Calling all the Heroes

Chapter 12 – Calling All The Heroes

Sookie POV
I was so lost to pleasure I forgot where I was, who I was and what I was supposed to talk to the sex god next to me about. After my sixth orgasm I was rudely brought out of my very happy place by Eric’s voice. No, no, I don’t want to go back to the real world. I want to stay here in a haze of sexual satisfaction


“Whaaaat” I whimpered pathetically

“That’s the fourth time I had to call your name Lover. You were in another world”

“Hmph, well maybe it’s the best place for me, this world sucks a little” he arched an eyebrow “I wish things could be different, I wish we could see each other all the time and that I wasn’t pretending to like being around the Fellowship, that I could go home and be Sookie again. Susannah is a nice chick and all but I think she’s overstaying her welcome”

“I agree, those things do suck but there is a light at the end of the tunnel Dear One”

“Well let’s get the bad news out of the way before you hit me with the good stuff”

“Bad news? I assume that the fellowship have been speaking to you?”

“Boy have they been speaking! Bottom line is that they’re targeting a nest led by some guy called Stan, his second Isobel has a human and that human has been tipping off the fellowship” I got up to get a glass of water, this was going to be some monologue “Also, the fellowship have a renouncer, Godfrey, they intend for him to lure one of Stan’s nest into a trap so the fellowship can kidnap him. The kidnapped vampire will be sent to meet the sun with Godfrey; prompting Stan’s nest to attack the church in revenge and boom the fellowship look like the poor victims”

“And what of the human?”

“Hugo thinks he can prevent Isobel from joining in the attack and they can live happily ever after. He’s pretty delusional but he really does love her” Eric was staring off into space “Helloooo? Are you in your own little vampy happy place?” I waved my hand in front of his face and giggled

“No, just thinking. The Sherriff of this area is Stan Davis; it must be his nest they’re planning on antagonising. I will warn him of their plans. Is there any other news?”

“Well the last time we met up I didn’t get time to tell you how my telepathy training was going” he sat up and looked at me expectantly “Well I can alter human memories, kind of like your glamour, I can’t focus it to get people to do what I want but I can make them forget they ever saw me. I need to stare into their eyes for a couple of minutes but I get there in the end!”


“And there’s something else. Something I just found out I could do tonight when I met Godfrey.”

“Really? Could you read his thoughts?”

“No. I did, however, get an empathic response from probing, that’s new. I can probably do that with humans too but it’s something I’ll need to work at.”

“So how do I feel?” he leered brushing his lips across the knuckles of my hand. I concentrated on his mind and was bombarded with a multitude of emotions. Mostly lust with a sprinkling of… affection? Some frustration. Wow, Eric was a lot easier to read than Godfrey. I could identify several other emotions from him but with Godfrey there was only 3 or 4.

“You’re horny and you like me but there’s something annoying you” his deep rumbling laugh spilled from his gorgeous mouth “wait. That’s just kind of normal for you isn’t it?”

“Yes Lover, that’s how I feel most of the time when I’m not angry or bored” contrary to his needs he took a sharp breath before speaking again “I’m angry and bored most of the time when I’m not with you. May I tell you about the good news?”

“Oh! Yes Please” I was almost giddy at the thought of good news; I hadn’t had any of that in a long time.

“The Queen has called off the search for you with the exception of me, as you are my contracted employee I have a responsibility to find you.” Well that was good news “you would be able to go home with the appropriate protection although there would be repercussions for your behaviour”

“Wow. Okay. So what would be appropriate protection and what repercussions would I face?”

“Protection-wise I would like to deepen my bond with you. We have a blood tie from our exchange but if we exchange more blood then the connection would deepen to a bond. A bond is used by some vampires to ensure their humans cannot betray them or leave them, weaker humans can even be controlled through the bond however I doubt this would apply to you but the Queen doesn’t have to know that” he winked. It could work I guess. If the Queen thought Eric could control me she might back off.

“So we’d always be connected?”

“Yes. At the moment the tie we have is very weak, they wear off after a month or so but a bond, like a diamond, is forever”

“Life without parole?”

“For some humans who end up bonded, yes, it could be described as that. Not you though, I have… affection… for you and no desire to control you but as I say, the Queen doesn’t need to know that. Anyone feeding from you or harming you in any way would face severe punishment”

“So, the tie, you said you could sense if I was in danger. Would that get stronger with a bond?”

“Very much so, I would be able to feel your emotions from a great distance and you would feel mine – without having to use your new ability”

“Wouldn’t that be a real pain in your ass? I’m not only human, I’m female, you’d be subjected to some serious shit every 28 days.” There’s that beautiful laugh again.

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t willing to put up with it”

“Huh! I have more questions about it but first I want to know what the consequences would be if I go back. If they’re unacceptable then there’s no point in discussing anything else.”

“Very true Dear One. The Queen wants to question you but only for Andre’s shooting. Bill Compton was on your private property and therefore fairgame. Andre was on area property; he was injured but mostly humiliated so she may push for punishment of some kind. There would also be consequences for running but I could argue that your punishment for that is to be bonded to me so you couldn’t run again”

“So I’d face some kind of interrogation with the possibility of punishment and have to be connected to you for the rest of my life?”

“Well summed up Lover.” I huffed out a huge sigh. Would it be worth it, to go back to being Sookie Stackhouse? I could go home, back to my farmhouse, back to Merlotte’s, back to my friends.

“It sounds like I’d be on trial. Therefore I’d be entitled to representation, yes?”

“If you insist on it there’s nothing the Queen can do. She’s being watched very closely.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that so I’d need to think of someone else who would listen to my side, someone who was willing to stand up to the Queen.” Eric nodded “How many humans have you bonded with?”

“In 1,000 years, you would be the second. The first was the psychic I told you about. Most Vampires don’t bond with any human; they have to be very special to warrant a vampire desiring to tie themselves to them”

“What would happen if one of us wanted out?”

“The bond could be broken, in theory, but it would take a very experienced and talented witch, other than that the only way out is death” so no big deal then huh?

“How do we start?”

“We’ll exchange again now, I’ll stay in a hotel today and we’ll exchange again tomorrow night. That may be enough but if we need to do more it won’t be a problem. I’ll call the Queen before I go back to Shreveport”

“If I have more questions and decide it’s not the right thing it’ll wear off again?”

“Yes Lover, it would take longer but my blood is potent, there is no set amount of exchanges to make it permanent, I would expect 3 or 4 exchanges of it would make a full bond”

“Okay, let’s do this.”

Mmmm… I remembered how good it was when we first exchanged blood and we didn’t even have sex! I can’t say creating the bond with Eric was a hardship; living with it is the mystery.

Dave POV
Steve had been taking extra precautions about members of the church lately, I thought he was just paranoid but went along with it for an easy life. Picking locks and planting bugs isn’t difficult, although I had no idea why he’d want to bug a sweet girl like Susie Huh! Or should I say Sookie? I broke in, stuck bugs under her coffee table, bedside cabinet and another in one of her kitchen cupboards.

I couldn’t believe what we were overhearing. Steve, Sarah and I were in the main office at the church. Steve had insisted we listen to Susie Sookie to see if she blabbed about meeting Godfrey or Hugo. Not only was she a fangbanger whore who was into kinky vampire sex and swapping blood, but she was a fucking telepath, a mind-reader! Not a lie-detector. As much as this was great information and we knew where someone’s loyalties lay, why did it have to be Susie?

“Dave, you must call her tomorrow, during the day. Get her here, tell her we need her to sit in on an interview and remember she can read your thoughts, so think of anything other than what we plan to do”

“Sure Steve, consider it done”

Sookie POV
The sound of my phone woke me up a couple of hours earlier than I’d like. I picked it up and saw Dave’s number on the caller I.D. Shit

“Hey Dave, what’s up?”

Hey Su… Susie. Steve wanted you to come and sit in on an interview today, are you available?

“Yeah sure, but just for a little while. I need to get something to eat and shower I’ll see you in an hour at the church?”

Sure, I’ll meet you at the front door. See you soon

“Yep see ya”

I knew this would happen; every time someone sneezes the wrong way Steve thinks he’ll be able to get me to expose their lies. Thank goodness I get to go home soon.

I stretch out and feel every muscle in my body, I feel like I could take on the world after having more of Eric’s blood. I’m more aware of sounds and even my eyesight seems sharper. Walking into the bathroom, I catch my reflection in a mirror and stop to make sure I’m not imagining things.

My eyes are brighter, my teeth look whiter, my hair looks fantastic and my skin is flawless. No wonder vampires like their privacy, if folks knew how good vampire blood was they’d all be out with silver nets! I take my time in the shower, lingering over certain spots with the foamy soap as I remember me and Eric’s activities the night before. Every part of that man’s body was born to make love to women and lucky for me, I was the only woman getting that action.

I dressed quite smartly, a knee length pale grey skirt with black flats and a baby pink button up blouse with short sleeves. Breakfast was quite the affair, I was ravenous and had a bacon sandwich followed by some microwave oatmeal with raisins in, accompanied by a glass of orange juice and two cups of coffee. Today was a good day so far.

Pulling up outside the church, I saw Dave waiting for me. I quickly found a parking space and waved to him as I walked his way ooh my little pretty one, pretty one why the hell was Dave trying to remember the lyrics for ‘My Sherona’? Sometimes, peeking inside someone’s head made you sorry that you did! Surprisingly Dave pulled my in for a hug and grabbed my hand leading me away from the offices.

“Dave, shouldn’t we be going the other way?” he had opened a door and was pulling me down a flight of steps. The Basement. Shit I hated small spaces.

“No the… interviewees… are down here” I peeked in his head ma ma ma my yi yi yi wooh, hmm still with the Knack I see. I thought about how weird it was that he was so concentrated on that song as I followed him down the stairs. That’s when it hit me; he knew I could read minds. He was focusing on a single thing to stop his mind from wandering.

I let go of his hand and turned back towards the stairs to find Steve and Sarah Newlin staring at me. I had Eric’s blood last night and was feeling pretty strong so I rushed them and tried to get to the door but the stairs made it difficult, Steve had the higher ground so gravity was on his side when he threw himself at me. I felt my head crack against one of the concrete steps and saw stars for a second; I really wasn’t wearing fighting clothes.

I rolled away from them and stood, Steve seemed to have hurt his arm tackling me, Sarah looked terrified and was thinking that it would have been better to drug me rather than have all this violence, Dave was looking for a weapon.

“You’re stronger than you look Sookie”

“Yeah well, I work out” how in holy hell did they know these things about me?

Dave shouted a string of expletives possibly involving the word ‘whore’ as he swung a metal pipe at my head; I ducked and rolled, kicking out at his legs as I done so. I unbalanced him and grabbed the pipe out of his hands, holding it like a baseball bat I backed away from the trio of attackers. Looking behind me there was a more open area a few yards back that would give me more space to move defensively.

I kept backing up until I hit something solid that wasn’t there before, a chemical soaked rag was pressed over my mouth and nose and as I drifted away I saw Gabe standing over me.

I woke up feeling like a cat had mistaken my mouth for a litter tray. I brought my hand up to my head and found my hair matted and sticky with blood, damn concrete stairs. Damn Steve Newlin and damn Dave, how in the heck did they find out who I was?

I took in my surroundings, I was in a small space that looked to be used for storage but it had metal bars like a cell and I was lying on a small bed. Well at least they didn’t just dump me on the floor. I looked around to see if my purse was nearby, it was under the bed but my cell phone had been removed from it, so they weren’t dismally stupid, that was bad news for me. I checked my watch; it was 4:30pm, still around 3 hours until sunset.

I wondered if Eric knew I was in danger right now. Could he feel it even if he was ‘asleep’? I heard keys jangling and a heavy door being opened and slammed closed, then footsteps coming closer. I stood up and adjusted my clothes, just because I’d been detained against my will, I didn’t need to look homeless. Steve stopped and looked at me through the bars.

“So Sookie, what did you hope to accomplish by trying to pass as a good person when you’re nothing more than a fangbanger whore?”

“Whatever Newlin, the jigs up, how do you know about me?”

“We have our ways of listening” he looked at a small metal thing in his hand, was that a bug? Who the hell did he think he was – James Bond? “Just as you have your own ways of listening, without the aid of electronics”

“Well I can see I’m at a disadvantage. What do you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything from you freak” his look of disgust made me feel dirty for a second but I shook it off, I was proud of my gifts “but you will be our… guest… until some things are organised”

His brain was an open book, he might as well sit and read me his diary “Well Steve, you are almost as dumb as you look. How do you expect to keep me here for any length of time, let alone strap me to Godfrey when he meets the sun, when there’s a vampire out there that can track my whereabouts and will no doubt want me out of your clutches?”

He laughed, leaning against the bars before looking right at me “Oh Sookie! Do you honestly think he’ll come after you? You’re friend Eric is a vampire, he doesn’t care about you! But even if he does, we’re well equipped to deal with one silly vamp trying to get in to our stronghold!”

“Eric isn’t a friend, he’s not only my employer, but I also belong to him and you have no idea how fucking possessive those guys can be! Why do you think I had to run away from my home and change my name so the Queen couldn’t get me?”

He stopped laughing “So that was true? I thought you made all of that up”

His mind was whirling a mile a minute, but he remained arrogant, convinced that his little church could still take down the vampires from the top down, after all if I could kill one vampire then his group would be able to handle a lot more than that. He walked over to a phone on the wall and pressed a button

“Gabe, I want you to keep an eye on the bitch… I don’t care if Godfrey is awake, he can occupy himself with the Truebloods in his mini-fridge” he turned back towards me “you’ll be well guarded so settle in slut”

He sauntered back the way he came in laughing at how clever he thought he was. Dick. The heavy door opened and I heard murmuring, must be Gabe coming to play watchdog. I checked the brains and found two moving closer and one moving further away; Gabe brought Dave for back-up. Two humans against Eric? At least he thought of back-up, he’s gonna fucking need it!

Gabe and Dave stopped at the door of my ‘cage’, Gabe twirling a large set of keys around his fingers and looking at me with hate. Dave was a little less obvious with his emotions, his stare was cold and his thoughts were full of disappointment. He had honestly bought my story and thought Steve’s command to bug my apartment was unnecessary.

I actually felt bad for duping him, guilt isn’t an alien concept at all for me, when you can ‘hear’ why people are disappointed in you it makes things ten times worse. I flicked my eyes between the two of them, determined not to show any emotion, any anger, any fear.

“So” Gabe sneered “did you actually think you wouldn’t be found out? That the Fellowship don’t screen everyone to ensure we won’t be betrayed?”

“I was kinda hopin’ I’d be shimmying back home by the time you found out anything” I smiled at both of them. Dave found this disconcerting to say the least

“What do you have to smile about? You’re in a bad position Sookie.” My real name was spat from his mouth like he’d taken a mouthful of pond water

“I suppose your right Dave but Steve’s plans for me involve me staying here at least overnight. Come dark there’ll be a pissed off 1,000 year old vampire looking for his human”

“Is that what you are? His human? Don’t you want to belong to yourself?” he looked to Gabe and they shared similar expressions of disgust, I was in no mood to play the weak damsel in distress

“Does it matter? Once you get involved with them you don’t get away, I might as well make the best of my situation; make it as enjoyable as I can. I’m willing to bet you heard just how much I enjoy it from the bugs you put in my bedroom. Did you like listening to me being fucked by a vampire Dave?”

“SHUT UP YOU WHORE OF SATAN!” Gabe stepped in and put himself in front of Dave, blocking his view of me

“She’s just pushing your buttons man, she’s a bitch and that’s what bitches do” Gabe shook the keys again and moved towards the gate, unlocking it and stepping into the small area, making it a lot smaller. “Do you wanna try pushing my buttons little girl? Would you like to see where that’ll get you?”

I didn’t have to imagine, I saw everything in his head. I wouldn’t have to try to push his buttons; he was going to do it anyway. He figured even if I did have a vampire saviour, he wouldn’t be trying to break into the building for a couple of hours so he might as well spend the time teaching me a lesson. I stood my ground, not willing to give up the little space behind me I had. He lifted a hand a moved it towards the top button of my blouse, I slapped it away and he backhanded me across the face knocking me to the floor.

“Gabe what are you doing?” Dave’s voice sounded a little strained “We just need to keep an eye on her, not knock her around.”

“Are you kidding? This slut needs to be taught a lesson in keeping her trap shut”

I was on my knees trying to get up despite the dizziness I was feeling when I felt his foot in my back pushing me back onto the floor. I brought up my arm and slammed my curled up hand into the side of his knee while rolling over trying to unbalance him but he managed to stay upright, his feet either side of my thighs.

He straddled me on his knees and grabbed at my blouse, I knew I didn’t have enough swing for a good punch but settled on slapping and scratching at his face. He ripped my blouse open and was making a move for my bra when my nails got a bit of purchase on his cheek and drew blood, he yelled out and grabbed me by the hair smacking my head against the hard concrete floor

“Get in here and hold her down, I’m gonna make this bitch think twice about messin’ with us again”

“No way Gabe, I won’t let you do this”

Dave trying to pull Gabe off me gave me a little breathing space to try and clear my head. I scooted back towards the bed but Gabe managed to throw Dave off him and grab my ankle, I kicked out at him, catching his jaw. I watched Dave come back at him and kicked out again, the heel of my shoe cracking against Gabe’s nose. He roared, blood dripping down his chin from his nose and let me go, grabbing at Dave’s shirt he pushed him into a light metal shelving unit, which shuddered and rocked before falling on top of the man who was trying to prevent my rape. Gabe turned his attention back to me as Dave tried to get out from under the shelves

“Gabe stop. You’ve done enough. If you rape her I’ll kill you when I get out of this”

I was still only partly conscious, the dizziness was taking over until I heard his zipper. I had to stay awake, I had to fight this, my hand found my purse and I rooted around inside and my fingers found a pen. I curled my fingers around it and looked my attacker in the face. The bastard had the gall to smile at me as his hands gripped my thighs, trying to force them apart.

I lifted the pen and swung it at his neck, at the same time his neck seemed to get further away, there was someone standing behind Gabe pulling him away from me. Further in the air, pants open and his dick hanging out.

A Shirtless Godfrey was behind him, his arms and chest covered in blue tattoos. A teenager with ancient eyes. I pulled myself up and sat on the edge of the small bed, trying to use the remaining buttons on my blouse to cover myself up a little. I looked closely at him, I didn’t get much of a chance the first time but now I noticed he must have been very young when he was turned, maybe 15 or 16.

“Are you badly hurt?” it was the most unenthusiastic enquiry of my welfare I’d ever heard.

“Nothing Eric can’t fix. I’ll be fine, thank you.”

“Godfrey” Gabe pleaded “She was trying to escape”

Godfrey gave him a shake and he shut up. I went over to help Dave, I was worn out and every muscle was screaming in pain but I helped him move the shelving unit and held out my hand to help him up. We shuffled back over to the bed and sat next to each other, watching Godfrey restraining Gabe effortlessly.

“Please let me go. They want to kill me. When you meet the sun, they want to tie me to you” he tilted his head and raised an eyebrow

“But you consort with vampires”

“Uh, kind of. You’re a vampire aren’t you?”

“Yes and I will atone for my sins. I will meet the sun and see god”

“Uh-huh, you’ve chosen that end, I haven’t. I don’t want to die”

Gabe was starting to do a little blue. Godfrey was squeezing his neck a little tighter. Dave looked catatonic.

“Godfrey? That’s your name yes?”

“Godric actually, but Godfrey is more common. Makes it easier to move around in these times”

“Okay Godric. Why don’t you put Gabe down before you kill him?”

He looked at Gabe and unceremoniously dropped him. He raggedly gasped for breath, pushing backwards away from the Vampire.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!? You came to us Godfrey or Godric or whatever. She swaps blood and has sex with Vampires but you attack me?”

Godric immediately stared at me. “You have exchanged blood with one of my kind? We are against nature, abominations, all vampires are damned. We taint the earth”

“And are these people” I gestured to Gabe and around the store room “are they much better?”

He looked uneasy and hungry. His cheeks were hollowed and his skin looked like paper. I sighed and looked at Gabe; he was angry, very angry. Before I could get into his head and find out his plans he lunged at Godric and landed on his back with one arm around his neck and a sharpened piece of wood in his other hand.

Godric must have been weakened from starvation and not seen or heard him coming, but he managed to shake him off. Gabe landed right in front of me, I looked at him and he thought about staking me instead. In that millisecond I made a decision, leaping off the bed I stamped on his crotch with the heel of my shoe.

He let out a sound that a feral cat would have been proud of and passed out as he curled into a ball. Dave took that moment to wake out of his daze and took in his surroundings. He got up and walked towards the door.

“Will you help me get out of here Dave?” he turned his head in my direction but couldn’t meet my eyes.

“I won’t stop you from trying, but I won’t get in their way of stopping you”

I heard him open the heavy door and the sounds of screaming were let into the basement. I tapped into Dave’s mind and he was terrified, there was an extremely angry vampire descending on him.

“WHERE IS SOOKIE?” It was Eric. He came for me, he really did. Suddenly Dave was back in front of us, his arm encircled by Eric’s white hand. Eric snarled when he saw my condition and pushed Dave up against the bars “Did you do this to her? How dare you harm my bonded!”

“No… n..n.. no sir. It wasn’t me it was Gabe, I didn’t touch her” that was strictly true, when he swung that pipe at me he missed.

“Where is this Gabe?”

“He’s down here Eric” I smiled at him and pointed to Gabe’s body still unconscious on the floor.

“What happened Lover” he rushed to my side and pulled me onto his knee checking my head injuries. Dave slumped onto the floor and Godric watched with interest as Eric lapped at the blood drying on my head and I explained how I came to be in such a mess. When I was done he rocked me slowly in his embrace and looked at Godric.

“You came to Sookie’s aid, thank you for that”

“I have done much worse than this human intended for her, but wish to atone for my crimes. I will meet the sun and the world’s children will be able to sleep a little more soundly with me gone” I read between the lines and figured the world probably was better without him.

“Godric” I took a few steps forward and lifted one of his hands in both of mine “If you want to atone and meet the sun that’s fine – do it, but do it on your terms. These people wanted to make an example out of you and me. They wanted to twist your need to end your existence to meet their own agenda. Does lashing a young woman to a vampire and watching them burn in the dawn sound like a valid religious ceremony to you?”

“No, it does not.”

“You want to end it all, that’s fine but do it on your own terms and don’t take anyone down with you.”

“Your comments make more sense now; I feel that Steve and Gabe had me at a weak moment when I agreed to everything. You are right; I should do this on my own”

“Well” I clapped my hands together “I’m assuming the exits are clear?” Eric nodded “Great! Let’s get the fuck out of this hell-hole!”

I grabbed my purse; Eric scooped me up and ran out of the building at vampire speed, closely followed by Godric. Once out of the building I knew he wasn’t behind us anymore, I could only wonder where he would go and whether he would indeed meet the sun on his own terms. We stopped outside my apartment and Eric put me down.

I got inside and immediately started throwing everything I needed to take into a bag; there wasn’t much that I couldn’t leave behind. I showered quickly and threw on some yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt. I looked at Eric who was watching my hurried actions with amusement

“Baby, take me home”

“As you wish my Lover”


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