. I found myself distracted by imagining them wrapped around my neck and before I could stand to greet her as planned she was in front of me.

“Eric.” Her voice was clipped and her gaze was steely, unfortunately the information I had would not go toward loosening her up for some light banter anytime soon.

“Sookie, we’ll move to a booth for a little more privacy shall we?” I offered my hand and she grimaced a little before taking it and following me to my reserved seat. I attempted to have her sit next to me but she quickly moved to the other side of the table to sit across from me.

“So. What have you found out?”

“Straight to business Sookie, would you like a drink before we begin?”

“No, I want to spend as little time in here as possible.”

“Do you find my company so unappealing?”

“No … yes … well it’s not you in particular, it’s the clientele, they don’t think about bunnies playing meadows if you catch my drift.”

I chuckled at that. “You have such a way with words Sookie. Very well. Bill was taken by his maker, Lorena however I have no way of directly contacting her so we’ll need to try and find out where she is to get more information.”

“That’s not good is it?” I shook my head “Okay, what about the ring?”

“It was enchanted to make you love the vampire who bled for you first unconditionally.”

“So in other words, so Bill could control me.”

“Kind of, you would also feel intense hatred for any other vampires who had given you blood.”

“That explained why I despised you more than usual when I wore it.”

“More than usual?” A glare, oh dear she’s not in a playful mood at all. “There is more.”

“More about what?”

“You. Bill. His story that he returned to Bon Temps to claim his ancestral home and mainstream doesn’t sit … right … with me.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“In all of your encounters with vampires, have any of them lived where they did when they were human or had any links to their human life at all?”

“That’s because you guys move around so much. Bill is different from other vampires.”

“If you say so. The Queen of Louisiana knew of his proposal to you. I called her to …”

“Wait. Queen of Louisiana?”

“She’s the highest vampire authority in the state, other than the magister. Bill told you nothing of this?”

“Obviously not!”

“I will explain all that later. I called her to enquire as to his whereabouts and she assumed he was in Vermont with you. She was not happy when she found you were still in Bon Temps and Bill wasn’t. Her description also fits the vampiress who accompanied Bill to have the ring enchanted.”

“Why would she want me to marry Bill? Is she desperate for him to settle down or something?”

“Quite the opposite, she believes in sexual relationships with humans but not in monogamy to them. She also mentioned that Bill is working on a couple of projects for her and tasked me with finding him. You wouldn’t know what those projects were would you?”

“He spends a lot of time on his computer but other than that he doesn’t work at all, just spends time with me when I’m awake and glues himself to the screen when I’m tired or asleep.”

“Do you not find it suspicious that he is financially comfortable but does nothing to earn it?”

“Maybe he just invested well.”

“Vampires like to be kept busy Sookie, we like to work hard and be proud that all of our money is the result of a job well done. Besides his computer, Bill’s only form of work is you.”

“Maybe he just likes spending time with me?”

“Don’t we all. Let me break this down for you. The Queen has Bill attending to special jobs for her, against his nature Bill decides to mainstream and return to Bon Temps and happens to make you – a telepath – the first human in that town he speaks to, his spare time is when he is not with you, and the Queen helped him enchant a ring so you would never leave him. None of that sounds odd to you?”

“Well when you put it like that, yes, it is a little strange but what if it’s all just a big coincidence? I’ll be sure to speak to Bill about it when, if, I ever see him again.”

“Lorena is his maker; she could command him to stay with her for 80 years like she did before.”

“But she released him…”

“She let him leave her but a maker can call back their child at any time, if she wishes she can also re-bond with him and never let him go.”

“Why would she do that?”

“Because she knows how protective of you he is, how possessive, unfortunately she is as possessive of him as he is of you.”

“The acorn didn’t fall far from the tree then?” I smiled and nodded. Sookie seemed to be relaxing a little, this was good, I wanted her to be comfortable in my presence, I wanted her to trust me, I wanted to know why I got aroused whenever she slapped me rather than ripping her hand off.

“Am I to assume you would prefer to aid in the search of your Fiancé?”

“He’s not my fiancé, but I will help out where I can, if I can, if you see a use for me.”

“Oh Sookie, I will always find use for you.”

Almost as if someone had set off a ‘Do something incredibly stupid’ alarm, Yvetta wiggled towards us and tried to sit on my lap. I pushed her away and growled but Sookie was out of the booth and heading towards the exit. I caught up with her and spun her by the shoulders to face me

“I am annoyed that her behaviour offended you Sookie, there is no need for you to leave.”

“Her behaviour was expected, it was her thoughts that offended me, according to your little dancing queen there is every need for me to leave. Call me when you have more information.”

I have no choice but to let her go. Yvetta is waiting for me at the booth, I grab her by the elbow and steer her into my office. As soon as the door closes she starts to remove what little is covering her

“Yvetta stop. Put your clothes back on, we need to talk.”

“Anything for you Eric.”

“1. You will refer to me as Master. 2. We do not have an exclusive relationship; you do not touch me unless I allow it. 3. When I am in my booth doing business, you will not attempt to drape yourself over me like a cheap fox fur and finally if the lady who I was meeting with tonight is ever in this bar again you will stay at least 10 feet away from her, understand?”

“Yes Master.” She walks slowly towards me, swinging her hips, they’re not as round and feminine as Sookie’s “What kind of business are you up to with vanilla girl anyway.”

“Yvetta, make yourself useful or get out but do not, do not, ask me questions. In fact the less you talk the better.”

She nods and drops to her knees in front of me, if nothing else it will shut her up for a while.

Sophie-Ann POV
This is just wonderful, weeks of stealthily trying to obtain my own telepath and Bill decides to disappear. It was bad enough when The Northman found out about her, worse when he managed to get his blood in her but the ring was supposed to fix all of that. As long as she wore it she’d do anything Bill said and worship the ground he walked on no matter what he done to her. I didn’t want to resort to magic but I think this situation warranted it. Bill had informed me that she was inexperienced and could be skittish. I had to make her agree to come and see me or it would all be for nothing.

Where the hell was Compton anyway? Not where he’s supposed to be anyway, which is with the fucking telepath, now she’s open to the goddamn Viking pursuing her. His blood is far more powerful than Compton’s, and he’s a heck of a lot smoother too, any woman would be crazy not to follow him to bed! Plan A didn’t work, plan B hardly got off the ground, it was time to take my last option to get her here without resorting to outright kidnapping and that was most definitely a last resort, only to be used if another Monarch made a play for her.

“Hadley! Come in here.”

“Yes your majesty?”

“How would you like a trip home to see your family?”

“Uh … I guess that would be swell.”

“Excellent! Pack your things, you’ll be transported tomorrow.”

“Thank you your majesty.”

Perhaps a few tales from her cousin will soften her towards me, Hadley’s affection for me is great and I’m sure she will enjoy having Sookie here to keep her company. A happy pet is an obedient pet and Hadley knows how I value obedience, especially after her re-education.


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