Growing Up

Chapter 7 – Growing Up

Sam had changed my shifts so I was working Noon until 6pm every shift, it was nice having the consistency of set working times, it enabled me to plan things more efficiently. I contacted the shooting range and booked myself in for my 5 sessions at 10am each day starting Monday, I had Sunday off so I’d be able to go to Monroe or Shreveport and buy a gun then.

I still hadn’t spoken about my unarmed training to anyone, maybe Sam could help me? After Eric calling me a goddess I was feeling pretty good about myself, ready to face the world, a new Sookie, ready to fight and do whatever necessary to live my life the way I wanted to live it! I smiled at the image in the mirror in front of me, tightening my ponytail I bounced through the house into the kitchen for breakfast.

I tucked into my sausage and scrambled eggs, while I looked over the pamphlets I had picked up, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Hapkido, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing arrgh!! Not only was the selection mind boggling but all of them looked pretty hard to pick up, like I’d need to spend months at classes. I stuffed the pamphlets in my purse and finished my coffee.

I said goodbye to Gran and walked outside, remembering the new Volvo, I should probably take it out for a spin, just to make sure that it suited me, I went back inside and opened the briefcase Eric left, just as I picked up the keys I noticed that I had left the cell phone in there too – I had a text message from Eric, I smiled as I accessed it

Have info on Bill, will c u after sunset. E

That sounded ominous, he would only tell me about it in advance if he wanted to make a point of talking about it later. I replaced the disposable cell in my purse with the new one and made myself at home behind the wheel of the red Volvo, I snorted at Eric’s choice of vehicle, it would have to be Scandinavian! I didn’t realise how sluggish and rickety my Nova had been, I wasn’t speeding to work but with better acceleration and handling I got to Merlotte’s ten minutes quicker than usual.

I sat at the bar and asked Terry for a coke, might as well relax for a few minutes before getting ready, he put my drink in front of me and eyed the pamphlets I was poring over.

“You looking to toughen up Sooks?”

I smiled at him, I liked Terry, he was a Veteran and his head was pretty messed up from everything he’d seen, I stayed out of his head as much as possible but he was real sweet when his PTSD wasn’t playing up

“Yeah, it’s a vicious world out there Terry, all that crap with the Rattrays made me realise I should learn how to take out the trash”

“All these classes, it takes a long time to learn enough to really protect yourself with these methods, there are some simple hand to hand techniques I could show you to start and I know that there’s a better range of close combat training classes in Shreveport available, you’d be better looking at that route rather than a martial art – martial arts are about self- discipline and mental preparedness, you want to take out attackers quick and dirty”

“Wow Terry, thanks! You’ve just saved me a ton of hassle! I’m so glad I decided to sit down before I started my shift!”

Terry was blushing slightly when I leaned over the bar to give him a peck on the cheek; he really had made it so much easier for me. I asked him how soon we could start my training, he mentioned Sunday afternoon, I told him I’d call him when I got home from buying my gun, he laughed and mumbled something about taking this self-defence shit real serious.

I just had time to tie my apron before the lunchtime crowd came in, Jason, Mel and their friends from the road crew sat in my section. They always took an age over the menu and ended up ordering the same things anyway. I was setting down a pitcher of beer and turned to get the glasses when Jason put his hand on my arm

“Sook, I don’t like how that vampire has been asking around about you”

“Don’t worry about him Jason” I patted his hand and smiled “I got folks watchin’ out for me where he’s concerned. I got a new job with someone more powerful than him; he can’t touch me without getting his ass handed to him”

“Another vamp Sooks? That’s crazy! Have you lost your mind?”

“No Jason, Compton is far too interested in me, do you know anyone in this town who would protect me against a vamp? DO YOU?” He looked down and shook his head “As soon as he marked my card I ran out of choices”

I carried on getting their glasses and the rest of their order and checked on my other tables, when they were done and I went back over to clear away when Mel intercepted me on his way to the Men’s room

“What kind of work will you be doing for this vamp Sookie?”

“The special kind of work that only I can do, we think that might be the reason Compton is sniffin’ around too”

He nodded and carried on, I realised that more people were going to ask what kind of work I’d be doing, what was I going to tell them? Would signing up for this mean my ability would be revealed to everyone? If everyone knew how much of a difference would it really make? I pondered a lot of things as I worked through the rest of my shift, and figured out that with the exceptions of Jason and Tara, everyone whose opinion I cared about in Bon Temps already knew everything.

Gran was like a tornado whirling around the house when I got home, my dinner was warm in the oven and she was busy loading up her car with trays of finger food for the most important event the Descendants of the Glorious Dead had ever organised. I ate quickly and helped her with some last minute things before kissing her goodbye and jumping in the shower, once I was soaped, scrubbed and shaved everywhere that needed to be, I dried off and coated my skin with moisturiser.

I picked out some nice matching underwear and tossed another sundress on top. I dried my hair and gathered it loosely at the nape of my neck with a barrette clip, a little mascara and lip-gloss and I was set! I was helping myself to a glass of tea when there was a soft knock on the kitchen door, only friends and family came to the back door

“Come in” I called, the door opened a little and Eric poked his head inside

“Hello Lover” he waggled his eyebrows, closed the door behind him and took me into his arms for one of his classic toe-tingling kisses

“Would you like a drink?”

“No thank you dear one, did you get my message?”

“Yes, what information do you have? Will it get him to leave me alone?”

“I doubt it but you’ll find it very interesting” we went through to the living room and settled on the couch “it appears that Compton has spent the last 30 years in the court of the Queen of Louisiana”

“I’m sorry; did you say Queen of Louisiana?”

“Yes, each of the states has a regent, and each state is divided into areas…”

“And each area has a Sherriff, like you?”

“Yes, exactly, I obtained this list of personnel from the royal residence; I thought you could check it to see if you recognised any names. Your telepathy is the most likely reason for his behaviour towards you. If Compton came straight to Bon Temps from New Orleans, he either learned of you on the road or from someone in the residence”

“Seems like a good idea, let’s have a look” I took the list from him and looked down the list, then I saw it Hadley Delahoussaye –Handmaiden to the Queen “Shit” I very rarely curse but this time I believe it was warranted. My concerns about Hadley, my cousin, had been warranted. “It’s my cousin Hadley, that’s how he knows I’m not quite normal”

“It’s worse than that Sookie” He took the list from me and looked at it “Your cousin is Handmaiden to the Queen, which means that it was Queen Sophie-Ann LeClerq that sent Compton here to investigate and most likely secure you. What exactly does Hadley think is special about you?”

“Nothing solid, I was a little off as a child and seemed to know things, then started seeing a special doctor and got better, apparently she noticed when I slipped up sometimes, I asked Gran about it.”

“So they may not suspect telepathy, they may think you’re psychic or clairvoyant, either way your cousin has made it sound interesting enough to warrant the Queen’s attentions. Compton I can protect you from without breaking sweat as you humans say, but the Queen is a little more difficult to manoeuvre around”

“Well that sucks”

“Very much so Sookie, but the contracts you signed yesterday may help, the papers for your official recruitment to Area 5 may appease the Queen, even though you are not in her personal service you are a part of my retinue, therefore hers as well. I will expect a call from her anytime to discuss it as they were only faxed away at first dark”

“So she might call off her dogs for a while?” Eric nodded “So while we’re waiting on that call, do you wanna watch a movie or something?” Eric stood and took my hand, leading me to the living room

“That would be very relaxing; we can snuggle on your couch until your Gran gets home”

“Snuggle? You like to snuggle?”

“It’s a pastime that many vampires dismiss, but with the right person it’s very enjoyable” So we snuggled on the couch and watched ‘The Lost Boys’, it was one of my favourites and I was surprised to find Eric rated it too, turns out vampires love vampire movies, who knew?

When the movie ended we were just getting a little more than snuggly on the couch when there was rapping at the front door. I stood and fixed myself and Eric announced that it was human; vamp sense of smell sure was handy sometimes. I was surprised to find Rene Lenier standing on my porch

“Hey Rene, what can I do for you?”

“Hi Sookie, I didn’t see you at the meeting tonight y’know, I wanted to make sure you were okay”

“Oh I’m fine! Would you like some tea?”

I stood back and he came in the door I pointed him to the kitchen, I wasn’t sure how he’d react to finding Eric in the other room, I closed the door and pulled a chair out from the table for him

“I wasn’t really interested in hearing Bill speak so that’s why I didn’t go tonight, I guess Gran will be a while with all the tidying and stuff”

I turned and opened the refrigerator to take out the pitcher of tea and heard Rene moving behind me, as I turned with the pitcher he lunged towards me wrapping his gloved hands around my neck and squeezing

“I thought you were better than those fangbanging whores Sook, but you’re worse, you’re working for them, helping them, not just getting cheap thrills”

I saw in his head how he’d squeezed the life out of Maudette, Dawn and another girl, he squeezed harder but then I felt the pressure disappear and heard a sickly cracking noise, Eric was holding Rene from behind, Rene’s arms were bent at ridiculous angles behind his back.

“Eric don’t kill him” I rasped, “he killed Maudette and Dawn; we have to call the police.”

My vampire restrained Rene while I called the Police station, within 20 minutes Bud Dearborn and Andy Bellefleur were putting Rene in the back of the car while Kenya took my statement and Kevin took Eric’s. Kenya asked if I wanted a ride to hospital to check out my injuries but before I could answer, Kevin came back in to say that a car had been found wrapped round a telegraph pole on Hummingbird Road, the way he looked at me didn’t go unnoticed by anyone

“Who’s car?” I asked, he just licked his lips and mumbled “WHO’S CAR KEVIN PRIOR, YOU TELL ME RIGHT NOW!”

“They’re pretty sure it’s your Grans”

“I have to go”

I ran outside, down to the bottom of the driveway, I could see the blue and red flashing lights in the distance and carried on running towards them. Kevin and Kenya pulled out of the drive and slowed to a crawl beside me

“Your friend is locking up the house; get in the back Sookie we’ll take you to the scene”

I was glad the Kevin wasn’t going to try and stop me from getting where I needed to be, he let me out of the car as Gran was being wheeled into an ambulance, Eric pulled up and jumped out of his corvette, he handed me my purse and told me he’d follow the ambulance to the hospital.

The paramedics worked on Gran all the way to the Parish hospital in Clarice. In the hospital, she was soon surrounded by nurses and doctors, I felt Eric’s cool arm around my shoulders guiding me to a waiting room, I just couldn’t sit and wait around dammit! I had been pacing for a while I guess when Jason and Sam ran in and gathered me into their arms, that’s when the doctor came back

“How is she?”

“Mrs. Stackhouse sustained substantial injuries to her lungs and ribcage which are preventing her from breathing on her own, unfortunately her age coupled with this damage make surgery impossible, all we can do is make her comfortable I’m afraid” I looked at Jason, he was practically catatonic

“Would we be able to see her?”

“She’s heavily sedated, but you can visit for a short while Miss. Stackhouse”

I took Jason’s hand in mine and looked back at Eric and Sam; they nodded, silently telling me that they would still be there. It was strange to see her; she didn’t have a lot of bruises or anything like you’d expect car crash victims to have, with the exception of the tube in her mouth she looked like she was having a nap.

All they could do was make her comfortable, that meant that she wasn’t coming home, it meant that it was only a matter of time before we would have to arrange a funeral, it meant that I was about to lose the woman who helped make me what I was today. I confirmed with the doctor what times I could visit the next day and went back to the waiting room to find Eric and Sam had been joined by Bud Dearbourne, I deposited Jason on a chair and waited for them to tell me what had happened

“Seems your Gran’s car was tampered with” Bud was hesitant but I shot him a look that dared him to hold out on me “the safety features had been damaged, seatbelt, airbag and brakes, she couldn’t have been doing more than 30 miles an hour but with no way of stopping or protecting herself the steering wheel just crushed into her”

“Do you know who tampered with her car? I mean you got prints and stuff right?”

“We did Sookie, we’re comparing them as we speak, after you being attacked by Rene he’s our prime suspect, we think he messed around with Adele’s car to stop her from getting home and finding him in the middle of killing you” This seemed to wake Jason up from his funk

“What? Rene? Rene Lenier? Nah! He’s my friend why would he try to kill Sookie and Gran?”

“Rene was also arrested and has consequently admitted to the murders of Dawn Greene and Maudette Pickens and also to the murder of his Sister Cindy”

By this point I had heard enough, I just wanted to go home and Eric must have sensed that, Sam told me not to come into work next day. Eric took me home and gave me a glass of iced water, he said it would help my throat, I did feel nice, before I knew it I had my pyjamas on and I was tucked in bed spooned by my blonde protector, I had so much to do, so much to think about but I could do that tomorrow, as I drifted off to sleep I was sure that I would wake up tomorrow to find that tonight had all just been a bad dream.

As it turned out, the night before had not been a nightmare. There had really been an attempt made on my life and my Grandmother was really in Hospital in Clarice unable to breathe on her own and being kept in a drug induced sleep to reduce the impact of her physical pain.

I was woken by the shrill ringing of the phone, at first I rolled over and thought Gran would get it, then I realised she would never answer the phone again, I picked up and tried to croak out a ‘hello’ but it just felt like someone had tried to strangle me – oh wait someone did. I cleared my throat a little and tried again

“Hello, Stackhouse residence, Sookie speaking” it sounded rough but to be honest after the night I had had whoever was on the other end of the phone could whistle Dixie for a better greeting

Hey Chere, you sound terrible; I was just calling to see if you needed anything

“Uh, no Sam, I don’t think so, I’m just gonna have some coffee, I figured my throat would feel better after something warm”

Actually Sooks you’d be better with iced water for your throat, I’ll be available at the bar all day, don’t hesitate to call me if you want me to help with something.

“Yeah Eric said the same last night, Sam, thanks for calling, if I need anything I’ll be in touch, bye”

I went back through to my room and started making my bed when I found a note on my bedside table

I’m sorry I cannot be there to support you today; I will call after I wake to see if you need anything.

I was touched by his concern, I refolded the note and put it in my underwear drawer then it was time to shower, dress and I guess I’d better eat before I went to the hospital, maybe I should call Jason too and see if he wanted to come with me. I managed to stomach some cereal and a cold drink, it actually helped, when I called Jason he sounded like he’d been drinking all night but he still wanted to come to Clarice with me, I got my things together and picked him up, he looked like he’d been drinking all night too but he seemed alert and ready for the trip

“I didn’t know you had a new car Sooks”

“It’s my company car, I work for Eric in Shreveport and he insisted the Nova wasn’t up for the commute, but I can use it for personal errands too”

“Was that him at the hospital last night? The big blonde guy?”

“Yes it was, he saved me last night you know, I don’t think I could have fought Rene off long enough to get to a gun, he caught me out but Eric pulled him off me” I brought my hand up to my throat and found I was fighting back tears as I talked about it

“Then I guess I should thank him, do you just work for him or is there something else going on?”

“Kind of, I won’t just be waitressing at Fangtasia, I’m the vampire-human relations consultant for him there, but he kinda runs his vampire area so I’ll be doing work for him with that too”

“More vamp-human shit?” Jason was as dumb as a tack but pretty and I wasn’t quite sure how much he thought he knew about me that meant I wasn’t sure how to make this simple enough for him to take in at this point in our lives.

“Not really Jay, you know that I’m different don’t you? Remember that special doctor I had to go see?”

“Yeah, don’t you remember the game we used to play? You were real young maybe 3, and I used to think of a colour or a shape and you would always guess right like you could pick the thought right out of my brain, then after you seen the doctor you said we weren’t allowed to play it anymore”

“Oh Jason, I’m sorry I don’t remember that! But you’re right, I can pick the thoughts right out of people’s brains” He actually gasped “I’m a telepath and the doctor was helping me to block out peoples thoughts and help me so that I wasn’t hearing people all the time. That’s the kind of work I’ll be doing for the vampires, listening to the people that work for them and making sure they can trust them”

“Wow Sookie, are they gonna be paying you well for that cos that’s gotta be a niche market you got there” ‘Niche market’ wasn’t quite the phrase I expected to come out of Jason’s mouth and I couldn’t help but laugh

“I’m not only being paid well, I’m officially protected by Eric and the vampires in his team” Jason looked impressed but his next comment made me glad we were 5 minutes away from the hospital

“Is that why he was with you last night?”

“Uh, he did come over to discuss some business but stayed a little later, we… um … watched a movie and stuff and it’s just as well seeing as Eric was still there when everything turned upside down!” the smile I had on my face screamed ‘Crazy Sookie’

“Watching a movie huh? Be careful Sooks, please”

“I’m being as careful as I can Jason” he just nodded and we parked and walked into the hospital in silence.

The doctor that spoke to us was a different one from the night before, he again explained that Gran couldn’t breathe on her own and was being kept under heavy sedation to save her feeling any pain; it was really a case of deciding when to switch off the machinery. I must have seemed like such a cold bitch when I just shook his hand and thanked him for informing us of the situation, I was just terrified that if I showed any emotion I wouldn’t be able to stop crying once I started, and we had things to do, phone calls to make.

I explained this to Jason but he seemed oblivious to any responsibilities that the older sibling should assume, he wanted to stay at the hospital for a while and hold Grans hand, I told him I’d go home make some calls and arrangements and bring him something to eat later on, as usual I had to be the grown up and it angered me a little, but Gran had always made sure he didn’t have to do a thing, he didn’t know any better.

I mentally made a list of people I’d have to call when I got home, I guessed the best place to start would be with Sid Matt Lancaster, he came over to redraft Grans will when Jason moved out, so I’d need to know who the executor was but also Sid Matt would be the best person to advise me on the situation with the hospital and anything else I needed to know. When I got home there were seven messages on the answering machine, all just locals wanting to know what had happened and how Gran and I were.

I called the town gossip, Maxine Fortenberry, gave her an update and asked that she passed this on to as many people as possible, I had far too much on my plate to be spending my time calling everyone in town. When I called Sid Matt he said he didn’t want to talk on the phone and that he’d be right over, he was pulling into the drive 15 minutes later, we had tea and he let me know Jason was executor of Grans will and that it would be best if Grans life support was turned off sooner as we didn’t actually have the funds to keep her alive indefinitely, so I should call any close friends and round up any stray relatives who might want to say goodbye and then he left.

The folks in town probably wouldn’t worry about that, the only stray relatives we had were Bartlett and Hadley and the only close friend that Gran ever mentioned was Dr. Brigant. Jason could call Bartlett, I knew he kept in touch with him, I could ask Eric about getting in touch with Hadley seeing as we now knew where she was but that would have to wait until sundown, which just left Dr. Brigant or Grandfather as I had affectionately come to know him.

In all the years I’d known him I’d never actually had to call my Grandfather, he always just showed up now and again, when he was sure it was just me and Gran in the house, usually around birthdays and other celebrations, I felt like a snoop going into Grans room for her address book to get the number, but I knew that this was another grown-up thing I’d have to live with doing. It didn’t ring for long before he answered, his deep voice smothering me in comfort, I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer

“G…Grand” sniff “father, Grans in hospital in Clarice, she’s real sick and … And we wanted to know if you’d like to say Goodbye before we… we… have to turn off the machine”

Oh Sookie, my child, I’ll come to the hospital this evening to see you and Adele

“Jason and some others may be there”

I understand, I will see you tonight, goodbye


I broke down then, sobbing in the kitchen, phone still in hand, I don’t know how long I stayed like that, but the phone snapped me out of it, it was Jason, he was hungry and wondered where I was, my anger took over but I tried not to let it show in my voice, I hung up, made sure I had cash in my wallet and headed for the Wendy’s drive through on the way to Clarice.

Burgers in hand I went back into Grans room, Jason looked like he’d been crying, he mumbled thanks for the burger and we ate in relative silence, when I only had my fries left I broached the subject of him calling Bartlett to let him know about Gran

“Well why can’t you do it Sooks?”

“Because he’s a nasty old man who molested little girls and I was next on his list, you know that, Gran told you that’s why he wasn’t allowed to come to our house anymore”

“Shit, do I have to do everything Sookie?”

“No Jason Stackhouse! So far I’ve done everything and you’ve gotten drunk and sat next to Gran holding her hand, I’m asking you to make one phone call Jason, that’s all” in trying to keep my voice quiet, it just sounded more venomous

“Well if you’re not gonna do it then I suppose I’ll have to!”

“Thank you” I think I actually sneered “If you don’t mind doing that now, I’d like some time alone with Gran” he drew me a filthy look and stomped out like a petulant child. I let go and gave myself to the sadness and loneliness I was feeling, I must have fell asleep with my head resting on my arms, Jason woke me up to tell me that Bartlett wouldn’t come to the hospital but to let him know when the funeral was, I was relieved I wouldn’t have to face him right away.

I spoke to the doctor and explained there was one more person I had to speak to and ensure they didn’t want to see Gran before we turned off the ventilator that was keeping her alive and he seemed fine with that, Jason and I found somewhere to have some dinner, I told him that I’d spoken to Sid Matt and that Dr. Brigant would be coming to see Gran tonight. Jason didn’t know that he was our biological Grandfather, I didn’t want to open that can of worms, not now, maybe not ever, I also told him that I knew where Hadley was and I’d hopefully be able to reach her tonight, he was shocked about that but my cell rang before he could ask any questions about it. It was Eric

Sookie, how are you coping?

“Not too well Eric, but I have a favour to ask you”

Ask away dear one, I have been told that these situations can be very stressful

“You know my cousin Hadley that we spoke about? I need to ask her if she wants to see Gran before we… y’know… before she goes”

I’ll call the royal residence immediately and relay your request

“Thank you Eric, goodbye”

Goodbye Sookie, I’ll see you soon

I explained to Jason where Hadley was, he asked me if she was a vampire, the thought hadn’t even occurred to me before, maybe she was, I had assumed that she was still human but there was a high possibility that she wouldn’t be. When we got back to Grans room the nurses were checking up on her, making sure her meds kept her numb, we sat looking at Gran, at each other, the fact that there was nothing we could do was prevalent in our mood, a knock on the door signified Dr. Brigant’s arrival, he came into the room and pulled me into his arms

“Oh Sookie, I’m so sorry this has happened”

“It’s not your fault Gr… Mr. Finn, thank you so much for coming to see her, I’m sure she’ll be happy you’re here” he looked at Jason and held out his hand, Jason had never met Dr. Brigant but he had heard a lot about him, they shook hands for a while before Jason let go

“So you’re Dr. Brigant? Gran always said nice things about you and the work you did with Sookie when she was little, it’s nice to finally meet you”

“And you Jason, but please call me Fintan, I hope I don’t seem rude but I was hoping to have some time alone with Sookie and your Grandmother”

“Not a problem, I’ll go and get some coffee” he said it wasn’t a problem but I could see in his eyes he was a little put out. When Jason left I was pulled back into a warm embrace

“I heard a rumour that the Vampire sheriff of Area 5 has secured a telepath” there wasn’t any malice in the comment, just curiosity

“Yes, he has. It seems my cousin has a big mouth and works for the queen of Louisiana, Sherriff Northman was able to put me under his protection. We think she sent her goon squad to steal me away to New Orleans” I could feel him tense around me

“I’ve never met the Northman, but my father has, he respects him, which for a Fairy and a vampire is rare to say the least” and speak of the devil, there was a knock at the door and Eric strolled in. Seeing me in the arms of another man immediately put him on high alert

“Eric” I smiled and went to him “this is my old Doctor, Fintan Brigant” they nodded to each other,

Eric whispered in my ear “Sookie do you know he is part Fairy?”

“Yes” I whispered back “I’ll explain everything later” Grandfather smiled, he could probably hear every word but he didn’t say anything about our exchange.

“Mr. Northman, a pleasure to meet you, I understand you’ve met my father”

“Brigant? Niall Brigant? Your father? That is… very interesting”

at that point Jason came back in with six cups of coffee, I wasn’t sure if they were all for him or maybe he just got really confused. My Grandfather said his goodbyes and gave me one last hug, promising he’d see me at the funeral.

Eric had indeed managed to speak to Hadley and ask if she wanted to see Gran, he passed on his apologies on her behalf that she wouldn’t be able to attend either the hospital or the funeral, there was more to it and I was willing to bet that she didn’t really care enough to give an answer and Eric had made all that up to make me feel better.

“Is she a vampire Eric?”

“Yes, for a couple of years now” I nodded, Jason looked sad.

“Well, that’s everyone that wanted to see Gran; do you want to call the doctor in Jason?”

“Uh… not really, but I’ll go get him, let him know it’s time, y’know”

I nodded, tears springing to my eyes. Eric gathered me in his arms and stroked my hair. Jason came back in with the doctor and two nurses; they nodded to each other and checked Grans IV, and started turning some of the machines off. I put my arm around Jason’s waist, Eric rubbed my shoulder and left to wait outside, the last of the Stackhouse family stood crying as the beeps of Grans heart monitor got further and further apart until the monitor beeped no more.

The doctor passed Jason an envelope and touched both of us lightly on the arms before leaving, the nurses bustled around Grans bed, disconnecting wires, an orderly came into the room with a gurney, one of the nurses came over and ushered us out of the room.

Eric drove us home in my car, Jason and I sat in the back, at some point Jason opened the envelope the doctor had given him, looked through the documents and handed them to me, it was the forms and other papers we would need to arrange Grans funeral, another grown up job I was now to assume responsibility for.


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