Just the Job

Chapter 6 – Just The Job

I waited until eight ‘o’ clock to call Fangtasia, I figured Eric or Pam would be in the club by that time. I went to my bedroom and picked up the disposable cell phone Eric had given me. I’d never had any type of cell phone before, I’d never had any reason to have one and I didn’t really have the need to keep up to date with technology, the amount of times I heard Sam cursing at his computer in his office had put me off a little.

As promised there were three numbers programmed into the device, I didn’t feel comfortable calling Pam or even Eric on their personal numbers, despite what we’d shared the night before, I highlighted ‘Fangtasia’ on the little screen and pressed the green call button. It rang twice before a bored female voice said

Fangtasia, where all your bloody dreams come true.

“Hello, this is Sookie Stackhouse, I was wondering if Eric was available to speak with me.”

One moment I heard heels clacking on a floor and a door being opened Master, Miss Stackhouse wishes to speak with you.

Thank you Pam, Sookie is everything okay?

“Yes Eric, I was wondering if I could ask a favour of you”

Well so far you’ve prevented the final death of one of my area’s residents, despite any strange behaviour he’s shown and helped avoid my business being raided, it would be unfair of me to deny a request.

“Good point. I’m in need of some additional funds and was wondering if you needed an extra waitress for a short while? I also wanted to ask your advice regarding self defence disciplines”

Is that it? That’s all you want? What on earth did he think I was going to ask for?

“Yes, you see I’ve applied for a permit to carry a handgun, so I need to pay for that and the classes and the proficiency test, and I want to be able to defend myself without a weapon too, obviously I’ll need to pay for that but I’m a little overwhelmed at the choice of classes and thought you would be able to recommend something”

My Sookie, you have been busy. Are you free to come to Fangtasia tonight? I had some papers drawn up with regard to the use of your ability, but if you wanted to do some waitressing that would change a lot of the clauses and make it easier for us to add you to our health insurance.

“Well, I’m working the afternoon shift at Merlotte’s tomorrow, so it’s not a big deal to come to you, as long as you don’t keep me out too late” I smiled into the phone

You will be home and in bed at a reasonable hour, whether you are sleeping remains to be seen.

He chuckled and hung up without saying goodbye. I’d noticed a quite a lack of manners when dealing with vamps, like the politeness got sucked out of them as well as the blood when they were turned.

Gran had asked for my cell phone number but I told her there wasn’t much point until I got a permanent one that was something else I’d have to speak to Eric about, I decided to change before I went to see him. I put on a pair of tight jeans and a black top that was cut low at the front and back, checking in the mirror I noticed you could see the marks Eric had left when I wore it, I smiled as I remembered how it had felt to be with him, then I remembered our conversation about me being his and him being mine, I had asked him to feed only from me! How often did he need to feed? Was he starving in his office right at this minute?

I threw on a light jacket and grabbed my purse from the living room. Gran was in her chair reading Danielle Steele “I’m going out to see Eric at Fangtasia Gran, I won’t be back too late, I’m working tomorrow”

“Okay sweetheart, when am I going to meet this mysterious Eric?”

“Oh, I’ll have to ask when he’s got a night off; Bill has his talk on Friday night doesn’t he? Maybe Eric can come over and keep me company while you’re at that and you can see him when you come back?”

“Aren’t you going to hear Bill’s talk?”

“Uh, no Gran, it’s not something I find very interesting and to be honest any time I see Bill he doesn’t endear himself to me”

“Whatever could you mean? He was a perfect gentleman when he came to visit us, and I seen the way he looked at you” She had a twinkle in her eye when she said that. I explained to her about how much of an a-hole he’d been the first time at Merlotte’s and the way his friends treated me when I went to pass on the contractor information to him, she seemed a little taken aback.

“Oh my Sookie! He tried to use his vampire powers to get you to go home with him? I’m so happy that it didn’t work! Well his talk is in two night’s time, and between now and forever I hope that’s the last time I see him!” I left her to her thoughts and her novel and jumped in my little Nova to go to Fangtasia.

I got there just before ten and took a chance on walking to the front of the line, it wasn’t Pam at the door, but some red-haired grumpy looking vamp, I went up and told him my name and that Eric was expecting me, he looked at a little clipboard, flipping pages back and forward, I could feel the eyes of the line of tourists and Fangbangers boring holes in my back, I dropped my shields to listen in

Who the hell does she think she is? Walking to the front and asking for Eric!
As if Eric would be interested in her, he wants a real woman.
I hope that blonde lady-vamp is here tonight, she’s so hot
I can’t believe I’ve been dragged to this Dive
Steve said I only had to stay for a couple of hours and work out who the top vamps were, the Fellowship are gonna have to pay me big bucks for wallowing with this filth!

Just as I heard that last comment and scanned the line to see where it had came from Pam appeared at the door, she looked at me standing with my arms folded and an anxious look on my face then to the grumpy vamp flicking through the guest list

“Is there a problem Clancy?”

“This human says the Master is expecting her, her name is Stackhouse”

“Yes, Eric is expecting her” She turned to me “Sookie, I wasn’t expecting to be away from the door so long and didn’t think I would need to put you on the guest list” Back to Clancy “This human is always welcome here, she is special to Eric”

I could hear a few hisses of hatred, a couple of sneers of disbelief and one very large gasp on surprise, I could tell the surprise came from the Fellowship monkey.

“Pam, can I talk with you a sec before I go back and see him?” she looked at me coolly and led me to a curtained recess near the entrance and stood before me with arms crossed and one eyebrow cocked “Did Eric tell you about my gift?” She nodded “There’s a guy in the line, he’s wearing a red leather jacket, he’s got medium brown hair and a goatee beard, he’s a Fellowship spy, I heard him when I was outside waiting”

“Sookie, you really are coming in very useful, you will be a powerful asset not to mention very pleasant to look at and be around”

“Thanks Pam” really? What else can you say to a comment like that? I walked through the club and went up to the bar, the tall native American was serving again.

“Gin and Tonic?” he smiled widely at me

“Not tonight, can I have a ginger ale; its Mr. Longshadow isn’t it?”

“Just Longshadow, I understand you’ll be helping us out now and again”

“Yes” I noticed Pam walk past with the Fellowship monkey and take him into Eric’s office “I’m helping out even as we speak” I smiled at him, picked up my drink and looked around the club to find the Viking that was expecting me.

He wasn’t in his throne tonight but at a booth, with a laptop and a bottle of Trueblood. I noticed the usual crowd of female fangbangers dancing sexily near where he was sitting, they all looked so pale and not a natural ‘I go bright red at the thought of the sun’ pale, but fish belly, unhealthy white. I was proud of my tan and even went as far as to top it up during the winter on the sun beds in the rear room of the video rental store in Bon Temps, the way I saw it was I very rarely drank to excess, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t sleep around, keeping my tan was my only vice.

I wandered over to Eric’s booth and sat my drink on the table, the dancing fangbangers were watching the whole time, Eric looked up and smiled, he scooted further into the booth and moved his drink (AB-) and laptop so I could slide in next to him. I removed my jacket and looked pointedly at the gaggle of pale girls, sliding into the booth and putting my hand on Eric’s thigh before pulling his face towards me and flicking my tongue over his lips.

I was pretty surprised Eric let me do it, but before I could think about that too much he grabbed my ass and pulled me into his lap for an extremely hot kiss. I lost my concentration for a second and was assailed by hatred and fury; I broke away and put my hand to my head rubbing my temple to clear the mental mud that had been thrown at me.

“Are you okay Sookie?” he actually looked worried. I smiled and looked back at the fangbangers

“They hate me and think I’m a trailer trash whore” Eric looked pretty pissed off, I put a hand either side of his face “You can’t be angry at people for thinking Eric, if they said it out loud I’d be the first to throw a punch, but people should always be safe to think what they want to think” the cogs were turning in his beautiful, blonde head and he nodded at me, I brought my hands down to his shoulders “Do you really find them attractive?”

“Not really, I prefer my women to look alive” he trailed a finger across my cleavage “but they are an easy fix to vampire’s basic needs. Tell me, can I look forward to this type of greeting always?”

“When I’m in the mood for making it known you’re mine, yes” I picked up the bottle of Trueblood “am I too late to treat you to an evening meal?” I pulled my hair back from my neck and shoulders and Eric licked along my collarbone, for some reason I was compelled to show those girls that I was taking care of Eric’s every need. What was that all about? I had the feeling Eric’sblood had done more than create a tie between us.

“Not at all, I was actually hoping to negotiate my feeding schedule with you while you were here, if my office wasn’t in use I would be taking you up on your offer right now” just as he said that Pam came out of the office and strode towards us looking very angry.

“Master, Sookie found a Fellowship spy outside, but I’m finding it very difficult to question him”

“Come now Pam, you’re not a newborn, just glamour him”

“He knows about that trick, he refuses to open his eyes, I thought I would ask for your input before I sliced off his eyelids” eww! Slicing off the guys eyelids would just give that Crazy group more ammo against the vamps.

“Perhaps I can help” I could see Pam and Eric were delighted with my offer, I’d done a lot of overhearing and I knew that if I touched someone I could really get inside their brains, but I’d never interrogated anyone before. Eric grabbed his laptop and we all went back to the office, the Fellowship monkey was tied tightly to a chair with his eyes screwed closed. Eric sat in his chair behind the desk and Pam sat on the couch.

“You people aren’t gonna get anythin’ outta me, you can’t hypnotise me if you can’t see in my eyes! HAH! You’ll have to kill me!” this guy was ready to die rather than tell us why he was here, I wonder what kind of martyrdom package the Fellowship had

“I don’t need to hypnotise you Graham, I can find out all of your dirty little secrets without you even opening your mouth” his eyes opened and I smiled sweetly, I walked behind him and spread my fingers over his temples, I could have just taken his hand or put my hand on his knee, but I figured this would look more impressive for my observers.

“You’re not a vampire, what are you? How did you know my name?”

“No I’m not a vampire, I’m a barmaid and soon I’ll know a lot more than your name” he was terrified as I held his head still and closed my eyes. For my first time doing this I was pretty good, either that or this guy happened to be thinking all the right things at the right moment.

I relayed that he’d been sent there to see who the boss vamps were so they could be watched and targeted, he was also to keep an eye out for favoured humans so they could be kidnapped and questioned by the Fellowship. I could feel Eric and Pam’s fury rolling off them in waves, the tension in the room was incredible. I kept going, looking deeper and deeper, I felt like I was raping his brain but he had come here to hurt people just for being who they were and liking who they liked.

I spoke more confidently the more I found out, he thought he was a part of the inner circle because he had spoken to Steve and Sarah Newlin, but then he was sent here to mingle with what he termed filth, and he realised there was an inner inner circle and he was determined to get into it. He thought about how proud his family would be if his information led to vampires being killed, he had watched his brother become a fangbanger and was furious that he chose his vampire over his family; he wondered if he would see his nieces again he thought too long about his nieces

“YOU SICK FUCK! They’re just little girls!” I yelled and pulled my hands away, wiping them on my jeans to try and unsee what I’d seen. I’d seen the same kind of darkness in my Uncle Bartlett and saw what he did to my cousin Hadley and Aunt Linda, I saw what Bartlett wanted to do with me, I knew it was wrong and told Gran, Bartlett was never welcome in our home again. I was shaking and Eric had his arms around me stroking my hair and crooning softly

“I think I can guess what you saw Sookie, will you be okay while I deal with him?” I nodded and he sat me on the couch next to Pam, Pam took over the hair stroking and I watched Eric kneel in front of Graham. Graham was wide eyed with the truth of what I’d seen, perfect for glamouring.

“Graham” the man looked fearfully at Eric “You were never in this office; you were refused entry to Fangtasia. You will go home and confess to abusing your nieces to your mother” he was untied and Eric frogmarched him out of my sight.

“Would you like to talk about it Sookie?” I’d never heard Pam’s voice so gentle

“No Pam, I’m okay, I was never, I mean I managed to avoid what was planned for me, my gift y’know”

“It must have been traumatic, to be able to see what whoever had planned for you, more than any child should have to bear”

“I had a great support network, counselling and stuff; I just didn’t go looking to find anything like that”

“Apart from that horridness, you were very impressive Sookie, knowing you can overhear if danger is ahead was one thing but to actually see you inside someone’s mind was awe inspiring” well I was glad my little display had the desired effect, I checked the time, it was just after midnight and I hadn’t gotten to do any of the things I came here to do or talk to Eric about any of the things I wanted to talk to him about. Eric came back in and looked relieved that I seemed back to normal after my head trip, he asked Pam to leave and sat behind his desk and pulled out a cheque book

“Sookie, that was an incredible display and very enlightening, thanks to you we know that the Fellowship are trying to work out our hierarchy and target leaders, not only that but they are prepared to kidnap human’s who work or socialise with us, Sookie they could kidnap and torture you!” he flexed his fingers and I could see him trying to relax his jaw

“Now we know how much of a threat they are we can be more guarded, prepared. You deserve to be paid for providing your abilities to discover these things, I know you wanted to waitress for us to pay for various enhancements to your safety, but I’m willing to write a cheque for the full amount you need for using your gift tonight”

“Are you sure it’s not too much? I’ll need around $200”

“Is that all? I was going to write you a cheque for $1000” wow $1000 just for looking in someone’s brain! Would it be fair to take the full amount? Should I argue that I don’t need that much? All of a sudden I had a bright idea

“You said hiring me as a waitress was easier than hiring me off and on for my telepathy, right?” Eric nodded “If you pay me $1000, what I don’t use on making me safer I’ll use to buy outfits for my new position here” he put his elbows on the desk and raised an eyebrow motioning me with his hand to continue “rather than hiring me as a waitress you could hire me as a human relations consult, I could come in once or twice a week and read staff to ensure the Fellowship haven’t gotten to them, maybe take a look in your regular customers for the same reason. It would help you and I wouldn’t be working my booty off for weeks on end”

“Sookie, that is a marvellous idea, especially as I like your booty just the way it is!” he finished writing the cheque and came over to the couch holding it out to me, I took it and put it in my purse, leaned over and kissed him lightly.

“I know I offered to let you feed from me, but it’s getting real late and I still have to drive home” I can’t believe I feel bad about not letting a dangerous creature sink its sharp teeth into my soft flesh

“I am a very old vampire, I do not need fresh blood every night, I will survive without feeding from you tonight but I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your offer, rest assured I will be taking advantage of that as soon as the opportunity arises” his eyes twinkled and he gave me a very sexy grin. He took my hand and helped me up from the couch “I will see you to your car.”

I put on my jacket and grabbed my purse. Eric had his hand on my lower back as we walked through Fangtasia, absently rubbing circles with his thumb; all eyes were on us as we made our way to the parking lot, when we got to my car Eric snorted in disgust

“You actually drive this? This cannot be safe Sookie!” I was very satisfied with my little car, it got me from A to B and I told him that

“If you are going to be doing consult work for us you will require to drive longer distances, I would prefer you arrived on time and in one piece, would you agree to a company car for your assignments at the club?”

“I’ll consider it. When will I see you again?” he leaned against the car, his hands on the roof either side of my shoulders, effectively pinning me in place and leaned in to brush his lips against the spot just below my ear, distracted but not put off I continued

“Gran wants to meet you and I was hoping you would be able to get Friday night off to keep me company, Grans going out and I’ll be all alone in that big farmhouse” he raised his head and cocked an eyebrow at me, I bit on my bottom lip and twirled my fingers in my hair trying to look innocent, he moved his hands onto my hips and pressed his arousal into my stomach, growling

“I don’t know how you do it Sookie but you seem to have an effect on me that no other woman has. I would like to see you tomorrow to go over your work schedule and contracts, remuneration and such, that would be a perfect time for me to meet your Grandmother, I will also arrange for Pam to cover me Friday night so I can spend it relieving your loneliness” I smiled and he brought his head down for a goodnight kiss, that kiss kept me warm all the way home.

The next morning I was in extremely good spirits, I smiled all the way to the kitchen where Gran was serving my breakfast “Good morning Sookie! By the twinkle in your eyes I’d say you had another wonderful evening Eric!”

“I did Gran and the best part is you get to meet him tonight! I’ve decided to take a job he’s offered me and we figured that we can two birds with one stone. He’ll come over and visit for a while and then he and I can discuss business stuff” I was nervous telling my Gran about this as it would eventually mean I’d need to tell her that Eric knows about my ability

“Just what kind of job has he offered you? Will you be leaving Merlotte’s?”

“No, I can work both jobs. The offer Eric has made me is in my best interests, the night I went to Fangtasia there were some incidents that alerted Eric to my gift and also to the fact that it would be a useful tool to other’s in the Supe world. Bill Compton seems to have an unhealthy interest in me; I had to rescind his invitation as Eric could smell that he’d climbed through my bedroom window the night I went to Fangtasia. I don’t know if he found out about my telepathy or if he’s just a major creep or if he wanted to … hurt me.”

“He broke into your room? Oh my goodness! It’s just as well you were out! I have no idea where he would have found out about your mind reading, I haven’t told anyone and I’m sure you wouldn’t tell anyone you didn’t trust”

“What about when I was younger Gran? Was there anyone who was suspicious that I was different?”

“Well, Linda asked about you a lot, about how you were seeing a Doctor, she’s gone now but Hadley your cousin always seemed to notice when you slipped up and revealed something.”

“Maybe it’s time to try and find Hadley then”

I remembered Hadley a little, she left town before Aunt Linda got sick, when we tried to find her to tell her Linda was dead she was lost to drugs. The one thing I do remember was that she loved to be the centre of attention; she was always doing and saying outlandish things to make sure all eyes were on her. She was the weak link in the chain.

I spent some time dwelling on Hadley and how on earth she had gotten onto the subject of me and my ‘strangeness’ in earshot of vampires, then I realised I had 45 minutes to get to work. I stopped at the bank to cash the cheque Eric gave me, and then onto the police station to pay for my permit and the related expenses, I made it into Merlotte’s parking lot with 10 minutes to spare.

Rather than go through the employee entrance I went in the front to try and catch Sam, he was at the bar and gave me a strange look as I walked in the door. “Hey Sam I wanted to talk to you before I get started”

He nodded and followed me back to the office, I put my purse in the drawer Sam reserved for us and started tying my apron, he walked in and closed the door as I was making sure I had all I needed in my apron pockets.

“Hey Sookie, how were your days off?” he knew he was about to hear something very interesting, little did he realise just how interesting it was.

“Sam, I’m going to tell you everything that has happened but you have to promise not to interrupt me okay?” Sam agreed so I went through everything that happened, sometimes going back in the story when something had slipped my mind, his facial expressions changed frequently ranging from anger (at me going to Fangtasia), shock (at my agreeing to Eric’s protection), pride (at my arranging extra protection), despair (at Eric and I exchanging blood) and fear (that for some reason my vampire neighbour has an unhealthy interest in me).

When I had finished I was 15 minutes late for starting my shift and we had to hustle but Sam said he wanted to talk more after my shift was done but was glad that I had confided in him. I set my mind on the fact that Eric would be coming by tonight, and that got me through most of the shift, hinting to Lafayette and Arlene that I had a new man in my life, got me through the rest. When 7 ‘o’ clock came and said my goodbyes, threw my dirty apron in a laundry bin and went to get my purse and wait for Sam to come back, I didn’t wait long and Sam seem real anxious when he came in

“Sam before you say anything I want to assure you that any work I do at Fangtasia won’t affect my shifts here”

“Chere, that’s not even an issue, to be honest I’m glad you’ll be finding a use for your ability, I always knew you were meant to be more than a waitress. I’m concerned about that Compton vamp, he‘s been in here asking questions about you, no one has really paid him any attention or gave him any answers, the one thing he did find out is your shift patterns, when you’ll be here, when you’ll be home. I want to change you to working day shifts, I don’t want you having to come here when he could be up and around, the good thing is your new job with Eric will cover any questions people might have about the changes”

“Oh thanks Sam! I really appreciate that”

“Whatever that vamp is digging for; I don’t want him to find it. Eric would not be my first choice to protect you but after what you’ve told me, he seems to be the best choice for you with all the good stuff he’s throwin’ at you. Fancy job, cell phone, new car, I do believe you’re being professionally wooed”

“Well, Eric’s wooing is very convincing; I should get going before it gets too dark huh?” I got out of there and drove home twice as fast as usual, I didn’t want to give Bill any advantages.

I parked my Nova round back and went into the kitchen, Gran had dinner waiting for me as usual, I ate and took a quick shower to get the smell of burgers and beer out of my hair and dressed in a cotton sundress, I also took the opportunity to tell Gran everything that Sam had told me before Eric got here. Forty five minutes after the sun fully set, I heard an engine outside and saw a brand new red Volvo convertible draw up at the front door and watched Eric remove himself from it.

“Gran! Eric’s here!”

I let that excitement slip out before I reminded myself that I wasn’t actually a teenager waiting to get picked up for the Prom. I took a deep breath and opened the door; Eric smiled broadly as he walked up the porch steps, kissing me chastely

“Hi Eric, come on in, I got some Trueblood, would you like me to heat one up for you?”

“That would be very nice Sookie, Thank You” I showed Eric through to the living room where Gran was waiting for him

“Eric, this is my Gran Adele Stackhouse, Gran this is Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5” My Gran held out her hand, mesmerised by Eric’s stature, Eric took Grans hand and kissed the back

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Stackhouse, Sookie always speaks of you with love in her eyes”

“Oh why thank you Mr. Northman” yep, Gran was well and truly charmed.

I went to the kitchen, put Eric’s Trueblood in the microwave and set up tea for Gran and me on a tray; I shook the bottle and went back into the living room. Gran had settled in her favourite chair and Eric was on the couch opposite her resting his elbows on his knees and leaning towards Gran with interest as she spoke about how interesting the world had gotten since vampires had their great reveal. I went to put the tray on the coffee table and nearly tripped over a briefcase; Eric grabbed me and helped me balance

“Sookie, I apologise for leaving that briefcase in such an awkward place”

“It’s okay, I should have been looking where I was going, what do you need a briefcase for anyway?”

“Oh it’s not mine – it’s yours, and these” he pulled the keys to the Volvo out of his pocket “are also yours, your business vehicle, I hope you find it stylish yet safety conscious”

“Wow, thanks Eric, but you drove it here. How will you get back to Shreveport?”

“I’ll fly”

“What like Superman?”

“Yes, I suppose, it’s one of my vampire talents” okay, my big, blonde protector could fly; I took a sip of my tea in an attempt to digest the information. Meanwhile, Eric was asking Gran what I was like when I was a girl, Gran was fluttering and giggling as they bantered back and forth, I honestly think Eric could charm the sackcloth panties off the most ardent nun.

We finished our drinks and chatted some more, turns out I was right – Eric was an actual Viking before he was turned, he got kind of quiet after he said that, I took that to mean he didn’t know us well enough to talk about his pre-vamp life and changed the subject. I asked Eric if he wanted another blood and he declined, Gran excused herself to go read in her room so Eric and I could talk business.

As soon as I heard Grans door close I leapt on Eric, attacking his mouth with mine, I don’t know if he saw it coming or not, but he acted surprised before he reciprocated, when I came up for air he mentioned that we actually did have business to talk about, but hopefully it wouldn’t take long. While he opened the briefcase and sat it on the table, I told him about Bill going into Merlotte’s and Sam changing my shifts just in case

“The shifter is very wise, I’m glad that he too wants to ensure your safety, but you seem to bring that instinct out in some people” he gave me a warm smile, which was new, I’d had his happy smile and his dirty smile, the warm smile made me feel fuzzy inside.

Out of the briefcase came a new cell phone and charger, Eric explained that I would only be charged for personal calls, any other costs were taken care of under his Sherriff budget. He brought out my employment contracts, one for Fangtasia as Human Relations Consultant, which was pretty straightforward until I got to the salary

“Eric I think there’s a mistake here it says I’ll be paid $30,000 a year, but I’ll only be doing it part time”

“That’s due to your inexperience. A seasoned vampire-human relations consultant can earn $80 to $100,000 a year, with the advent of mainstreaming, understanding human staff and customers is very important if vampires want to truly blend in with modern society. Think of it as a starting salary”

I was lost for words, this was legitimate employment, I’d be an idiot to say no, I double checked the contract to make sure there weren’t any “by the way you’ll actually be a slave” clauses, knowing how Eric felt about that I didn’t think there would be but just in case.

The second contract was one for Vampire Area 5, confirming I’d be the Sherriff’s resident Telepath and therefore under his protection. I would be paid on a job by job basis with costs to be determined on size of job and/or risk involved, I could be hired out to other Areas or States but it was at the discretion of my Sherriff, Eric explained that as my Sherriff he would always ask me if I wanted to do it before he decided to hire me out and that if I went out of State I’d have a familiar vampire travel with me. It was all so organised!

I signed my name around 15 times as did Eric, then I got copies to keep, as if all that wasn’t enough, he then produced a business credit card

“Eric, please this is all too much, I’m not used to a job with all these perks!”

“Sookie, the credit card is to cover any costs you incur in the line of duty from food to keep at Fangtasia or to pay for meals with potential business partners to professional attire for any meetings attended and of course attire suitable for working in the club itself”

“Oh, when you put it like that, I guess all that would be a lot out of my own pocket”

“Indeed, I would like you to start screening the staff on Sunday evening if possible, in advance it might be an idea for you to make a set list of questions to ask them, if everyone is asked the same questions there will be less suspicion and they will be more likely to let their guard down around you”

“That’s a great idea, I’ll work on that, is there any other business to discuss?”

“No” he put all my work things back in a briefcase and stored it out of the way before turning back and moving in close to me, stroking down my face and neck with one finger

“Not here” I got up and sneaked to Grans door, I heard her soft snoring and beckoned him into my room. We sat side by side on my bed facing each other and I leaned in to kiss him softly, he teased my lips with his tongue before I opened my mouth and let him massage my tongue with his, my hands went up to run through his hair and he held me by the waist with one hand and pulled one of my legs with the other so I was straddling his lap

My sundress had ridden up to expose my tanned thighs, Eric looked down at them, rubbing his large hands up and down and kneading the soft skin “perfect” he mumbled and let his hands wander further up so he could lift my dress over my head.

I was a little embarrassed that I’d chosen to wear a simple white cotton bra and under things, but when Eric saw them his eyes hazed with lust, I guess trying to look innocent counts for a lot in his world, he stood with me still attached to his waist and put my down on the bed, I bent to take off my sandals and when I sat back up he was down to his silk boxers, fangs out and ready everywhere else too. I knew he would feed from me, but I wasn’t sure how or where from or how far we would go with everything else

“Eric, are you hungry?”

“For more than the sweetness than runs in your veins Sookie” he kissed down my neck, along my collarbone, down to my cleavage, he unhooked my bra and slid it off my shoulders, taking one of my already hard nipples in his mouth he sucked and rolled it gently between his teeth while rubbing and pulling on my other nipple with his free hand

“Uh… so …oh that feels good… how… “

“Sssshhh, let me guide you” he pushed me gently so I was lying down and he was propped up on one elbow beside me with one leg keeping my knees apart, I could feel his huge hard length pressed against my hip, still deciding which of my nipples he liked to suck best, I felt his long cool fingers move the sodden cotton of my panties to one side so he could run them along my folds feeling my arousal.

His hand started pulling at my underwear, I lifted my hips so he could remove them, I guess he wanted to save this pair, spurred by my nakedness I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and yanked them over the top of his extremely ready manhood and down to his knees. He rolled us over so I was on top and kicked off his remaining garment, then he locked his mouth onto mine and gave me a kiss that I felt right down to my toes but mainly in-betweens

“turn around Sookie, I want to kiss you somewhere else” it took me a second to work out what he meant, I crawled around until I was staring at the lower half of his body, I’d never done this before, I’d given a few blow jobs but this was a new experience, I felt his tongue against my nub and his finger circle around my core before slowly entering me, I bit my lip to keep quiet and decided the best way to silence myself was to have him in my mouth.

I licked the drop of moisture from the tip and pumped with my hand a couple of times, earning a groan from my Viking, I took as much as I could in my mouth, using my hand to take care of what I couldn’t fit in, I sucked and bobbed my head up and down to the same rhythm Eric set, he added another finger inside me and sucked on my clit lightly, I moaned around his length and sucked harder moving my hand down to his balls and squeezing them

“Ungh… fuck Sookie” he started nibbling and sucking at my inner thigh, I could feel my tunnel stretch as another finger was inserted and his thumb stroked my nub, I started to buck my hips and swirl my tongue around his cock, moaning as he curled his fingers and a wave of pleasure started at my toes, he bit into my thigh and I felt my muscles contract around his fingers, my vision clouded in a curtain of white stars, I felt him get harder and moved my finger to rub the spot between his balls and his entrance and he shot his completion hard down the back of my throat. I rolled off him and scooted to lean against his side, he looked peaceful

“Y’know, for not having sex yet I hope you’re feeling taken care of, I know I’m very satisfied” I smiled at him

“Sookie, before you came into Fangtasia, I had been very promiscuous, feeding and fucking a number of women each night, one woman was not enough and none of them were worth taking again, they did not satisfy me, their blood was weak and their talents were well used”

I’m not sure I liked where this was going, I propped myself up and tried to disguise my scowl

“You, lover, are a goddess compared to them, your blood is very special and I have the feeling that when we do have sex once will never be enough, but I want your first time to be in an environment where I can hear you scream my name instead of muffling your vocalisations of pleasure”

Oh! Well that’s that settled then!


3 thoughts on “Just the Job

  1. I’m so glad she started thinking about who might have leaked her secret, this gives them a huge head start on figuring out Bill. I hope she realizes that with the salary, perks and extra money from the side jobs she can finally leave her waitressing days behind her. Sam is great and very supportive, but she doesn’t need to keep doing that to herself.

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