Unwelcome Visitors

Chapter 5 – Unwelcome Visitors

The drive back to Bon Temps in Eric’s Corvette was tense to say the least, if Pam hadn’t interrupted I don’t know if I would have stopped, Eric sure as hell wouldn’t have, after something as intense and incomplete happening I really didn’t know what to say to him. ‘Hey Eric, sorry I didn’t get to finish dry-humping you in your office, don’t you love how scenic this route is?’ Guh! Then again maybe it wasn’t that difficult. The silence and tension in the air was killing me.

“I’m sorry” I blurted out. Eric turned to look at me confusion sweeping across his beautiful face.

“And you are sorry because?”

“I got carried away earlier, swept up in the moment, because I can’t hear you and it’s wonderful, then Pam came in, but I’m glad she did, but now I feel like I’ve led you on and I don’t want you to think I’m a tease but I don’t want you to think I’m all gung-ho for throwing my panties across the room whenever we’re alone…”

“Sookie please be quiet”

“Okay” Eric slowed the car and pulled in off the road, whatever response he had to my nervous rambling, he wanted to concentrate on it fully.

“First, there are no reasons to apologise for giving in to your desires” he leaned over to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and traced his fingertips across my lips “second, when you say you can’t hear me, you are referring to my thoughts I assume?” I nodded “I’m glad you cannot ‘hear’ me, but I’m struggling to see how that may be important”

“Do you know how much concentration it takes to keep my shields in place? I can never truly relax and just let things happen. I don’t have to worry about that with you, I can relax. I’ve never been able to do that, ever” he looked away from me as if deciding whether to digest that information or ignore it

“Then I guess that it is important to you. Thirdly, I have not been led anywhere, you will yield to me, I know this, I can wait until you are ready to throw your panties across the room when we’re alone” wow, you just don’t question confidence like that. Eric revved the Corvette’s engine and smirked at me, before he set off again. When we were on my driveway I could see him screwing up his face

“This is the worst driveway my car has had the misfortune to have contact with”

“Well we’ve been saving to have it redone, it’s just taking a little longer than we thought” Eric stopped at the front of the house, was out of the car and holding my door open before I’d gotten the seatbelt fully off. I got out of the car and noticed he smelt the air around the house; he walked me up the porch steps, as if following a scent.

“Compton lives near here doesn’t he?”

“Yes, across the cemetery” I pointed in the direction.

“He was here tonight, with another vampire, I can smell them. I’ve met the other vampire before but I can’t place a face to the scent it is familiar though” he went back down the porch steps to the side of the house and pointed to a window “Which room is this?”

“That’s my bedroom” Creeped out did not adequately describe how I felt at that moment.

“Compton’s scent is all over the sill” Eric reached up and easily opened my bedroom window “His scent is inside too. When and why did you invite him into your home?”

“My Gran wanted him to speak at one of her club meetings about the Civil war, he came over to meet with her, they arranged it for this Friday”

“He didn’t come to see you?”

“No, he hasn’t really spoken much to me, but then I haven’t been all that nice to him. First impressions and all”

“So why would Compton think it appropriate to climb in your bedroom window?” why indeed “I really don’t like this Sookie, you should rescind his invitation to your home and we should complete our blood exchange as soon as possible. Obviously you have piqued Compton’s interest and he came here with an accomplice and entered your bedroom, that does not bode well. Is he looking for you for your gift or for some more sinister reason? Is he looking for you for himself or is he working for someone else? The problem is, if he has been sent by someone we don’t know who might have sent him” could I be in deeper shit?

“Eric can I ask you a question?” he raised an eyebrow “How long have you been a vampire?”

“Over 1,000 years”

“You don’t live that long without knowing your shit, so I trust you to advise me in the best ways to ensure my security and freedom. Tell me what I need to do”

“Well rescinding Compton’s access to your home is easy, all you have to say is ‘Bill Compton I rescind your invitation to my home’, the blood exchange is something I would rather do in a more intimate setting than your front porch” I nodded and took Eric’s hand, I opened the front door, stepped over the threshold

“Bill Compton, I rescind your invitation to my home” I turned to my big, blonde protector “Eric, would you like to come inside?”

“Thank you Sookie. A blood exchange is more enjoyable if it is part of a sexual act. Do you live here alone?” he was stroking my face again, speaking in that silky hushed tone, I mumbled that Gran was here “How quiet do you think you can be Sookie?”

“I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it Eric” I led him by the hand to my bedroom, checking to make sure Gran was asleep on the way past her room.

I held the door open while Eric entered my room, closing it over I leaned my head against it. What was I doing? Everything that had happened over the course of the night hadn’t left much time or room to think, I was entrusting my life to a man, well vampire, who I had only met twice, I had told him my secret, had a heavy make-out session with him and now I was going to take part in some weird vampire blood swapping sex act because my next door neighbour may or may not want to kidnap me or would there be another, more innocent, reason for a vampire I didn’t really know or like to sneak into my bedroom in the dead of night?

It’s for my own good; at least Eric seemed to have some respect for my freedom, if Bill was willing to sneak into my bedroom at night it was obvious that he deemed my freedom very low priority. Before, at Fangtasia, my protection seemed like an option, now it was a necessity. I raised my head from the door and let go of the handle, the whole thought process had taken only a few seconds but I felt better and more confident in my choices as a result of taking that little mental time-out.

Eric must have realised I was taking stock of the situation; he waited until I shook my shoulders to relax them before he started touching me. I felt his cool fingers run up my arms until his thumbs were massaging the base of my neck, one hand moved to my waist while his other brushed my hair from my neck. He brought his face down to the bare skin and inhaled deeply

“Sookie you smell incredible, I can’t wait to taste you” his tongue trailed from my shoulder to an unknown sensitive spot just below my ear and I moaned lightly, feeling my nipples harden from the sensation I turned to face Eric and brought my hands behind my back to unzip my dress, he took a step back to watch me remove my clothes. I could see his eyes savouring every inch of flesh that I exposed, despite being an immortal he had the same reaction as every other male that had witnessed the sight of me in my underwear, I had experience of using my femininity to render many men speechless, I had a deeper insight than most women as to what men actually wanted, but I couldn’t hear what Eric wanted. This was a new experience for me.

I untucked Eric’s t-shirt from his jeans and ran my hands up his chest, looking him in the eyes the whole time; he bent down and kissed me deeply before walking backwards to my bed and sitting down. I was standing in front of him in my white lacy bra and panties, his fingers lightly caressed the swell of my breasts, fluttering over my flat stomach and slowly moving over the curve of my hips to rest on my buttocks, squeezing them firmly he licked from my belly button up to my left breast and sucked my nipple through the fabric. I gasped and weaved my hands through his hair, down his back and pulled at his shirt

“You’re wearing too much” I mumbled, his hands left me so he could take off his top, I pushed at his now naked, and extremely impressive torso, moving my fingers over the well defined muscles on his abdomen to his belt buckle. I stared into the deep blue pools of his eyes as I unfastened the belt and chewed on my bottom lip as I pulled it slowly from his pants

“Impatient are we?” Eric pulled me down on top of him locking my mouth with his and pulling my hips into his arousal. He felt huge. I ground my crotch into him, remembering how much he seemed to enjoy it earlier and he growled into my mouth

“Eric” I panted “earlier in car I was telling you how I could relax with you” I was trying to get his pants unbuttoned “I was trying to tell you that I’ve never gone all the way before” He stopped nuzzling my neck and looked at me. “I’ve done other stuff with guys but I’ve never been able to let go. I usually just get them off and never see them again.” When a guy is thinking about the size of your thighs when he’s going down on you it kind of ruins the moment.

“I’m glad you told me, I want you to enjoy this, I’ll stop if you tell me you’re not comfortable with something I’m doing” Eric rolled us over so I was underneath him and wriggled out of his pants, I could feel his erection press against my thigh and he must have noticed the fear in my eyes

“It’s ok Sookie, I know I am large, you are not ready for that … yet” he took my hand and guided it to his hardness, this was more familiar territory, I stroked his length as he supported himself on one elbow and used his free hand to snake around my back and unclip my bra, I pushed him onto his back again, straddling him and tossing the lingerie into a corner

“exquisite” he murmured as he brought both hands up to cup my breasts and used his thumbs to circle my nipples until they ached, I arched my back and groaned, leaning over I kissed his chest and took one his nipples into my mouth, rolling it between my teeth a little

“ugnh Sookie!” I smiled against his skin and slowly made my way down his body using my tongue and teeth to leave a moist path to my destination. Taking his manhood in my hand I pumped a couple of times and lifted my gaze to his face, his eyes locked onto mine as I licked from the base of his length to the sensitive head and swirled my tongue around the tip.

Eric sat up and gripped my upper arms, kissing me hard like he was trying to suck the life from me through my mouth, his right hand hooked through the fabric of my panties and tore them from my body before running his fingers over my slick folds

“so wet” he groaned and slipped a finger inside me, I was whimpering with need, he added another finger and pumped them in and out slowly “So tight” he removed his fingers from my core and circled my clit, my hips bucked and my back arched, his mouth latched onto one of my breasts sucking greedily, his fangs scraping the skin but not breaking it.

“Turn around” his voice was husky and full of desire, I let him help me move into the position he wanted, he was kneeling with his back against the headboard, he brought my thighs to either side of his and pulled my back to him, I could feel his hard length pressed against the tops of my buttocks and lower back, he ground into me growling with the friction on his engorged member, one of his hands went back to stroking and teasing my sex, I pressed my hips into him using the same rhythm he was, his fingers were rubbing small circles on my nub and I could feel the pressure building in the pit of my stomach

“Eric I’m so close” I whispered, I heard a crunching noise and his wrist was brought to my mouth, I held it with one hand and sucked a little, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I brought my other hand behind me and started stroking him, he made a hissing sound and started licking my shoulder, when I felt his fangs break the skin I sucked harder on his wrist trembling with the force of the orgasm I was having then I felt his cock swell and become harder

“ugnh, ugnh, fuck!” I kept stroking though his aftershocks, then on very wobbly legs I went to the dresser to get a towel to clean us up.

It took me a while to calm down enough to speak coherently “Is it always like that?” I asked as I fished out a new pair of panties and a sleep shirt

“Mutual masturbation or blood exchanges?” Eric was pulling his pants back on and grinning

“Blood exchanges, it was intense” I could feel a flush rise to my cheeks “it was really good”

“No, blood exchanges aren’t always like that, many are performed without pleasure, at least on the human’s side, the wrong vampire taking your blood can be a very painful experience but as I think you were able to work out I’ve been interested in you sexually since our first meeting, if I had made it painful for you wouldn’t be amenable to further sexual encounters. I was really my own selfish desires that dictated your enjoyment level”

“Oh, okay, well thank you anyway” I felt even more embarrassed when I realised that was the first time I’d come with someone other than me in the room, it was also the first time that I had been totally in the dark over whether the guy had a good time.

“Sookie, you seem very withdrawn, do you regret what we did here?”

“NO! Goodness no, I don’t regret it, do you?”

“Your body is divine and your blood is the richest and sweetest I’ve tasted, I have nothing to regret” he bent and brushed his lips over mine before he pulled his T-shirt back on.

“Was it, was I, good?”

“For a woman who is still a virgin, you were extremely knowledgeable, dextrous and confident. I would very much like to see and feel what you are capable of as you learn to relax around me and let me show you pleasure. Unfortunately dawn approaches and I must return to Shreveport”

“Okay, thank you for everything Eric, understanding my secret, offering me protection, giving me a cell phone and of course for the orgasm” he laughed at that, then we tiptoed back through the house, Eric carrying his boots, to the front door, He kissed me softly on the lips

“Good night Sookie”

“Good night Eric” I watched him climb into his Corvette and drive away before I locked the door and went back into my bedroom, I picked up the pillows Eric had been resting against and smelled his scent on them and fell into a deep satisfied sleep hugging the damn thing! I was really, really in trouble.


The next day I slept until lunchtime, I was more surprised at Gran letting me sleep that late, but I rolled out of bed and surveyed the mess of clothes strewn around the room, including the torn pair of panties. I tidied things quickly, chose some comfy clothes to wear and had a quick shower before facing my Gran and the questions she might ask about my girl’s night out.

While washing my hair I reminded myself to call Tara, and thought about ways I could contribute to my protection, Eric said Bill wasn’t a high powered vampire; if it was my telepathy that he was interested in he had to have been hired to investigate me and whoever hired him may have more resources than vamps, Eric could really only protect me when it was dark, during the daytime I had to be more responsible for my own safety. On the other hand, what if it wasn’t my telepathy? What if he broke into my room to attack me?

I dried myself and looked in the mirror, turning to see where Eric had bitten me the night before, there were two small dots where he fed but they weren’t bad at all, and they were on the back of my shoulder rather than my neck, which made them easier to hide.

I was happier than I’d felt in a while, I felt strong! Maybe it was Eric’s blood? I practically bounced to the coffee machine for my caffeine fix and poured myself a bowl of cereal; I looked out of the kitchen window and saw Gran hanging out sheets to dry on the line. She saw me watching and waved, I gave my hundred watt smile in return. I was washing out my empty bowl and having a second cup of coffee when she came back in

“My, my, Sookie, don’t you look bright today! Why you’re glowing! I would wager you met a man on your night out with the girls!” I tried not to spit my drink over the kitchen table

“Well, I had a great time and I suppose you could say I met someone, did I wake you when I got home? It was real late when I came back”

“No child, I was out like a light, didn’t hear a thing, so who’s this someone that you met?” I didn’t like to keep secrets from Gran, I never had and I never would, but I stared into my cup trying to think how best to tell her what was going on.

“Do you remember I mentioned the vampire Sheriff before, Eric Northman? We went to his club for our night out so I could ask about Maudette and Dawn; we spent a lot of time getting to know each other last night”

“A vampire Sookie? Don’t you think that’s a little dangerous, especially with what happened to Maudette and Dawn?”

“The funny thing is Gran, I feel safer with him than anyone else, but seeing as you brought up the whole serial killer situation, I was going to head over to Jason’s later today and get one of Dad’s guns to keep in the house. We haven’t had the same contact with vampires as those other girls but we’re known sympathisers”

“I hadn’t thought about that Sookie, it’s been a long time since any of us shot a gun, I’m too old to handle one now but you should get some practice in” I intended to, and I wasn’t going to stop there. Before I went to Jason’s I was planning on going to the police station to apply for a permit to carry a handgun and enquire about self defence classes.

I called Tara to let her know I’d gotten home in one piece, she chewed me out over the phone for not calling sooner and then made some lewd comments about Eric’s size and his Viking-like qualities until I pointed out that he was over 1,000 years old and most likely had been a real Viking. Turned out she had to go into the store for a while so I said I’d drop in on my way to take care of my other errands. There was one major hurdle regarding my plans and that was finances, I decided to stop by Merlotte’s too and see if there were any extra shifts I could pick up.

Tara’s Store was real nice, I didn’t get to shop there often, I rarely had the need for the fine gowns and business suits that Tara stocked. We spent an hour gossiping about the events of the previous evening, Tara had chosen to ignore any weirdness that she’d witnessed at Fangtasia but was very interested to know what had transpired in Eric’s office that he had offered to take me home instead of letting me return to Bon Temps in her Town Car, I blushed and made some ambiguous comments relating to Eric’s equipment and then left her to mull things over.

Next I went to the police station, Sheriff Dearbourne was at the desk, he was a sad faced man who looked like one of those pug type dogs. I made my enquiries, filled out the relevant paperwork, enrolled in shooting classes for my handgun permit, I needed to pass a proficiency test and that would be included with 5 classes, I had no idea it was so easy. I also took away a handful of leaflets about different types of self defence disciplines, maybe Eric would be able to recommend a particular one, I was just overwhelmed.

Checking my watch I still had an hour before Jason was finished work, so I headed to Merlotte’s. It was mid-afternoon so it would be quiet enough for me to corner Sam about earning more, when I got there he was taking in a delivery so I caught up with the chef Lafayette while I was waiting.

Lafayette was a walking nightmare for some of the narrow-minded rednecks in the county, he was black, gay, he wore make-up and he was not ashamed, I thought he was fabulous and loved hearing his tales of sex parties and picking up strangers, I can’t be certain whether all of it was true, but it broke up the quiet moments of the shifts. Unfortunately Sam’s schedule for the next 4 weeks was full; there was no way he could afford to have an extra waitress on board, even as a favour, even for me. Crap! I had to find another way to earn some money.

I got to Jason’s house, which was actually our parents house, they’d left it to both of us but as soon as Jason was old enough he moved in to be independent, he was sitting in his recliner chair with a beer, he referred to it as winding down after work, but I’d never see drinking alcohol in the same way many people do, probably the effect of working in a bar.

“Hey Sis, you hardly ever come to visit me here, what’s the occasion?”

“Do you still have Dad’s guns?”

“Yeah, that’s too nice a collection to let go to waste, I keep ‘em clean and in working order and I’ve added a few nice pieces myself over the years. Why?”

“Can I see them? I was hoping to add some security to Gran’s house, we can’t afford a burglar alarm so I thought I could borrow a shotgun, maybe two, and ammo for them.”

“Sookie, have you gotten yourself in some kind of trouble?”

“Nope, but I saved a vampires life, Gran has invited that same vampire to speak at her Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting and two girls that were intimate with vampires have been strangled. I’m just being careful”

“Wow Sooks, you really think that serial killer might come after you or Gran?”

“If he or she does, I wanna know I done all I could to protect myself. I’ve applied for a permit to carry a handgun and I’ll be taking self defence classes as soon as I can get some cash to pay for them”

“Well, alright then, let’s get you kitted out”

My Dad had quite a few guns, there was some good hunting to be had in the woods behind their house, I picked out two shotguns that were similar, if I practiced with one I’d be able to use the other no problem, Jason gave me two boxes of rounds. In case the police stopped me for any reason I put the unloaded guns in the trunk and the rounds in the glove box.

When I got back to Gran’s, I put one behind the water heater near the back door and one in between my chest of drawers and my dressing table in my bedroom, both were loaded and ready to use if I needed them. I went into the kitchen to sit down to dinner with Gran and decided to call Fangtasia afterwards and tell Eric about my day and ask which self defence programme he thought would be best for me.

Gran seemed to be impressed at the progress I had made on my errands, as usual she offered to loan me the money for everything but I told her I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to pay her back and declined. All of a sudden an idea came to me, Eric said he would be willing to pay me for my telepathic services, maybe he could use a waitress at Fangtasia?


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