13. Everlong

Chapter 13 – Everlong

Eric picked me up bridal style while I clung to my bag and screwed my eyes shut; moving at vampire speed was giving me a little motion sickness. Less than a minute later I was unlocking my door and inviting Eric inside, I dropped my luggage on the sofa as we passed then I was bouncing on the bed. Eric was standing over me, fangs out, hair framing his beautiful features, his blue eyes darkened with desire. The thought occurred that this was all for me, all because of me and it was pretty empowering I’ll tell you!

I reached up and pulled his mouth on to mine, feeling the sharpness of his teeth I remembered he hadn’t fed yet, then I remembered the previous night and a delicious shiver made its way down my spine. Before I knew what I was doing my hands were pulling at his shirt and we were tangled around one another, stroking, caressing, squeezing, licking and nibbling. It felt wild and out of control, it felt … amazing. I mimicked Eric’s actions, grabbing frantically at his clothes and worshiping every inch of exposed flesh with my hands and mouth as we rolled around on the bed.

I had a brief twinge of disappointment when we were both naked and Eric was hovering over me, I never thought I’d enjoy having my clothes taken off so much. My eyes met his and we were still, only for a second or two, his lustful gaze was propelling me further into an abyss of excitement as I watched him move down my body. My attention remained with those two azure orbs until his lips wrapped around my nipple, my body arched against him and my head pressed back into the pillow as I gasped in pleasure. He was ravishing my breasts, switching from one to the other like he couldn’t decide which one was best, my entire body was throbbing and I could hear my heart pounding in my head.

I lifted myself on my elbows a little and stared at him, all of him, kneeling between my legs, he looked like a god, a very aroused god, with ‘I don’t think that’s gonna fit’ sized equipment. His hands softly rubbing up and down my body, stopping to pinch the hardened buds he had bathed with his tongue then down to massage my thighs. One hand snaked around the back of my neck before he leaned forward and kissed me. As our tongues danced I felt his other hand probe my folds, his fingers sliding effortlessly, spreading the moisture he found to my clit and lightly circling it. I moaned into his mouth and reached out with my hands to feel him, any part of him, grasping at his shoulders, back and hips until I worked up the courage to stroke my fingertips along his manhood.

It twitched a little at my touch and felt nothing like I’d imagined it would, like velvet covered steel. Eric must have noticed my attention waning from what he was doing to me, I heard him say my name and as I looked at him he pushed a finger inside me. He smirked at my widened eyes as he pumped his digit in and out, my hips moving to the same rhythm, when he pressed down on my clit with his thumb I groaned and gripped his arousal in my small hand. He hissed and I pulled my hand back, thinking I’d hurt him but he grabbed my hand and put it back around him where I started squeezing and moving my hand up and down his shaft.

Eric moved further down the bed, with the object of my interest out of reach, I worked my hands through his hair as he buried his face in my mound and thrust his tongue into my dripping hole. I was lost in the sensations of him licking, sucking and using his fingers to find an extra sensitive little spot inside. I was out of control, bucking into his ministrations, feeling something wonderful build up inside, my eyelids fluttered and the edges of my vision became clouded.

“Look at me Sookie.”

I forced my head up to see him suck on my pearl, then place his thumb over it and turn his head to the side. I was panting, moaning, coming before he sank his fangs into my thigh but when he bit I exploded in a bellow of gratification, my entire body shuddering under the force of my orgasm. Gasping for breath I watched him finish feeding and tenderly lick the wound while petting me softly as I came down, Eric sat back on his heels and stroked himself with the same hand he’d used on me, spreading my juices that had spilled onto it over his rigid member. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up so I was straddling his thighs and placed himself at my entrance.

“This will be better for you, I’m too large for some, don’t try to take me all at once, go at your own pace, just let yourself get used to my size.”

I nodded and mumbled a breathy ‘okay’ as he put one arm around my back and gripped my hip with his other hand. I pushed down a little, it was fine, so I pulled back and pushed down a little harder, it stung like a mother fucker and I instinctually bit down hard and sucked to stop a mewl of pain as the tears prickled at my eyes. Eric lifted me back up, a growling noise coming from his chest, then I tasted it. The rich, metallic taste of Eric’s blood was in my mouth; I pulled back from his shoulder and looked at him.

“Omigod! I’m so …” I was cut off by his mouth attacking mine. When he broke off the kiss to let me breathe, he growled into my neck.

“We’ll talk about it later, right now you really need to keep going before I lose control.”

Yes Sir. Whether it was his small amount of blood coursing through me or I caught a second wind from his words turning me on, I lowered myself onto him once more. Moving slowly this time, the pain gave way to delicious rapture, and soon we were pressing our pelvises together and grinding against one another, every thrust was harder than the last. We were grunting, pounding, clawing, untamed and ravenous. Eric pushed me back to lie down and grazed my clit with his thumb before pulling almost all the way out and driving back into me, again and again, pressing harder on my nub every time until I felt myself contract around him.

I yelled and wailed as he picked up speed, drawing my orgasm out to the point I was almost crying in ecstasy. His arms strained and quivered as he fought against the tightening of my muscles that were almost forcing him out from the warm sheath of my sex. Seconds after my orgasm, he roared in completion and slowed his hips, both of us riding on a wave of satisfaction until he flopped to the side and pulled me into his arms. I was slick with sweat and shaking with exertion, as Eric was still next to me, stroking my arms and purring softly.

“That was incredible.”

“Mmmmm … I have to say, Sookie, your inexperience is outweighed by your passion and exuberance. It has been a long time since I was with a woman who could make me come like that.”

“Uh … Okay. So you enjoyed it then?”

“Very much so.”

“I think my brain melted, thank you.” We both laughed and found ourselves gazing into each other’s eyes again.

I shivered as the endorphins wore off and sat up to wriggle under the sheets on the bed, when Eric felt me move he joined me beneath the covers, pulling me back into his embrace and inhaling my scent. I looked at his neck and saw … nothing, wherever I’d bit him there wasn’t any evidence of it, he must have noticed my search for my indiscretion and quirked an eyebrow at me.

“You guys heal so fast! I’m sorry … I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t mean to take your blood. Am I in trouble?” I figured if I’d pissed him off we wouldn’t have continued our … our what? Sex? Fucking? Love-making? Whatever it was it made me feel like a passionate goddess, I didn’t remember feeling like that with Bobby.

“No you’re not in trouble, it was unexpected and believe me when I say that if it had been any other woman who done that they would not survive to see the next day. We vampires don’t give our blood to just anyone and it’s usually offered, not taken.” I cringed and apologised again. “Are you aware of the effects of having a vampire’s blood?”

“Kind of, Hadley told me a little about it when Bill offered me his. I had … an incident, my shields failed at a reading and things got a little crazy. He thought I was sick but I just needed some quiet.”

“And what did Hadley tell you?”

“She told me that the vampire would be able to feel the human’s emotions and have control over them, that it would heal and make them … umm … more … horny.”

“That’s about right, I will be able to sense your emotions within a certain distance, any injuries you sustained during sex will be healed and you probably will be very easily aroused.” His nose nudged my head to one side and he nuzzled into my neck, I felt a tingling between my legs and agreed wholeheartedly with the arousal thing.

“What about the control?”

“I already told you I had no interest in controlling you. I must point out that this wasn’t a simple case of you having my blood, there was an exchange and that marks the beginning of a blood bond. It will wear off in time unless we have any more … accidents.”

“You seemed to enjoy it but I promise I won’t bite you again, this whole companion business is wigging us out enough.” He licked my neck and nibbled on my earlobe.

“Mmmmm … I agree, now, shall we see how easily aroused you are?”

“I’m ready when you are Mister Sherriff Sir.”

His eyes met mine again and they flashed with hunger, I felt the throb of lust in my veins and steeled myself for a very long, very enjoyable night.


I woke up at 3pm, sore in the most delightful way and showered while my coffee was brewing. Eric had left not long before dawn, once again asking me to come to his room at sundown. Despite sleeping for 9 hours I was exhausted and sluggishly made my way to the dining room for breakfast, waving at Tom on my way to the buffet before piling my plate with breakfast foods. I smiled at the donors I walked past, only to get scowls in return, they were thinking of how Gina got fired last night and she had told them that it was my entire fault before she left. I sighed and figured I would be better to set things straight rather than have them think I could do the same thing to them, I wasn’t particularly friendly with them but no-one needs enemies when they can do something to prevent it.

“You girls know that Gina was fired for trying to get into a restricted area don’t you?” The looks Sadie and Helena were giving me told me that they didn’t. “Tom and I saw her arguing with Will, trying to get into the vampire wing without being summoned. Yes, she was trying to see my companion Mr. Northman and offer herself to him but that wasn’t why she was fired. Humans have to wait for a summons for a reason and she didn’t respect that, she didn’t respect the rules, she didn’t respect that everyone else follows the rules.”

“Sure.” Sadie snorted. “And I bet that she was trying to cut in with the Northman didn’t have anything to do with it.”

“Actually I dealt with that myself but ask yourself this: How long before she thought she was better than you and tried to cut in on your regulars?” Obviously that thought hadn’t occurred to them at all. “We don’t need girls like her here, they only cause problems.”

I walked away but kept listening to their thoughts, thankful that they agreed with my view on what might have happened if she hadn’t been sent away, Sadie was reconsidering keeping in touch with her. I sat next to Tom and his nostrils flared slightly, causing him to shake his newspaper and offer me a tight smile, Eric had told me that other Supes would be able to smell that I’d had his blood as well as smell that we’d had sex. I made small talk, finding out Tom was a Werewolf but not a member of a pack and telling him a little of what I’d done for the Queen so far. When I was done eating we went out to the car park and settled into Tom’s wife’s Golf for another lesson.

I slowly made my way round the streets of New Orleans, stopping at a red light in a very bad place for someone like me to be near. On the corner in front of me was a large, mostly glass building with a very prominent Fellowship of the Sun sign outside, there were people handing out leaflets on the step to passers-by and others putting leaflets under the windscreen wipers of nearby parked cars. I saw the doors open and choked on my own saliva at what I was witnessing.

Gina was hugging a larger lady and dabbing at her eyes with a tissue, this would not be good. Tom cleared his throat but it was the sounds of horns honking behind me that broke my stare; unfortunately the noise also gained attention from the FotS people. Gina looked right at me as I drove past, pointing at the car and burying herself in the arms of her Fellowship gal pal. Shit.

“Sookie, I want you to take a left up here and pull up outside a store called ‘Ellen’s tackle and Guns’ okay?”

“Sure Tom.”

I nodded and looked at the stores until I found the right one. I had no trouble parking as long as you consider taking up two spaces a success and we walked into the store. I remembered being taken to a gun store by my daddy when Jason got his benelli, the smell made my nose itch. There was a pretty girl, a little older than me behind the counter; her hair was made of long black curls that accentuated her heart-shaped face. Her features were soft but her eyes held a ‘don’t mess with me’ quality that I wished I could achieve. She smiled broadly at Tom and shook his hand before casting her eyes in my direction.

“So, Tom. Who’s this little girl?”

“Hi, I’m Sookie Stackhouse.” I stuck my hand out and wondered why Tom had brought me here.

“Ellen, Sookie here spotted a potential problem earlier. We need a small handgun she can keep in a purse.” I looked at him and asked if I needed a permit for that. “Yep, but your boss will take care of it, don’t worry. I just want you to be prepared to defend yourself and having a gun is quicker to pick up than showing you knife or sword skills.”

Ellen pointed to a glass case full of guns and Tom headed over, taking the keys from her and opening the door to feel the weight of each piece. I smiled at Ellen and poked her brain with my talent, she was another were, I wondered if it would be rude to ask what she turned into.

“So … uh … Tom is my guard, he’s a Werewolf are you a wolf too? My last guard was a cheetah.”

She laughed; the way her eyes crinkled showed that it was something she did often.

“I’m in a different league of shifters.” Tom snorted and said something about little league. “I’m not a fighting were, I turn into a black swan, we’re usually used for recon, scouting, there ain’t many of us but we try to stay useful.”

I nodded and watched Tom and Ellen as they discussed the pros and cons of each gun, intermittently asking my opinion before deciding on a small frame revolver with plenty of rounds. We said our goodbyes to Ellen and Tom took the keys from me to drive back. He explained that there was a small range at the residence where the guards could practice and calibrate.

“But … why now? If I needed to use a gun shouldn’t I have been shown weeks ago?”

“Weeks ago you hadn’t been pointed out to the Fellowship by an ex-employee of the residence. What happens if we’re at the mall and you’re confronted in the ladies bathroom?”

“I don’t have a way to tell you I’m in trouble so I need to defend myself, I get it. What do I need to do?”

Tom explained the process of getting a permit on the way back home; when we got there he took me straight to the range for practice shots. My aim wasn’t half bad, probably due to the BB gun I had when I was little, even if I couldn’t get a head shot, I’d be able to injure someone enough for me to get away. We practiced until our stomachs rumbled; I noticed Tom seemed a little antsy then remembered that tonight and the two nights after that would be his time where he had to change. That time of the month indeed. Tom walked me back to my room so I could store my gun before dinner and pick up my laptop for tonight’s meeting.

We entered the dining room to find two of the tables occupied with donors, dropping my shields I found them all to have gotten over the idea that I was the sole reason for Gina’s departure, this was good. Sadie was thinking about the phone call she’d had with Gina earlier, wondering why Gina even wanted to talk to her after she told her that she knew exactly why she’s been fired and also told her that going after another girl’s regular was a serious no-no. I was fairly disturbed at Gina’s readiness to continue to speak to someone who obviously had no respect for her. I knew exactly why she wanted to keep in touch. I cleared my throat to get their attention.

“Hi ladies, I’m sure you’re all aware of the conversation I had with Sadie and Helena this afternoon.” They all nodded. “Today while I was out with Tom we saw something that worried us. Gina was coming out of the Fellowship church near here, speaking to a woman and hugging her. Now I don’t want you to think I’m telling you what to do and I’m not demanding that y’all not talk to Gina but please, please be careful what you say to her. If she fishes for information on the compound or any of the vampires or staff here don’t tell her anything because it’s a sure bet it’ll go right back in a Fellowship file to be used to harm people who work here.”

They looked scared, good, they should be. Tom and I ate dinner in relative silence, I could tell how on edge he was and you could see all of the Were’s in the residence were wound tight, waiting for their run. We finished our meal and walked to the vampire wing, nodding to Will and going through the security procedures. When the buzz signified Eric’s room door was unlocked, I opened it to find he was still in bed. I’d heard that human men wake up with parts of their anatomy ready for action and vampires were no different it seems.

I closed the door behind me and stood there watching him. He scowled at me and patted the bed next to him. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him. Is this how it was going to be? Now he’s gotten into my panties that’s all he wants to do? One thing spending a huge chunk of my life with crazy people did was encourage me to be up front with my feelings, the doctor’s swore by it and I agreed, it may have caused minor scuffles but not building up bad feelings prevented huge blow ups later on.

“So is this how it’s gonna be now Eric? I don’t even warrant a ‘welcome’ or a ‘hello’, I’m just beckoned towards your hard-on to service you?”

He sat up, annoyance flashing across his handsome face before he got out of bed and stalked towards me stark naked. When he was right in front of me he dropped to his knees and took both of my hands in his.

“Angelic Sookie, vision of beauty, please forgive my assuming you would be amenable to me fucking your brains out as soon as we were able.” He stood and placed my hand on his stiff cock. “This is what you do to me. The moment I rose all I could think about was your body, your mouth, your hands and what they do to me. I’ve never been at the mercy of a woman like this Sookie.” Oh my!

“Well when you put it like that how can I be so cruel as to refuse?”

Eric lifted me up and threw me on the bed, he was like a hurricane of lust and pleasure and I got caught in the eye and lifted higher and higher until I didn’t know where I was anymore. We were tangled in the sheets of his bed, coming down from an orgasmic high when his cell phone rang. He was across the room answering it about a second after I heard it. I went into the bathroom to give him some privacy and take care of my full bladder and sticky private places. When I came back out Eric was half dressed. I checked my watch; we didn’t need to be in the Queen’s office for another hour.

“The Queen has summoned us, just we two; I assume it’s to discuss your findings from last night.”

“Oh. I guess I should put some clothes on then?”

Eric laughed and handed me my jeans and top after I scrabbled around the floor looking for my bra, panties and socks. I looked at the poor offerings in my hands, I’m a woman who has sex now, I have a man that will see my under things, this will not do! Next week when I get paid I’m going straight to Victoria’s Secret.

Once again we walked hand in hand to Sophie-Ann’s office, checking to make sure the green light was on before we walked in. Eric ushered me through the door and both Sophie-Ann and Andre’s nostrils took on the life of their own. It looked like their noses were gonna leap of their faces and hump my legs. I felt Eric put his hands on my shoulders behind me and pull me towards his chest protectively.

“Well, you two have been busy. I don’t think it could be more obvious unless you screwed each other right here in front of me, you reek of each other!” Her eyes flashed to Eric. “You mentioned taking her home with you last night, you understand I will have to demand that you request to bond with Sookie, and I would have to consider that request very carefully?”

“Yes my Queen, we have exchanged blood during sex once. It seems Sookie’s teeth are sharper than she anticipated.”

“Ooh a biter? I usually drain girls like that but I can see why you wouldn’t mind with this one! Anyway let’s get down to business.” Eric and I sat on the sofa and The Queen and her child joined us. “Due to your observations from the human lawyers I have decided against a marriage with Arkansas, I’m relieved that you were able to catch this Sookie, who knows what plans had been cooked up but those men were terrified you would find out.”

“Oh that’s a weight off my mind your Majesty! I was concerned you would still go through with it after your comments about being tired.” She smiled sweetly at me and Andre placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“We have come to an arrangement. I will pledge to my eldest child Andre, this will free me from proposals for 100 years and I will be able to continue with all of my relationships as I have been.”

“So you and Hadley … Oh! I’m sorry your Majesty! I shouldn’t pry.”

“It’s quite alright Sookie and yes, I will be able to spend time with Hadley. Andre will not complain or raise issue with this but I will not be flaunting your cousin as it would be disrespectful to him as my husband and consort.”

“I understand.” It wasn’t completely what Hadley wanted but it was better than her being alone or being sent away.

“Come.” The Queen stood and we followed. “We will feed before I hear the cases brought before me.”

Eric smiled and tucked a stray hair behind my ear. “I am … full my Queen, I will no longer require donors while I am here.”

Sophie-Ann laughed and as she walked away I could have sworn I heard her say ‘I should fucking hope not!’ As I watched her walk into the day room I remembered I hadn’t done the transcripts for her! I flapped for a while before Eric clamed me down and took me to the communal office to print everything. We walked in on Rasul and Helena introducing their private parts to each other with as little clothing removed as possible, which was fortunate, I may not have had my wits about me if they’d been buck naked.

“C’mon guys! People have to type on that keyboard! Can’t you use the lounge next door?”

I turned to Eric who was smirking as Rasul and Helena tucked themselves back in and scooted off somewhere with a lock presumably. Eric showed me which cables went where and in no time I had the warm pages from the printer in my hand. In all the … sex, I had forgotten to tell Eric about my new toy!

“Tom bought me a gun today! He was worried because we saw Gina, the donor from last night, coming out of a Fellowship church and she pointed me out, so he took me to see a were-swan called Ellen who owns a gun store in case I’m caught in a situation without him.”

“Okay. Can you hit anything when you shoot?”

“Are you assuming that because I’m female I couldn’t hit a cow’s ass with a banjo?” If my tone didn’t correct his assumption I was pretty sure my finger poking him in the chest would. “I didn’t get any head shots but a shoulder or thigh buys me time.”

“I apologise for flippantly suggesting you wouldn’t be adept at handling a firearm but I must warn you that your finger will be removed if you attempt to poke me in the chest … ever … again.”

Strangely, despite the threat, I wasn’t scared. We smiled at each other and the tension passed, the donors left the day room through the side door and Eric and I made our way back to Sophie-Ann’s office where there was now a queue of vampires waiting to be seen.


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