The Killings

Chapter 3 – The Killings

Once Bill had the silver chains removed and he could really start to get his strength back he looked even more morose. Bill, Sam and I headed back through the lot towards the car that had just arrived, it was a red corvette and there were two blondes removing themselves from its confines.

“Hey there, you must be Sheriff Northman”

Sam said nodding at the biggest man I’ve ever seen, he was huge, not just tall but muscular too in a natural looking way if you know what I mean. He wasn’t a body builder, he had slim hips and broad shoulders and the tight vest he was wearing did nothing to hide how toned his stomach and chest was. When I eventually brought my eyes up to his face he was smirking at me, obviously he was used to this type of inspection from women and loved every minute! His hair was shoulder length; it was blonde and framed his face beautifully. This Northman guy may have been the Sheriff but he was also approximately 6’4”of sex on a stick!

“Yes, Mr. Merlotte is it?” Sam nodded at him and turned his attention to the other blonde newcomer “Oh, this is Pam she’s my second in command”

“Nice to meet you both, although the circumstances are unfortunate. Generally folks just call me Sam, this here is Sookie, she’s one of my waitresses” he put his hand on my shoulder and I smiled at them both.

Pam was gorgeous, her hair was a little longer than mine, she had a heart shaped face with a sarcastic expression, I wasn’t sure if it was just for this occasion or if she looked like that all the time. Sam motioned for us to enter the bar, holding the door open until we were all inside.

The only person left was Terry Bellefleur, Sam had told him what was happening and he cleared out the customers and was just waiting for Sam to come back in so he could leave too. When he saw us come in with the 3 vamps he grabbed his car keys and muttered a goodbye before practically running towards the door.

I dropped into the nearest seat, I think the excitement of the night was wearing off and the tiredness was starting to set in. Surprisingly everyone else followed suit, Bill sat at the table next to mine, Pam and Sam sat at the table on my other side but Sheriff Northman sat at my table, right across from me, smirking, I was feeling warm and tingly in my private places and the disturbing thing was I think he knew the effect he was having on me.

“So Compton, you’ve been in my area for less than a week and you’ve been caught by drainers already? You’ve been a vampire for how long now?”

“134 years” Bill still had a look on his face that was a mixture of sadness and disgust. “I can explain Eric, I was ambushed”

I laughed out loud at that, I couldn’t help myself, Bill was scowling at me, Sam was shaking his head, Pam and Eric looked amused.

“Tell me Sookie, why would Bill being ambushed amuse you so?” Eric steepled his fingers together and rested the tips on his chin.

“Well, he wasn’t ambushed, he was scammed” Eric’s eyebrows raised a little and he waved his hands in that universal ‘please continue’ way. I sighed and explained myself “Mack and Denise Rattray, the drainers, are pond scum, everyone here knows that, heck you can see it at first glance if you look further than their necks. The bottom line is that Bill here has never heard the phrase ‘stranger danger’ and chose to ignore my warning to wait in the bar for a Trueblood when I realised the Rats were up to no good” Bill’s scowl deepened and his eyes felt like they were boring holes in my skull.

“Is this true Compton? This human requested you remain in the bar but you ignored her and left with the drainers?” Eric wasn’t even trying to hide is amusement anymore; Bill just dropped his head and stared at his shoes.

“Sookie, it was very nice of you to try to warn Compton of his choice of companions, not many humans would do that for a vampire. Am I to assume that it was you that contacted the police to save him?” oh dear I was hoping not to have to admit to my stupidity in front of this guy.

“No Sheriff Northman, Sam was the one that arranged for the police presence, I ran out to the parking lot with a baseball bat to try and prevent or lessen any damage Bill may have sustained, when I interrupted the Rattray’s attacked me and I got nicked with a knife” I lifted my arm and showed the hole in my T-shirt. Pam decided it was time for her to speak up.

“So Bill, not only did this human woman try to warn you, she also saved you”

“And passed him Trueblood so he could heal” I interjected quickly

She was trying not to laugh “so Sookie here, a human and a female, warned you, saved you and healed you”

“And come to think of it I have not heard a word of thanks Bill Compton!”

Listening to Pam’s description of events had left me fairly hacked off at how ungrateful he seemed. I huffed and crossed my arms, deciding to aim my angry stare at the ‘Corona’ light on the wall.

“Thank you Miss Stackhouse for concerning yourself with my safety to the point where you, yourself, were injured” the words were there but I could tell he didn’t mean it, that look he’d had on his face, the mixture of sadness and disgust was humiliation. A human had rescued him, not only that but it was a human woman, I would have been more pissed off if it wasn’t so masculinely pathetic.

Eric slapped his hands on the table and stood up. “Well, I think I’ve heard everything, Compton you are excused” Bill was out of there in the blink of an eye “Mr. Merlotte, Sam, thank you for contacting me regarding this, we should be returning to Fangtasia now” Pam stood and sashayed towards the door.

“Sam, I’m gonna head home too, I’m beat, see you tomorrow” Sam patted my shoulder

“Sure thing Chere, see you tomorrow”

When I got outside I noticed the red corvette was still there, Pam was in the passenger seat but Eric was leaning against the door watching me walk towards my car.

“It was nice to meet you guys, I hope the next time we see each other it’s for a nicer reason” I smiled and Eric was next to me in a flash. This guy was fast! He was also unaware of the notion of personal space, his crotch was a little too close to me for comfort, but I couldn’t scoot back any further unless I became a part of my car.

“Miss Stackhouse, I find you very interesting – for a human. I was hoping you would accept two free passes to my club as a token of gratitude on Compton’s behalf” He produced to black cards with blood red writing on them.

“Oh that’s not necessary Sheriff Northman, but maybe I’ll drop by when I have some time off and someone to accompany me” I’m not good at thinking of excuses on the spot.

“Please, call me Eric, I would have thought a beauty such as yourself would have a plethora of men waiting for the chance to keep you company” as I took the passes from him he held my hand and I looked up into his eyes.

“I’m between men at the moment Eric” geez Sookie, way to make yourself sound like a complete slut! I was very distracted by him raising the knuckles of the hand he held and brushing his lips against them.

“How fortuitous – for me. Until next time Sookie” he smirked at me, and let go of my hand. When I heard the corvette pealing out of the lot and down the road I realised I was still standing in exactly the same position he left me in. Boy was I in trouble here.

I was so worn out when I got home that I couldn’t even bring myself to be a little excited about Eric inviting me to his club. I just fell into bed and slept with my Merlotte’s uniform still on, glad that my Gran hadn’t waited up for me like she usually did. I woke up the next day to the sound and smell of bacon in the frying pan, despite not having a great deal of sleep, I decided it was best if I dragged my form to the shower and took advantage of my Gran’s cooking. I was on the late shift again so I didn’t need to be at Merlotte’s until 5pm, I could nap a little if I needed to between now and the time I had to leave.

I felt better after washing the previous nights trauma from my skin and replacing the dressing on my knife wound, it really wasn’t bad at all, probably be mostly healed in a few days. The only bad side to it was I wouldn’t be able sunbathe in my bikini for a while. I walked into the kitchen in time for Gran shovelling food onto a plate and sitting it at my usual place at the table.

“Morning Gran” I went over to give her a kiss before I sat down.

“Good Morning Sooks, you were out mighty late last night. Did something happen at the bar?”

I swallowed the mouthful of food I had despite not really having chewed it thoroughly “Yeah, there was some trouble and I helped Sam out. The police arrested the Rattray’s for trying to drain a vampire guy that had come into the bar”

“A vampire? Really? Is he okay?”

I could see my Gran was a little excited about the prospect of Bon Temps having a vampire. She was very interested in history, specifically the Civil war or the War of Northern Aggression as she calls it, and would love to talk to someone who may have lived through it.

“He’s fine, we had some Trueblood to help him heal and his Sheriff came to check him over”

“Sheriff? You mean Bud Dearborn?”

“Oh no Gran, the vampire Sheriff. When the vamps came out of the coffin, Sam sent a request to the American Vampire League for some contact details in case we got any unruly vamps in the bar. He knows a little about the Supe world and wanted to make sure he was covered for any circumstance”

“Sam is a smart man; I don’t know why you don’t give him more of your time. If the vampire…”

“Bill, the vamps name is Bill, and the Sheriff is called Eric Northman, he has this pretty lady vamp called Pam as his deputy”

“Okay, if you see Bill again, could you please ask if he recalls the civil war? It would be amazing to have someone who had been around at that time to speak at one of our Descendants of The Glorious Dead meetings”

I nodded at Gran and smiled, but I wasn’t sure if Bill would ever show his face in Merlotte’s again let alone hang around long enough for me to ask him anything! I was polishing off the remains of my breakfast when I heard a familiar engine coming up the drive. Jason parked his truck round back and stomped up the porch steps through the back door. As soon as Gran had heard his truck she had pulled another plate from the cupboard and was piling it high with bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs for him.

“Hey Gran, Sooks, did you hear about Mack and Denise Rattray?” as much as Jason was a womaniser, he was almost as big a gossip.

“Yes Jason, I was there” he looked gleeful that he’d be getting first hand information about the whole incident “The Rat’s were outside Merlotte’s trying to drain a vamp and I stopped them”

“Sookie the Rattray’s are bat-shit crazy…”

“Jason Stackhouse, do not use that language in my home!”

“Sorry Gran, the Rat’s are criminals, nasty ones at that, you could have gotten really hurt”

“Well I didn’t, but I won’t be that stupid again don’t worry. I knew Andy and Sam were on their way, they just took a little longer than I expected. I’m not badly hurt, the Rat’s got put away and the vamp is fine, all’s well that ends well right?”

“Wow, so Bon Temps has a vampire now?”

“Yep, his name is Bill”

“Homulka doesn’t have a vampire” Homulka was the Town that Bon Temps was always competing with in sports events “Oh, hey something else, do you remember Maudette Pickens Sook?”

“Yeah we graduated in the same class”

“Someone killed her in her apartment last night, she had vampire bites on the inside of her thighs but that wasn’t what killed her, she was strangled”

“Oh my lord, Maudette was a fangbanger?” I was pretty shocked, I knew some of the girls in town had headed out the vampire bar in Shreveport (which I now knew was ran by Eric) just after the great reveal, but I didn’t think any of them would let a vamp feed off them. “Didn’t you used to date her?”

“Well, kind of, we kept each other company”

“Won’t that mean the police will want to talk to you Jason?” Gran always had a way of pointing out how a situation could affect us.

“Maudette was a popular woman Gran, a lot of guys in Bon Temps kept her company, but if the police want to talk to me I don’t have a problem with that – I didn’t kill her”

I guess that put a stop to that line of conversation. Jason made his excuses and I realised I hadn’t spoken to Tara in a few days, I figured I’d drop by her store Tara’s Togs before I went to work to fill her in on my adventures. We were still pretty close, but she’d settled into her life with her high school sweetheart and didn’t have a great deal of time for girly chat.

When I got to work that evening, the bar was buzzing with the latest gossip and rumours. Jason was at a table with Rene Lenier and Hoyt Fortenberry; they were leaned into the centre of the table whispering conspiratorially. Terry Bellefleur was at the bar, he was a real nice guy, but he was a veteran and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, some days he was fine but others he was a wreck. I walked back to Sam’s office and put my purse in the drawer Sam kept for our stuff and tied my apron before taking a deep breath and hoping I could get through my shift with as few questions as possible.

Jason’s table was in my section so I went over to see if they needed a refill on their pitcher “Hey guys how are y’all tonight?”

Rene was the first to verbally jump on me “Fine Sookie, what’s a nice, sensible girl like you doing risking her safety for a vamp?”

I rolled my eyes and took away their empty pitcher. The rest of my shift was pretty average, I lifted my shields a few times and a few folks were thinking along the same lines as Rene. Some of them thought the Rat’s weren’t really doing any harm, despite the fact vampire blood is a class A drug, but most of the customers were thinking about poor Maudette Pickens

She might have been a fangbanger but she didn’t deserve to die at 25.
Strangled? Nah those bite marks the cops mentioned had more to do with her dyin’
No good ever comes from sleeping around; Maudette probably got killed by some jealous guy.

It was such a shame that people automatically figured her reputation was what got her killed, maybe it was just random? Some psycho passing through town just picked her outta the crowd and decided to choke the life out of her, was it too much to hope she still had some innocence before she died?

The next two nights went by without much interesting happening. On the second night it was actually pretty quiet I was sorting out sachets of sugar at the bar chatting with Sam when I heard the door open, I was surprised to see Bill sit down in my section and I remembered what my Gran had asked me. I slapped on a smile and strolled over to him

“Welcome back Bill, we got some O+ in for you”

“That would be lovely Sookie” he smiled back at me but it looked kinda strained, like he didn’t want to be where he was.

I went over to the bar and put his blood in the microwave, taking it out and shaking it to remove any hot spots and headed back to his table. I sat the bottle down with a napkin and a glass and motioned to the seat across from him, silently asking if I could join him, he nodded and I sat my tray down and slid into the chair.

“Bill I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions”

“Well sure Sookie, you can ask but I would appreciate that you understand I may not want to answer them” Well check out Mr. Snooty, for a vamp tryin’ to mainstream he wasn’t very sociable!

“Okay, I can understand that. The main question was if you remembered the Civil war, from what you said the other night you sure would have been around at that time”

“Yes, I actually fought in the war”

“Oh wow, my Gran will be thrilled to find that out. In fact she was wondering if you would perhaps consider talking to her club about your experiences.”


“Yes, the Descendants of the Glorious Dead”

“Humph, Glorious Dead”

“You would just need to give them a rough idea of what life was like at that time”

“Would it make you happy?”

“Well it would make my Gran happy, usually when she’s happy I’m happy so in a roundabout way, yes I guess it would make me happy. Besides I think it would be a good public relations move for you, help you to be more accepted in Bon Temps”

“Okay I’ll do it; I’d need details could I visit with you and your Grandmother to arrange everything?”

“Oh yeah that’s a good idea, Thursday would be a good night” he just nodded, I could see Arlene and Sam staring at me and realised I hadn’t checked my tables in a while, I smiled and said I’d see him around and got back to work

The next morning I was relaxing at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and looking forward to the fact that I had one more shift tonight and then I had two whole days off work! Gran came in and asked my how my shift had gone last night.

“It was fine, Bill came in and I asked him if he would talk to your club, he’s coming over tomorrow night to arrange everything”

“Oh my stars! Thank you sweetheart! I’d best start getting this place cleaned up”

“I’m off work tomorrow, leave it until then and I’ll help out” even though Gran was in good shape I still didn’t like the thought of her cleaning the whole house from top to bottom without an extra pair of hands. I had the usual syndrome of my last shift before a break seeming to last twice as long as it should but I got through it somehow.

The next day was a flurry of detergent based activity. When my Gran decides to clean she goes all out, I was in dire need of a shower! After immersing myself in my most fragrant shower gel’s to remove the scent of bleach and pine, I decided what to wear. I wasn’t trying to impress Bill but I didn’t like to look shabby when we were expecting company. Almost as soon as it was dark there was a rapping at the front door, Bill was smiling what looked like a genuine smile when I answered it.

“Hi Bill come on in” I stepped back to let him through and motioned to the living room.

“Thank you Sookie, I remember this house, it’s bigger now though” my Gran was standing in the middle of the room waiting for our guest.

After introductions and other pleasantries of southern hospitality, my Gran started grilling Bill on his past. Who his family was, what crops they had, whether they had slaves, I had to give Bill his due – he answered all her questions and remained the picture of patience. After a while they set a date for the meeting and things went a little quiet.

“So Bill, Compton Manor wasn’t kept in the best of repair, are you planning renovations to the old house?” I figured property was a pretty safe subject.

“Yes I am but it’s hard to get in touch with a lot of contractors at night, I can do all the clearing out on my own but things like re-wiring and plumbing I’d prefer to have done by a professional” that made sense, I felt a little bad for the guy, I was off work tomorrow too, I could probably call around some contractors and pass on the details to him at sunset, he seemed delighted when I suggested this to him.

He might be rude and dumb but essentially he seemed to want to be in Bon Temps, I figured I was probably the only person that would offer to help him and it wouldn’t be right not to help someone in that situation.

I spent the next morning trying to curb Gran’s excitement at Bill’s agreement to talk to her club and call as many contractors as I could. I eventually found a few that had night-time numbers they could be contacted on. It was a beautiful day, and my knife wound was just looking like a bad scratch so I donned my bikini and set out to enjoy the rest of my day off relaxing. I was just rolling over to get my back nice and toasty when Gran ran out carrying the phone smiling.

“Sookie, Sam’s on the phone for you” there’s only one reason Sam would call me on my day off.

“Hi Sam” I didn’t even try to hide the fact I knew he was after something

Dawn hasn’t shown up, could you come in from 5 till 9 Chere?

“Will I get another full day off?”

Not a full day, you could split a shift with Dawn to get your time back though.

“Okay I’ll see you at five Sam, you owe me!”

You’re an angel Sookie see ya then.

It wasn’t so bad, it was a short shift over dinner time so it would be quick and painless and I could drop those numbers off at Bill’s on my way home.

As predicted I was kept so busy during my shift it was over before I knew it, I prepared myself to go into a vampires home for the first time by making sure I had plenty of silver round my neck, Bill had already tried to glamour me into going home with him so I wasn’t taking any chances. When I pulled up outside his house there were 3 cars outside, one would be Bill’s so I guess that meant he had visitors, great. I rapped loudly on the door and it was immediately opened by a tall lady vampire wearing flamingo pink spandex

“Hey little human chick” she looked me up and down like I was a big tasty snack. This could be a problem.

“Is Bill in? I have some information he asked me to get for him”

She laughed at me and looked back over her shoulder “Bill, the little human says she has information for you, should I let her in or give her a love-bite?”

I didn’t hear Bill say anything but she stepped back from the door and motioned me to enter. Bill’s house was old and sad looking, a bit like he was I suppose, I walked into the front room and noticed another two vampires I didn’t know and two humans spread over the sofas erotically. I did not like this situation at all. Bill moved out of the shadows and I saw him clearly, I noticed another movement and suddenly one of the other vamps was next to me. He had long dark hair and looked extremely creepy

“Well now we can get this party started, is this a friend of yours Bill? She’s so Fresh!” oh hell no! This was so not happening!

“If you’ll excuse us, Bill and I have some business to attend to” now the female was at my other side, she stepped closer to brush the hair away from my neck and hissed when she saw the silver chain I had wrapped around me. I narrowed my eyes at her and tossed the numbers I had for Bill on the coffee table.

“Nice to know mainstreaming involves letting your vamp guests terrorise folks who try to help you out Bill” I spun on my heel to storm out dramatically and was stopped by vamp-bitch grabbing my wrist.

“Your neck is just one of many juicy places to feed” her fangs ran out and she lifted my wrist closer to her mouth. I stared at Bill, was he really going to let her bite me? She was looking at him too as if waiting for permission; I wasn’t waiting to find out whose side he was on.

“I’m sure Sheriff Northman would be interested to know how I’ve been treated tonight, although not as much as the police, you know this is assault right.” Bill took a couple of steps forward and shook his head at vamp-bitch; she dropped my wrist and looked at him with disgust.

“Diane, this is Sookie, she is my neighbour and does not wish to be fed from, we’ll call for take-out, my treat!”

I really didn’t want to know that vamps could have their ‘meals’ delivered but like so many other nuggets of information I had collected it was too late. I got out of there as fast as my legs would carry me and drove home like the devil himself was chasing my beat up little car.

I awoke to the incredibly annoying sound of our phone ringing, if it had been ringing long enough to wake me, that meant Gran wasn’t in to answer it. I dragged myself out of bed and stumbled towards the source of my annoyance.

“Hello” it just croaked out, I cleared my throat and tried again “Hello?”

Hi Sookie could you do me a favour

“Uh sure Sam what do you need?” it was 10am, I was due to start my shift at 12 noon

I’ve been trying to contact Dawn, she’s not answering her phone, she hasn’t shown up again, could you drop by her place and find out what the hell she’s doing?

“Okay Sam, you want me to leave now?”

If you could Chere, I got a delivery to take in and don’t have time for this.

“I’ll get myself together and head over, see you when I get to the bar”

Sam mumbled something and hung up. I sighed and went into the bathroom for a quick shower before grabbing something easy to eat and drove over towards the duplexes on Berry Street. I spotted Dawns car and parked in the driveway behind it. I walked up to her door and rapped loudly with my fist, no answer. I dropped my shields and focused on the house, no brainwaves present, not good. Just then I heard a voice across the street, it was Rene

“Hey Sookie, everything ok?”

“Not really Rene, Dawn’s not home but her car is still here, can you remember when you saw her last? She was supposed to work yesterday and today but she didn’t show”

“I saw her a couple of days ago coming home with some groceries but not since then”

“Rene I’m gonna take a peek around the house, I’ll see ya in a bit” he nodded and leaned back against his truck. I went round the side of the house and peeked in all the windows, sure enough when I got to the bedroom window I saw a foot on the bed through a chink in the blinds. I ran back to the front of the house and shouted for Rene to call 911.

Kevin and Kenya showed up in their squad car real quick, I explained to them why I was there and what I had seen. They radioed for an ambulance in case she was just unconscious on the bed, I didn’t want to tell them it was a waste of time, they were just following protocol. When the ambulance arrived, the door got bust open, Kevin came back out looking a little paler 5 minutes later, he gathered himself and came over to put a hand on my shoulder

“I’m sorry Sookie, it was too late, Dawn’s gone”

I nodded slowly like the information was a shock to me. Soon Andy was there doing his detective thing and ordering folks around, then Sam showed up, turned out he owned the 3 duplexes, I answered question after question for the police then I had the happy task of going into the bar and answering all their questions too.

It was a horrible shift, so many people had only come to the bar to probe me about what it was like to find a dead body, other people tipped me more because I’d found poor Dawn and they thought in a screwed up way that more money would help me over the trauma. Sam came in about halfway through my shift and nodded towards his office, I checked all my tables were dealt with and followed him back.

“What is it Sam?”

“Dawn was murdered”

“Oh no! Are they sure?”

“She was strangled Sooks. Beat up a little into the bargain. She had old bite marks too”

“Just like Maudette” that was just too big a coincidence “do you think the same person killed both of them?”

“It looks that way Chere”

Was it a coincidence that they were both killed by the same person, or was the coincidence in that they both had fang marks from being with vampires? Maudette went to Fangtasia, Dawn probably did too. I read Andy Bellefleur; he had narrowed the suspects down to my brother and Bill. I know Jason didn’t do it, and if they were killed by a vampire they wouldn’t be strangled. What if someone was killing them for being with vampires? I had associated myself with them; everyone knew I had saved Bill from the Rat’s.

Whoever this killer was might not stop at women who were sleeping with vamps, I could be in serious danger. The Bon Temps police were as willing to investigate these crimes as I was to cut my own hand off, they just wanted to pin it on someone and hope circumstantial evidence would do the job for them. Someone is killing women who associate with vampires, who would keep an eye on something like that? I kept myself as busy as possible until the end of my shift, went home and fished out the Fangtasia passes that Eric had given me.

The only person I could think that would go to Fangtasia with me was Tara, she was excited when I called her and told her that I’d met the owner and he gave me free passes, but there was a reason we mostly spoke on the phone, our schedules were always so different, the only day we could both have a great night out and have recovery time the next day was Tuesday. Although I was really going there to ask about Maudette and Dawn, there was no reason we couldn’t have a good time too. I had 2 full days to prepare myself for seeing Eric again.


My wardrobe sucks! My bank account sucks more! I had one outfit that was suitable for wearing to a club, but I really wasn’t sold on the idea that it was suitable for a vampire club, but there was no way I could afford a whole new outfit for this occasion. It was a real pretty dress, mostly white with red flowers scattered over it, the style was tight enough to draw attention to my boobs and the colour made my tan glow. I managed to find red earrings, heels and a cute red straw purse to finish off the ensemble.

Tara said she would arrange transport, whether that meant she would drive or maybe her Fiancé Benedict Tallie (known affectionately as Eggs) would be driving us there. I went to wait in the living room, trying to calm myself I settled onto the beat up sofa. Gran looked up from her book

“Well Sookie, don’t you look ready for trouble!” she smiled but I knew what she was serious about my safety.

“I’ll be fine Gran, we’ve been personally invited by the owner, I’m sure nothing will happen to us”

She wasn’t convinced, to be honest neither was I but before I could read any more into it I heard a car horn blaring from outside. I gave Gran a quick kiss and hurried outside to be met with Tara bouncing with excitement next to a town car.

“Tara, girl, what have you done? I could have driven!”

“Oh pooh Sookie, the store is doing well, it’s the first girls night out we’ve had in a coons age and I hardly ever treat myself like this, we both get to have a few drinks and be safe in the knowledge we’ll get home safe, everyone wins!”

I felt bad that Tara spent so much but she seemed to be doing this for herself as much as me, we climbed into the back and Tara smiled at the driver and said “On to Shreveport and Fangtasia driver please!” we fell into fits of giggles in the back of the car.

Fangtasia was located in a shopping strip near a branch of Toys ‘R’ us, the club was the only place open at this time of night. I handed one of the passes to Tara and we headed to the back of the line, it was pretty short but I guess Tuesday wasn’t a big night for partying in Shreveport. I leaned out and noticed Pam was at a small hostess podium at the door, she looked up at me and I waved flashing her a big smile, Tara looked a little afraid of her but I whispered that I had met Pam before, it didn’t do much for Tara’s nerves. Pam stepped away from her podium and strutted towards us, I wondered if smiling and waving had been the right thing to do

“Sookie! You shouldn’t be waiting with the rest of these common vermin, come the Master will be most pleased you eventually took him up on his invitation” I grabbed Tara as Pam hooked her arm through mine and walked faster than I was comfortable with into the club.


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