What a Mess

Chapter 10 – What A Mess

Eric POV
She’s been gone almost a week, the longer it takes the Queen and her rabble to find her; the worse it will be on Sookie and me. I knew where she was, not the exact location but the general direction, she was too far away for me to pinpoint with only one blood exchange but I knew she wasn’t in Texas, which is where Sophie-Ann and Andre were looking for her.

Andre had recovered well from Sookie blowing half his neck away with her handgun; he ranted and raved about her when he got the use of his vocal chords back. I had to laugh at the memory of him trashing the basement at Fangtasia because she had the audacity to defend herself when he decided to kidnap her for Sophie-Ann. I really had to contain my happiness when the Queen came to my area to look for Compton; she was en route and refused to take my call when I found the pile of ashes on Sookie’s front porch.

Oh Sookie, you are a spitfire! I knew that the first time I met her of course. The way she chastised Compton for not thanking her for saving his life, classic! Getting a call on my Area phone from a Shifter was strange enough but when we arrived at his bar and discovered the full story I really had to mask the disbelief from my face.

The girl who had saved Compton was nothing special to look at really. Pretty, yes. Shapely, yes. I’d had many women over the years more beautiful and bountiful but her scent was what caught me. Sookie Stackhouse smelled fantastic, then she opened her mouth and spoke, it was pure southern sass. She didn’t care that we were vampires and could rip her apart in seconds, and that made me want to know her better, I couldn’t remember the last time a blood bag had amused me without having their mouth around my erect penis and this Sookie eased my boredom simply by being in the same room as me.

Sookie being a telepath was interesting but seeing her in action with the FOTS spy was incredible, she was so confidant and sexy, I could feel myself hardening watching her in action until she found a very dark part of his brain, I’d done a lot of nasty fucked up stuff as a vamp but never to kids. The way Sookie reacted was more than just seeing something horrible; it was as if it had brought back memories for her. Pam told me later about her ‘funny uncle’ and how Sookie had managed to avoid what he had planned for her due to her mind reading. Her childhood must have been very traumatic, not just because of the uncle thing but being able to hear what everyone thought of you?

I couldn’t blame her for wanting to get away from everyone after Andre’s stunt; I just wish she hadn’t said what she said before leaving me. I hadn’t considered having feelings for Sookie, it wasn’t until she said she had feelings for me that I realised that, yes, there was something, maybe not love exactly but something close.

I was missing her company, not just sexually and not just to ease my hunger. Even Pam was missing her in her own way, I was unaware of their bar side chats about the vermin and Sookie’s plans to teach Pam and Thalia to shoot. Human companionship was often sneered at in the vampire community, although humans like Sookie were very hard to come by, most humans that surround my kind are mentally unbalanced and always looking for something. Like Hadley.

Hadley had sold out her cousin in an effort to remain important to Sophie-Ann. I got the whole sordid tale from the Queen. It was a tragic love story really, girl meets vampire Queen, they share affection, girl is turned so they can be together forever then Queen reveals that she will be marrying another monarch soon and will be unable to have any other vampire lovers.

Hell hath no fury and when smashing vases and causing trouble didn’t work, Hadley tried turning on the charm and offering the Queen information on her cousin with the weird mojo to try and prevent the union. Some vampires really make you wonder what the hell their maker was thinking when they turned them and Hadley was one of them.

I shake my head and sigh inwardly, Sookie never had a chance. I decide not to dwell any longer on what has been and concentrate on what I can do to help my Lover. I decide to check my e-mail and read the daily report I’ve been getting sent regarding Sookie’s whereabouts and what is being done to find her, when I find a message from someone I’m not familiar with:

To: sherriff_northman (at) fangtasia.com
From: crazybarmaidarea5 (at) hotmail.com
Subject: The whole shooting match

How are you feeling? I’m sorry if the direction I have taken my life has disappointed you, I jumped the gun before, but I’m learning to use my head more each day.

Me & Grandpa are going to look up some of our relatives and hopefully pay them a visit on our road trip; I really would like to settle some things before I move on.

Take care Lover

There is no doubt in my mind who that is from. Sookie seems to be apologising for her skills with a hand and shotgun, no matter to me, I found it very entertaining when I ascertained that Compton’s head had been blown away by a close range shot. Learning to use her head more? On a road trip with Grandpa? Fintan! She’s with her half-Fae Grandfather!

The call he made to me was a ruse to ensure I would tip him any information on the efforts to find her. He must be training her in her telepathy again. Very interesting. Looking up relatives and settling things? Which relatives would she need to settle things with? Her incompetent brother was still in Bon Temps with no clue as to her whereabouts, Sophie-Ann had considered kidnapping him to try and smoke out Sookie until I countered that we had no way of contacting Sookie to make it work.

She really is getting out of hand; blackmail is useless when the person being blackmailed doesn’t know what you have against them! I wonder if Hadley knows how much she’s hurt Sookie and also if she knows what Sookie is capable of?

Sophie-Ann just doesn’t seem to realise the implications of her actions these days. We need to be squeaky clean in our endeavours involving humans who aren’t already part of or desiring to be in our world. Sending Compton to seduce her is fair enough, but how would he have passed her to the Queen without resorting to the old ways?

Gifting a human to another vampire when you are finished with them doesn’t fly with the AVL and they are trying to stamp that out before someone passes on the wrong human and the press are informed.

Then there’s Andre’s attempt to please his maker, Sophie-Ann was actually surprised when she heard what had happened but it didn’t stop her putting word out that Sookie was wanted for questioning. He had planned to grab her at Fangtasia so that her friends would think she was with me and Sookie would be chained in the royal residence before anyone realised she was missing.

My Monarch has gone mad in her pursuit of a new toy breaking so many of our old laws and the new ‘guidelines’ set when we went public. A rock and a hard place is where I am, I could contact the Supernatural council but only Royalty were allowed to bring cases to them. I could ask another State’s King or Queen to intercede but that would then bring Sookie’s gift into focus for a wider audience and possibly put her and myself in debt to other States and if they found out she was part Fae then she would be taken for use in another court.

Wait. Fae. Royalty. Debt. Sookie is kin to Niall Brigant, Fairy Prince and Niall owes me for turning my troops toward Breandan in the last Fairy/Vampire war 200 years ago. I find Fintan’s number and dial immediately from one of my disposables.

Brigant here.

“Fintan its Northman. I need to know if Niall knows about Sookie”

No and I would rather it stay that way for her own protection, having her involved in his Fairy business would just give his enemies someone else to torture and kill.

“Understandable, I will be contacting him to act on my behalf for the Council. My part-Fae asset has been attacked and driven from my area by my Monarchs second in command and the Queen is demanding she be brought in for an interview to determine if punishment is required. He doesn’t need to know her name or even meet her, I hope that will be enough for him to take action”

Smart thinking Northman, I will try to keep Sookie from taking the next step in her plans until we know if you succeed.

“What step would that be exactly?”

Hadley. Sookie is hell bent on destroying the people who set out to destroy her life and use her. You may want to watch your back.

Watch my back? Surely Sookie doesn’t think I was part of all this?

“I never used her or wanted to destroy anything; I employed her and encouraged her to make her life better. Sookie and I spent a lot of time together; we enjoy each other’s company”

Hmph! If you say so Viking, as far as I’m concerned the less contact she has with Vampires, the better.

“Is she there?”

No, I stepped out of the room so I could take your call. Keep this number for another 24 hours. If she wishes to speak with you I will let her call you.

“That is acceptable” That call was more successful than I had thought it would be. Now to set other things in motion. Calling Niall was always hit and miss, most of the time he was in the Fae realm and messages had to be passed to him. As suspected a tinkly voiced woman answered the phone

Mr. Brigants office can I take a message?

“Please ask the Fairy Prince to call The Northman back on this number as soon as he can, it involves one of his race”

Very well sir, I will pass that on.

And now I wait. I consider finding a Fangbanger to feed on but when I go out onto the floor I find they disgust me after drinking from Sookie and touching her soft tanned skin. In anger at her leaving I had tried feeding and fucking one of the miserable copies of her that had been hanging around but found myself completely unaroused by her, I drank from her and ordered her to go down on me while I closed my eyes and imagined Sookie was there instead. It did not fulfil me but I glamoured her into thinking I’d fucked her and sent her on her way. I order a Trueblood and go back to my office to fantasise about our reunion.

Sophie-Ann POV
I have never been so enraged. How dare that little bitch! First she spurns the perfectly adequate Mr. Compton in favour of that flashy Viking, then she injures my favourite Child and as if that wasn’t enough she decides to send William to his final death! I do not want her for a toy anymore, I want her dead, I want her strapped down, tortured and drained for the crimes she has committed against my court.

Of course I would have been better prepared if Hadley hadn’t painted her as a socially inadequate simpleton. It also would have helped if Mr. Compton actually completed his scouting mission and actually scouted for some information, like the fact that she carried a gun perhaps? I should have known better than to send someone like him, he despised humans and as such couldn’t seem to reconcile that times had changed since he had been turned. Someone so out of touch with current social trends could never spy successfully, but I had hoped he would at least be able to gain her trust.

Hadley. My poor misguided pet. She was currently confined to her apartment with restricted visitors. I even sent a chaperone with her meals to ensure she couldn’t have too much fun. When she told me about her cousin Sookie Stackhouse I was hesitant and unsure as to whether to believe her but I didn’t see the harm in sending Mr. Compton to ascertain her skills.

He expected to find a ditsy blonde, too shy to talk to anyone, who answers questions you haven’t yet asked and wears a look that could only be described as psychotic. What he found was a confidant, buxom woman with great camaraderie with her work colleagues and an immunity to glamour coupled with intimate knowledge of some people’s intentions.

Hadley said she didn’t know how much Sookie had changed but that didn’t stop me from beating her to vent my frustration. I was about to call the small group of vampires I had searching for her so I could ‘interview’ her about the incidents with Compton and Andre, when my night assistant contacted me over the intercom

Your Majesty, there is a messenger here to speak with you

“A messenger? Who does he work for?”

The Council Your Highness

What the fuck was a council messenger here for? “Very well, bring him before me”

Yes, Your Highness

A moment later my assistant shows a vampire into my chambers who may well be older than myself, and I am old. “What message does the Council send me?”

“Sophie-Ann LeClerq, Queen of Louisiana, you are hereby summoned before the Supernatural council. You failed to control your child and he attacked, and possibly had a view to kidnap and imprison, a gifted child of the Fae to use the gift to your own end. As this child had already been tied to a contract with a member of your retinue this act could be construed as an act of war against the Fae.”

“When?” I hissed, I really wanted to rend him limb from limb but I doubt that would improve my standing with the Council.

“Tomorrow night, midnight at the Dallas Hilton”

“Very well, you are dismissed”

A child of the Fae! How the fuck was I supposed to know Sookie Stackhouse was a child of the Fae? For crying out loud Andre what the hell were you thinking! My phone rang; I looked at the caller ID and winced. Why would the American Vampire League be calling me? I sighed and answered, I thought being Queen the only things I would have to worry about were hostile takeovers and dissention in the ranks!

“Queen Sophie-Ann LeClerq speaking”

Your Majesty, this is Nan Flannigan from the AVL. We’ve had a call regarding your treatment of a non-vampire employee.

“Have you now?”

Yes, it seems you are unaware of the ramifications your actions may have on the Vampire image. Especially as said employee is reported to be immune to glamour. We require you to come to our New Orleans office as soon as possible.

“Of course. I will be there within the hour”

What the Fuck is going on? Did Sookie threaten to go to the press with her little story? Oh how original of her! Like that hasn’t been tried before. Of course I hadn’t heard of a high ranking vampire trying to kidnap anyone since we went public. Admittedly, Sookie being immune to glamour meant we couldn’t will this away with a look into her eyes, and if some crazy blonde went to the press saying a vampire was trying to kidnap her 3 years ago they would have laughed in her face, but not now they wouldn’t. I know the AVL sent out guidelines on how much more careful we have to be but I’m a goddamn Vampire Queen for fuck sakes. I am above all of this!

Sookie POV
I couldn’t believe my Grandfather was asking me to put aside my plans, he helped me plan every step and now he wants me to just leave things? I confronted him about this and was handed a cell phone with a number predialled.

“Call this number at sunset and I’m sure he will explain”

Huh! Obviously someone else was in on the plan; the only person I could think of was Eric, unless Fintan had told someone. I went to my room as soon as I saw the dark purple replace the pink tinted clouds and pressed the send button. It only rang once before it was picked up

Sookie, Lover, is that you?

“Eric? Yes it’s me, how are you? What’s happening?”

I’ll explain everything I promise. Can you make it to the truck stop on I-49 south of Carencro before 11pm?

“If it means seeing you I’ll make it. See you as soon as I can”

Okay Sookie, I’ll see you soon. Goodbye for now Dear One.

“Bye Baby”

I checked my outfit, yes it would be fine I wouldn’t want Eric to see me wearing worn out sweats! I went into the living area and gave Fintan back his cell and ran outside to the car and drove like a bat out of hell.

I wasn’t sure where Eric would turn up. Was he driving? Flying? I’d been wearing a wig if I had to go out after sunset, so I put it on and checked the tiny mirror to make sure it was sitting nicely. A badly fitted wig was more likely to draw attention than if I didn’t wear one at all. I bought a cup of coffee and sat down, the second my butt hit the seat a tall man wearing a heavy lumberjack shirt, glasses and a baseball cap sat across from me. I almost spat my drink all over him when I realised it was Eric.

“What on earth are you wearing?”

“I could ask the same of you my dear. I am being watched carefully, at this moment the Queens spies think I am at home. I have an alternative exit from my property which is known only by me and Pam and now you. I left just after our call and flew here. I’ve been waiting on the roof for your arrival.”

“I guess I didn’t really think about things did I?”

“We can talk more freely somewhere more private. Let’s go”

He stood and offered me his hand, when I curled my tiny fingers around his cold white digits I never wanted to let go again. He pulled me to the back of the building and wrapped his arms around me, I closed my eyes and waited for the kiss but instead I felt the wind in my hair as we raced through the sky. We landed in an alley next to a vampire friendly hotel and Eric pressed a disposable cell and a large pair of sunglasses into my hand.

“I have already called the Sherriff here. They think I’m here looking for you. When I check in I will call you with my room number. If anyone stops you, tell them I ordered you as room service.”

Urgh. Yuck! What else would ‘room service’ mean to a vampire though! He took off his disguise and threw it into a nearby garbage can. I watched him walk away, straightening the collar of his leather jacket as he went. Yep, there was that ass again. I remembered hearing some of the waitresses talking about some actress who had made a cast of her breasts, then made a sculpture of only her boobs to give her boyfriend as a present. I don’t think Eric would let me do that to his ass though, but a girl could dream right?

The cell rang and Eric just said a number and hung up. No hellos or goodbyes. Under different circumstances I might find this clandestine meeting and me playing the role of willing meal a turn on, but we weren’t role playing, we really were in danger. I put the ridiculous shades on and walked into the lobby of the hotel.

While I walked towards the elevators I noticed in a mirror that I had my trench coat on and got a very naughty idea. I went into the ladies room in the lobby and stripped down to my lingerie before putting the coat back on, my skirt and shirt rolled up and fitted into my purse just fine. Heading back to the elevator and punching the button, a bellboy asked if he could help me. When I said I had been ordered by room 912 I let my coat slip open a little so he could see a naked thigh and looked in his head

Boy those damn vamps always get the sexy girls. The female vamps are really hot looking maybe I should become a donor?

Okay, attention diverted from my face, let’s carry on. On the way up to his floor I found myself getting anxious. I was going to be in a room, alone with Eric, for the first time since I told him I had feelings for him. Alone. With Eric.

Okay Sooks, just take a deep breath and calm down. You don’t have to talk about that, just keep it to business unless he brings it up and if he brings it up before the business just open the coat and let nature take its course. Hah! My plan was brilliant! I stepped into the hallway and searched for his door, when I found it I knocked loudly and said

“Room Service”. He opened the door grinning and I walked past him, took off the wig and sat on a chair in the corner. “So, I guess you didn’t approve of my plans huh?”

“Not that I don’t approve Lover, I just thought a more subtle approach was required. I have set things in motion that will force the Queen to change her plans for you”

“What kind of things?”

“I contacted the AVL and left an anonymous tip off about your situation, stating that the press may be informed also and that you couldn’t be glamoured”

“And that will do what exactly?”

“It will remind the Queen that we are under a microscope and need to keep a tight rein on some behaviours that were acceptable before we made ourselves known. If the press are informed of a human being threatened by our kind they will jump on it like Sharks on chum. It would be a PR disaster and whoever was in charge of the threats would be punished severely by the AVL to try and appease the public.”

“Oh right. Maybe I should actually go to the press then?”

“No need, there are other avenues that I have also pursued. There is a Supernatural Council which loosely keeps peace between the communities and tries to prevent all out war. You are part-Fae and you have been driven from your home by a vampire and have had to injure and kill to maintain your freedom, a representative of the Fae has gone before the Council to demand retribution.”

“Who? Was it Fintan?”

“No, his father Niall. He knows nothing of your existence as his great-granddaughter. Your name has not been revealed. It is too dangerous for you to be introduced to him.”

“Oh. Okay, I guess. Is there anything else? Do we just sit and wait to see how this pans out?”

“There is nothing else and yes we wait until the Council and the AVL decide how to deal with the Queen. I believe we have other matters to discuss”

“What will they do to her?” I cut him off

“Probably not much, the AVL think you are human but they are still very much loyal to their own species about others, they will probably fine her for being so careless in her pursuit of you and oversee further actions for a short time to ensure she is stable enough to rule the state and not get us in the news for the wrong reasons. The Council on the other hand, if they find her guilty of an act of war between species will probably exile her to a less populated area or have her chained in silver for a while. Ultimately, until you make her angry enough for her to slip up and do something serious that would result in final death you may never be free”

“So what does that mean? I should have just let Andre swipe me?”

“Certainly not. We have to be clever Dear One. I’m afraid you will have to hide out for some time but I can help you with that.” He went to his bag and pulled out an envelope, emptying a driving licence, a passport and a social security card and some other things out onto the bed “They are all in the name Susannah Berkley, there is also a bank account in that name with a considerable balance. I want you to be safe and if this is something I can do to help that it would please me greatly if you accepted”

“Eric, thank you. I want to be safe and this is something that Fintan and I had considered but didn’t get round to talking to the right people”

“As much as I want you to hide Sookie, I want you to come back to me when things are calmer”

“Come back to you?”

“What you said before you left. When we were in my office…”

“Shh… Eric, there’s been enough talking for now”

I stood up and opened the coat letting it slip from my shoulders and pool on the floor. Before I could say ‘Special Delivery’ he was in front of me without stitch on his beautifully sculpted torso. Running his cool palms across my shoulders and down my arms, he lifted my right hand and drew the tip of his tongue from the tip of my middle finder right up to the hollow on the inside of my elbow. Wow, I had no idea that was one of my erogenous zones.

“Oh Sookie, I have missed you.”

It was not sweet, it was not slow, it was hard and fast and I learned the best way to create that ‘just been fucked’ hairdo. We never even made it to the bed; he just turned me round and placed one of my knees on the seat of the chair and both of my hands on the back. I felt his cold lips kissing along my shoulders as he kneaded one breast and used his free hand to dip into my folds, he moaned when he found how wet I was for him. Just as I was getting into him stroking me, his hand withdrew and he placed his hard cock at my hole and thrust into me.

I felt his fangs scrape against my shoulder and his hand went down to my hard clit, rubbing so fast it was like I had a vibrator pressed against me “Urgh, do it baby! Bite me!” and he did. I came screaming his name. It was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had and Eric felt it too, as my muscles clenched around him he groaned

“fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK SOOKIE!” we collapsed on the floor, I couldn’t feel my legs. I was picked up and deposited under the covers of the bed. “Thank you Lover. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was” I turned and looked at him confused

“Surely you fed when you woke?”

“I had a Trueblood but nothing satisfies like a meal fresh from the source, it’s been a while since I had that”

“Why? I mean it’s not because of what I said about me being your only donor is it? ‘Cause I’d understand you feeding from others seeing as I high-tailed it outta your area”

“It is because of you but not for the reason you mentioned. I have become rather fussy regarding my meals since drinking from you; none of the ladies I have come across meet my standards”

“They taste funky huh?” he laughed that wonderful deep rumbling laugh; I would never tire of hearing that sound.

“You could say that dearest. You have spoiled me for other women. I desire no other, you have conquered the mighty Viking” He smiled and kissed the top of my head.

“Yeah” I sighed “I can’t imagine anyone else making me feel the way you do” I licked the cleft in his chin, not being quick enough he caught my tongue lightly with his teeth. Next we were giggling, stroking, rolling in the sheets and this time it was sweet and it was slow and it was perfect.

There was only an hour or so until sunrise, I was sitting on the edge of the bed fastening my shirt which was crumpled from being in my purse. Didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay with Eric but a semblance of freedom called Susannah Berkley called.

“Come Lover, from the roof I can fly you back to your car then come back here before dawn but we have to leave now”

“Okay, I wish it didn’t have to be this way”

“I know. Keep that cell I gave you, I’ll contact you when things have calmed down. In the meantime you have to hide and hide well” We landed at the back of the truck stop and he kissed me, when he let me come up for air the tears were flowing freely. Eric licked them from my cheeks

“I will speak to you as soon as I can Sookie”

I could only nod in return and watch him take off into the sky. At least we parted on better terms this time. Where could I hide well? It would have to be somewhere no-one knew me or of me, no wait! I was Susannah Berkley now; all I had to do was make sure no-one knew what Sookie Stackhouse looked like, which meant anywhere that wasn’t Bon Temps.

I stopped at a 24 hour Wal-Mart and bought some hair dye in nice auburn shade and a pair of frames with plain glass lenses. Back at the apartment with Fintan I used the dye and while I waited for it to develop I thought about where I could go to be safe. Where is the last place a vampire would think of looking for me? Of course…..


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