Deid Series

Deid til it’s Daurk – Inspired by the Home Sweet Home contest but NOT an entry. After her parents die, Sookie is sent to live with friends of her Gran in Glasgow, Scotland. As soon as she hits 18, she returns to the quiet life of Bon Temps to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But Glasgow isn’t a place where Southern Belles are bred, the women there are hard and loud and sympathy for strangers is rare.

Deid Fowk Dinnae Clype – Continuation of Deid Til its Daurk. Sookie finds out that vampires don’t give up easily. Can her tenacious Glaswegian spirit help her get out of the mess Hadley put her in? Or will her temper get her into even more trouble? Spoilers: All books.

Damn Few an’ they’re a’ Deid – 3rd part of my ‘Deid’ Series. Please read ‘Deid Til It’s Daurk’ and ‘Deid Fowk Dinnae Clype first’. What will Eric’s actions result in and how will Glasgow Sookie ever be the same? Spoilers: All books. – Incomplete will not be continued.


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