9. Disenchanted Lullaby

Chapter 9 – Disenchanted Lullaby


“Mm hmm. Youkay?”

“Uh … I’m not sure.”

There was another soft grunt then he went back to sleep. What the hell did I do last night? Think Sook, just think. I remembered the meal and going dancing, just like Lucy said we got stinking drunk and danced with men we barely knew and men we didn’t know from Adam. I had a flash of dancing very suggestively with Bobby, then it was like a freight train. Memories were hitting me fast and hard.


I had drank too much and my shields failed, Bobby took me back to my room, he got me water to drink and he was thinking about how pretty I was and how much he wanted to touch me. In my intoxicated state I found his thoughts nice, I didn’t want to block them out. I thought if only I had been able to read Frank so clearly I could have saved myself heartache. His imagination was so vivid; in his mind he was kissing me, stroking me almost reverently. Before I knew it I had moved closer and was kissing him, in my drunken haze his thoughts were fuelling my passion.

I’d seen in plenty of guys minds, a lot of it was so disrespectful it made me want to puke but Bobby wasn’t thinking about how he could use me, he wanted to pleasure me. As he removed my clothes and licked and stroked down my body I could hear him thinking about how good my skin tasted. I wanted to be part of this; I pulled him back up and grabbed at his clothes. When he was finally naked I noticed he wasn’t as skinny as I thought he was he had a slim athletic build with a hairless chest and just enough muscle definition to show he went to the gym.

I threaded my fingers through his soft brown hair and kissed him hard while he ran his hands over my breasts and tweaked my nipples. It went further and further, with him touching every part of my body. Pulling my knees around his waist and fluttering his fingers along my legs, up to my hips, over my stomach and lower until he found the spot that made me grind into his pelvis and the hard length pressed against me.

I whimpered as he let go of me to grab his pants and rifle the pockets and inside his wallet, muttering ‘thank fuck’ when he found a lone condom. He laid me down and settled between my legs before rolling it on. He couldn’t wait to be inside me, the feeling was mutual. As he guided himself to my core, I bit my lip, feeling myself stretch around him, it stung a little and I was sure if I’d been perfectly sober I’d be in a lot more pain.

“Sookie are you okay?”

“I’m fine Bobby, I just didn’t think it would be this way, this is my first time.”

“Oh God! I’m such an asshole! Do you want me to stop? We don’t have to do this.”

“No Bobby. It’s fine.” I stroked his face “I know you respect me.”

He kissed me and pushed a little further and let out a groan “Sookie you feel so good, I don’t want to hurt you, let me know what you want.”

I nodded and wiggled my hips to get him to move. It was nice, it was more than nice, it felt amazing. As he moved in and out every nerve ending in my body was tingling, he gripped my hips and lifted me. Kneeling on the bed with my legs wrapped around him, he used one hand to pull my hip to him and lightly caressed my body with the other, moving it down to my clit and stroking it lightly.

“I want to make this so good for you Sookie.”

I could feel the muscles in my abdomen coiling, then it was like someone gave me a static shock right where Bobby was moving in me faster and faster. My vision went cloudy then I saw sparkles like I’d been looking directly at the sun for too long and my body shuddered with the force of what he was making me feel. My insides were gripping him tightly as I came, his cock swelled and his eyes screwed shut

“Oh fuck!” He stiffened and shook and then fell on top of me panting. He was thinking how perfect I was and how honoured he was that I let him do that. He thought it was the greatest gift he’d ever been given and I couldn’t stop the tears springing to my eyes with his sentiments.

*****End Flashback*****

But that was last night, now the cold light of day was beating down on us. I felt guilty, deep down I knew I had used him. I was feeling low about Frank and angry that the whole residence had bets on who was going to pop my cherry. I could only hope he would understand when I explained everything to him. I decided it would be better to talk with a decent rest, so I left a note for him asking that if he woke before me not to leave as we had to discuss what happened. I drank the full glass of water on the table and snuggled back under the duvet.


The sound of the toilet flushing woke me up once again, I blinked a couple of times and checked the time – 3pm. Bobby walked out of the bathroom and saw that I was awake, he looked very uncomfortable and was thinking about how he was a very bad man for taking advantage of a drunken virgin.

“Stop that Bobby! You didn’t take advantage of me, everything that happened last night was on my terms; please don’t think you’re a bad person.”

“Uh … could you put your shields up please? I … I did wrong. I found you very attractive from the first moment I saw you but I’m not in the habit of sleeping with people I work alongside.”

“Me neither.”

“I know! God! I know! I took your virginity Sookie! I’m a complete bastard! I should have stopped, I should have …”

“STOP! I wanted it; I’m shocked at my behaviour, but I wanted it to happen. I feel like I’ve used you Bobby. I got so drunk last night because the guy I was seeing messed up and I had just heard that a bunch of guys were taking bets on who could sleep with me first. So Lucy took me out to get plastered but I never intended to have sex with anyone, but you were thinking such nice things about me.”

“I guess I would get drunk if that kind of stuff had happened to me too but you didn’t use me Sookie, I don’t feel used at all.”

I sighed and rubbed my face into the palms of my hands. My clothes were strewn around the room, I asked Bobby to pass me a robe that was hanging on the bathroom door. While I was wrapping it around me Bobby pulled his pants and shirt on and sat on the small sofa. We agreed to call room service for a pot of coffee and some breakfast foods and I went for a quick shower while we waited on it arriving.

The silence was deafening as we nibbled on toast and sipped our coffee. “Do you regret what happened? Was I … was it bad … for you?”

His head snapped up and he stared into my eyes “NO! It was … you were amazing. Was it … uh … good for you too?”

“Yes, I … umm … it was good. I liked it.”

We shared a weak smile towards one another. I’d never been in this situation; I also never wanted to be again “So what happens now?”

“Well” he frowned into his cup “First off, I think we should limit the amount of alcohol we consume following meetings.” He grinned at me “I don’t think it would be a good idea to pursue a romantic relationship with us being so far apart and also our working together may be affected by any arguments we might have.”

“Okay. This is very awkward. Bobby, last night you made me feel beautiful and I … I want to thank you for that, but I also think you’re right in that this will be a onetime thing. Do we just … not talk about it or I mean … I don’t know how to act around you now.”

“I know what you mean, this is … very uncomfortable. I truly like you Sookie; I think you’re a lovely woman with a bright personality…”

“And a nice rack?” I raised my eyebrow and he blushed, nodding and rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

“Yeah that too. Look, this is going to sound horrible but please know before I say it that I don’t regret what we did here and I don’t want to forget it ever happened … you can’t let any of the vampires know they we … that it was me who …”

“I don’t regret it either, I did at first before I knew how you felt about things but now I don’t. I’m not sure why any of the vampires will care that you took my virginity though.”

“If one knows then it’ll get back to my Master. Mr. Northman has taken a shine to you and I don’t think he’d appreciate his day man putting the moves on a woman he’s trying his damndest to impress. Very few women say ‘no’ to Eric, he doesn’t chase … except with you.”

“He’s chasing me? I knew he was interested in me but he can have anyone …”

“Sookie, the amount of questions he’s asked me about you, the way Pam said he was acting around you, the cell phone – he doesn’t do those things. Sure he can have anyone but he wants you.”

“Oh.” The knowledge that Eric wanted me wasn’t a surprise but the fact that he was going to such efforts to know about me and impress me was. “So, we just keep this between the two of us and try not to let it affect when we work together?”

“That would be for the best, yes.” He looked so sad “I should have left for Shreveport hours ago; I should be on my way. I … I had a really good time, not just the … y’know but the dinner and dancing and spending time with you … and Steven and Lucy, of course.”

“Me too Bobby. We should do it again sometime without the whole intoxication and … uh … sex.” He laughed and collected the rest of his things before giving me a peck on the cheek and walking out of the door.

It was an hour before sunset and I had no plans for the night. I took my new cell and checked to see whose numbers I already had in there. As suspected there were phone book entries for Bobby, Eric, Pam, Fangtasia, Steven, Lucy and the royal Compound main number. I took my little address book from my bag and added the cell’s of Hadley, Bill and Jason, Gran’s house and Merlotte’s bar. I decided to call Sam; a gruff voice answered the phone

Merlotte’s bar Terry speaking

“Hi. Is Sam available?”

Can I ask whose calling?

“It’s Sookie Stackhouse.”

Jason’s sister? Uh … well I’ll go get him

Urgh! Why didn’t I think it would be strange for me to call Sam and not Jason? Crap! It’s done now.


“Hi Sam. How’s things?”

Thank god you called! Your Gran has been trying to get hold of you since this morning!

“Oh my! What’s happened?”

Jason went round to Dawn’s for a booty call and found Rene there, Dawn was already dead and Rene attacked him, he’s in the hospital in Clarice.

“Is he hurt bad? Will he be okay? How’s my Gran?”

It’s not too bad, y’know Jason’s a tough guy. Rene managed to get a couple of hits in but Jay knocked him out. He’ll be out by bedtime; he just had to get his nose set. Your Gran is there now, she’s a little worried about him but otherwise fine.

“And Rene?”

He was arrested for Dawn’s murder, assaulting Jason and their comparing evidence to get him for Maudette too. Dawn’s neighbour heard the crashing and called Bud.

“So it’s over then? Jason is fine and Rene is in prison?”

Yep, all thanks to you. Your Gran will be glad you’re okay she was worried she couldn’t speak to you.

“I’m not at my apartment, I’m in Baton Rouge. Look I’ll give you my cell number, could you get either her or Jason to call me as soon as you see them?”

Sure Sookie no problem, can I keep this number too? Just in case?

“Yeah sure Sam. Thanks for all your help.”

No Sookie, Thank you and you take care now ya hear?

“You too Sam See ya.”

I text Jason to give him my new number and decided to see how Lucy was feeling. In the 3 minute call I learned she was severely hung-over and had woken up on the couch at her apartment fully clothed. I checked the time I noticed that the sun was now fully set and my stomach was looking for food again. I was about to call Eric to thank him for my phone when someone knocked on my door. It was Bill

“Sookie, I am very sorry if my behaviour last night offended you but no matter what mood you are in we have to check in with Gervaise tonight. I saw him last night and explained everything but he expects us at one of his clubs by 10pm …” He sniffed and his eyes darkened “Sookie who have you had in here?”

“Huh? I don’t think that’s any of your business Bill!” He walked right in sniffing around the room until he came to the bed.

“You had sex. With a human man. After all your posturing about Frank’s morality, you give it up to who? Some guy you met in a bar last night?”

I grit my teeth and balled my fists “Like I said, it’s none of your business. Unless you had your name down to pop my cherry back at the residence.” He at least had the sense to look guilty “Now I’m going to make a phone call, then I have to get something to eat. I’ll meet you in the foyer in 30 minutes okay?” He nodded and left the room; I quickly changed into a black shirt and skirt and hit the green button to call Eric

Hello Sookie

“Hey Eric! I just called to say thanks very much for the phone, you really didn’t need to, I was planning on getting one on my next pay day.”

And now you can buy yourself something pretty instead. It was no trouble and now we can … keep in touch far easier. Tell me, has Bobby left yet?

“Uh … umm … I’m not sure. We all went out last night and I know Lucy is in a bad way so …”

Hmm … I’ll try his cell again. I had no idea you were interested in seeing him socially.

“Well I’m interested in being social with all of my work colleagues.”

Really? Well that does bode well. I will see you … later Sookie, possibly sooner than you think.

And then there was a dial tone. Hmph! Telephone manners costs nothing! I made sure I had everything in my purse and my scarf on and went to meet Bill. He was standing hissing words quickly into his phone, I had no idea who he was talking to but he wasn’t happy with them. I distinctly heard the words ‘I have to answer the call’ before he hung up.

“Okay I’m ready to go Bill. If you could just stop at a burger joint or something on the way there so I can eat I’d appreciate it also you need to rescent my scarf.”

“Yes Sookie, that’s fine. I’ll take you to the club but there is someone I have to meet with, I may not be able to return you to the hotel.”

“Maybe Gervaise or one of his guys could give me a lift? Or at least make sure I’m in a cab.”

“Yes, yes. Well let’s go.”

He was really tense, like more tense than usual. While he was driving he had tucked my scarf inside his shirt and gave me it back when we stopped so I could eat. I watched from the window in Wendy’s as he sat in the car and continually tapped his hands on the steering wheel as I ate my burger as quickly as possible because he never fidgets, no vampire does, they don’t have tics or nervous gestures. When we got to the club, there were two huge vampires manning the door, I was about to walk in when Bill stopped me

“Sookie, this is a private club, you won’t be reading here, you’ll be somewhere different tomorrow night. Things … happen in a private vampire club, things you don’t see out in the open so prepare yourself.”

“What is it like orgy central or something?” I snorted and he just gave me a look, oh this was not good. Not good at all. “Bill, are you seriously telling me that you’re going to dump me in some kind of vampire sex club without a guard and let me make my own way back to the hotel?”

“Not all of them have sex, but there will be feeding. I don’t have a choice Sookie, You’ll be fine, Gervaise will make sure you’re okay.”

“No way. Nuh uh.” I dig out my cell and immediately wonder who the hell I’m going to call.

“Where did you get that? Who are you calling?”

“I got it from Eric and I’m calling … Hadley!” His eyes got a strange look about them and he looked off into the distance as if … listening. “Bill! Godammit, what is with you tonight?”

“Lorena” it was said in almost a whisper, then he turned to me steely eyed “I have to go NOW!” and off he went. I tried to fight back the tears as I watched him drive away, the doormen were watching me, probably wondering how the poor little human was going to cope. One of them licked his lips and I felt my stomach turn in fear. I dialled Hadley’s number and waited.


“Had! Had its Sookie! Something terrible has happened!”

Sook? What’s wrong honey?

“I’m supposed to check in with the Sherriff, Gervaise, but Bill has gone off somewhere and left me to deal with it on my own! If it was just a bar I wouldn’t mind but it’s a private vampire club Hadley! Bill said that they … do stuff in there and I’m all alone here.”

Fuck! I heard her heels click clacking on the floors Queen! Sophie-Ann I hate to interrupt but we have a major issue. Sook Just stay outside with the bouncers, don’t go in on your own, can I call you back on this number?

“Yes please hurry, the bouncers are looking a little hungry.”

I waited and waited for that damn phone to ring, I felt guilty that when it did only five minutes had passed.


No Sookie, its Sophie-Ann. It happens that the Northman is on his way there to check in with the Sherriff right now, he wanted to … observe your work at Gervaise tourist trap tomorrow night. He will be there soon. Do you have a number for him?

“Yes, I do, it’s in my phone book.”

Good, find somewhere with humans where you can wait inside and call him with your location. A lone human female such as yourself would be noticed hanging around outside a vampire club. Did Bill say anything before he abandoned you?

“Yes he said a name, Lauren? No, it was Lorena! That’s it, then he said he had to go and he … went. Is he okay? Is he in some kind of trouble?”

I will deal with Compton’s problems. This never should have happened Sookie. Be safe.

“Okay your Majesty. Thank you so much.”

There was an all-night deli across the street that had a few tables inside so I went there and ordered a coffee. I was served by the owner, a very nice man called Ricardo. I called Eric as I got to my seat

Sookie, are you okay?

“I’m fine; I’m in the deli across from the privilege club having coffee.”

I will be there soon, I will accompany you to check in with Gervaise and you will tell me what was going on with Compton.

“Uh … okay.”

I dropped the phone back into my purse and wondered how much more fucked up my day could get. I lost my virginity in a one night stand to someone I have to see on an almost monthly basis. My vampire guide abandoned me for some reason that was more important than following the Queen’s orders and now a very sexy 1,000 year old vampire, who was trying to impress me, was going to escort me into a vampire club where I may or may not witness sex acts right in front of me. God? Why do you hate me?


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