Chapter 8

Jackie, while in a fantastic mood herself, stayed clear of Sookie before she left for work. The Telepath seemed more snappish and on edge than usual and despite being able to take her in a fight both physically and verbally, Jackie didn’t want to confront her friend about her foul mood. The Were-Witch put it down to last night’s attack by the Fellowship and all of the events that preceded it.

Sookie felt awful for making her friend walk on eggshells like she was and left the house long before she was due at Merlotte’s. Gunning the engine in the Buick and putting a CD full of heavy rock in the stereo, she drove. She had no destination in mind; she just wanted to drive and try to clear her head. But no matter how fast she went or how hard she pushed the Buick, she couldn’t outrun her own feelings. Screeching to a halt outside her bar, she laid her head on the steering wheel and spoke to her ovaries.

“Ye’s might have won the battle but I’ll win the war.”

Getting out of the car and slamming the door much harder than she should have, she entered her office an hour before she was due to be there and scoured the internet for some new clothes. She couldn’t carry on like this; Sookie decided she was just going to have to fuck Eric Northman out of her system.


Arlene was stacking clean glasses under the bar when she heard Sookie’s office door open and close. It was fairly quiet so she went out the front and, sure enough, there was Adele’s Buick. The red-head wondered why Sookie had used the back door and, also, why she was here well before she was supposed to be. It wasn’t long before the boss made her way out to the main bar and joined Arlene behind the polished wood counter.

“Mornin’ boss. You’re here early.”

Sookie nodded. “Yeah, got a lot on my mind.”

“Well, I got some gossip if it’ll distract ya?”

“Sure.” Sookie chuckled; Arlene could never help herself from spreading the latest scandals.

“Those two guys that caused a scene last night, Whit and Danny, well they’re in the hospital. Word is a vampire attacked them. Do you think it could have been that big blond Vamp that was here?”
“Eric was with me last night, it wisnae him. What kind o’ injuries do they have?”

“Mostly bumps and bruises, cracks and cuts but one of them had both his balls ruptured!”

Sookie nodded and turned to look Arlene in the eye. “Do they sound like the kind o’ injuries a Vampire would inflict? To me, it sounds like they got intae a brawl with some other humans.”

The Telepath could see Arlene thinking about her statement. It was five minutes before the red-head came back with an answer.

“Why would they say it was a Vampire when it wasn’t? I know those guys hate the Vamps, I don’t got a lot of love for them myself, but telling stupid lies just makes ‘em look … stupid.”

“Aye that it does. Besides ye know what these types are like, first there’s a couple then there’s a dozen o’ them growlin’ at the rest o’ the customers. We don’t need folks like that in here. We want to be seen as a fun, friendly place where everybody is welcome.”

Arlene nodded and searched the bar before standing with her hands on her hips and huffing. “Sookie, have you seen the lemon knife?”


Adele followed Betty up and down the aisles of the supermarket. She marvelled at how different the foods were and had to stop herself from throwing everything in the cart (or ‘Trolley’ as Betty called it) so she could try new things. Betty’s mobile phone rang out in her handbag, and Adele wandered toward the biscuit section to give her friend privacy. When the section contained cookies and not biscuits as she knew them, she returned to where she’d left Betty.

“Ah! Adele, there ye are! That was Jim on the blower; ye had a call fae some Billy person at the hoose.”

“Oh my! He asked for a number and … well I don’t have a cell phone. I didn’t think you would mind, seeing as I’ll be here for a long while.”

“No a problem hen, he’s left his number so ye can call him back.”

Betty winked at Adele and for the first time in decades, the American felt flustered but at the same time she couldn’t wait to tell Sookie that she had made a new friend.


Jackie entered Merlotte’s with Hoyt in tow and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Sookie laughing and smiling behind the bar. She waved to her friend as they were led to a booth so they could have lunch. Sookie took their drink order from Dawn and went to the table with the beer and coffee herself.

“Hiya Jackie. I’m really sorry about this mornin’.”

“It’s no bother, Sookie; I know it’s been tough these last couple o’ weeks.”

Sookie nodded as Hoyt looked confused. “What’s up Sook? Have you been gettin’ hassle from someone?”

“Naw, naw, Hoyt. Just … uh … man trouble. Y’know, girl stuff.”

Pleased that her ambiguous answer had satisfied Hoyt’s curiosity, she went on to tell Jackie about the phone call she’d had from her Gran not long before she got there. Jackie hooted with laughter when she heard about Adele’s new man but suddenly stopped as a realisation came to her.

“Hey, didn’t you say that Eric’s … assistant was from Glasgow and was called Burnham too?”

Sookie nodded and shrugged. “Burnham isnae a rare name, I doubt Bobby and Billy are related. And even if they are, what difference will it make?”

“True.” Jackie nodded.

Sookie went back to her post behind the bar. The lunchtime rush was in full swing and the staff were rushed off their feet, it didn’t help that Sookie kept being interrupted by the phone at the bar. She mentally kicked herself for not specifying certain times for people to call about the jobs available, but when things calmed down and she looked at the scribbles in her diary, she was pleased to find she had lined up four interviews for the next day.

She worked on the website a little more during the quiet spells and spent some time on the phone to Deirdre Merlotte discussing the plans she had for the bar. Sookie tried to suppress her smile as Deirdre told her about the amazing quote she got from Alcide and that since it was going to cost less than she thought, they might as well put in a Jungle Gym for the family area. The Telepath agreed that it was a great idea but excused herself from the call to go and deal with the dinnertime crowd.

Just before sunset, Sookie sent a text to Eric to let him know that the goons were blaming a Vampire for their injuries and to check they were still having their ‘social call’ the next night. Merlotte’s was busy right up until closing and when Sookie finally locked the doors and pulled up outside her house, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally – a whole day without anything bad happening to her!


The same couldn’t be said for Eric. When he returned to Fangtasia the previous night, he was forced to sit through Hot Rain’s banal speech about how close he was to his child, Longshadow. Despite being told that Longshadow had been sentenced by his elder and Sherriff for the crimes of theft and attempting to disguise his actions by glamouring employees of that same elder and Sherriff, Hot Rain was adamant that he be recompensed for the loss.

The Native American’s calls for Eric’s child, Pam to be indentured to him for a period of ten years was scoffed at, as was his demand for $100,000. Fortunately, Thalia was adept at compiling the necessary paperwork to support a valid sentencing. Hot Rain was enraged at the fact that it was signed by witnesses and had already been filed with the State monarch.

Tonight hadn’t been much better. Eric’s foul mood at his successful advance on Sookie being interrupted by such an entitled and demanding Vampire was heading into dangerous territory. The only respite for the customers and workers at Fangtasia was when he received Sookie’s text and smiled briefly before Hot Rain made another appearance at the bar. Growling, Eric went to his office and sat behind his desk. When Hot Rain breezed in, happy in the knowledge that he was irritating the Sherriff, he perched on the worn sofa and picked at non-existent lint on his trousers.

“I have another proposal for you Eric.”

“Sherriff Northman.” Eric corrected. “And whatever proposal you have will be rejected. Just like the last one.”

Hot Rain simply smiled and relaxed into the couch. “$10,000.”

“I really don’t have time for this. You are entitled to nothing, you will receive nothing. You are hereby banned from Area Five, if you show up here again you will be arrested and charged with trespass. Leave, now.”

“Very well, Sherriff, but know this – I will be watching. And when I find something you care for as deeply as I cared for my Longshadow, you will suffer as I am now.”

“I care for no-one but my child and if anything happens to her I will hunt you down and my retribution will be swift and harsh and I will be entitled to it.”

Hot Rain gave a final growl before leaving Fangtasia and Eric immediately warned Pam of the threats made. He had little concern, Pam was an exceptional fighter and very capable of taking care of herself. As long as she knew there was a threat, she would be prepared for any eventuality. They sat in his booth, scowling at the Fangbangers who dared to approach them.

“Eric, are you still going on your date with Sookie tomorrow night?”

“It’s not a date, Pam, but yes I am.”

“Do you think it’s wise to see her when you’re so … worked up? When was the last time you indulged?”

“A couple of nights ago.” Eric shrugged. “You know I don’t need to feed every evening but I get your point. Is there anything worth my attention here tonight?”

Pam grimaced. “The usual vermin, begging to be bitten, it’s just not the same without the thrill of the chase.”

Eric nodded and scanned the bar. His eyes immediately went to a head full of blonde hair and his interest piqued. But when the human turned around she bore very little resemblance to Sookie. He blinked and shook his head in disbelief of what he had just thought. Determined to prove to himself that he saw the Telepath as nothing more than a tool with added benefits, he beckoned to the blonde. Pam was quite correct that it was unwise to visit Sookie while he was so on edge, one more refusal from her might cause him to do something that would send her out of his grasp completely.

“You wanna have some fun big guy?”

Eric tried not to grimace at the fact that she sounded like a street walker propositioning a John. Plastering a smile on his face instead and gesturing that she should follow him to his office. He held open the door as she confidently sashayed inside and started unfastening the clips at the front of her corset. Eric smiled as he closed the door; she was out of her tiny skirt as he clicked the lock and stood before him wearing only a pair of patent black stilettos. He could tell from her pubic hair that she wasn’t a natural blonde and as she sat down on the sofa and spread her legs, the scent of her arousal made his nose twitch.

“I’m ready for you, Master.”

A small part of him wanted to tell her to get dressed, to have some pride, some self respect but he pushed it to the side and pulled off his t-shirt. Eric smirked as her eyes glazed over when she took in his toned chest then the prominent bulge in his jeans. She licked her lips and leaned forward.

“Where do you want me?”

“Use your initiative.”

Eric refrained from rolling his eyes as a look of confusion appeared on her face. She soon recovered and came off the couch to kneel before him, pulling his jeans down over his hips to release his erection from its confines. The Vampire watched as the Fangbanger eagerly attempted to please him but it felt … all wrong.

“Stop that. Do something that pleases you.”

“Oh this does please me! I love sucking on your big dick!”

This time Eric really did roll his eyes. “Show some fire woman! Disarm me with your body and all the delights it holds!”

The Fangbanger stood up and stepped away from him. “Look, I don’t know what kind of kinky stuff you’re into but I’ve never had any complaints from the other Vamps that I’ve serviced!”

Eric pulled up his jeans and slumped into his chair. “You obviously don’t understand what I want so just leave.”

“But … I can be whatever you want! You just have to tell me!”

“Yes, you’ve just proven my point. Leave me be.”

Eric ignored her muttering and huffing as she replaced her clothing and sent Pam a text so Ginger would bring him a bottle of Trueblood. At the current rate, he would have to get used to drinking from a bottle. Ginger arrived moments later and placed the bottle on his desk, licking her lips when she noticed his bare chest and open pants.

“Are you sure you want that master?” She rubbed subconsciously at her neck.

“Yes, Ginger. That will be all.”

He let his head roll back on his shoulders and spun from side to side on the chair absent-mindedly. His thoughts went to Sookie, no matter how hard he tried to think of other things. Her soft curves and demanding lips, her passion and vivaciousness, she challenged him and inspired him. Eric decided that perhaps he should take a leaf out of Sookie’s book and stroked himself lightly as he remembered their encounter the night before.

By the time Pam reached the door to Eric’s office and opened it, his imagination had Sookie in a number of positions and his hand was moving fast and hard as he gripped his shaft and ground his teeth. She watched open-mouthed as she discovered her maker masturbating in his chair, stepping out and closing the door tightly behind her. Privacy was something she held no value in and frequently walked in on him fucking and feeding … but this was different. She knew there was only one person to blame for this shift in Eric’s behaviour. Pam hoped, for Sookie’s sake, that this phase passed quickly and quietly, otherwise she would have to take matters into her own hands. And they wouldn’t be down her panties.


Sookie awoke the next day with a sense of direction she hadn’t felt for a while. For the first time in a long time, she wasn’t swimming in a sea of doubt. She happily made breakfast for herself and Jackie and greeted the day with a smile. Her morning at work was spent on tenterhooks until the courier showed up with her parcel. Lafayette raised an eyebrow as he watched her bounce on the balls of her feet as she signed for the package.

“Whatcha got there sugahplum?”

“A new outfit.” Sookie’s eyes shone with excitement as she ripped the box open and pulled out a stunning deep purple spaghetti strap dress. “What do ye think?”

“Who’s the lucky guy?” Lafayette chuckled then stopped, walking over to Sookie and looking her straight in the eye. “It’s that Eric dude, right?”

Sookie shrugged. “Maybes aye, maybes naw, maybes maybes*”

Laffy shook his head. “Look, girl, I don’t blame you none for itchin’ ta tap that but … you knows what ah’m tryin’ ta put down yeah?”

The Telepath nodded and placed the dress back in the box. “We’ve … well I’ve been playin’ hard to get. He’s tough to resist, Laffy, and I think I’ve done a good job of it but there comes a time when ye need to say ‘enough is enough’ and just screw them til ye cannae walk.”

“Oh that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!” He laughed heartily and held up his hand for a high five.

Sookie obliged and took her delivery back to the office. It remained slow and steady until lunchtime, which gave her more of a chance to perfect the website she had been working on. She took her digital camera out of the desk drawer and went out to the main bar to snap some photos for the finishing touch. Fortunately, all of the workers and customers were very happy for their pictures to be included on the site and some of the regulars asked her to let them know as soon as it went live so they could leave messages of recommendation on it.

The interviews went smoothly, thanks to Sookie’s telepathy and by mid-afternoon, Merlotte’s had a new busboy and a new waitress in the ranks. She stood behind the bar and watched the hustle and bustle. Everything was coming together now, it had been rocky at first with the way Sam died and the hate that followed, but now she could really envision how she wanted Merlotte’s to be.

(*Well known Kenny Dalgleish quote)


Jackie sighed contentedly as Hoyt trailed circles on her upper arm. He had come to Sookie’s house for lunch and, the same as every other time, things went far beyond eating sandwiches. Suddenly, Jackie remembered what Sookie had planned for the evening and jerked upright in Hoyt’s arms.

“Can I stay with you tonight?”

“Uh … I don’t think my Momma would appreciate that.”

“We don’t need to stay at yer house; we could go to one o’ they motels ye see on the telly.”

“The nearest nice motel is in Shreveport. Why don’t you wanna stay here?”

“Sookie has a … friend comin’ over and I just want to gie her some privacy. Rather than stayin’ in a motel on my own, I thought ye’d like to join me.”

Hoyt nodded, it sure sounded good, a whole night, just him and Jackie. “Sure thing. I’ll go home and pack an overnight bag as soon as I the feelin’ comes back to my legs and come back to pick you up.”

“There’s no hurry.”

They kissed lazily, they had all day and now they had all night. Hoyt slid his hand under the pillow for another condom, bringing the box out and shaking it. The last one fell into his palm and Hoyt looked at it, shocked that they’d gone through a whole dozen in only a few days. His chest puffed with pride. No longer would he be known as ‘the poor man’ of the group when it came to the ways of women. He made a mental note to buy more condoms and to ask Jason how fast he would have been able to work through a dozen.


Lafayette and Arlene sniggered behind Sookie’s back. Their boss was like a cat on a hot tin roof, she just couldn’t keep still for a second. Eventually, once the dinner rush eased off, they told her to just go home early and get ready for her visitor. Sookie tried not to squeal in happiness as she realised she would now have plenty of time to wash, de-fuzz and get into her new dress and lingerie.

Sookie remembered the first time she seduced Sam. She had quietly gone in the back door of the bar, minutes before closing, and waited for him in his office – naked as the day she was born. He had been unable to resist her.

She ran a bath and read the note that Jackie had left her, smiling at her friend’s thoughtfulness. Then she remembered how her pervious encounter with Eric had been rudely interrupted. Sookie pulled out her cell phone and turned it off, turned the ringer off on the landline and sank into the bubbles.


Eric sat in his Corvette and tapped into his tie with Sookie, it was starting to wane but he could feel resolution and strength. He put his head against the steering wheel and groaned, wondering if she would ever give in to her desire for him.

“What does a man have to do to get past this woman’s chastity belt?” He muttered to himself.

Sighing unnecessarily, he got out of the car and slowly climbed the steps of the porch. Before he could even knock on the door it was opened. Eric’s mouth gaped as Sookie stood before him, her hair piled high on her head and her body encased in a dress so snug, every curve was available for his perusal.

“Come in Mr. Northman.”

She stepped back from the doorway and he put one foot over the threshold, taking in the tidy house and the soft music coming from a stereo in the corner. “Don’t mind if I do. Did you have plans for later? That’s a very … fancy dress.”

Sookie walked across the living room, her high heels click-clacking against the wooden boards. She sat on the couch, one arm draped across the back and the other supporting her weight on the armrest behind her. The Telepath slowly crossed, uncrossed and then re-crossed her shapely legs.

“I like to make myself presentable for visitors.” She purred.

“Is that so?” Eric licked his lips and sat at the opposite end of the sofa, smiling when he saw Sookie glance at his crotch. “See something you like?”

Sookie giggled and realised Eric thought she was checking out the goods. “Oh I’m not lookin’ at yer cock, just rememberin’ ye keep yer phone in yer pocket.”

Eric smirked and removed the gadget from his jeans, turning it off. “You have a dirty mouth Miss. Stackhouse.”

The Telepath leaned forward; well aware of how much of her bosom was spilling out of the dress as she did so. “Does that bother you?”

“No.” Eric gazed at Sookie’s exposed cleavage before flicking his eyes to hers challengingly. “It makes me wonder how dirty you are in other areas.”

“And how would you find out if your imagination was up to par?”

“Experimentation of course, that is always the best way!”

The Vampire was amazed as he watched the Telepath edge closer and closer to him, ensuring she was arching her back in the right way to make her body look irresistible. If he’d had the slightest inkling that he would be walking into a full blown seduction scene, he would have ensured he brought a camcorder. Sookie could certainly show the amateurs that frequented his bar a thing or two. His fingers itched to reach out and stroke her smooth skin as he tried to remember the last time he was seduced in such a way.

Sookie was close enough now that she could stretch out her arm and ‘walk’ her fingers up Eric’s leg. “Well, I’m all for conducting experiments.”

Eric almost groaned as Sookie’s little pink tongue darted out and wet her plump red lips. Her fingers grazed dangerously close to his rigid sex. The Vampire closed his eyes and calmed himself. If it was seduction she wanted, seduction she would get. He leaned in close to Sookie, running his hand from her wrist to her shoulder and cupping the back of her head. He continued to move forward until Sookie was almost lying on the couch. Eric could hear her heart beat speed up in anticipation and ran his nose along her neck, inhaling deeply before reaching out with his free hand and grabbing the stereo remote from the coffee table. He pulled back as he increased the volume and Sookie frowned, taking the remote from him and pressing buttons until she found what she wanted. The soft chords of the Kings of Convenience filled the room; ‘Singing softly to me’ was one of Sookie’s favourite songs. Eric took the opportunity and stood from the couch, holding out his hand to the Telepath.

“Dance with me.”

Eric nudged the coffee table out of the way and pulled Sookie to his chest. They swayed to the music at first, simply holding each other. But it wasn’t long before their hands started to roam. The heels on Sookie’s shoes brought the top of her head close to Eric’s nose and he revelled in her sweet scent. Her left hand stroked at his shoulder while her right played with the waistband of his jeans, Sookie leaned closer and brushed her lips against Eric’s neck.

“Is dancin’ part of your experimentation?”

“Not this kind of dancing, no.”

Eric stroked up and down Sookie’s sides, brushing his thumbs against the outside of her breasts. He could feel her nipples harden against him and his chest rumbled in pleasure. Sookie swayed her hips gently, feeling Eric’s arousal press into her stomach.

“Would you prefer a different kind of dancing?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Sookie turned and picked up the remote again, and found the perfect track. ‘Auto Pilot’ by Queens of the Stone Age came through the speakers and Sookie moulded herself against Eric once again. He reached down and slid his hand up her thigh, pushing her dress up before hitching her leg over his hip and squeezing at her ass to lift and hold her in place. Sookie’s breath hitched as her centre was pulled firmly against the hard bulge in Eric’s jeans. He moved the top half of Sookie’s body down and up as the beat captured them in moment.

I wanna fly, I wanna ride with you.

Eric’s hips moved slowly, creating delicious friction over Sookie’s sensitive bundle of nerves. She moaned as he dipped his head and kissed along her collar bone. They moved more intently as the song continued and their bodies entwined.

Hips grinding together, they dipped and swayed, one of Sookie’s hands on Eric’s belt buckle – pulling him against her harder as her other hand pulled at his hair. When their lips met it was passionate but fleeting.

As quickly as Eric had lifted her, he let go of her leg and spun her round. She arched into him as the stark evidence of his enjoyment nudged against the small of her back. Sookie felt Eric move down behind her, his hands running down her legs to her ankles and back up to her hips, bringing her dress up with them.

The Vampire groaned as his hand dipped between Sookie’s hot thighs and found her lacy panties damp with need. Sookie reached up and pulled Eric down, covering his mouth with hers and sweeping her warm tongue against his cool one. Eric growled into Sookie’s mouth as her free hand travelled behind her and rubbed his straining erection firmly.

“It feels like yer ready for further experimentation Mr. Northman. Follow me.”

Sookie turned around and walked backwards, pulling Eric toward her bedroom by the buckle of his belt. For a moment she was concerned that her queen size bed wouldn’t be adequate but was glad she had upgraded from the single bed she had before she met Sam. Eric’s fangs ached, he had become far too used to women that were sexually submissive, the sense of equality he had with Sookie was exciting.

He let her take charge, for now, and allowed himself to be pushed onto the bed. Eric watched Sookie’s creamy globes jiggle as she untied his laces and removed his boots and socks before crawling up the bed. Her hands ran up his body, pulling his shirt from his jeans and up underneath, caressing his chest before she straddled his thighs and licked at the exposed skin.


Eric was all too happy to comply with her demands and pulled the fabric from his body, ripping the neck in the process, and tossing it to one side. Sookie kissed a trail up to one of his nipples, laving it with her tongue and drawing her teeth across it lightly. Eric hissed and grabbed a handful of her hair, making some of the soft tendrils fall out.

“Bite a little.”

A drawn out ‘ah’ emitted from his lips as she nipped at him, smiling against his skin at his reaction. She yanked at his belt and unfastened his jeans, palming his stiff cock as it stood proud between them. Eric sat up abruptly, pulling Sookie’s mouth to his in a feverish kiss as he massaged her taut thighs and pulled the clips from her hair. Both of his hands threaded through her falling tresses, his blunt nails scratching at her scalp and sending a shiver through her body.

Slowly Eric moved his hands south, slipping the straps of her dress off her shoulders and electrifying the skin on Sookie’s neck with his lips. Soon the dress was bunched around Sookie’s waist and Eric’s attention focussed on removing her bra and paying homage to her mounds as they were released from their confines.

“Sookie, you have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen.”

“Mmhmm, I’ve always liked them.”

He chuckled and captured a rosy peak between his lips, sucking lightly and closing his eyes as Sookie gasped and moved her hips against him. Eric squeezed at her rump with both hands and flipped them over, grinding his arousal against her. He sat back and moved one of her legs to take off her dress, leaving her wearing only panties and her shoes. Eric positioned Sookie with her behind on the edge of the mattress and knelt on the floor; he gently took off her heels and slid his hands firmly up to her hips. Small, soft kisses were placed on her abdomen as his fingers hooked into her underwear, removing the last barrier to her heated core.

Sookie propped herself up on her elbows and spread her legs, her eyes were heavy with lust as she watched Eric move his mouth closer and closer until, finally, his tongue swept over her bundle of nerves. He greedily feasted on her, sucking and licking, revelling in her scent and taste before sliding two fingers inside her easily. His thumb replaced his tongue on her clit and Eric sat back on his heels to watch her bucking her hips against his hand.

“Lover, you’re so wet for me.”

He kissed up her body to suckle on her breasts as he continued to work her with his hand, her breathing picked up and small gasps and moans punctuated her exhalations. Sookie’s fingers wound into Eric’s hair as he went back to her succulent folds, lapping at her pearl diligently, listening as her gasps turned to exerted groans and her muscles started to quiver around his fingers. Doubling his efforts, he waited for that special moment. Just as her orgasm crashed into her, he turned his head and sank his fangs into her inner thigh, drawing out her climax until she was shaking.

Eric discarded his jeans and picked Sookie up, lying her down on the centre of the bed and positioning himself at her entrance. He coated his shaft with her juices and pressed the swollen tip into her soaking channel.

“Are you ready for me?”

“This isnae my first rodeo, big man.”

“I am too big for some.”

“Shut up and fuck me.”

Eric continued gently pushing until he was buried in her to the hilt. He stopped, relishing the feeling of her warm sheath as it gripped his cock tightly. Sookie dug her short nails into Eric’s hips, panting as her body acclimatised to his size. Sam was not a small man, but the way Eric’s thick shaft stretched her and filled her was sure to ruin her for other men. She squirmed under him, urging him to move.

He thrust slowly but firmly, leaning on one elbow and caressing Sookie’s hip and thigh with the other as she wrapped her legs around him. Eric lifted her body and sat her in his lap, resting back on his heels and grasping her ass with both hands as he pumped into her.

Sookie gripped the back of his neck with one hand, rolling her pelvis against Eric’s as he sped up his strokes. Eric moved one arm behind her back to support her, hypnotised by her undulating body as she gave as good as she got. He arched her back even more and leaned forward to suck and nip at her aching buds. She gasped and bucked harder against him, ripping a feral growl from his chest.

“Harder, Eric, now.”

“Sookie, you are a fascinating creature.”

He grinned and lowered her head to the mattress, lifting her hips and forging into her ruthlessly. Sookie could feel she was close to coming apart at the seams and bought her fingers down to her button and rubbing them in small circles over the hard bump.

Eric couldn’t tear his eyes away from where they were joined, where she was touching herself so intimately, yet so unashamedly. He could feel and see she was close, from the feel of her slick pussy pulsating around him to the pink flush on her chest. Sookie started to pant and her brow furrowed, all of Eric’s heightened senses were being stimulated and he felt his balls tighten.

He grit his teeth and held on, slowing down lightly to keep the feeling from ending too soon. Sookie sobbed in frustration as his speed declined but focussed on the amazing sensations of Eric’s large shaft penetrating her and the pressure on her clit. She rubbed faster, her fingers slipping easily over the same spot again and again.

Eric’s fingers dug harder into Sookie’s soft skin as she trembled beneath him. She came in a torrent of expletives, her muscles squeezing Eric’s cock and wrenching his climax from him. He grunted and muttered in a language Sookie had never heard before, tensing his shoulders and pulling her so hard against him; she thought he might split her in two.

They rocked languidly, coming down from their mutual high. It took Sookie some time to get her breath back, but Eric waited until she was calm before he withdrew. He chuckled at her hurried strides to the bathroom until he was hit in the face with a warm washcloth.

“Well, that was … excitin’.”

Sookie smiled at Eric and started picking up the discarded clothes, throwing his on to the bed at his feet as he propped himself up against the headboard with his hands behind his head.

“What makes you think we’re done, Miss. Stackhouse?


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