The Enemy of my Enemy

Chapter 11 – The Enemy of My Enemy

Sookie POV

It had been two weeks since I said goodbye to my Viking Vampire and assumed the identity of shy, redhead nerd-girl Susannah Berkley, who had a sizable bank account (Thank you Eric!) and a small but clean apartment in Dallas. I didn’t have a job, but to be honest with the amount of funds I had been left it wouldn’t be necessary for a long time. Not having to work left me free to establish the connections I needed. Eric told me to hide well and I had, I was now a card carrying member of the Fellowship of the Sun and was currently dressing for a Barbeque being held at Steve and Sarah Newlin’s house.

I wasn’t party to any plots against Vampires; I just went to their church every day and volunteered to help with fundraising. The last bake sale was a roaring success! As such I was considered a friend, but wasn’t trusted enough to be introduced to the darker branch of the Fellowship, hence the Sunday afternoon cook-out.

They were a friendly bunch really, and their thoughts weren’t that bad unless you mentioned the ‘V’ word. The members I involved myself with were actually just plain folks, albeit they were bigoted and hateful but that was par for the course for so much of the southern population. The whole time I was with them I was setting the scene, acting edgy, always checking my watch, refusing to take part in any meetings after sunset. Of course I was really just exaggerating my own behaviours, I was edgy and didn’t like to go out after dark, I’ve assumed I’m still a wanted human since Eric hasn’t called to tell me I’m clear.

I let him know where I was by posting a flyer for a fellowship jumble sale with Susannah’s name and address written on the back, I received a letter in the post 5 days later:

Dearest Sookie
I have spent many hours thinking about where and how you are, I must applaud your inventive thinking as to the people you are associating with. I also realise that ‘snail’ mail is possibly the safest way for us to keep in touch, well thought out Lover. Other forms of communication can easily be tampered with; sometimes I wonder how much technology has actually done for us. Pam deals with the opening of all our mail at Fangtasia, so you can be assured anything you send me will not be seen by anyone other than the two of us. I await a reply and hope this letter finds you in good health.
Always yours

I hadn’t gotten round to writing a reply yet. I wasn’t sure what to say to him. I wanted to see him so badly but was he still being watched? Could we ever be together again? Thinking about that just made me sad. I sighed and finished putting my lip-gloss on, silently psyching myself up in the mirror for what could be a turning point in my relationship with the Newlins.

The Reverend and his wife had a beautiful home, it was very modern with light painted walls and dark hardwood window frames but it seemed ‘homey’ somehow. Perhaps it was the warm welcome I’d received, the Fellowship had a very large congregation but only the church elders and committees were invited to the grill. I was only a background volunteer on the fundraising committee but the Newlin’s made the effort to know everyone’s names no matter how little involvement they had.

Sarah actually hugged me when she answered the door, I wasn’t expecting that, and to be honest if I hadn’t known about their attempts to hurt Vampires and humans involved with them I would be more than comfortable spending time with them. I could definitely see how people got sucked into the organisation, with Sarah’s caring easy nature and Steve’s rousing sermons could redirect many weak minds.

“Well Hi there Susannah! Welcome to our home!”

“Hi Mrs. Newlin” Respecting someone was paramount to gaining their trust “I’m very honoured that you invited me here today”

“Oh please call me Sarah, I’m so glad you came, I wanted to talk to you and finding time for conversation at the church is quite hard. Follow me, Steve just put the first steaks on the grill, we’d better get out back because the food sure goes fast!”

I nodded and smiled my ‘shy-girl’ smile. Inside their home was much the same as outside, modern but with furnishings and personal touches that just made the place seem comforting. Their back yard was huge and swimming with other members of the church, there must have been at least 30 people there. Sarah handed me a paper plate and napkin and told me to help myself before walking into the crowd to mingle.

I was sitting with a few other volunteers, listening to their light chatter but not joining in. I knew from dipping into their heads I was considered ‘the quiet girl’, many of them didn’t even notice when I was in the room and as such only spoke to me when my input was required. I never asked questions, never put myself forward for anything high profile and never talked about myself.

I dropped my shields and scanned everyone; no-one seemed to be thinking anything untoward at that moment. George wondered if his son would go to college, Betsy was anxious about her Mother-in-law visiting, Lydia was sure her husband was having an affair; Vince was amazed at how wearing women’s underwear could turn him on, nothing you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I was surprised when a hand on my forearm roused me from my spying

“Susannah are you okay? You were in your own little world there!” Dave was one of the church elders. He wasn’t much older than me, maybe late 20’s, with mousey hair that was long enough to tuck behind his ears and, as I noticed for the first time, dark blue eyes with flecks of grey. He wasn’t ugly either, but he was part of Steve’s inner circle and hated vampires and humans who associate with them passionately.

“Oh hello Dave! I do apologise, I got so caught up in my thoughts I didn’t see you sit down”

“No need to apologise Susannah or can I call you Susie? Susannah seems such a stuffy name for a girl as sweet as you”

“Umm… okay” Is he hitting on me?

She’s so pretty, and shy too. I wonder if she’s still a virgin. It’s so hard to find nice girls who know their place.

I’ll take that as a yes. Smile and suck it up Stackhouse, you wanted to get deeper into this crowd and Dave is about as deep as it gets. I stuck my ‘shy-girl’ smile on and looked at him coyly through my eyelashes before feigning embarrassment and looking at my clasped hands in my lap. God I was good, I should get an Oscar.

“Well Susie, I was wondering if you’d like to get a coffee with me once the cook-out thins down a little. I’d like to get to know you better”

“I’d like that Dave, but I’ll have to be getting home after this, maybe one afternoon sometime?”

“That would be great but do you have someone at home to look after? It’s only five o’clock, there’s plenty of evening left”

“Well, I don’t like to be out after dark” yep the slightly widened eyes told me I was on the right track “and sunset is in around 3 hours, I like to be curled up with a book before then”

“I’ve noticed you mention the times of sunset before; do you check that every day?”

“Oh Yes! It’s… important to me.” He looked thoughtful for a moment

“Okay Susie, we’ll make arrangements for that cuppa Joe at the next service” he flashed me a big smile and winked.

“That would be real nice, I’ll look forward to seeing you” I snorted internally, yeah as much as I looked forward to contracting a serious illness.

He walked away but turned around and looked back at me, I think I gave him an encouraging smile but seeing as I hadn’t done that before I could have looked a little constipated. He smiled back and sauntered over to Sarah, they bent in close to chat and I saw the way Sarah was looking over at me. I knew she already wanted to talk to me about the weird way I keep track of sunset and some other behaviours but giving those hints to Dave meant she wouldn’t let me off her property without grilling me about it.

The rest of the gathering was uneventful. I ate a little and around 6.30 I made my way over to Sarah Newlin to thank her for a lovely time and say goodbye.

“Oh no Susannah, you can’t leave yet, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you!”

“I know Sarah but I really have to go” I made a big deal of checking my watch “It was such a lovely day I decided to walk the few blocks here, so I don’t have my car.”

“Well honey, I can give you a ride to wherever you need to be. Do you have an appointment with someone?”

“Uhh… no, I’m just going home”

“Oh! It’s just you seem anxious about the time and I thought maybe you had a date or something. Susannah, you know you can talk to me right? Is there something bothering you?”

“It’s lovely of you to offer, but I don’t want to burden you with my issues Sarah”

“Nonsense, look we’re winding down here. Why don’t we go inside and pour a glass of wine and have us a little girl time?” Check watch, look at sky, chew lip, endeavour to look very nervous

“Umm… okay Sarah” I followed her into the kitchen where she took a bottle of Californian White Zinfandel from the refrigerator and two glasses from the cupboard next to it.

She pointed towards an archway and I walked into a very beautiful lounge, with big squashy corner sofas and a very impressive fireplace. On the mantel there was a large framed photo of Steve with his father, the late Reverend Newlin had supposedly been killed by Vampires, there’s just no way I could have planned this any better.

“Is this Steve’s Dad?” I pointed to the photo

“Yes, he was murdered by those evil monsters” her disgust was evident in her facial expression as she spat the comment out of her mouth. It was time for my performance.

“They are evil, no doubt. That’s why I don’t like being anywhere other than my own apartment when the sun goes down. They can’t get me in there, not without an invite”

“Get you? What makes you think they want to get you? I know they are horrible but did you do something to draw attention to yourself?”

“No I didn’t do anything. My cousin got involved with a vampire and told her about me. Sarah…” I held both of her hands in mine and looked right into her eyes “… the Lord gave me a gift. I don’t know how, but sometimes I just know when someone is lying. I don’t know why God chose to bestow this gift upon me but I prayed for a long time for him to take it back, eventually I decided that maybe God had a higher purpose for me, to sort the truth tellers from the liars means I keep the right company and don’t stray from a righteous path”

Sarah was amazed, I knew the whole ‘God gave me a gift’ slant would be better than telling her I was a telepathic part-fairy. I took a peek in her brain to see if it was having the right effect

Oh my stars! What a life? To know whenever someone lied to you, it certainly would make you avoid more dubious members of society. If she thinks it came from the Lord, I see no need to question that, Satan would not give someone the means to see liars for what they are.

Excellent, it was a 50/50 chance she would either accept I had a gift from God or declare me a child of Satan. Discussing the extent of my ability would not happen, she already knew I could tell when someone was lying, she didn’t need to know that I would know why they were lying and what they were lying about and also what they had for breakfast if I was so inclined.

“So why would your cousin tell a vampire about this gift you have?”

“So they could use me. Think about it, if you had the means to find out if any of your staff were lying to you wouldn’t you use it?”

“Oh Susannah! That’s horrible”

“That isn’t even the worst part Sarah…”

I went on to tell her a very carefully edited version of my story. How Bill was sent to collect me for the Queen and how I would be expected to serve in her court as her slave. How I killed Bill when he came to get me at my home and ran away to start a new life afterwards and how the Vampire Queen was still looking for me. She was in tears when I had finished. I told the whole tale with a quivering lip and fear-filled eyes, my acting skills made Charlize Theron look like Paris Hilton.

“Susannah, I promise we’ll do everything in our power to keep those fanged demons from hurting you”

I didn’t have the heart to explain about Demons to her. She asked me if it was okay to tell my story to Steve and the other elders and I consented. Unlike most of the elders I had actually met a vampire and been mistreated by them, I had more reasons to hate them than most folks, inner circle here I come. It was time for me to write back to Eric.

It had been a very long evening. After spinning my tale to Sarah and then Steve, he asked all the other elders and inner circle members into the room for a meeting. They called it a meeting, but really it was just a dozen people talking about how horrible, nasty and unnatural Vampires were. Dave was there and after my Vampire experience was recounted for everyone else he came over and pulled me to one side

“Susie, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through any of this. Rest assured the Fellowship are working towards people like you being safe from those evil fuckers” He inhaled deeply through his nose “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have cursed like that, but the main thing is you found your way to us and we can work together to drive them back into the graves they crawled out of”

“I know Dave, all the fundraising is doing well; we have leftover funds from the last infomercial we funded against the VRA”

“That’s not quite what I’m talking about Susie” I wish I’d never said he could call me that it was chafing my tits “We have a group that is working to harm Vampires on a more physical level. Opposing the VRA is actually a very small part of what we do”

“Oh so you’ve researched into the hierarchy?”

“They have a hierarchy?” Bingo. Eric and I had discussed how random the FOTS attacks and instances had been and that explains it.

“Yes. Each state has a monarch and after that the state is split up and different areas are ruled by Sheriffs. There isn’t just the monarch though, they have lieutenants and seconds. They really think they’re the shit” I snorted ruefully

“How do you know so much about them? I know you said you were almost taken from your home to serve the queen but…”

“The Vampire who was sent to collect me had a big mouth and felt like answering my questions made him feel superior to me. He tried to befriend me and thought letting me quiz him would make that happen” a total lie but Dave bought it.

“I see” He looked away and scratched his chin “we could use this. I’m assuming if these Vamp Royals think they’re the bee’s knees, getting rid of them would send their state into turmoil?” Ding, ding, ding we have a winner!

“Apparently being a monarch is very dangerous. There are always takeovers and coups round the corner. Only the most vicious and determined make it to Royalty, at least that’s what I was led to believe”

“So this Queen that wanted to enslave you was in Louisiana?”

“Yes, New Orleans”

“You know I went to a protest there outside a big compound and thought at the time that it was like being outside a palace. How right I was!”

I laughed as heartily as I could with him, putting my hand on his knee to steady myself. The more he cared for me the more likely he would listen to my ideas. I was invited to their next meeting, ensured of my safety outside of sunlight hours and eventually Dave gave me a ride home, we swapped numbers. I thanked him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

On Tuesday I pulled up outside the Fellowship church for the Super dooper secret vampire haters meeting. I was calm about it, I knew I could steer Sarah and Dave in the right direction. Even if they veered away from what I was planning, I now knew them well enough to meet with them alone and do some jiggery pokery in their brains. I sighed, again, I think I done that 200 times a day, about the same number of times the name ‘Eric’ popped into my brain.

I had written him as soon as I got back from the Newlin’s and posted the letter yesterday morning. I’d gotten myself a new cell phone, under my assumed name, and included the number in my letter. As much as his neat, cursive writing made me feel some fuzzies, his voice was even better. I missed his voice, his face, his eyes, his mouth, his hands, his… okay that’s enough Stackhouse! Get it together Sooks!

I walked into Reverend Newlin’s conference room, everyone turned to stare at me. I opened my mind and took a wander through the crowd

That poor girl, those beasts wanted to make her a slave
I can’t believe she actually killed one of them, she looks so sweet
She’s got some knowledge of how they work, she’ll be a big help to us
She’ll know if Godfrey is lying to us and that weird guy Hugo

I knew the only reason I’d be let into their little club was so they could see who was lying and who wasn’t. It was ironic that they wanted me to do exactly the same thing Sophie-Ann did, except obviously the Fellowship figured they had God on their side. My little brain had been working overtime planning this; having my new ID was the ticket into finding out what the Newlin’s planned.

I had to reveal a little about my gift so they Vamps pursuit of me would be more plausible, they would then use me, my gift and my slight knowledge of Vampires to redirect their assaults to the Vampire leaders rather than just any old vampire and I would be able to feed information about the Fellowship back to Eric. I wondered how long I’d sit here before I was asked to find out if someone was lying.

“Susannah” Steve Newlin walked towards me with his arms outstretched, pulling me into a hug “There’s someone I’d love you to meet, he’s in the next room”

Wow, that was only about 45 seconds after I walked in, he didn’t waste time.

Eric POV
I knew Sookie was smart, but hiding out with the fellowship was inspired. I’m sure it was the new identity I obtained for her that helped with her decision. Sookie Stackhouse never hid the fact she worked for me, her name was very well known even if her face wasn’t, she had more freedom as Susannah Berkley, no-one knew or had ever heard of Ms. Berkley. I read over her letter again, it was fairly cryptic, despite letters being less likely to be intercepted it’s better to be safe than sorry

I have made some very influential friends here. I’m pointing them in the right direction for my purposes. It’s hard not being able to be myself and pretending to like someone’s ideas when they go against so many of my own beliefs but I hope I’ll be able to help you and I promise to come back to you soon.
You haven’t told me how things went with your boss, is she okay? I miss you so much baby.
S xx

I spotted the phone number noted at the top before I read it the first time, I didn’t want to call from the office, I would wait until I got home. Despite the Queen calling off her dogs in the search for Sookie, I still had the feeling of being watched. She may suspect me of making the call to the AVL, but there is no evidence of it and I’ve shown her nothing but respect throughout this whole episode.

Sophie-Ann must be made of Teflon, nothing sticks to that bitch. The council fined her $500,000 for attempting to enslave an already compliant asset, bringing Niall in was simply to get the Council’s attention. The fact that the Queen had no idea Sookie was part-Fae ensured her survival, but they did find it odd that she would have been able to use Sookie’s talents as my asset but chose to try and kidnap her. The Ancient Pythoness called her a petulant child and treated her like one.

The AVL fined her $150,000 for breach of Revelation guidelines and ordered her to report any orders she makes to any of her retinue for the next 10 years. They also ensured that her order to call off the search for Sookie was recorded and sent out to all Vampires in Louisiana.

I was hungry, after telling Sookie about my experiences I was surprised she wouldn’t have a problem with my feeding from others. I had thought that if I actively searched for healthier blood rather than letting the fangbangers throw themselves at me it would be better. The sports club, gym, health food shop, even the fucking whole foods market, the blood was perfectly fine. In fact for any other vampire it would have been a treat but for me it just wasn’t Sookie.

I checked my watch, it was only 11pm. I grabbed my jacket and told Pam I’d see her the next evening, stepping into the car park I noticed some idiot had parked their mud riddled sedan too close to my baby. I picked up the filthy vehicle and moved it onto a nearby embankment then took off into the sky towards Dallas and my Lover.

Sookie POV
Steve ushered me into a small office where I noticed an extremely nervous man and a very depressed looking vampire. This was Godfrey and ‘the weird guy’ Hugo. Without making any change to my facial expressions I garnered that Hugo was actually involved in a relationship with a vampire, and although he loved her and craved her, he hated that he loved her and craved her, he wanted to help the FoTS destroy the nest she was in. Nice guy.

Godfrey was a different kettle of fish (why would anyone put fish in a kettle anyway?). I hadn’t been around vampires, except Eric, since I had expanded my talents. Experimentation has never scared me so I pushed myself into his head. I couldn’t ‘hear’ or ‘see’ anything, just a swirling silent black mass, but I could feel what he was feeling.

Fintan had explained that Telepathy and Empathy were different talents but could be compared to driving. If you consider Telepathy is driving a manual and Empathy driving an automatic, if you drive a manual then you can drive an automatic no problem but if you drive an automatic you need to learn to drive a manual.

I don’t remember ever ‘feeling’ any humans but perhaps their emotions are too complex? Maybe because vampires usually function on basic feelings it was easier? Whatever made it possible, Godfrey was feeling extreme guilt and sadness, and the shame made my stomach turn. I pulled out of his mind before my tears overflowed and I puked over Steve’s shoes.

“Susannah, this is Hugo and Godfrey” he said Godfrey like spitting out a glob of phlegm “Hugo is connected to a group of vampires and has been feeding us information” he smiled at Hugo and Hugo beamed back like a 3 year old being praised he could go potty on his own.

“Godfrey has sought out our help in meeting the sun; his actions in the past have been… bothering him. Now he has renounced his vampire ways and seeks to put an end to his evil” Steve was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

“Umm… okay. Why did you want me to meet them? You know how I feel about vampires, what made you think I’d want to be in the same room as one?” I crossed my arms and stared at him indignantly.

“Well Susannah, we’d like to know if they are truly here to help or if they wish to harm us”

“I can help with Hugo but I’ve never been able to tell if a vampire is lying. You’ll have to ask very specific questions though, like yes or no answer kind of questions” Steve nodded and pressed a button on an intercom

“Gabe could you come up here and escort Godfrey back to his room”

We waited in silence for 5 minutes until a large scary looking man came in and grabbed Godfrey up from his chair, it was then I noticed the silver cuffs around Godfrey’s wrists, they were covered with some kind of material to prevent burning his flesh but the silver would weaken him so he couldn’t attack. Gabe looked at me and I took one look in his eyes and decided his was a mind I would never want to be in.

We spent the next hour or so questioning Hugo, Steve asking and me nodding if it was the truth. Clever Hugo never lied once but his tale was sad, he was a lawyer who thought that defending vampires would make a good test case for vampire rights but he got sucked in too far for his own comfort and he wanted out. Silly Hugo, you never get away from vampires. I was testament to that.

While I was nodding, I was also reading him fully. He really loved his vampire, her name was Isobel, but he wanted out so much he was willing to sacrifice her nest mates and thought she would ride off into the moonlight with him when he had ‘freed’ her. He had no understanding whatsoever and no desire to understand the complex nature of vampire/human relationships. Vamps always come first. Politics will always come first. That realisation made me sadder than anyone will ever know.

By the time we had finished up I had all the information about their plan for the vampires of Dallas out of Hugo and Steve’s heads. I had just opened the door to my car and thrown my purse on the passenger seat when I was accosted by Dave… urgh!

“Hey Susie!” I wanted to pull out his teeth so he couldn’t grin like that “Would you like to go for coffee?”

“No thanks Dave; it’s been a hard night y’know? I’m real tired” I put on my weary face and a palm to my forehead. Reading humans didn’t tire me like it used to, it was almost effortless now, but I didn’t want to spend a minute longer in his company.

“Oh well… maybe another time then? I promise I’m worth the trouble” he winked at me I am so worth it Susie, I could make you scream my name all night.

I almost snorted at his thoughts, but I was lonely. No, not going there “I’m sure you are Dave, I’m just keeping my life quiet right now, when I’m ready you’re top of the list!” I smiled

“Well that’s better than nothing; I’ll see you at the next meeting?”

“Yeah sure” I dived into my car and started it, driving out of there like the devil himself was chasing me. On the way home I thought about how incredibly lonely I was, and how good Eric had made me feel the last time we were together. I let myself into my apartment and got in a very cold shower, after drying off and putting on a strappy vest and shorts I realised it hadn’t worked. To heck with it, I might as well get it out of my system.

I brushed my fingers over my hardening nipples and thought about how Eric made me feel. Dipping my hand in my shorts, I found I was wet with desire. I reached into my bedside drawer and brought out my companion for the evening, my pet rabbit.

Eric POV
I arrived at Sookie’s apartment complex; I found her car by scent. Good, that meant she was at home. I established which apartment was hers and flew to the back of the building, hovering outside what I would assume to be her bedroom window. The blinds were down so I couldn’t be sure at until I felt something through the weak tie we had – lust.

My fangs ran down as I imagined some fellowship imbecile ploughing into MY human. I listened to her panting and her increased heart rate, then realised the only noises other than hers were the drip of a tap and the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator. Oh this will be wonderful.

I tested the window, the lock was engaged but weak, it broke easily and surprisingly quietly. I opened the window enough that I could enter as soon as I was invited, Sookie’s panting had become more frenzied and was accompanied by some slight moaning and the fastening on my jeans was being severely tested under the strain of my hard on. After 2 weeks of rubbing one out in the shower every night, I couldn’t wait to bury myself in Sookie’s tight, wet pussy.

The magic preventing me from entering was in place but I was able to lift the bottom of the blind up enough to gaze upon Sookie’s delightfully arched body. Vest pulled up to expose her perfect breasts, shorts dangling off her left ankle, one hand pinching and tweaking at her nipples and the other pumping a marvel of modern technology in and out of her delicious sex.

“Oh Eric!”

Fuck! I dropped the blind and almost fell off my perch I had been resting against. Regaining my composure, I lifted the blind and looked at the vision of decadence once again. I unnecessarily cleared my throat, nothing; she was so caught up in her fantasy and self-pleasures. I coughed; she stopped and looked to the door. I coughed again; she looked right at me, terror and shame in her eyes.

“Please. Don’t stop on my account, you looked like you were enjoying yourself” I smirked

“ERIC!! YOU ASSHOLE, HOW DARE YOU SPY ON ME!” She was trying to readjust her clothing and hide the rampant rabbit behind her back at the same time

“Oh Lover! I came to see you and thought the window would be safer for you than knocking on your front door, little did I know what I would find when I decided to look in on you” She was still flushed and breathy from her adventures and looked fan-fucking-tastic “Can I come in or would you like me to take care of my erection on your windowsill?”

“Sure come on in so you can humiliate me further! I insist!” Hmm… Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut until she’d finished with the toy; this mood was not my ardour’s friend.

I stepped into the room and looked around, it was nice. Plain and clean but not home, it was temporary. I sat on the bed while Sookie seethed at me.

“Sookie, humiliation is the last thing I wanted you to feel. When I got here I actually thought you had another lover but when I realised what you were doing I couldn’t help but watch. I may be a vampire but I’m still a man”


“I’m sorry I interrupted” ouch! A scowl like that could turn a man to stone “would you like to continue, I could watch to ensure you’re doing everything correctly” I flash my winning smile and her mouth twitches a little but she’s still pissed off with me. Another avenue perhaps will work.

“Well, if you don’t want to put on a show for me I’ll just have to close my eyes and remember” I stand and remove all of my clothing, picking up a chair and placing it facing the end of her bed. Sookie watches me slightly confused but at least her anger has dissipated. My hard on hasn’t waned the entire time. I sit with my legs spread, close my eyes and start to stroke myself.

“Eric! What are you… why are you doing that?”

“I told you, I’m closing my eyes and remembering. It’s been too long since I last seen you and what a sight you were when I first arrived! Now I’m aroused and plan to take care of it”

I can see her mind working, weighing up what to do next. She will either become angrier and throw something at me or join in the games. Either one is a turn on to be honest. I see her reach for the hem of her vest and smile, pleased she has chosen the latter option.

“So… you want to watch me?” she smiles, it’s a sly smile as I know she knows all the things that turn men on. She’s seen more porn from guy’s minds than the film companies can ever make.

“More pertinent Lover, I want to watch you while you watch me”.

Sookie POV
As much as I’ve fantasised over the last week or so that he’d come in the night and catch me having some girl on gadget fun, I was a little shamed when it actually happened but not really angry, especially when I saw the stitching holding his jeans together was under serious pressure. Sure Eric wakes up every night ready to fuck but I knew that solid rod of flesh was just for me.

So now he’s sitting, naked as a jaybird, at the bottom of my bed, one hand gripping his hard shaft and the other lightly squeezing his jewels saying he wants to watch me while I watch him? What was it he said about a show? Oh it is so on buddy!


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  1. I hope they don’t find out she’s a spy, I would hate for her to get hurt by them. I hope she remembers to tell Eric what she has found out about Hugo, however I don’t know what he could do about it without revealing what he knows about Sookie . . . hmmmm

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