Working Girl

Chapter 8 – Working Girl

I could tell Eric had questions after we dropped Jason off, when we got to my house he sat gripping the steering wheel for a few seconds before getting out of the car. I wasn’t sure if I had any energy left to answer whatever he wanted to ask me, but I invited him inside because I was even less sure if I wanted to be alone.

He declined my offer of a Trueblood and settled at the kitchen table while I dug around in the kitchen cupboards for something stronger than tea or soda to drink. I eventually found some rum and mixed it with some cola

“Are you sure you want me here Sookie?” I thought for a second

“Yes, I do, I’d rather not be alone right now, I also know you’d like some answers and to be honest I’d rather talk about anything than my feelings which is what everyone else would want to talk about”

“An understandable view dear one, but you cannot avoid your feelings for long, please know that I am here to distract or comfort you as necessary”

“Thank you. If I didn’t know better I’d say you cared about me Mr. Northman”

“It is important that you are happy and healthy, an unbalanced or unwell telepath is not an accurate one also if you are sad you would be less willing to let me feed from you and partake in other pleasures.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, I knew vamps could be cold and Eric was Mr. Pragmatism but that took it to a new level! Once I stopped laughing I noticed he was looking at me like I’d gone mad, maybe I had

“So I guess you wanna know about Fintan huh?”

“That would please me greatly” I picked up my drink and led Eric through to sit on the couch, I was about to sit next to him but he pulled me onto his knee like he was a hard-bodied fangy Santa.

“Obviously he was the doctor you seen to enable you to control your gift, he must have known your Grandmother very well to come to the hospital tonight”

“You could say that, they knew each other a very long time, most of my Grans life”

“As you know vampires have a keen sense of smell, Fintan isn’t a full Fairy, but he would still have powers and knowledge”


“The Fae are very secretive, I do not blame you for not disclosing your connection to a part-fae to me before, do you know that Fairies are like a drug to vampires?” I sat up and looked at him

“No, I didn’t” was that why Eric thought my blood was rich and sweet?

“Your scent is very fae-like, but very subtle”

“Uh…” This was not going well; Grandfather always said I should never tell anyone about my fairy genes

“Fintan and your grandmother were more than friends weren’t they?”

“Umm …” shit! I’d trusted Eric so far and he’d been on my side, would this make such a big difference? “Yes they were much more than friends, Fintan is my biological Grandfather”

“Grandfather? That would make you one eighth Fae, enough for you to smell very enticing but not enough for you to be drained on sight, add to that your beauty, strength of character and delicious curves, you my dear are a vampire’s wet dream!”

“Ewww… gross, couldn’t you just say I’m a vamps dream girl or something? Did you have to bring bodily fluids into the picture?”

I was getting really tired, the rum and coke hadn’t helped that situation, I felt lighter after our talk though. Eric’s way of bringing everything back to sex was a strange comfort, after the way Jason had treated me today it was nice to think of pleasure

“are you hungry?”

“for you always Sookie, but I think today has been draining enough for you, I can go without” the words were coming out of his mouth but the way his fingers stroked my neck said different

“I made a deal with you, you’ve been protecting me and you’ve been very supportive through everything, I think you deserve something back”

I truly did want to make sure I kept my end of our bargain but I also know a part of me wanted to feel something other than the gaping hole in my chest, I wanted to feel how much he wanted me, how much he needed me.

I turned myself in his lap and he scooted a little to make room for my knees on either side of his thighs, my lips sought his and we lost ourselves to feverish kisses, touching each other through our clothes, I lost myself in the sensation as he moved my panties aside to stroke me, gaining my wits I released him from his jeans and rubbed my hand up and down his stiff length smearing the bead of moisture from the tip around the head.

In a moment I was moving my hips in time to him sliding his fingers in and out of me, his thumb pressing against my clit and my own body providing the friction, I pumped him furiously gripping his shaft tightly and moaning his name as he removed one of my breasts from my top and laved my nipple with his tongue, I could feel his cock start to throb and as my frantic stroking brought him to completion he sank his fangs into my breast drinking deeply and making me come hard and spill my juices over his hand.

When the trembling stopped my tears started, Eric left me for a moment and came back with a warm, damp towel to clean us up, he picked up my grief-stricken form and carried me to my room. He changed me into my pyjamas and tucked me into bed, spooning me until I cried myself to sleep.


Gran had left me the house and the twenty acres of land surrounding it, Jason wasn’t happy about that until the lawyer clarified that I had to relinquish my half of our parent’s house to retain full-rights to Grans property. What little money there was had been split evenly between the two of us. A few people had asked when I was going to put it on the market, they seemed to think that my Gran dying and me being attacked in it meant I’d never want to be there again, I politely informed them that I had far more good memories in that house than bad and that I would not be selling unless I actually got tired of living there.

At the funeral Jason stood beside me but he didn’t talk to me or touch me, I felt very lonely. As I looked over the crowd I realised the whole town was there, cars were lined as far as the eye could see. Sam, Arlene, Terry, Lafayette and all the staff from Merlotte’s were there, Sam must have closed the bar for the day, which meant a lot to me.

Uncle Bartlett didn’t make it, which I was very thankful for, quite a few mourners asked after him, I let Jason answer them, I didn’t care if he was Grans only brother, I’d never be able to scrub away the images I saw in his head. We told him Gran had died it was his decision not to come to her funeral. Not. Our. Fault.

For three days after the funeral I only had contact with people over the phone, I needed to get back to work, I couldn’t put my life on hold, I had plans. I decided to clean out Grans room, Arlene called me just after I decided to do it so I asked if she could help me, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it on my own. I sorted everything into piles; Arlene packed everything up

“I think I’ll move into this room”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit soon honey?”

“It would be easier getting used to sleeping in here than being across the hall trying to get used to the room being empty”

“That makes sense, plus you’ve got that nice bathroom off this room”

I nodded and helped Arlene take the boxes to her car, she’d offered to take them to the collection centre for me. When she left I felt lonelier than ever, I ate some leftovers than were in the fridge and went for a shower to remove the sweat and dust from my body, scrubbing everywhere that needed scrubbed and shaving everywhere that needed shaved, afterwards I smothered myself in lotion and put on some shorts and a strappy vest. As usual Eric called when he rose for the evening

Good evening Sookie, how are you feeling?

“Alone, I cleaned out Grans room”

Would you like some company this evening?

“Actually Eric that would be really nice, I’ll see you soon?”

I’ll be there as soon as I can dear one

I was reconsidering my outfit when I heard a knock at the door; I quickly threw on a robe, knowing that Eric couldn’t be here already. When I looked through the peephole I was shocked to find Bill Compton on the other side

“Sookie, I know you’re home, I just want to talk to you” I opened the door, stopping myself from inviting him in like I would do with anyone else who showed up

“What would you like to talk about Bill?”

“May I come in?”

“No, the last time I invited someone in I didn’t know too well I ended up being choked, so you can understand my reluctance”

“Yes, I heard about that and about your Grandmother, my condolences and I hope you’re recovering from your attack”

“Thank you for your concern”

“Sookie, I also heard about your contract with the Sherriff, as a vampire in his area I was hoping we could start fresh, I would like to take you to dinner one night if you would be amenable to my company”

“What? Like a date?” he had this nice soft expression on his face, a mixture of affection and hope, not his usual ‘ready to stake himself’ hangdog expression

“Well in modern terms, yes, I suppose it would be a date” he moved closer to the door “I would very much like to get to know you better”

“Sorry Bill but I’m Eric’s” oh the myriad of facial expression I was getting now! Rage, disgust, shock, disbelief

“Do you like being used Sookie? Because that’s what he will do! When he’s bored with you, you’ll be discarded, the same as the other… girls that he involves himself with. He has quite the reputation, but I doubt very much he would tell you about his promiscuity!”

“Actually Bill he’s told me all about the fangbangers and I can assure you he treats me with the respect I deserve. On a different note, how does you mission stand with Eric contracting my services?”

“I don’t understand…”

“I think you do Bill, I know that you were sent here by the queen and I know that it was Hadley who told the queen I had a gift”

“Sookie, you must be mistaken, I’m here because…”

“DON’T EVEN TRY TO BULLSHIT ME BILL COMPTON!” one thing I despised more than a liar was someone who lied about the fact that they were lying! His shoulders sagged and a sad look of resignation crossed his dark eyes

“Okay Sookie, I can see you’re not the naive hick Hadley painted you as” he seemed almost angry at that fact “obviously Eric has done his homework, I was sent here to assess your talents and procure you for the queen but now you have signed a legal contract with the sheriff she can request your services at any point and my original ‘mission’ has been rendered useless”

“Thank you for being honest Bill, but I must decline your kind invitation to dinner due to being involved with another man, I can however offer you friendship without romantic involvement”

I was very impressed at my own words but a little put out at Bill’s sneer at the word friendship, he thought I didn’t see it but I did, the other thing I saw was Eric’s corvette rumbling along my driveway. I could see Bill looking for an escape route, Eric had seen us at the door so there was no point in him running, it would just make him look really bad. He just stood back from the door and nodded to Eric as he got to the bottom of the porch steps

“I see you have a visitor Lover, is there something you need help with Compton?” Bill sniffed me! He actually leaned as far as he could and sniffed me!

“Sookie, I can offer you the kind of relationship that the Sherriff cannot, if you were to come to me of your own free will he would have no choice but to let you go” Eric’s eyes narrowed and I realised Bill could smell something from me, something that made him think it was okay to speak like that in front of his superior

“I think you need to revise your tone and adjust your attitude, Compton. I wouldn’t want to have to ban you from contacting Sookie due to harassment” Sherriff Northman was on my porch now, not the Eric that had supported me the last few days “As you are aware, Sookie is a valuable asset to the area and the Fellowship seem to be getting more ruthless, as a vampire of area 5 I was hoping to count on your assistance in protecting her, but if that is beyond your capabilities I shall report that to the queen during our next conference call”

“That will not be necessary Sherriff, I would be honoured to serve the area by helping to protect useful members of your retinue” he gave a funny little half bow from his neck

“Glad to hear it Compton, you are dismissed” if looks could kill Eric would have been staked not only through his heart but every other useful organ Bill could think of, Eric took my hand and kissed the back leading me into the house and leaving Bill seething on my porch.

Once in the living room Eric surveyed the piles of knick knacks and photos that I had cleared out of my Grans room, there were some things that I just couldn’t give away, other items I thought Grans friends or Jason might want to keep.

“I cleaned out Grans room today, I’d just finished moving all of my things into it when you called, I couldn’t leave it empty and it’s a bigger room than mine with a nice bathroom attached, it would be a waste not to use it as my own”

“That makes sense, I would ask if there was anything I could help with but seeing as you look like you’ve cleaned up and readied yourself for relaxation my services will not be required”

It was nice of him to offer to help, Eric being around seemed to just make things easier, I decided to celebrate my little burst of independence by opening a bottle of wine that someone had brought over, again Eric declined a Trueblood

“Would you like to discuss what Compton was doing on your porch?”

“He wanted to apologise for his behaviour and start fresh, he asked me out to dinner” Eric’s eyes darkened with anger “He didn’t like it when I told him I was yours, he said you’d use me and discard me like a fangbanger”

“He knows I would afford you greater respect due to your talent, I’m unsure as to what he hoped to achieve by telling you that”

“I challenged him about why he came to Bon Temps, he tried to lie at first then told me what his mission was… no wait he told me what his original mission was” I thought harder trying to remember exactly what was said on both sides “he didn’t like that I was offering him my friendship, like it was beneath him. He asked me to dinner and he was trying to be real charming, then he told me you were promiscuous when I said I was yours, he told me that so I would see him as a better prospect. Do you think he was trying to seduce me?”

“he also has a very astute sense of smell, it is his talent, you told him you were mine but he could smell that I have not deflowered you, that made him confident enough to speak out of turn, perhaps he has new instructions to claim you as his” I don’t know if it was the wine but that made me giggle

“Does he honestly think he can compete for my affections with you as his rival?”

“You are human, your concept of affection is the crux of the matter, perhaps he thinks if he makes himself more emotionally available than I and plays on the issue of whether you can trust me to remain respectful of you” he lowered his head and looked at his feet

“there is a small chance that he could compete, I do not have a good reputation when it comes to women, but I would hope that you realise I am a vampire who respects deals and arrangements” he brought his head back up and stared me straight in the eyes

“We have brokered an arrangement, I have remained abstinent and neither drank nor had physical relations with another woman since we made this arrangement, that will continue unless you give me reason to go against it, I know making a mutual deal isn’t as romantic as taking you out to dinner and that is what he will form his plan around”

“Eric I trust Bill about as far as I could throw him, I’ll be nice to him and accept that I have to be around him sometimes due to area business but further than that I want nothing to do with him, he came here to assess me and procure me as necessary, he has been dishonest in his intentions, you haven’t, your intentions have been pretty clear from the start and while our interactions have been devoid of hearts and flowers I know I can trust you and at this point in my life that means more than pasta by candlelight”

“Excellent! If I had truly thought you could be swayed by his feeble efforts there may have been a problem, I do not share well with others and I am glad that you place trust and clarity higher than notions of romance”

“I see the world differently from other girls, I’ve never had the luxury of being romanced due to knowing what my suitors really want, I’ve learned to live without it and had resigned myself to living without the company of men until I met you”

“And now?”

“Now I want to open myself to the opportunities you can provide me”

the wine had made me feel relaxed and a little warm, I took off my robe and moved closer to Eric taking his face in both hands and kissing him gently, he returned it and added a little more passion, I opened my mouth and let him explore with his tongue, when his hands started to wander I knew there was only one place I wanted this to lead. I took his hand and led him down the hall to my new room, over to the bed to settle on the fresh sheets.

Eric let me pull his shirt over his head, and put one arm around my waist, moving me up the bed so I was lying on my back and he was lying half on top of me with one leg between my thighs, propped up on his elbow. Our kissing remained gentle but with an underlying urgency, his fingers were moving along my shoulders, running under the straps of my vest and down the side of my breast to the waistband of my shorts where they snaked back upwards underneath the light cotton of my top.

I sat up a little to make it easier to take off and Eric moved his lips to my neck nipping at the flesh but never breaking it, my skin was covered in goose bumps and I arched my back begging for him to touch my breasts and he read my body language fluently cupping one with his hand and taking his mouth down to the other, sucking, rolling, pinching and pulling at my hard nipples as I moaned, gasped and pushed my hips into his groin.

I grabbed at his shirt pulling it up and he broke his attentions to remove it while I undid his belt and unfastened his jeans, he took the hint and a second later he was naked and pulling my shorts down, his tongue following their path down the inside of my leg then back up nipping and sucking at my inner thigh

“Watch me Sookie”

I locked eyes with him as he brought his mouth to my hot centre, the contrast of his cool tongue licking my folds from top to bottom making me shudder with delight. I threaded my fingers through his hair as he sucked my clit lightly and I felt his fingers enter me, I pulled him closer and circled my hips moaning as the pressure built in my abdomen

“I want you Eric, I want all of you” he replaced his tongue with his thumb

“are you sure Sookie?”

“Ah…. yes…I’m ready”

he nodded and went back to sucking and nipping at my hard nub, sliding his long cool fingers in and out, curling them just at the right spot until I felt my muscles contract around his digits and I moaned his name out loud. He kept moving his fingers through the aftershocks but kneeled between my legs, stroking himself with his free hand, I watched him bring his talented fingers to his mouth and suck my fluids from them, then he pierced his thumb with one of his fangs and smeared the thick blood over the head of his hard cock. He could see the question in my eyes as I watched him

“This will make it hurt less, but it will still hurt Dear One” I felt his tip at my entrance and braced myself “just relax, if you tense up it will make things worse”

Eric kissed me but never made the move to enter me, he just kept kissing using his hand to gently rub all the sensitive spots he had discovered, I gave myself over to his touch and moaned into his mouth. I felt him push in a little further, I flinched as my centre stretched, but he kept pushing slowly until there was a stinging pain and I dug my fingers into his shoulders and whimpered

“Sookie, Gods!”

he pulled out a little and pushed back in, it didn’t hurt as much but he kept pushing, Jesus Christ! Shepherd of Judea wasn’t he all the way in yet? Eric carried on pulling out a little and then pushing in further, the pain was gone when I felt his pelvis rub against my clit the sensation of him filling me and the friction against that tiny bundle of nerves with each thrust was amazing I gasped with pleasure as he switched from short movements to pulling almost all the way out and then slowly filling me up again.

Out “Sookie Ungh” in “You are” out “so fucking” in “tight” out “and hot” in “and wet” out, I started moving my hips to Eric’s rhythm and he brought his thumb down to my nub, gently rubbing in circles, I could hear a woman moaning in ecstasy and it took a second to realise it was me, my mind was no longer in control of my body, my conscious self was merely a bystander being pulled to the top of a cliff

“Look at me Lover”

Eric’s voice brought me back and I looked into his eyes and fell over the edge screaming his name before I went blind with the force of my orgasm. I felt Eric swell inside me as my contracting muscles almost brought him to completion, his fangs sank into the soft flesh between my neck and shoulder, triggering another wave of pleasure in me and I felt Eric’s cool seed release inside me. We rode through the aftershocks and when he rolled off me; his face was almost as blissed out as I expected mine to be

“Eric that was amazing, I never thought my first time would be so… so… mind blowing!”

“Yes it was immensely satisfying” he propped himself up on one elbow and appraised my naked, spent form “you will be in pain when the endorphins wear off, will you let me heal you?”

“Umm… okay, it is starting to feel a little uncomfortable” he leered at me and moved down to position his head between my legs, licking me clean before piercing his middle finger and placing it inside me, I could feel the discomfort fade away to be replaced with a warm tingly and very familiar feeling “Eric that feels so good” I looked down at his cocked eyebrow and felt his hard on press against my leg “Again? So soon?”

“Oh Sookie, didn’t I tell you before that once would never be enough” and neither was twice, he took me 4 times before he had to leave to race the sun back to Shreveport, and every time was better than the last.


I woke up sated but decidedly saddle sore, going 4 rounds with a Viking for your first full sexual experience is bound to leave you walking like John Wayne but feeling on top of the world, I noticed it was just after 10am. Crap, I had to get a wiggle on if I was going to make it to work on time, I rushed through my shower and breakfast and had just enough time to call the shooting range to reschedule my classes before getting in my car and hightailing it to Merlotte’s.

After dumping my purse and grabbing an apron I went out front to find it was pretty quiet, I made sure my tables were up to date before joining Arlene and Lafayette to catch up

“hey guys, how have things been?”

“Same old, same old, Sugar” Arlene complained “but you seem a lot better, hell I’d say you were glowing!”

“Mmm hmm, babycakes, you look like you’ve been having fun” Lafayette snapped his fingers and gave himself a smack on the ass just in case I wasn’t sure what kind of fun he meant!

“Uh… well, there is someone I’ve been seeing” how much information could I give up, how much could they handle? Arlene pulled me closer to her and Lafayette and whispered

“Is it Sam? I’ve seen the way he looks at you honey, come on you can tell us if you’re screwing the boss!” they both giggled and stared at me intently

“No it’s not Sam” I hissed “He is my boss, but most of all he’s a very good friend and I don’t want to ruin that!” They got excited at the prospect of gossip even juicier “If you must know he lives in Shreveport” and of course that would be the point that Sam appeared behind me

“Who lives in Shreveport?” He asked

“Sooks new man” Lafayette grinned “and I’m wishin’ I was gettin’ that kinda nasty to make my eyes twinkle” Arlene giggled again and Lafayette pursed his L’Oreal smeared lips and snapped his fingers again for effect. Sam looked real angry and stepped closer to me, pulling the neck of my shirt away to reveal the fading fang marks Eric had left

“That the kind of nasty you’re lookin’ for Laf?” I slapped his hand away

“That is enough Sam Merlotte!” I was furious, not because Sam had revealed the marks but the way he tried to make me feel ashamed of them “What and who I choose to do, is my business” very wisely Arlene and Lafayette went back to their stations and found other things very interesting all of a sudden. Sam put his hands on my shoulders

“Is it Eric?” I nodded “Do you trust him?” another nod “If he hurts you, I’ll stake him myself”

“Okay Sam”

“Chere, I’ve never heard good things happening to girls that go with vamps, but I realise that you’ve been pulled into their world whether you wanted to or not, please keep your eyes open and always, always, ask questions because they don’t give out information willingly” he took his hands away went behind the bar and didn’t speak to me for the rest of my shift.


As I was now back working at Merlotte’s I figured it would be best to start my new job at Fangtasia. I felt bad about putting it on hold but the death of a family member was a pretty good reason. I was nervous but prepared; I had a set list of questions to ask all the staff members and had asked Pam if she could list them in order of importance.

I had asked Eric to consider having me interview people who didn’t work at the bar too like the accountant and the lawyer they kept on retainer, he must have thought that was a good idea as they were my first interviews. Eric sat in with our ‘introductory meeting’ explaining what my role would be in the business and assuring them that if they had any issues with the vampires in the club they could see me in confidence rather than speaking with Eric or Pam, who admittedly were significantly more intimidating than me.

The lawyer, Stephen, was first, I shook his hand to establish a better mental connection, he was one of the most expensive lawyers in Shreveport – naturally, nothing but the best for 1000 year old Vikings. He was obviously bored and thought that the meeting was a huge waste of his time, but he was truthful with his answers and showed no connections with the FOTS when I asked him the more leading questions. He was pleasant enough though and insisted that we would meet again as harassment seemed to be a big problem between human and vampire staff in bars and clubs, I stored that piece of information away for further discussion at another time.

The accountant was the polar opposite, he was already sweating with nerves when he came in, he really didn’t feel comfortable around vampires but they paid well. He came around a little when Eric explained he could contact me rather than him or Pam, his relief was visible and it made going through the questions much easier. Once again there were no FOTS connections but there was something swirling in the vaults of his brain that made him scared.

“Eric, could you leave Bruce and me alone for a moment?”

Eric looked suspicious but I smiled at him reassuringly “Of course Sookie, I understand that some conversations you hold will require privacy”

“Thank you Mr. Northman”

I point blank refused to call him Master unless it would make him look bad, but it was still important to respect him. I walked around the desk and asked Bruce to sit next to me on Eric’s couch. He started sweating again, which was gross but I carried on regardless and put one hand on his arm hoping the contact would calm him

“Bruce, is there something you would like to talk about? You seem very nervous, is one of the vampires giving you a hard time?”

“Oh no Miss Stackhouse! Besides Master Northman I rarely have any contact with the other vampires” and what a good thing that is, he’s bad enough, how am I going to tell him about the missing money? “I’m just not really good at meeting new people”

“Well Bruce, I’m not new now and remember you can come to me with any problems, or even if you want company during your updates with him, I know he can be scary, especially if you’re not telling him exactly what he wants to hear” I smiled at him and I got a smile in return, trust gained – I’m good!

Bruce left the office lighter in mood and Eric came back in, closing the door and standing looking at me with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised in question “So lover, what did you do to Bruce to make him almost skip out of my office?”

“I was nice to him” I snorted “he’s terrified of you and there was something I couldn’t get out of his head while you were looming over him”

“I’m very tall; I have no option but to loom. What precious gems did you glean from him with your niceness?”

“Some money has gone missing and he’s too scared to tell you, might be an idea to ask him back soon with the books and get him to go over them with you, he may or may not ask for my presence”

“You are full of wonderful ideas Dear One, my business is running more smoothly already”

he smacked a kiss on my temple and called in the gift shop manager for my final interview of the night. Marcie was pretty and had a lovely figure to match, she wasn’t working at Fangtasia for the vamp thrills but was interested in the way they were marketing themselves since the big reveal, she could be an asset with a little more free reign but she was getting a lot of unwanted attention from a vamp called Lucas – Stephen had really hit the nail on the head and we were going to have to address the harassment issue before we lost her, she was already looking for another job, as soon as she left I turned to Eric and expressed my concerns.

“We always have a long list of people looking for work here Sookie, she would be easily replaced”

“But wouldn’t you rather have employees that are interested in and good at their jobs than fangbangers that spend their shift looking to get bitten? Marcie has plans for the gift shop and she doesn’t want to leave but Lucas is making her more and more uncomfortable”

“I see, you are right, perhaps we could have a badge indicating which employees are willing to entertain vampires much like the ribbons that registered willing donors wear?”

“That’s a good idea, it would be worthwhile maybe having a written agreement too, and also the area vampires would have to adhere to the system, do you anticipate problems with that?”

“Perhaps but we’ll just have to wait and see”

“I’m exhausted, I think three interviews is my limit”

I moved round to the front of Eric’s desk and perched on the edge, rubbed the tense muscles at the back of my neck and pulled my ponytail out, shaking my head and running my hands through my hair. I looked at Eric sitting on the couch; he was grazing his fingers across his bottom lip with a glazed look in his eyes. You have got to be kidding me!

“Naughty secretary fantasies Eric? Really?”

Shaking himself from his revelry, he leered at me “I thought you couldn’t read vampire minds?”

“I can’t, I’m just familiar with classic porn imagery. Whatever you have going on in that Viking head of yours is not an option, this is now my place of employment and I won’t be bending over your desk and offering myself to you like one of your skanky fangbangers”

“Miss Stackhouse isn’t any fun, I want perky Sookie back”

I swear I never thought I’d see a vampire pout, I couldn’t help but giggle a little, maybe some playtime would do us good. I wiggle my skirt upwards a little at the hips and hopped onto the corner of the desk crossing my legs at the knee

“Would you like me to take anything down Mr. Northman?”

I leaned back and pushed the girls out, uncrossing and re-crossing my legs while chewing on the end of my pen. Eric looked like a five year old who got a puppy for Christmas as he appeared in front of me, one hand behind my neck, the other on my thigh, then he looked like someone came and shot that puppy when Pam walked through the door. She looked at me and smiled

“Naughty secretary?”

I nodded mutely, feeling the colour rise in my entire body, whatever scenario Eric had in his fantasy; I’m guessing it didn’t include red lobster. Pam seemed undeterred by the fact she had obviously interrupted us

“Sookie, would you like to schedule the bar staff for your next session?”

“Yes Pam, I’ll be out in a moment”

“Master, the natives are restless, will you be spending time enthralling them this evening?” Eric’s puppy had just been shot because it had rabies.

“I will also be out shortly Pamela, may I remind you that it is required that you knock before entering my office”

“Yes Master, I apologise for the intrusion” Pam left but flashed me a smirk before she closed the door on us.1

“We will continue this Miss Stackhouse” Eric traced a line down my jaw to my collarbone with his index finger.

“I make sure I have room on my schedule Mr. Northman” I tried to make it sound breathy and sensual, I’m not sure if it worked, but I was pretty much on a promise so I figured any effort I made would yield results.

There were two human bar staff who worked with Longshadow and a busboy who emptied and cleaned tables, so that filled my quota for my next night in the club, I ordered a ginger ale and sat back to watch the Eric show as he lounged on his throne looking incredibly bored. There was a girl sitting on the edge of the raised section gazing at him with pleading eyes, she was a little younger than me, she looked anaemic, possibly anorexic too, her hair was dyed blonde but it lacked body. Pam was about to walk past when she noticed me watching the girl

“Pathetic isn’t it?”

“She looks so lost Pam”

“Nicole. She was a regular of Eric’s until he met you, the last time you were here you asserted your dominance, since then she has changed her appearance to try to regain his attentions.”

“Shouldn’t she just move on? Find someone else?”

“Would you?”

“I’d brood for a little; maybe threaten to shoot his dick off with one of my shotguns to find out what I’d done wrong. I wouldn’t humiliate myself like she’s doing”

“You have shotguns?” Pam seemed excited by this; if I didn’t know better I’d say she was giddy “Would you teach me how to shoot one?”

“Umm… yeah Pam, sure, uh, whenever’s convenient for you”

“Wonderful Sookie, wait until I tell Thalia, I bet she’ll want to learn too!”

Pam ran off to speak to a small female vampire who had long curly black hair. I looked back at the forlorn girl to see she had crawled; she was actually still on her hands and knees, closer to Eric’s throne. I concentrated and dropped my shields until I could focus on her one inner voice

Master, please, just look at me, what have I done to deserve this? Why does he just ignore me after all the nights of pleasure we had her mind filled with images I just didn’t want to see, I wasn’t ignorant to the fact that Eric had been intimate with others, that didn’t mean I wanted to watch the home videos. I decided to take action, my phone was in my hand and I was texting Eric

That girl is suffering. U should do sumthin. Sxx

I watched him take his phone from his pocket; he looked up at me and cocked an eyebrow before looking down to the girl at his feet. Her whole demeanour changed as soon as she saw his eyes fall on her

He’s looking at me! He wants me again! I knew I was his favourite!

Geez! This girl didn’t know pity from fondness; she was totally obsessed, besotted. Eric just lifted his eyes from her and looked at me, her eyes followed and when she saw me I could see her heart crush itself into a ball and die. Obviously Mister Above-Talking-To-Customers wasn’t going to do something, everyone else was ignoring her pain, that left little ol’ me.

I steeled myself and walked right up and sat next to her extending my hand and giving her a thousand watt smile “Hi! My name’s Sookie” she looked at me like I’d just spat on her and limply put her hand in mine


“It’s sure nice to meetcha Nicole; would you like to keep me company while I finish my drink?”

“Uh…” she looked up at Eric as if expecting him to approve or deny the action “I… guess”

I grabbed her hand and led her back to the bar, ordered a drink for her and figured out what I was going to say.

“Nicole, you’re a real pretty girl, I bet you get a lot of guys wanting to take you out” She was still looking at Eric

“Uh… not really, not that I notice, I only want the Master”

Well shit, that meant my friendly girl chat was up the creek and my bitchy ‘he’s mine’ speech would have to make an appearance.

“Have you considered taking more notice seeing as he doesn’t seem to want you?”

“He’ll want me again, you’re just a passing fad, I know him and I can tell you won’t do all the things he likes, you’re too nice”

I saw exactly what I was too nice for in her head and she smiled at me, the bitch smiled at me. I clenched my jaw and wondered just what the hell I could say to that, I sensed a void right behind me and turned to see Bill Compton of all people, my night was now complete.

“Sookie” I hated him saying my name he pronounced it ‘Suckeh’ yeuch! “You look very professional this evening; I take it you’ve been working for Eric?”

“Yes, I was meeting with some of the staff”

“And who is your friend?”

“This is Nicole” and there is my opening “she’s sad because Eric’s too busy fucking me to notice her.” I might not take it up the ass but never try to out-bitch me!

“Well, I’d say that freed a lot of your options Nicole. Wouldn’t you?”

yep, he was putting on that southern charm, she took her eyes off Eric to look at Bill, he was looking her up and down, then he smiled and showed a little fang, when she saw those pointy teeth her interest rose to a new level. Pam was right, she was pathetic, she didn’t even care about the person only the vampire.

“Well, I’m going to call it a night. Bill, Nicole, I’ll see you again sometime”

I caught Eric’s eye on my way to the office to get my purse, he had the door closed and locked before I could pick it up from next to his desk.


3 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Love how Sookie stood up to Bill! He’s really a douchebag…I kinda fell bad for Nicole.
    Sookie is doing a great job already, hopefully she will quit at Merlotte’s…she deserves better!

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