Chapter 2

Pam knew the moment Eric returned to Fangtasia, when she entered his office he was dropping a bloody t-shirt on the floor and pulling a clean one from the cabinet behind his desk.

“Tough night?” She smirked.

“More than you would imagine. It’s been a long time since I had to dispose of bodies. The more I learn about Sookie Stackhouse and the circumstances behind Bill Compton’s final death, the more confused I get. She’s obstinate, rude and completely unwilling to spend time with me. I’ve never had this kind of problem with a human woman.”

Pam gasped in surprise. “Has she seen you? Or … maybe I would be a better candidate for this task Andre has set?”

“I don’t think so.” Eric sat behind his desk and kicked off his boots before putting his feet up on the surface. “She seems to just … hate vampires. Also, she can’t be glamoured, so I have no way of getting the information I need from her.”

Pam cleared her throat and leaned on the desk. “I know this is … unorthodox, but have you considered finding a way to get your blood inside her?”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. She pretty much despises me and you know how volatile adding vampire blood into the mix can be at the best of times.”

“So, you need her to like you and to trust you.” Eric sighed and glared at his child, he knew these things already. “What do you really know about her? Andre basically sent you into this mission blind, we should research her. The more you know about her, the more you will know how to react around her.”

“This is true. Just in case, I’ll formulate a back-up plan where she takes my blood, just a little bit, a drop would do the trick. Enough that I can feel her reactions … and who knows” Eric grinned. “Maybe the increase in her libido would lead to spectacular hate sex!”


Sookie huffed as she stapled another flyer to another fence post. It was expensive, but it was the best plan they had. The telepath smiled as she re-read the print on the piles of papers in her hand.

Community Meeting
Tonight at Merlotte’s Bar & Grill 8pm
Free drink for all who attend.

She put up the last one and noticed a police car coming towards her. She watched as the vehicle passed her by and skidded into the dirt path that led to the Rattray’s trailer. Usually this wouldn’t have fazed Sookie, but just the night before she had told a vampire that they were drainers and exactly where they lived.


She snarled and stalked over to the dusty clearing and leaned on the fence as she watched Bud Dearbourne rapping at the door. Sookie looked around the area; nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She had half been expecting to find pieces of Denise and Mack scattered around but everything looked as scummy and trashy as it usually did.

“Hey Bud!” Sookie waved at the Sherriff and he sauntered over to her.

“Sookie.” He frowned but tipped his hat to her. “Whatcha doing all the way out here?”

“Puttin’ up flyers.” She waved her stapler and pointed to the fluttering yellow paper on the fence posts. “Are ye here tae arrest the Rattray’s for somethin’?”

“You know I can’t tell you that Sookie. Have you seen Denise or Mack around while you were out here?”

Sookie shook her head. “The last time I seen them, they were bein’ physically escorted from the bar. Everybody knows they drained that vamp, and if they hadn’t done that then Sam wouldn’t have been killed. Nobody wants to drink with scum like that.”

“I know Sookie, I know. But there weren’t any evidence and no witnesses. My hands were tied. I need to get goin’ but if you see them – let me know.”

“Will do, Sherriff.”

Sookie walked slowly back to her car and waved to Bud when he passed by again. As soon as he was out of sight she ran back to the trailer and scoured the area. There was no blood and the dirt didn’t look disturbed like there had been a fight. The only thing she noticed was that one of the windows in the trailer was cleaner than the rest, like it was new. To the casual observer, it looked like they had simply upped and left town. And maybe they had, but Sookie thought that was a little too much of a coincidence. She frowned, knowing that even if the Rat’s had been taken or killed by a vampire it was a good thing, she just didn’t like knowing it was her information that had caused it.


Jackie, Betty and Adele were holed up in Sookie’s office. The two older women watched as Jackie made a salt circle and sat in the middle before lighting the candles either side of her. Betty checked her watch and nodded to the young wolf.

“It’s time Jackie.”

Adele wrung her hands as the girl chanted and sprinkled herbs into a bowl at her feet. She leaned close to Betty and whispered into her ear.

“What will this spell do again?”

Betty smiled and patted her friend’s hand. “It’ll just make people want to hang around. It won’t stop someone from leaving if they really want to, but it’ll push the thought of leaving to the back of their heads.”

“I see.” Adele worried at her bottom lip with her teeth. “So, when most folks are here, Sookie will start the meeting?”

Betty nodded. “Aye, I’ll help her weed out the person that actually did the deeds. Then we can bring him back here and Jackie can cast a truth spell on him.”

Adele nodded but couldn’t shake the feeling that this plan wasn’t foolproof. She thought about all the things that could go wrong. What if the killer didn’t even show up? What if he or she made a run for it? What if the killer attacked one of them? She smiled at Betty and Betty frowned at her.

“Now that kind o’ negative thinkin’ never got anybody anywhere.”


Eric sat in his car outside Merlotte’s. He smelled magic. The Vampire wasn’t a fan of magic but it had its uses in the right circumstances. He wondered if Sookie was having the bar warded against him entering. His fangs snapped into place at the thought of this mere human shutting him out but then another realisation dawned. How would a mere, simple, ordinary human know about wards and spells? He smiled and briefly considered that the witch doing the casting was Sookie, but he had been close enough to her that he would have smelled the magic.

He had been pleased when he rose for the evening and found a file pertaining to Sookie Stackhouse waiting for him in his office. It was simple information. Family, friends, address but what interested Eric most was her childhood. It certainly explained her accent and it gave him somewhere to start. Why had she been sent to Glasgow? It was almost serendipitous but at 1,000 years old you tend to have contacts all over the world. One call yielded very interesting results.

The Vampire stepped out of his vehicle and tentatively walked towards the bar. When he was able to open the door with his gloved hands, he quirked an eyebrow in question – if the spell casting wasn’t to keep people away from the bar then what was it for? Eric walked in to find what had to be the entire town gathered in Merlotte’s. He thought about leaving and perhaps returning later but dismissed the plan in favour of taking a seat near the back of the bar.


Jackie saw Sookie close her eyes and take a deep breath before muttering under her breath. The girl wondered if Sookie was feeling nervous about what they were going to do but the telepaths actions seemed to denote exasperation rather than anxiety. She watched as Sookie slammed a pitcher of beer on the counter and stare towards the back of the bar. Following Sookie’s gaze, Jackie gasped as she saw him. The scent of her spell casting must have covered up the smell of vampire. And what a vampire he was!

“Sookie! Who’s he?”

The telepath stopped grinding her teeth for a moment to answer Jackie’s question. “He’s Eric Northman – Vampire and general pain in my arse. Why tonight? He couldn’t stay away for one fuckin’ night!”

Sookie and Jackie looked towards Eric to find him waving and smiling, they both knew that he would have been able to hear their chit chat. Sookie stepped out from behind the bar, deciding that ignoring him would be better than creating a scene at this juncture in their plan. She looked around and noted that mostly everyone in Bon Temps had shown up. There were some of the church elders missing and Mayor Norris but even Maxine Fortenberry had extended her usual bedtime to find out what was happening.

She went to the table that her Gran and Betty were seated and climbed on top of it, feeling Betty wrap a hand around her ankle as she stood. Sookie looked down at the two women and they both nodded their encouragement. She could feel her ability strengthen, bolstered by Betty’s contact. Finally, the crowd noticed her standing above them and quietened down.

“First off, I’d like tae thank ye’s for coming here tonight and I’m sure you’ll all realise how important this meetin’ is tae our town once I get started.” She paused and glanced at Eric, he was sitting forward in his seat listening intently. “As ye’s know, there have been some … unfortunate losses round here. First Maudette and then Dawn. As a town, we need to stand up and say ‘we will not accept this’. We will not accept that young women are being killed and we will not stand idly by while other women are in danger!”

The crowd erupted in applause, many of them standing and making ‘whoop whoop’ sounds. Only a few remained still, the Sherriff, Detective Bellefleur and Eric. Andy Bellefleur narrowed his eyes; he knew the Stackhouse girl would be trouble. For all the lack of solid evidence against her brother, he was sure that Jason Stackhouse was the killer. The detective knew that Bud Dearbourne didn’t necessarily share his certainty, but unless some new evidence came to light he was willing to let Andy continue his avenue of investigation. Sookie’s strong voice shook him out of his thoughts.

“What is unfortunate is that the murders have been committed by someone local. Someone known to us and, perhaps, even someone sitting right here in this bar!” Sookie saw the crowd’s minds as doors, she felt powerful and strong as she opened the doors one by one. “My brother, Jason, has been accused, questioned and hounded by the police but he is an innocent man. I will not rest until his name is cleared!”

Jason stood and clapped wildly before the rest of the crowd followed suit. Eric watched with interest as Sookie’s eyes rested on one man in particular. He admired this human woman’s words and actions; it was obvious that family was important to her. Sookie jumped down from the table and the Vampire strained to hear her whispering to the two older women next to her.

“It’s Rene Lenier. Rene killed them both.”

Adele nodded and gripped her hip, limping towards the man Sookie had indicated. Jason stopped her as she neared the table and supported her with both arms.

“Gran? Are you okay?”

“Uh … I’ll be fine Jason. This is your moment; you’ll have a lot of questions to answer. Rene? Would you help an old lady to the office so I can have some quiet?”

Confused but eager to get out of the room, Rene stood and offered his arm to Adele. Eric leaned so far forward in his seat he almost fell off. His curiosity was most definitely piqued. When he saw Sookie and another woman follow Adele and her escort, he couldn’t remain passive any longer. When he reached the office door, it was closed tight but that made no difference to his hearing. There was a struggle inside the room and the Vampire heard a smack flowed by a woman’s cry of pain.

Snarling he burst into the room, sending splinters of wood flying as the lock gave way to his strength. Sookie was on the floor holding her face and another girl was growling and clawing at the man who had his arms around her neck. Eric could smell she was two natured and the glow in her eyes indicated that she was dangerously close to changing form. The two older women were clinging to each other behind the desk. Without waiting for an explanation, the Vampire grabbed Rene and held him high in the air. As He gazed into Rene’s eyes he pressed on his will.

“Stay still and do not make a sound.”

Immediately Rene stopped struggling and Eric placed him back on his feet. Sookie got back up just as Arlene, Lafayette and Jason appeared at the broken doorway.

“What the hell is goin’ on in here Sook?”

“A misunderstanding, go back in there and make sure everyone has fresh drinks. Do not let anyone back here for any reason!”

Despite their better judgement, the three followed Sookie’s instructions and she closed the door as well as she could behind them. The telepath walked around Rene’s static form before coming to a stop in front of Eric. He prepared himself for a diatribe of some description and set his features in cold indifference.

“Whatever your motives are for bein’ here tonight, we’d be a hell of a lot worse off without you Eric. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Sookie.” Eric relaxed and smiled at her before looking at the others present. “And what interesting company you keep!”

Adele crossed her arms over her chest and walked over to stand next to her Granddaughter in front of the Vampire.

“Sookie’s company is none of your business. Now, we’re grateful that you stepped in and stopped one of us from bein’ hurt but as Sookie mentioned – your motives are suspect.”

Eric noticed Sookie and the other older woman staring intently at each other and cocked his head to one side as he watched the strange lack of interaction. “I have a guess as to what is going on in here. This man is the murderer you seek and this” he gestured to the witchcraft paraphernalia littering the floor “was your means to persuade him to confess and close the case, thus freeing your brother from further accusations.”

Sookie nodded slowly. “That’s right. You’re very observant.”

Eric trained his eyes on Sookie as she moved around the room. The Vampire was observant, very observant. Observant enough to notice when Betty pushed a small piece of paper into Jackie’s hand and Jackie turned her back on him to read it.

“Yes, I am. Wolf? What do you have there?” He saw the Were’s shoulders tense but heard her start to chant. “What are you casting?”

Sookie stepped in front of Eric and he snarled. “Now, now, Vampire. None o’ that. This is our big chance to clear up aaallll the wee things that have been botherin’ us.”

Eric felt the air around him change, his mind felt foggy as if he had attempted to remain awake after sunrise. He held a hand to his head and a growl emanated from his chest. “What. Have. You. Done?”

“An insurance policy. See, we were going to use the truth spell on Rene here but, to be honest, I’d rather know what your story is.”

“And then how will you clear your brother’s name?”

Sookie thought for a moment and then felt a tickle in her mind. She opened her thoughts to Betty and she smiled. “Well, Rene is here. And you’re here. It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination that he attacked me because he thought I was involved with you. Y’see that’s what Maudette and Dawn have in common – they both liked to be bitten.”

Eric quirked an eyebrow but refrained from asking Sookie if, she too, liked to be bitten. It would not have been flirtatious or funny going by their previous interactions. “I see you have everything worked out, very smart. Did you do that on your own or is the psychic over there somehow involved?”

There was a collective gasp at Eric’s knowledge of Betty being more than she seemed and the Vampire grinned in triumph. But it was short lived.

“Tell us what you know about Betty.”

Compelled by the spell Jackie had cast, Eric winced as the words tumbled from his mouth. “I found out you lived with Betty and Jim Paterson in Glasgow and phoned a nearby pack master there to gather information on them. He told me that she was the shaman for the Campsie runners, but wasn’t a Were. Only a Were or a human with psychic abilities would be able to act as a shaman.”

“Who did ye talk tae?” Betty was fuming, not only that this Vampire had been digging around but that someone that knew them had thought it was perfectly okay to tell Vampire’s their business.

“Laurie Gallagher.”

“That snivellin’ toerag! Just wait til Jim and the rest o’ his pack hear aboot this! How could Laurie be so bloody glaikit!”

“Calm down Betty.” Adele gripped her friend by the shoulders. “We’ll deal with this new information once we’ve got the problems in this room figured out.”

“Gran’s right. We’ll deal with Rene and then we’ll figure out what the hell to do with Eric here.” Sookie looked the Vampire in the eye. “Can you glamour him into confessin’ whit he did?”

“Yes but I will do it for a price.”

Sookie snorted. “I don’t think you’re in any position to barter pal!”

Eric rushed forward and took Sookie by the throat, not enough to hurt her, but just enough to scare her into realising she wasn’t the strongest one there. Sookie held out her hand to stop Jackie from pouncing.

“Alright, alright. I get your point. What kinda price were ye thinkin’ about?”

“I want to know why you’re so special. Why were you sent to live with a psychic?”

“Why do you want to know so badly?”

Eric grit his teeth and growled. “Because my … superior has an interest in you and has asked me to befriend you. For some reason she wants you to trust vampires but I have no idea why. It irks me to be kept in the dark.”

“I see.” Sookie mused. She conferred with Betty mentally for a time before turning to her Gran. “They already know; that’s why they sent him. If his boss knows then it’s only a matter of time before the rest o’ them do.”

Sookie asked Jackie to lift the spell on Eric. “We spelled you to find out why ye were sniffin’ around. Now we know. Liftin’ the spell now is a goodwill gesture. If ye glamour Rene and send him to speak to Bud, I’ll tell ye everythin’.”

Eric felt the cloud lift from his mind and wondered if he should trust Sookie. There was nothing in her demeanour to suggest she would go back on her word but a Vampire could never be too sure … unless …

“On one condition.” Eric tried not to smile as he formulated his plan.

“Oh aye?” Sookie folded her arms and the other three women in the room moved their heads back and forth as if they were at a tennis match.

“You take my blood. One sip, that’s all, then I will know if you’re truthful.” He bit into his wrist and held it out to Sookie.

Sookie glanced at the bleeding wound. She knew that it wouldn’t turn her into a vampire and that donating blood wasn’t something Vampires did on a nightly basis with any old human. She glanced at Betty and they communicated silently once more. Once Sookie was aware that it would wear off in a matter of weeks she grabbed Eric’s arm.

“I’ve got nothin’ to hide.”

She saw the gleam in Eric’s eyes and placed her mouth over the wound. She sucked a mouthful of blood and locked her gaze to the Vampire’s as she licked slowly at already closing holes. Eric was prepared for Sookie to give in to his demand, but he hadn’t been prepared for the erotic manner in which she complied. Since Pam had suggested he get his blood inside her, he had dwelled on it. There was a chance that he would have to cope with feeling how much she despised his kind for a few weeks, but the insight into Sookie Stackhouse far outweighed any negative reactions. The way she licked at his wrist gave him renewed hope for angry hate sex. It would certainly be a change from the kinky fangbanger sex he was used to. He turned to Rene and stared into him.

“You will go to Bud Dearbourne and tell him about every person you have hurt, every person you have killed and every person you hate.”

Rene nodded and Eric released him from his influence. The Cajun shook his head a little and looked around the room before muttering an ‘excuse me’ and leaving. Sookie could see Adele was tired and asked Betty and Jackie to take her home.

“Do you really want to be alone with him?” Jackie narrowed her eyes at the Vampire. “I could stay here, it’s no bother.”

“It’s alright Jackie. I think Mr. Northman will be on his best behaviour.” Sookie kissed the three women goodbye and settled into her chair. “Well Eric, where would you like me to start?”

Their eyes flew to the door as someone rapped on it. Sookie shouted for them to come in and Lafayette peeked inside, taking in the shards of wood sticking out of the doorframe where the lock used to be.

“Uh … we’ve herded out the last o’ customers baby cakes, you stayin’ back?” His eyes flicked between Sookie and Eric, not sure if he would be able to help his boss even if she needed it.

“Yeah, I’ll lock up Laffy. Ye did well tonight, thanks for everythin’.”

“No problemo sugar pie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The cook left the office door wide open but Sookie saw no reason to close it. After all, the two in the office were the only two left in the building. Sookie had made sure to double check that with her talents.

“Alone at last.” Eric smirked. “Why don’t you start with telling me why my superior is so interested in you?”

Sookie puffed out her cheeks and blew out a long breath. “I’m a telepath. Your boss knows this because my cousin, Hadley, has a mouth infinitely bigger than her brain and has absolutely no family loyalty.”

“Interesting.” Eric thought about mentioning that he had drained a psychic once in a sexual frenzy but decided against it. This also explained why Bill Compton had been so intent on the Rattray’s thinking about draining him but Eric wanted more answers before he shared anything. “Why were you sent to live with the Patersons?”

“Betty is a telepath too, I was sent there so she could train me to function without giving myself away.”

“Well that was a waste with Hadley being so willing to trade your secrets.” Sookie snorted. “A telepath would be very useful, very useful indeed. I can see why … my boss, as you put it, would be eager for you to trust vampires. She wouldn’t be able to use you otherwise.”

Sookie’s eyes narrowed and Eric felt her rage build. “I will not be used. I am not for hire.”

Eric shrugged. “My kind are not above threatening your family and friends to force you to work for them. This is fact.”

“I know. That’s why everyone close to me has been warned that if I’m a target – they are too.” Sookie sighed, she knew that if the Vampires wanted her they would harm or kill her Gran or Jason. Perhaps even Betty, Jim or Jackie. “Level with me here pal. I’m already in the open, where Vampires are concerned. I know that I wouldn’t simply be able to do a wee job for ye’s and trot on home without repercussions. What kind of danger am I really in?”

Eric sucked an unnecessary breath through his teeth. “A lot, not just from Vampires but from other Supes too. You’ve heard how I was tasked with befriending you to secure your services; Vampires won’t be the only species to take that route. In fact, that is why Bill Compton was here.”

“He was sent to do the job you’re doin’ now?”

“Not really. I am not befriending you underhandedly, not now anyway, and I had no knowledge of why she wants you. After … speaking with the Rattray’s I was able to determine that Bill Compton fulfilled both these criteria.”

“So basically, trust no-one, become friends with no-one because I’ll never know if it’s because they want to use me.”

“Basically live and think like a Vampire, Sookie. The only being a Vampire can trust is the Vampire they made.” Eric wondered if he was still under a spell of some description. Why was he giving this woman advice?

“What will ye tell yer boss? I assume they’ll be keeping tabs on yer progress.”

He nodded but wasn’t quite sure how to answer. Eric could feel Sookie’s anxiety and for a moment he actually felt sorry for her. Much like becoming a Vampire she had had her choices in life removed, except Sookie didn’t have immense strength and other gifts to compensate for the loss. He imagined how she would fare while in other vampire’s company. She would be put in her place almost certainly, her will broken, her fire extinguished, it made him angry for some reason. Sookie annoyed the hell out of him in the short time he’d known her but it was interesting, she was interesting.

“I will tell them that we have been speaking and that I am making strides in gaining your trust. To be honest Sookie, your … attitude will get you into trouble if you around a group of vampires. That trouble would almost certainly include you being physically hurt.”

“Are you threatening me?” Sookie slammed her hands on the desk and stood up. “I don’t respond well to threats.”

“See? This is what I’m talking about. Humans are below Vampires in the food chain – literally, we don’t respect humans and we don’t like when they talk back.”

Sookie sat back down and rubbed at her temples. She wondered why Eric was telling her all this. Why was he warning her? Why was he giving her advice? Was he still on his mission or was he actually trying to be a friend to her? And why the hell was she so horny? Suddenly she realised, it was the blood. The drug, V, was like LSD and Viagra rolled into one.

“What other effects will I have from taking your blood?”

Eric not only felt Sookie’s arousal, he could smell it, and it was the most wonderful thing he had smelled in a long time. He also felt her rage, again, and wondered if she was ever happy. He’d heard the expression ‘angry young woman’ but had never had the unfortunate chance of meeting one.

“Your libido will increase, I can feel your emotions and I can tell if you’re lying. That’s all.”

“Fuckin’ marvellous.” Sookie huffed. “Why are you helping me? Why are you tellin’ me what’ll get me into trouble?”

“I … I don’t know. What I do know is that you’re different and would very much like to find out how different you are.”

“Still on yer mission?” Sookie sneered and stalked out of the office into the bar.

“No.” Eric followed and watched Sookie fill a glass with bourbon. “I genuinely want to get to know you. And I hope that after tonight, you would like to get to know me better too.”

Sookie slammed back her drink and grimaced as it burned all the way down. She thought about everything Eric had told her, including that she shouldn’t trust anyone. But here he was, expecting her to trust him because they had been chin wagging all night.

“I don’t trust you.” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood in front of Eric with her head held high.

“Good. You shouldn’t.” He lifted his hand and swiped a thumb over her cheekbone, enjoying the slight shiver that went through her as he did. “That doesn’t mean we can’t be allies. I can teach you about my world and perhaps, if I ever have need of a mind reader, you would repay me by using your talents.”

“You scratch my back, I scratch yours. I get it.” Sookie stepped back away from Eric’s touch. Her body was telling her to do things that she really wasn’t sure if she wanted to do. She knew that she had to get out of there before something happened that she couldn’t take back.

“Sookie, you can scratch any part of me you want.” Eric winked at her and she closed her eyes, trying to ignore his proximity. His voice was low and husky as he stepped closer to Sookie and pressed his body against hers. “I know what you need; I can … ease your troubles. Right now, on this bar.”

It took all of her strength, mental, emotional and physical, but she pushed him away. And Eric let her. He nodded and left Sookie behind the bar, where she instantly slumped to the floor, sobbing her heart out in frustration and anger.


Adele had been pacing for hours, or so it seemed. Betty had lost count of the amount of times she had asked her friend to sit down and reassured her that Sookie was probably fine and that she could take care of herself. When the phone rang, Adele almost pulled a muscle jumping to answer.


“Hi Gran. I just wanted to let you know, I’ve had a few … eh well, mair than a few. The whole bottle actually, so I’m gonnae stay at the bar tonight. I’m fine, totally in one piece.”

“Oh thank the Lord Sookie! You sleep it off honey; you’ve had a tough time recently. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sure Gran. See ye soon.”

Adele sighed as she put the handset back on the cradle. “She’s okay, just drunk. We’ll go to the bar tomorrow mornin’ and make sure she’s up and about for the day.”

Jackie frowned. “I don’t like the thought o’ her bein’ alone after everythin’ that happened the night. Can ye give me a ride to the bar? I’ll cast wards and keep guard til mornin’.”

“That’s a good idea Jackie, ye can never be too careful. Adele? Would ye be okay drivin’ Jackie back tae Merlotte’s?”

Adele bit her lip, she hated driving in the dark but she hated the thought of Sookie alone in that bar all night. She would be vulnerable and completely alone, there wasn’t another soul for miles. “I’ll do it.”


Jackie had just completed the wards on the bar. No-one with harmful intent would be able to enter. She sniggered to herself that this was something most of the bars in Glasgow could probably do with. Her internal musings were interrupted by a low growl behind her. Once again, the smell of the magic had drowned out all the other smells. Including the smell of Werewolf. And he was close. She knew she wouldn’t have time to shift and made a run for the rear entrance, hoping that it was unlocked.

The paws thundered towards her as she grabbed the handle and turned. The door flew open as he pounced and locked his jaws around Jackie’s ankle. The young woman screamed and kicked out with her other foot to no avail. The stronger Were was dragging her out and away from the wards, away from protection. Jackie grabbed at the door frame and opened her mouth to scream for Sookie’s help but was shocked into silence by a gun being fired.

The wolf yelped and let go of Jackie’s leg and the woman scrabbled to get behind the threshold of the door. Once she was safe she looked up to find Sookie swaying in hallway with a hand gun. The attacker had returned to his human form and was lying in the dirt trying to stop the flow of blood from his hip.

“Good shot Sookie, noo we can question him!” Jackie looked at Sookie. The telepath was standing with one eye screwed closed, her blonde hair was standing up at a variety of angles, her shirt was in disarray and she was barefoot.

“Well … I was aimin’ fur his heid but gift horse an’ all that.”


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  1. Love, love, love. And I forgot to say that I just loved the staking of Bill earlier. Super happy he’s gone, gone, gone. Whoo hoo! Alright, glad she can still hold a shotgun. 🙂

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