16. This is a Call

Chapter 16 – This is a Call

Jason was on the porch as we pulled up at the old farmhouse, waiting, with a shotgun. I jumped out quickly and ran over to give him a hug while the Herveaux’ parked behind Sam. Jason picked me up and spun me round, causing three cell phones to fall out of my purse.

“Geez Sook! How many o’ those d’ya need?”

“Oh they’re not all mine. We should get inside, there’s … a lot to tell you.”

Alcide and Jackson offered to scout the perimeter of the grounds but I asked if they could stay closer to the house. Sam came inside with me, which surprised Jason slightly … more like confused really, I couldn’t blame him, this morning I told him vampires were feeding on Gran, yet I show up with the local bar owner. I went to the kitchen and fixed drinks for all of us, Lord knows Jason wouldn’t do it, and we settled in the living room.

“How’s Gran?”

“Shaken mostly. Doesn’t know how she got so sick, I didn’t wanna tell her about the … y’know.” He put his fingers in his mouth to simulate fangs. “She’s been sleepin’ most o’ the day; I’ve been going through with snacks and tea every couple o’ hours.”

I nodded, a little shocked at Jason’s efforts to care for Gran, the last thing I thought of him as was a willing nursemaid. I excused myself to go and check on Gran myself, taking off my shoes and padding down the hall in my socks, trying to make as little noise as possible. I opened her door slowly, attempting to avoid the creaking of the hinges and failing miserably.


“No Gran, it’s me, Sookie.” I sat down on the bed next to her and held her hand. “I told you I’d come as soon as possible.”

“That you did child, that you did. I might be old but I’m not stupid and I’m certainly not crazy, tell me what’s going on Sookie.”

“Do you want the long version or the short version?”

“Short for now sweetheart. Maybe I’ll get the long story tomorrow.”

“Vampires moved into the Compton house and they’ve been feeding from you, altering your memories to forget about it. One of the vampires knows me and he didn’t want to be there so we think that he used his mind control to get you to call me so we could help him and you.”

“Well shit!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, my Gran was always the first to scold someone for cursing in her presence but I never thought I’d hear a cuss word come out of her mouth. I kissed her forehead and made sure she didn’t need anything else before I got back to the boys. In the living room Sam and Jason were talking about beer, apparently Sam had been getting deliveries from local microbreweries and Jason and the road crew were his taste testers.

“Okay guys; let’s get down to brass tacks here.” I took the cell phones from my bag and laid them on the table. “Jason you asked me about these. Right now there are a number of people I work with over at the Compton house dealing with the problem, there’s a reason they couldn’t take their phones with them and I was hoping Sam would be … amenable to helping me explain.”

I had already asked Sam if he minded Jason knowing his secret on the way there, he wasn’t sure until I pointed out that he and Gran had managed to keep my secret from everyone, that put his mind at ease.

“These phones were given to me for safekeeping and to make sure that emergency calls could be answered. The reason my colleagues can’t answer the phones is that … well they aren’t human.”

“Are they vamps? If they are then they’re gettin’ a rise outta you Sook, I see vamps with cell phones all the time on TV!”

“No Jase, they’re not Vampires either. Haven’t you ever wondered that if vampires are real what else might be too?” The look on his face told me he hadn’t. “There are … beings. Supernatural beings all around us Jase, most of ‘em look like people and really they are just people but with a little … extra.”

“Like you? You got a little extra with your … mind mojo.”

“Uh … kind of I guess … yeah like me and Sam.”

“You can read thoughts too Sammy?” He turned to him, open mouthed and Sam just shook his head and smiled.

“Naw Jason. I can do something really cool though. I’ll just go in the kitchen and I’ll be back real soon.”

Sam went into another room for privacy, I learned he always had a pocket sized book of animals he liked to shift into tucked away in his jeans just in case. I peeked into Jason’s mind and he was extremely confused, but this was the best way to explain any strange goings on that he might witness tonight. I was wondering how long it took to shift, I’d never seen it before and found it quite fascinating, a couple of minutes later a friendly Collie trotted into the room and licked Jason’s hand.

“Hey boy! How’d you get in here huh?” Sam panted and wagged his tail as Jason scratched his ears.

“Jase? That’s Sam.”

“Sam huh? You never told me you had a dog, why’d you call him Sam? You don’t have a thing for Merlotte do ya?”

“No, Jason, that is Sam Merlotte. He’s a shifter, can turn into any warm-blooded animal he likes.”

Jason immediately stopped scratching and stared at the dog, who trotted behind the sofa and shifted back into Sam – Bar owner. I went through to the kitchen and retrieved Sam’s clothes so he didn’t have to run through the house naked and tossed them to him as Jason opened and closed his mouth like a guppy.

“The phones belong to other’s who can change, they’re not all like Sam – he’s really special. This red phone belongs to Tom, he’s a Werewolf and this silver one belongs to Frank, he’s a Were-Cheetah. The black one is Will’s, he’s a wolf too.”

“And animals can’t carry phones, I gotcha sis.” I could tell that he really did get it – but his thoughts were more focussed on his worry that scratching Sam’s ears was the equivalent of feeling him up. “So Vampires, Werewolves they’re all real?”

“And more. I don’t know everything yet either but I’m sure changing my tune about the world.”

Jason nodded and silently went into the kitchen to swap his sweet tea for beer. I walked to the front door and looked out at the woods; I could hear faint growls and yelps, checking my watch I realised that only 30 minutes had gone by. We had 6 vampires and 3 Were’s on our team, even if they were outnumbered slightly the fact that 3 of those vampires were definitely over 1,000 years old was in our favour.

I heard a cell go off and closed the door, finding that it was Tom’s phone. The name ‘Ellen’ was flashing across the caller ID, for a second I wondered whether to answer or not but I figured it would be best – people don’t call at 2am when they don’t have a problem.

“Hi this is Tom Drummond’s cell, Sookie Stackhouse speaking.”

“Uh … it’s Ellen. Why do you have Tom’s phone? I was hoping he’d be nearby and shift back to check voicemails regularly.”

“He’s taking care of some business and asked me to keep an eye on it. I can take a message.”

“Right, well he asked me to keep an eye on that Fellowship church. I did a fly over and counted three buses full of zealots, I flew lower and overheard something about a protest – they were headed in the direction of the royal residence.” 3 buses? That’s well over 100 people!

“Shit not tonight! Okay thanks Ellen, I’ll … well I don’t know what I’m gonna do about that right now but I’ll think of something!”

“I’m gonna head over and shift again, is somethin’ going down tonight? A party or some shit that you don’t want protestors ruining?”

“It’s not that, the residence is on minimal guard, we’re up north near Shreveport dealing with something.”

“I gotcha, I’ll keep an eye on things and call back soon. If they’ve got any sense they’ll just wave some placards and chant some hate songs.”

I agreed with her and we said our goodbye’s but this was just too coincidental. Was it plum bad luck that the Fellowship decided to mass protest at the compound tonight? At this time in the morning? No, this wasn’t just their ordinary camp out at the gates yelling that vamps should burn in hell. I remembered the call that Sadie got, she was thinking about the minimal security in the residence, did she let something slip that there weren’t the usual amount of guards on duty tonight? I grab my cell and call the residence, hoping that someone was available to take the call.

“LeClerq building, Bryan speaking.”

“Bryan! It’s Sookie; I got a call about some … well a lot of protestors heading in the compound direction.”

“How many is a lot?”

“Three bus loads. Look can I speak to Sadie?”

“Sadie? Uh … sure, hold on I’ll transfer you to the donor suite.”

I listened to Hadley’s heavy southern accent telling me that I was on hold and my call would be taken as soon as someone…

“Hey there, this is Vicky, how can we meet your needs?”

“Vicky! It’s Sookie; I need to speak to Sadie.”

“Sorry sugar she’s not here.”

“Not here as in not in the suite or not in the compound at all?”

“I don’t think I’m at liberty to tell you that. Why are you always snoopin’ in our business anyhow?”

“Cut the defensive crap Vicky! She got a call before we all left to come north; I need to know who she spoke to.”

“I’m not supposed to tell anyone.”

“Jesus fucking Christ Vicky! I’m calling at this time for info not to be nosy! They and you could be in danger or do you think I’d be asking for the good of my health?”

“You don’t need to be pissy about it! Sadie and Cora snuck out to meet Gina.”

“That’s all I need to know, thank you.”

I hung up without saying goodbye, I hated the fact that Tom’s hunch about Gina had turned out to be right. We left around 8, the fact that the Fellowship had managed to mobilise so many of their members in less than 6 hours was pretty impressive. Unless they’d been planning something all along and the opportunity of lowered defences made them bring those plans forward. Either way, it didn’t look good. Almost as soon as I’d finished that thought mine and all the other cell phones rang, chirped, buzzed and chimed with text messages. I checked mine first, it was from Rasul.


The same message was on all of the phones, that meant the vamps across the graveyard had gotten it too. Would they have the chance to check their phones? I turned to Sam and Jason.

“I think I need to go to the Compton place, this is bad, really bad.”

“It sure don’t sound good Sook.” Jason looked very worried. “What’s going on?”

“Someone let slip that the residence was on minimum security, the Fellowship of the Sun have taken the opportunity to attack the building. It must be bad if Rasul called the fire department and the police. I need to let the other’s know what’s happening.”

Sam nodded and pulled out his little animal book. “So we want something that’s big enough for you to hide behind and fierce enough to deal with an attack if need be … Grizzly Bear do ya?”

“Yes! Great idea Sam!” Sam started stripping as he walked out of the door. “Jason you stay here with Gran.” I made sure my gun and the knife Eric gave me were close to hand in case I needed them and went outside to tell Jackson and Alcide where we were going.

Outside I spotted Sam, already in Bear form; I grabbed his clothes in case he needed them. He hunkered down and shook his head, was he asking me to climb on his back? I asked and he shook his head up and down to say ‘yes’, I blew out a big breath and pulled myself onto his back, gripping the fur round his neck tightly in my hands and tucking my knees either side of his ribs, using every muscle in my thighs to hold on as he loped across Gran’s yard into the cemetery.

Through the tombstones I saw a couple of naked bodies lying, covered in blood as Sam got closer to the yelps and growls. I screwed my eyes closed as I heard inhuman screaming, why did I decide to come across here? Oh yeah, that’s right – our home is under attack and people need to know ASAP, that was bigger than my squeamish streak at this point. Sam stopped and I opened my eyes to see Andre stabbing a sword through a wolf while another was on his back trying to chew at his neck, suddenly the wolf was knocked off Andre by a cheetah – Frank. Frank didn’t have the strength to fight a wolf but he did have the speed to make guerrilla attacks. I watched him run around the building back to the woods as Pam zoomed over to finish the wolf he’d knocked on its ass.

I heard growling from behind us and turned to see a blood spattered wolf baring its teeth less than 10 feet away. Sam roared and reared up onto his hind legs, I scrambled through them and fumbled for the gun in my belt, shakily pointing it at the wolf, which was unneeded as Sam launched at it, catching it’s hindquarters in his big paws and sinking his teeth into its spine.


I spun round on the ground to find the voice belonged to Hadley, then she was knocked to the ground by a dark skinned female vampire who wore nothing but a Lycra bra top and cycling shorts. Hadley’s sword was thrown to the ground as she fell and tried to hold off the other vamp with her hands. I ran over and jumped on the vamps back, hitting her on the back of the head with the butt of the gun but her fangs got closer and closer to ripping Hadley’s throat out. Her elbow came up and I fell to the ground with a loud ‘oof’, I cocked the gun and aimed at her side, closing my eyes as I pulled the trigger and silently prayed I hit her and not my cousin.

There was a scream and I looked to see who it had come from, it must have hit the other vamp because now Hadley was on top and she had her sword again, pressing it into the vamps neck before using it as leverage to stand back up and take a defensive stance. I heard an awful howl coming from the direction Sam had gone in, that one second of distraction and I, gladly, missed Hadley taking off the vamps head. She ran over to crouch next to me, asking if I was okay, then jumped back, sword at the ready as Sam the Bear came towards us. I grabbed her arm telling her he was a friend.

“What the hell are you doing here Sook? You could have got hurt real bad! Although if you hadn’t shot that bitch Diane I wouldn’t have got the upper hand but still … what the fuck are you thinking?”

“The compound is under attack. Stupid donors must have let slip to Gina about our trip and there being less security and Gina told her lovely new Fellowship buddies. Rasul sent a text to everyone.”

Hadley checked all around her and pulled out her cell. “FUCK!”

Just then a huge dark grey wolf stopped in front of us, I pointed my gun and Sam got into attack mode but there was a horrible gloppy noise and the air shimmered as the wolf turned into Will. A very naked and aroused Will. I averted my eyes as he laughed at me.

“’sup Will? We in control?”

“Sure are Had. Diane was the last; I came out here to help but seems you got it on your lonesome.”

“Not really, she’d have ripped my throat out of Sook here hadn’t shot her and made her lose balance. Bad news, the compound is under attack. That’s why Sook came here with her … furry friend.”

“Sam I dropped your clothes in the cemetery somewhere, sorry.” He grunted and wandered off to find them, I was still turned away from Will. “Would ‘ya put some damn clothes on!”

Will and Hadley snorted and I turned back to see Will’s bare ass disappearing into the bushes. Hadley helped me up and we went into the Compton house, closely followed by Sam pulling his shirt over his head. The place was covered in blood; even if I’d been blind I would have been able to smell it permeating the air. In the entrance hall Bill was feeding from a naked man, must have been a were he killed, I surveyed the scene as we entered the front room, there was a group of 4 very, very scared and naked humans huddled in a corner, two male vampires were screaming in agony as they’d lost their legs and Eric was tapping his blood-smeared sword against his boot next to them. I’m not sure if he heard or smelled me arrive but he looked up at me and smiled brightly, swooping in and gathering me in his arms. I could feel his excitement at the battle pressing into my stomach as he licked along the vein in my neck, mmmmm … no, so not the time or place!

“Couldn’t wait for me lover?”

“We have a problem.” Hadley interrupted. “Rasul sent a text to everyone, the compound is …”

Our attention was shifted as Sophie-Ann let go of a badly beaten vampiress’ hair, I figured it was Lorena, and fell to her knees with a pained groan emanating from her. Lorena smirked and picked up a broken chair leg, only to have it knocked out of her hand by Andre, he shouted at me to get the silver chain from a bag near the door for the bitch maker, confirming my suspicions of the vampire’s identity. Quick as I could I got the heavy chain and wound it around Lorena’s chest and arms like he told me to, while Eric and Hadley helped the Queen onto a dilapidated sofa.

“Siegebert, Wybert. They’re gone, I felt it.”

Hadley and Andre immediately wrapped their arms around her and they shared their grief. Pam and Bill came into the room, Bill took a sword from Pam’s hand and finished off the two legless vampires, possibly to shut them up which I was glad of. Will strolled in and asked where Tom, Frank and Longshadow were.

“Dealing with the bodies.” Pam grinned, her mouth stained red.

Eric pulled me closer against him and nuzzled his face into my neck. “How many in total?”

“Eight Were’s and four vamps – including El Madre Diablo over there.” Pam sauntered over and flicked at Lorena’s nose with her fingertips before turning to me. “I thought you were supposed to be holed up somewhere safe little telepath?”

“Yes, well, I was but I got some news. The Fellowship attacked the royal residence tonight, going by the reaction the Queen just had, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it was a seriously major attack.”

Andre stood up when his phone started buzzing, he announced it was Rasul and put him on speakerphone.

“Rasul what have you to report?”

“It’s a mess Andre. Me and Melanie managed to get out but the whole building is alight. The protestors were organised and knew exactly where to enter the grounds of the residence with the petrol bombs, they started with the vampire wing.”

“What of the guards? They were trained to extinguish fires; did no-one call the fire department?”

“The guards were taken out, it was four against one in most cases, the attackers had silver nets and tasers. Other groups of protestors blocked the roads to prevent the fire appliances from making it close enough to the building to put out the fires. It all over the news by now, the police were all over them.”

“Very well, there is no chance that we’ll be back before sunrise. Go to ground and we will be in contact.”

The humans in the corner were taken away by Frank and Will after being glamoured, Pam laughed and instructed them to set them free in their natural habitat. Andre asked Bill what he wanted to do with the house; Bill told him to burn it to the ground. Not only did it house the memories of his human life but now it was the somewhere he’d apparently been held captive and tortured. Bill said if the VRA goes through he’ll claim the land and might do something with that but the house was something he never wanted to see again.

Although the battle had ended on a rather sour note with the passing of the Bert’s and our home being attacked and destroyed, that just meant that the bloodlust had been bolstered with rage. I watched Andre and Bill put on heavy leather gloves and squeeze Lorena into the trunk of Andre’s Bentley, she tried to command Bill not to do it as his maker but Andre broke her jaw before she could finish the sentence. I was very conscious of the fact that Eric had been rubbing against me and growling throughout the entire thing, I’d managed to swat his wandering hands away but I knew there was only so long I could put him off and the looks the other vamps were giving me told me that we had to get back to the donors as soon as possible.

Sam ran back through the graveyard to get his truck and ask Jackson and Alcide to meet back at Merlotte’s as we all piled into cars. I had barely closed the door of the Corvette when Eric launched himself at me, half kissing, half chewing his way along my jaw and neck, all the while pulling me into the driver’s seat to straddle him. The fact that there was no way he was getting my jeans off in this position clued me in to how fogged his brain actually was, if he couldn’t think then I guess I’d have to do that for both of us. I’ll be damned if he’s ripping my clothes off and I have to walk back to Gran’s naked!

I opened the door and leaned to the side pulling Eric as I went, effectively making both of us fall out of the car and roll towards the edge of the graveyard. We pulled at each other’s clothes until we were both naked in the dirt and leaves, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this but it’s infinitely better on a privacy scale than what would have happened if we’d made it back to Merlotte’s. I felt Eric’s hand dip between my thighs, checking my readiness before kneeling and pull me on top of him. I wasn’t as aroused as I’d been the previous times but enough that it wasn’t painful as he entered me, with one arm around my waist and a hand behind my neck he pounded into me faster than I ever imagined he could.

Eric was like an animal, grunting as he rutted his prey, his hand left my neck and pushed me backwards so my shoulders were on the cold ground and he leaned forward and latched onto my breast. Leaves and twigs were getting woven into my hair with his merciless thrusting, I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as I felt my body coil in the beginnings of my climax. Eric’s hips slowed a little and his stokes became longer, pulling almost all the way out before driving back into me and his thumb found my clit, pressing tight circles at vampire speed. I couldn’t breathe, my cries had turned to feral wails as Eric’s fangs sank into my breast and my body exploded in orgasm as he drank deeply. I was shuddering under the force of my completion when Eric threw his head back and roared as he met his own, collapsing on top of me with his head on my chest, panting.

“Sookie I … your scent and thinking about how sweet your blood is … I couldn’t control myself any longer.”

“It’s … okay, I think.” I yelped in pain when I tried to move, my entire back was one big graze and my elbows felt like they’d been shredded.

“No, I’ve injured you. We should get you somewhere you can clean up. I’m … sorry, I don’t like that I hurt you physically.”

“Apology accepted although I enjoyed it at the time.” I lifted an arm to check things out and saw it was covered in a mixture of mud and blood. “Urgh! I’m gonna look like a mummy with the amount of bandages … hey wait! Your blood can heal me right?”

Eric looked sceptical but nodded. “You are asking me to heal you? I have already had your blood, it would be another exchange.”

“Oh right. Well I understand if you don’t want that, I’ll just get better the old fashioned way.” I tried to grin but it came out as a grimace as I shuffled around looking for my clothes. Eric grabbed my wrist lightly; his eyes were soft as he pulled me back into his lap.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want it, I just wanted to make you aware that it would bring us closer. The fact that I want more of my blood in you is strange to me; I’ve never wanted to be … this close to a human before.”

He kissed me, exploring my mouth tenderly with his tongue, I thought I’d nicked my lip on his fang when I tasted the blood but I realised that he’d cut his own lip and tongue to donate his blood for my healing. I sucked at the source of the thick metallic liquid and Eric groaned, hardening once more beneath me. I could feel the skin on my back and arms knitting itself together, Eric making more cuts to feed me as our kisses became more passionate.

He laid back and I moved my thighs either side of his hips, his rigid length so close to my mound. The tingling in my skin subsided and was replaced by a need to feel all of him inside me with every swallow of blood I took. I came up for air and lowered my hips onto his shaft, impaling myself on his cock, filling myself with him. Eric hissed and growled.

“Bite me Lover, take more, it feels so good.”

I sank my blunt teeth into his neck and he cried out and bucked beneath me as I drew from the wound. As I rode him towards ecstasy, I saw the flash of torchlight through the trees and froze in place, focussing on the mind of whoever was approaching.

“It’s Jason!” Eric huffed with disappointment as I haphazardly threw on my jeans and shirt, grabbing at my underwear. “Aren’t you gonna put some clothes on? Geez, you Supes don’t care who see you naked!”

Eric laughed and pulled his pants back on just as Jason waved the hand holding the torch and called out to me.

“Hey Sook! There y’are, I called the bar to find out what happened, Sam came by a while ago to get his truck I figured you’d be …” He took in Eric’s half dressed form and my dishevelled appearance before pointing a shotgun in Eric’s direction. “Were you just fucking my baby sister in the graveyard?!”


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