Chapter 4 – Fangtasia

When we were in the car, I thought that Tara’s outfit was fairly similar to mine, feminine and sexy but just in a dark colour. As we walked through the entrance to Fangtasia I realised the darker colour helped her to blend in so much more, I stood out like a candle in a coal mine! If I’d known the dress code was ‘extra from the Addams Family movie’ I’d have reconsidered my financial situation and borrowed money from Gran to fund something more fitting.

Pam was smiling as she walked us to the bar; her head was a little cocked to one side like she was listening for something. Fangtasia was decorated in grey, black and red, with posters depicting famous movie and TV vampires plastering the walls, the clientele ranged from tourists wanting to see a real vampire, to Fangbangers who wanted to eventually be a real vampire. I dropped my shields a little and was bombarded with sex, sex, sex, I paused and shook my head a little to clear things up and noticed that amongst the buzzing brains there were blank spots, like voids, I remembered how I couldn’t hear Bill unless he was trying to glamour me and even at that I had to really focus, the voids must be the vamps! I counted 15, you learn something new every day, this could come in very useful!

Pam led us to the bar and said she would see us later and that she hoped we had a good time, but she had that sarcastic look on her face again so I wasn’t sure if she really meant it, like she was sincere but didn’t know how to show enthusiasm. Tara was clinging to my arm; I noticed we were getting quite a lot of looks from the other people nearby

“I don’t know about this place Sooks, I know I said I was up for a wild night just us girls but I think these folks are a little wilder than the Bon Temps crowd”

“Tara chill, we’ll be fine, besides you’re not the one that looks more like you’re going for tea with Grandma”

“Oh but Sookie you look so pretty in that dress, sexy but in an innocent way…”

We were distracted by the bartender, a tall Native American with long black hair; he smiled and showed us his fangs “What can I get you pretty ladies tonight?”

Tara’s cheeks flushed a little as she ordered a rum and coke “and I’ll have a gin and tonic”

I rummaged in my purse for some money and the photos of Maudette and Dawn I had in there “also I was wondering if you’d seen either of these women recently?”

He put our drinks in front of us and studied the faces on the photo’s “Yes I’ve seen them but not for a few weeks”

“Did you happen to notice who they hung around with?”

“That’s something we don’t take notice of in here” he pointed to Dawn’s picture “this one wanted to die”

“How do you know that?”

“Everyone who comes here does, that’s what we are – death”

Wow, that was blunt, depressing but blunt. Tara’s fingers were digging into my arm “thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it” those fingers were almost breaking the skin as I held out the money for the drinks.

“Come now Sookie, did you think I would invite you here and have you pay for drinks?” a smooth voice floated over my shoulder, the bartender nodded in its direction and went off to serve someone else. I patted Tara’s hand and turned around in the stool.

“Hi sheriff…um I mean Eric” I smiled but in my head I was screaming ‘hubba, hubba’ as I was reminded of just how big and beautiful he was. Tara eventually let go of my arm.

“This is my friend Tara” Eric nodded at her but put his hands on my shoulders and ran them down my arms, picking my right hand up he brought it to his gorgeous mouth and ran his lips over the knuckles, inhaling deeply through his nose like he was smelling a flower, oh god he was sexy!

“I was starting to think you wouldn’t come, but I’m glad you did, you are a vision in that dress, delicious” his mouth twitched up at one side, I think the whole club heard me gulp. I removed my hand from his and picked up the photos.

“Apart from your gracious invitation there was actually another reason I’m here, do you recall either of these women in your club Eric?” just as I asked that Pam showed up at Eric’s side, he showed her the photo’s and tapped Dawn’s

“I have been with this one” he looked at me as if he wanted a reaction “She liked pain”

I just nodded then Pam took the photo’s out of his hand and curled her lip “I have seen both of them, I’ve never been with them” she turned Maudette’s picture towards me “this one was a pathetic creature”

“Okaaay. You didn’t notice anyone hassling them or following them around?”

Eric Snorted “The only ones doing the hassling were them! Can I ask why you are so interested in these women?”

“Sure, they’re … um … dead. I think they were killed for associating with vampires. Have you heard of any of your other … customers going missing or anything?”

“No but I can ask around if it would gain me favour with you.” Great, big fat zero on information that would point the Police away from my brother. However, it was a big fat yay on hunky vampire looking to score points with me.

“Thank you for answering so candidly and your kind offer to help me.” I stashed the photos back in my straw purse. Eric took a step back from us

“Unfortunately Sookie, I have work to do” he waved his hand at a throne surrounded by fangbangers and curled his lip in disgust “I would much rather spend the time getting to know you, but they come here to see real vampires, the least I can do is put on a show”

He smiled a cocky smile and walked away, I’m not ashamed to say I watched every step he took; his butt could win blue ribbons in every state fair. One glance at Tara told me she was thinking exactly the same thing. So here I was, apparently looking delicious, with a clear come on from an extremely sexy man I couldn’t ‘hear’ and as such distract from any moments we could be involved in, fate doesn’t shout any louder than that!

Tara and I managed to find a booth with a clear view of the dance floor (and Eric’s throne but I swear that wasn’t purposeful), it seemed as soon as our glasses were empty a waitress was right there with fresh drinks, it’s good to know the Sheriff! Despite my earlier misgivings, we had a good time, we danced, and I’d decided to switch to coke to stop my buzz becoming incoherent rambling with additional unrythmic swaying.

Tara went to the ladies room and I stole a glance at Eric’s throne, he was staring at me like he was trying to count my eyelashes, I felt pressure on my mind and focused on it...come to me…sit with me.. Well at least he wasn’t using his glamour to get me to go back to his place…yet. I wasn’t giving in, I just smiled and waved at him and watched his expression change from concentration to confusion.

Tara came back and one of our favourite songs came on, I still had a buzz going and I was feeling naughty so I danced as sexily as I dared right in Eric’s line of sight, twirling round and swaying my hips up and down I looked at him, and when I was sure I had his attention I raised my arms above my head a winked. Back in our booth I sipped some more coke and looked over to find he was still watching me. Chew on that Mr. Sheriff.

Since Tara and I’s display on the dance floor, I noticed quite a few of the tourists and fangbangers, not to mention the vamps, had been looking in our direction, I dropped my shield just to be nosey and find out what they were thinking.

I wonder if they were paid to put on that performance, I know I’m sticking around here longer because of it.
God that blonde is hot I’d just love to have her…
nuh-uh don’t need a visual on that
Can’t believe I’ve been here every night for weeks and that big blonde vamp pays that trailer trash bitch more attention!
That vamp went into the restroom with that fangbanger 5 minutes ago, I’ll give them another minute then I’m going in. This is what you were trained for, you just need to confirm feeding on the premises and radio it in.

Oh no, that was not good, I searched for the mind the thought came from and headed towards Eric. He smiled broadly as I approached but I shook my head

“Eric that ‘tourist’ at the bar isn’t a tourist, he’s a cop and he knows one of the vamps is feeding in the restroom, if he goes in there there’s gonna be a raid” he looked livid, his fangs ran out with a snarl and he marched towards the restroom, on his way there he spotted Pam, clicked his fingers and pointed to the undercover cop. Pam nodded and took the cop’s arm and led him towards what looked to be an office.

Eric came back out of the restroom with one of his hands at the back of a vamps neck and the other behind a fangbangers neck and threw them inside a different room, taking out a key and locking the door. He looked over at me and beckoned me over.

“Tara, honey, it looks like there might be trouble, you go out front and get the town car, I’ll be there soon”

“Are you sure Sooks, that Eric guy looks real pissed off, I don’t want to leave you alone in here”

“I can handle it Tara, he’s not pissed off at me, at least I don’t think he is” she nodded and headed for the front door. I walked over to Eric and he motioned me inside the office that Pam had taken the cop into, Pam was on her way out with the cop, now smiling and nodding at her

“Thanks so much for the tour of the club, you got a first class operation here Miss” he put his hand out to shake hers but Pam just looked at him, I’d gotten the distinct impression that vamps weren’t big on physical contact other than sex, feeding and fighting.

“Pam, could you request that Longshadow has a long chat with Ferris and his companion about the laws regarding feeding in public, they are locked in the store room “

“Yes, Master”

“Sookie?” He was holding the door open for me to go inside the office, I was liking this situation less and less, but running was not an option. I put on my big girl panties and took a seat on the big leather couch opposite the desk.

Eric closed the door and stood facing it for a second, I bit my bottom lip to stop it from quivering, he turned and eyed me coolly

“You know why I want to speak with you in private?” why did I feel guilty, just shake it off girl, you’ve got your big girl panties on, don’t let him take charge here

“You wanna have sex with me?” in the blink of an eye I was on my back on the couch and he was pinning me down growling, okay I was so not in charge here

“I would love to fuck you, but that is not the reason you are here right now. I do not like games Sookie, are you going to tell me how you knew that man was an undercover police officer?”

There was no way I was going to be able to lie about this and leave Fangtasia alive “I’m a telepath, I read his mind” I cringed and waited to have my throat ripped out, instead I felt Eric release my arms and move away from me. I opened my eyes and Eric was looking at me thoughtfully, hungrily.

“That’s interesting, I had a psychic once, it was incredible”

“Did the psychic think so?” it came out before I could engage my brain, Eric threw his head back and laughed

“For a while” he replied ominously. There was a knock at the door and Pam came in

“Master, the policeman and the fangbanger have been dealt with cleanly and Longshadow has Ferris chained in silver awaiting your punishment” I didn’t want to know how a vamp dealt with human transgressors ‘dirtily’. All of a sudden I remembered Tara! She was waiting outside for me!

“Eric I should really get going, Tara is waiting for me” I stood up, but his clamped a hand on my wrist and sat me back down again

“Pam go outside and inform Sookie’s friend that I have much to discuss still and that I will ensure Sookie returns home safely” Pam nodded and sashayed out of the office closing the door behind her. I guess I wasn’t getting away that easily.

“Being a telepath makes you very special Sookie, very useful, you must have been able to hide it very well seeing as you weren’t brought to my attention before now”

“There are a few that know, but they also know to keep it closely guarded, at least the ones I’ve told know that, there is a chance a couple of others have figured it out but I’m pinning my hopes on them being too scared of the unknown to admit they know I’m different”

“Hope may not be enough, if one of those others made a passing comment nearby a vampire about you, that vampire would endeavour to seek you out. Vampires love to have pets, especially pets with abilities of your calibre. I noticed tonight that you cannot be glamoured”

“Nope. Although I didn’t know that until Bill tried it at Merlotte’s, he tried to get me to go home with him and what do you mean pet?”

“Pet’s are humans that are used as necessary, feeding, fucking and if they have an ability they are forced to use it to their Master’s whims” I could feel the blood drain out of my face, my mouth went dry and I could feel the tears well up and my lip start to quiver again. Eric put one hand either side of my face and brought my head up to look into my eyes.

“Sookie, do not worry, I am not that old fashioned. I like my underlings to stay by my side because I treat them well and pay them accordingly. Pet is just a nicer way of saying slave and I do not agree with keeping slaves”

“Oh okay, what will you do with me?” that had to rank number one in my list of ‘questions I really didn’t think I wanted to know the answer to’. He thought for a while, as if he was mentally weighing up pro’s and con’s.

“You have a rare ability Sookie, one that could have endless possibilities to help many people. I’m sure we can come to an agreement. I would like to add you to my assets, I will protect you and in return you will be called upon to use your gift when I require it, in addition to protection you will be paid of course but there are ‘strings attached’ where the protection is concerned”

“That doesn’t sound so bad, I would be able to live like I usually do but with the odd walk around in someone’s brain that I would get paid for?” He nodded “These strings would need to be very restrictive to break a deal like that” I was cynical, you don’t get anything for nothing, Eric had calmed me enough for my negotiation skills to turn up at least

“I would need to drink some of your blood, this would enable me to track you, ideally I would have you drink some of my blood to create a tie, the tie would mean I could feel some of your emotions, sense if you were in danger, there would be no danger of my turning you with this small exchange and it will really be in your best interests”

He paused in-between every snippet of information he was giving me, watching my reactions range from fear, interest, disgust and resignation.

“What if I say no? Do I get to go home and forget this ever happened?”

“Sure. You can do that but remember that there is now a vampire living in the same town as you, you say he’s already tried to glamour you, are you willing to take the chance that he’ll ignore any gossip he hears about you? I’ll admit that I’d like to ensure you are in my services for my own selfish reasons, but I’m as generous as I am pragmatic and I don’t want to take the chance that Bill Compton would simply leave you be if he came to learn of your ability.”

“You think he would hurt me?”

“Not him no, he’s a lapdog, he wouldn’t have need for a mind reader but he is very close to a very important vampire. A very important vampire who would very much like to know what everyone is thinking.”

“Um … this is pretty crazy, you get that right?” He nodded “So you want to employ me, exchange blood with me and that would protect me?”

He smiled widely, got up and went to his desk, picking a cell phone out of a drawer “In the spirit of protection I would like you to also have this” he handed it to me “it’s a disposable pre-pay, I always keep some handy, even if we had a tie there is no way for me to sense you’re in danger all the way from Shreveport if you are in Bon Temps. The numbers for Fangtasia, my personal cell and Pam’s are already programmed, we will assign you a permanent cell on a business contract if you choose to accept my offer” despite the whole blood drinking part, I couldn’t help but think I was getting a pretty sweet deal.

“Without your protection, if another vampire found out about me, they really wouldn’t offer me all this would they?”

“I doubt it very much, as you’re resistant to glamour they would probably just kidnap you, perhaps even turn you so that you would be beholden to them, the fact that Bill turned up at your workplace and tried to glamour you into leaving with him despite his claims to be mainstreaming makes me suspicious” He might be exaggerating to scare me into becoming his ‘asset’ or maybe he was being that most rare of qualities – honest.

“So if I don’t take your offer I’d be pretty stupid huh?” Eric laughed lightly but I knew he was basically saying yes you would be very stupid not to do this, I opened my purse and dropped the cell phone inside “So how does this blood exchange go down?” he took both of my hands in both of his and looked me straight in the eyes

“Sookie, one more thing about the exchange, after it happens you would be mine in vampire terms”

“Like your girlfriend or your possession?”

“A little of both, no other vampire would be able to feed from you unless you went to them willingly, but this would require you to state that you were mine if questioned” So I’d be ‘his’? I knew vamps were pretty possessive, Mr. Finn had told me, that would mean I’d never be able to have a relationship with any other man. Don’t get me wrong, I felt a serious attraction to Eric but I wasn’t without knowledge of how vampires work.

“And what about you?”

“I’m not sure I understand, what about me?”

“Well Eric it’s one thing for me to let you drink from me and tell any vamp interested that I’m yours in a weird girlfriend slash possession kind of way but it sounds a little like a relationship, and I’ve never had one of those. Would you still drink from other women or would you be mine?” I’ll be damned if I’m committing to being claimed without doing some claiming of my own. Call me naive or stupid but I’m a big believer in monogamy.

Obviously this subject had never been broached with him before, he looked kind of stunned, but just for a second, then he waggled his eyebrows

“That would depend on how much you valued my happiness, if you were willing to provide the services that I usually seek from other women then yes, I imagine it could be deemed that I would indeed be yours” one of the hands he had on my face trailed down my arm and snaked around my waist to pull me onto his lap “are you offering this Sookie?” his voice was like silk, I could feel the moisture pooling between my legs

“Yes” I whispered, he pulled my head closer and brushed his lips against mine before taking my bottom lip between his and sucking gently, I flicked out my tongue lightly against his top lip and he let go

“Yield to me Sookie” oh god that was sexy! I shifted my position in his lap until I was straddling his thighs and crashed my mouth to his and he kissed back in earnest out tongues fighting for dominance, boy could he kiss, I’d never been kissed so intensely, so erotically, it felt like I was going to explode with pleasure just from that kiss.

When I came up for air I sat back a little and ran my fingers through his hair looking at the desire in his eyes, he pulled me back in and started kissing my neck and I gasped in pleasure, my nipples were hard and straining against the fabric of my dress and I circled my hips over the hardness pressed against my crotch. There was a banging and I felt Eric’s shoulders sag and he growled

“What now Pamela?” I heard a snigger, followed by a throat being unnecessarily cleared

“Fangtasia is closed for the evening; all the staff have gone home I wanted to put the takings into the safe Master”

“Carry on Pam; I was just about to take Miss. Stackhouse home”

“I’m sure you were Master”

Frustrated was not the word to describe how I felt, but in a way I was glad my first time wouldn’t be in the back office of a nightclub.


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